Boldfaced letters mean the name of the speaker.
Italicized letters mean what is thought in mind.
Faint letters mean what is happening in the flashback or in the dream.

A New Set of Wings

Sakura is standing in a garden and seeing a magician and his guardians under the cherry tree.
SakuraWhere am I?
Everything around her goes dark, and in the next minute, she is running in a forest full of falling leaves at sunset.
SakuraWhat am I doing?
She can see the magician standing still and smiling ahead.
SakuraClow Reed?
Sakura wakes up.
Sakrua Uhh. Hmm.
Kero Wake up!
Sakrua Aah!
Kero Ah, take it easy, Sakura. I didn't mean to scare you.
Sakrua I had another strange dream.
Kero Your concious is very in tune with the sprit world. Try to remember everything you saw. You may be able to use it later.
Sakrua I will.
Sakura gets out of her bed.
Kero Was Clow Reed in this dream, too?
Sakrua Yeah. [Slides the window open]
Oh, what a beautiful day!

The bells in school ring, meaning the class is over.
Boy Bye, Mr. Terada.
Terada Good-bye, kids.
Girls Bye.
Terada See you tomorrow, girls.
Sakura and Madison are leaving the classroom.
Eli Did you say you were going to a craft store?
Sakrua Yeah, we sure are.
Eli Hey, do you mind if I tag along?
Sakrua Of course, why not?
Li [Rushes into the scene] Then I'm coming, too!
Sakrua OK, let's go.

The four kids are walking to the scaft store.
Li So, did anything strange happen last night?
Sakrua Mm-mmm. Why?
Li Well, if you do sense any trouble, you know you can always call me, right, Sakura? I mean, just in case you need any help with anything.
Sakrua Mm-hmm.
They enter the store.
Sakrua OK, let's see now.
Knitting yarn, model sailboats... There they are! Toy kit.
Sakura takes up a toy kit for a teddy bear.
Madison Is that for your home ec project?
Sakrua Yeah. Then I'll give to Julian.
Madison For his birthday, good idea.
Eli walks up to Sakura with what he just bought.
Sakrua You're finished already? So, what did you buy?
Eli [Shows what he bought] Have a look.
Sakrua Thread? Are you sewing something?
Eli You can use thread for all kinds of things, Sakura.
Sakrua Yeah, I guess so.

On that night, Sakura is working on the toy kid she bought.
Sakrua Ughh!
Kero How's it going?
Sakrua This is much harder than I thought it would be.
Kero OK, let's see.
Hmm. Uh, what---what is it?
Sakrua It supposed to be a bear, but it looks more like you.
Sakura groans at her awkward stuffed animal that kind of looks like Kero.
Kero Say what?!
Sakrua Huff!
Kero Hmm? What's the matter?
Sakrua Um...
Kero I feel it.
Sakrua Do you think it's Clow Reed?

Meanwhile, Eli is sitting on his chair at the center of a magic circle in his house.
Eli Now this is getting interesting. Keroberos was right to tell Sakura to listen to her dreams.
Spinny She is very perceptive. Still, she hasn't guessed that you're not who you seem to be yet, has she?
Ruby Of course, she hasn't. And Julian doesn't suspect a thing, either.
Eli Ruby, I've been waiting for you.
I call upon the powers of the day and the night, sun and darkness, unleash your might! Release!
Responding to Eli's chant, his key turns into a staff. A gust of wind tangles around Spinny and Ruby.
Eli I command you to return to your true forms, Spinner Sun and Ruby Moon.
They turns into a panther with a curly tail and butterfly wings, and a lady with purple hair and buffterfly wings, respectively.
Spinner We are at your service, master.
Ruby They'll be no much for us.
Eli Excellent. It's not going to be long now.

