Spinning Out of Control


Eli is making the costume for the bazaar they're having in Reedington Elementary next day. He says there's a huge bake sale. Eli asks Ruby to go to the bazaar to take a close eye on Sakura and the others. She wanted to take Spinny there, but he doesn't like to go. Eli mentions that even if Spinny crossed nearby Kero he wouldn't be able to sense his identity under Eli's spell.
Ruby's visit to the bazaar is part of their mission to oppose Sakura and the others. That's totally different from CCS. Nevertheless, to see the following scene, she didn't look like anything but to visit for fun no matter how many times I saw!

Next day is a sunny day; there's a bazaar at Reedington Elementary. A lot of people visit the school for the sweets. There're sweet shops in the playground and in the building. Sakura's class holds a sweet parlor in their classroom. Madison complains about why girls have to dressed in the embarrassing outfits (with pink frills) to work around the parlor. Sakura brings cupcakes and soft drinks to the customer; it happens to be Tori and Julian. Sensitive Tori senses the presence of magic from inside the preparation room. The presence came from Eli; he conversely knows he was sensed, too.
It's funny that Madison complains about the girls' costume. In CCS, the costume was designed by Tomoyo herself, though.

Kero stays in the woods back of the school with a basket-full of sweets given by Sakura in advance. The happiest day of his entire life; he was enjoying the sweets. At that time, Ruby taking Spinny in her arms is trotting in the woods humming a song as Kero hides in the basket in response. Saying that he wants no sweets, Spinny parted from Ruby; and she skips to the school for every sweets she can try.

Kero jumps out of the basket, when he bumps into Spinny floating in the woods. Spinny gets nervous that he might be recognized and associated into the connection to Eli. But thanks to Eli's spell, Kero has no idea, then he thinks of Spinny as a goblin; that's what Spinny gets shocked about, though. Sign of friendship, Kero offers his sweets to Spinny. He shoves a bunch of sweets into Suppy's mouth since he looks so shy. Unluckily, Spinny gone crazy flies away to the school, repeating that he wants to eat more. Remotely, Eli knows that he's gone crazy with sweets.
Spinny was voiced by a male voice actor even for his tiny form. Going crazy, he laughed evilly in man's voice. Oh my gosh, he didn't sound cute like CCS at all... more precisely, he sounded weird... or even rather scarrrry! I thought I was watching a horror movie or something.

There's a big mess in the playground. Spinny eats boxes of sweets reserved in back of the sales. Tracking him though, only Kero catches is the traces of mess made by Spinny. In pursuit of the obnoxious, Kero finally catches Spinny red handed in the teachers' room. Since Kero tries to stop him from eating sweets, Spinny gets mad and flies outside. Mad Spinny breathes a beam, which knocks down a tree at the corner of the courtyard. He's totally out of control. Kero flies up to where Sakura is working, and asks her to use the Sleep Card to put everyone into sleep. Under the Sleep's magic, Kero finds Spinny nibbling a cookie. Being irritated and turning into Keroberos, he breathes fire back at him, when Spinny vanishes. Sakura and Madison run to him to blame him that he must have eaten all the sweets in school. He is not guilty, but the girls don't belive him even though he has explained. On the other hand, Spinny has been picked up by Eli on the rooftop. Eli mentioned his magic and sweets do not mix. That's why Spinny took his own identity at stake nearly to be uncovered.
Spinny's rampage wasn't because he got drunk of sweets like CCS. According to what Eli mentioned, Eli's spell hiding Spinny's idendity gets out of control because of kind of interaction between the spell and sweets.


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