Under the full moon, Sakura and Li are standing by a fountain. Kero floats between them, and Madison are videotaping them.
Madison What a shot! You guys look great!
Sakrua Thanks, Madison.
Kero I don't get why we have to bring him along.
Sakrua Because, Kero, I gave him my word that I'd call him if anything strange happened to us. Besides, we could use Li's help.
Kero I guess it couldn't hurt to have him here after all.
Li Just what does that mean?
Kero Yeah, we might need someone to carry our things.
Li OK, that's it!
Sakrua What's wrong?
Li strugglingly reaches his sword on his back, and swings it against Sakura; she barely step back away.
Sakrua Hey, Li!
Kero What has gotten into you, kid?
Li It's---it's not me.
Ugh ugh unh... [holds his sword like being possessed] It's something else.
Sakrua Huff!
Li rushes to Sakura hoding his sword.
Li Move! Get out of the way!
Sakrua Uhh! Oh! Aah! [Dodges the slash]
Kero Li's being possessed by something.
Li Uhh... Ugh... [Struggling]
Sakrua Possessed?
I can sense that force again. It can't be a coincidence. This has got to be linked to the other strange things that have been happening.
[Hears the sword ruttle] Huff!
Li is rushing into Sakura with his sword again.
Li Aah!
Madison No, Li, stop! [Jumps at Li to stop him]
Madison gets pushed backward, and her camcorder is smashed on the ground.
Madison Aaah!
Sakrua Madison!
Li is struggling, but is moving toward Sakura inch by inch holding his sword to slash her.
Li Get away from me now!
Sakrua No! I just can't leave you here like this!
Madison Isn't there anything at all we can do, Kero?
Kero Something's taking over Li's body. We need to know who or what it is.
Sakrua Don't worry. If you're under some kind of spell, there must be a way to break it.
Li takes out his incantaion card.
Li Element... water! Come to my aid!
Water is sprinkled from his card, then what has been taking over him gets visualized reflecting lights on the water.
Sakrua Huhh! Thread!
Kero Quick! Cut it through it, Sakura!
Sakrua Mm-hmm.
Key of the star with powers burning bright, reveal the star and shine your light! Release!
Sword! Aah!
When Sakura swings down the sword, magical power runs and cut through the thread that has been maneuvering Li. Getting free, Li gets down on the ground.
Kero All right!
Sakrua Oh, Li! Are you OK?
Li Well, I've been better.
Sakrua Thank, goodness. Ohh... [Collapses and fall asleep]
Kero Oh, no! She's used up all her strength again.
Madison Li, are you guys hurt?
Li No, we're both fine, I think.
Sakura is sleeping in Li's arm.
Kero This is taking a lot out of her.
Madison I wish I knew why all these mysterious things were happening.
Kero There it is again. I can sense it. It's like a magical force, but where is it coming from, and why is it here?

Meanwhile, Eli is chuckling on his chair in his house.
Eli Like I said, there are many uses for thread, Sakura.

On another day, Sakura was sitting on a bench in the schoolyard.
Sakrua Kero and I can sense something powerful. It feels like Clow Reed is nearby, but we know that can't be true. I've been having really strange dreams, too. That's why I carry the Cards with me wherever I go now.
I wonder what's going to happen next?
Eli Hey, Sakura!
Sakrua Huh! Eli! Ohh!
Sakura hurriedly pushes the Cards into her bag.
Eli You seem kind of nervous there.
Sakrua Uh- ha ha ha. No, not at all.
I'm just writing a letter to Ms. Mackenzie. She was the teacher we had last year, but she moved. I think you would have liked her.
Eli Hmm. What's that there?
Sakrua Oh! I'm not finished yet!
Eli So that's what you wer buying at the craft store. Do you mind if I take a look at it?
Sakrua Um... promise you won't laugh, OK?
Sakura shows her handmade teddy bear to Eli.
Eli Don't worry, I won't. I'm not very good at home ec projects, either. It's probably much better than you think.
Sakrua Thanks, Eli.
Eli Hmm. See this part here?
Sakrua Mm-hmm.
Eli The ears should just be a little smaller, and bit higher up on his head. Then he'd be perfect.
Sakrua You're right. Let's pull the stitches out. [Takes out scissors]
Eli I'll do it.
Sakrua Thanks, Eli.
I'll have to buy some more material for the new ears.
Eli applies his magic into the ear of the teddy bear.

After dark, Madison is videotaping Sakura who is about to give Julian a birthday present at his house.
Kero Are you sure you don't want to give him food instead?
Sakrua A little late to be giving me gift ideas.
Kero Hmm. [Ring the doorbell]
Madison and Kero hide behind a tree, when Sakura is getting psyched at the porch.
Madison Stay here, Kero.
Julian answers the bell and opens the door.
Julian Oh, hey, Sakura!
Sakrua Happy birthday!
Julian For me?
Can I open it now?
Oh! Did you make this all by yourself? Thanks!
At this moment, Sakura and Kero senses a power.
Kero Huh?
Sakrua Huff!
The teddy bear floats in front of Julian's head, flashes a blinding light, and grows to 30 feet in height.
Kero Hah!
Sakrua Kero! We've got...
Kero I know! A really big problem!
Sakrua Aah!
The giant bear swings its hand down toward Sakura.
Kero Sakura!
Julian turns into Yue immediately, and holds Sakura out its reach.
Sakrua Yue!
They had scarcely got away when the bear's hand stamp on the ground hard enough to explode.
Yue floats above the bear cradling Sakura, and shoots crystalline bullets to it. But they take no harm.
Sakrua Aah!
Yue used up his powers, gets his wings vanishing, and falls down with Sakura.
Sakrua Aah!
Madison Oh, no!
Kero Yaah!
Kero flies straight, turns into Keroberos, and spread his wings to catch them safe.
Sakrua Ough!
Keroberos Are you two all right?
Sakrua Yeah. How'd the bear block Yue's attack?
Yue Good question.
Meanwhile, Eli and his guradians are watching how the thing is going up from the rooftop of a building.
Ruby Isn't that cute? They look out for one another.
Spinner It appears as though they're having trouble.
Ruby Yes, especially Yue.
Eli is still watching them without a word.
Sakrua I sense the same energy as before when Li lost control of his sword.
Yue I see.
Sakrua But it can be stopped, can't it?
Yue Yes, it could.
Sakrua That settles it.
Yue Hugh.
Sakrua I'm going after it.
Sakura gets on her feet,
Sakrua Keroberos, look after Madison and Yue for me!
Hum! [Faces the bear]
Key of the star, with powers burning bright, reveal the staff and shine your light! Release!
Sakura changes the key into a staff, grabs and twirls it.
Sakrua I've got to transform the Jump Card if I'm going to stop this giant bear!
Hya! [Hurls the Card up in the air]
I call upon the powers of my star, ancient forces near and far. Jump Card, transform all your might, and draw your power from my light! Star Card!
The bear pounds its had on where Sakura is standing, bearely when she jumps away. She lands on the roof of Julian's house. The bear walks to her and gives a thud on the roof. Sakura manages to gets away, but the roof gets destroyed.
Sakrua Aah!
The giant bear walking toward Sakura breaking Julian's house in its way.
Sakrua Julian's house is gonna get destroyed!
Sakura dodges another stomp of its hand, and stand on top of an electric pole.
Sakrua How am I going to stop him? He's huge!
Yue Magical powers are making the bear move. They must be somewhere on its body.
Keroberos Right!
Sakura, you've got to find the source of the magic that's behind this!
Sakrua What do you mean ``the source''?
Keroberos The focal point of the magic is inside the bear!
The bear tries to give Sakura a blow, but Sakura jumps away.
Sakrua Hah!
I'll try to sense where it's coming from.
It's in the ear!
Keroberos You must cut it off!
Sakrua Sword! Ha!
Sakura jumps up to the bear, but it hits her down on the roof.
Sakrua Aah! Uhh!
Madison Sakura!
Keroberos No, she's not strong enough to defeat him with Jump. She needs the Fly Card!
Madison But if she calls the Fly Card, she won't be able to summon the sword!
Keroberos That's right. The Sword Card changes the staff into a sword. The Fly Card gives the staff wings. She can't use them both!
Sakrua Uhh...
Sakura finds the bear already in its attack, and bearly jumps away from the blow which tears the roof off the house. The rubbles are falling down to Madison.
Madison Aah!
Sakrua Look out!
Keroberos shield Madison and Yue from the rubbles with his wings. Sakura lands on the other side of the roof, and turn the sword back into a staff.
Sakrua Fly Card, I need you to catch up to the bear, but I need the Sword Card to defeat it. Please grant me the power to fly without having to use the staff.
I call upon the powers of my star, ancient forces near and far. Fly Card, discard all your might and draw your power from my light! Star Card!
Magical gust of wind swirls around her, and Sakura comes out with a set of wings on her back, and with her staff unchanged.
Keroberos Sakura!
Sakura floats up.
Sakrua Sword!
Sakura flies toward the bear, occasionally dodging the bear's blow.
Sakrua Aah!
Sakura chops the ear off the bear, and it shrinks back to normal.
Keroberos She did it!
Something which came out of the ear float down to Sakura, and she takes it.
Sakrua Huff! I can't believe it. It's the magic circle that represents the Clow Cards.
On the rooftop of the building facing Sakura's action:
Eli Very impressive.
Yue senses something, and look back to the building, when Eli and his guardians has already taken off.
Keroberos Something wrong, Yue?
Yue It's nothing.

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