Boldfaced letters mean the name of the speaker.
Italicized letters mean what is thought in mind.
Faint letters mean what is happening in the flashback or in the dream.

A Strange New Beginning

Sakura and Li are walking in the hall side by side.
Sakura So what else did your mom say last night, Li? Is your family glad the Cards are safe again?
Li Yeah, I guess.
Sakura You don't sound very excited. What's wrong?
Li It's nothing, OK? It's just that now you've been chosen as the master of the Clow Cards, there's not much left for me to do at all.
Sakura That's not true.
Li It's not like it's that big deal, Sakura. I'll get over it.
Sakura Yeah, I know you will. Everything will be fine.

Mr. Terada is talking to the class.
Terada Now, then, your book reports on penguins are due today. Did everyone remember to bring theirs in?
Class Yes!
Terada Before you hand them in, I have an announcement. We have a new transfer student joining our class.
Eli, come on in.
The boy called Eli walks into the classroom, and then the class are mumbling with curiosity when Mr. Terada is writing Eli's name on the blackboard.
Sakura He seems nice.
As if he sensed her feelings, Eli looks at Sakura, when she gasps.
Sakura That was weird.
Li is looking at Eli suspiciously.
Terada Your new classmate is from England. Why don't you introduce yourself.
Eli Hello, my name is Eli Moon. It's very nice to meet all of you.
Class Hi. Hello.
Terada Well, where will we put you? There's a seat, beside Li.
Li Huh? Hmm?
Eli walks toward the seat, but he stops in front of Sakura.
Eli Hi, Sakura.
Sakura Huh?

As soon as Sakura got home, thick clouds covers the sky and it begins to rain.
Kero Hmm.
That's funny. The weather changes so quickly today. It's really coming down, huh?
From inside the desk drawer the Clow Book begins to glow.
Sakura What?
Kero What is it?
Something's happening to the Clow Book.
Sakura&Kero You open it!
The moment Sakura opens the drawer, the book emits blinding light.
Kero What the...?
Sakura sees a dark space full of stars, which overlaps with the interior of her room. She takes the book out of the drawer.
Sakura Kero, look!
Clow Sakura, you are about to embark on a new and treacherous journey. From this day forward, the Clow Book will bear your name.
Sakura Clow Reed...
He just spoke to me.
Sakura and Kero are back to normal in Sakura's room, in the next minute.
Kero Huh? Sakura?
Sakura He told me that I have to go on a treacherous journey.
Kero But that's impossible!
Both gasp at the change on the Clow Book.
Kero What's this? “Sakura”?
Sakura My name is on the book... just like he said it would be. What's going on?
Sakura senses something weird.
Sakura Huh? I just sensed something else.
Kero I know. I felt it, too. But what is it?
TV Now for the weather. Torrential rain continues to fall. Mysteriously, the storm system seems to be confined to Reedington, while all other areas report clear evening skies.

Sakura and Kero are out in Reedington Park for an investigation, and Madison is videotaping them.
Sakura Kero?
Kero Be careful. There are some very powerful forces afoot here.
Sakura We have all the Clow Cards, so what could it be?
All of a sudden, raindrops begins to swirl above them.
Sakura Huh?
Kero Aww.
The swirling raindrops coalesce into a blast of water, attacking Sakura and the others.
Sakura Aaah!
Madison Ah! [Trips and falls]
Sakura Kero, Madison needs help!
Kero Got it!
Kero turns into his Celestial form to shield Madison from the blast of rain.
Keroberos Sakura!
Sakura is running away from blasts attacking repeatedly, running under the penguin slide, climbing, and sliding down the slide.
Sakura Aah. Aah! Unh.
Keroberos Sakura, you must act quickly. Use your magic.
Sakura Gotcha.
Sakura runs ten feet ahead, and turns around to face the attacker.
Sakura O Key of Clow, power of magic, power of light, surrender the wand. The force ignite! Release!
The key does not change a bit.
Sakura What?
Umm, release! Keroberos, something's wrong. It won't listen to me!
I don't get it. What's wrong?
Another blast of water comes attack Sakura like a waterfall.
Madison Watch out!
Keroberos jumps and saves her out from the blast in the nick of time.
Keroberos That was close.
Sakura Keroberos, look!
Keroberos Yes.
I'm sensing something I haven't felt in ages. It's so... familiar. But it couldn't be.

Next day, Sakura is talking to Li about the night before, at the entrance of the school building.
Li So the staff won't work for you any more?
Sakura No.
Li I knew I felt something weird yesterday. Even the weather. There's something strange going on.
Sakura Kero sensed something, too. He couldn't say exactly what it was, but if it's not a Clow Card, what else could it be?
Li There are forces more powerful than the Cards, you know.
Sakura Why can't I sense them right now?
Li Maybe they don't want you to sense them. Whoever or whatever behind them has stronger powers than ours.
Sakura Well, if that's true, I'm gonna need your help.
Meanwhile, Tori and Julian are carrying a pile of paper, when they can see Sakura and Li from the window.
Tori Huh? Sakura.
Julian Hey, you're right. She does spend a lot of time with him.
Tori Julian, there's something you should know.
Julian Hey, you sounds so serious.
At this moment, the girl named Ruby jumps and hang on Tori.
Ruby Tori, there you are!
Tori Aw!
Ruby I've been looking all over for you. The teacher's waiting for those copies.
Tori Uhh. Yeah, all right.
Julian Uh, here's the rest of them. [Putting his pile on Tori's]
Can you carry all those?
Ruby Attaboy, Tori!
[Lets Tori go] Heh heh heh.
Tori walks away to the staff room carrying the pile.
Ruby Heh heh heh, see you later!
[Turns to Julian] Ah.
Julian Huh? Heh.
Ruby Recognize me?
Julian Huh?
Ruby You don't, do you? Hmm, this'll be easier than I thought.
Ruby runs away, leaving Julian openmouthed in the hall.

In a dark room, Eli is seated at the center of a magic circle.
Eli Excellent. Everything is unfolding exactly as I envisioned it would---perfect.
Spinny Did she sense your presence?
Eli She sensed something. Good.
Spinny Well, I should think you'd expect no less from the new master of the Clow Cards.
Eli Time is of the essence. We'll know soon enough if she has what it takes.
Spinny Ha ha. It doesn't concern you that the fate of the world rests on this young woman's shoulders?
Eli Hmm, not really.
Ruby What I want to know is how long is all of this going to take?
Ruby is standing by the door.
Eli Bored already, are we?
Ruby No, not at all. In fact... posing as a teenager can be very educational. He doesn't even recognize me.
Spinny Just don't go overbored with your little game, Ruby, or you'll draw attention to all of us.
Ruby Just go back to your book and relax, Spinny. From what I can see, this mission will be a piece of cake.
Spinny Hmm. You seem confident that Yue is not threat to your mission.
Ruby He's not. But there's not use in taking a chance, now, is there? Besides, I'm having a good time. It's kind of fun toying with him.
Eli I call upon the powers of the day and the night. Sun and darkness, unleash your might. Release!
In responding the chant, his key turns into a staff with a sun ornamented at the end.
Eli Now, take on your celestial forms!
Mysterious gust of wind comes out from the magic circle, and swirls around Ruby and Spinny separately.
Eli And now we can finally get to the task at hand.

After dark, Sakura, Madison, Kero, and Yue are in the park for a revenge. Sakura takes out her key.
Sakura Please work.
Yue Hmm?
Sakura Do you think Clow Reed's behind this?
Yue No, I don't.
Sakura But then what could it be?
Yue Huph.
At this moment, rain begins to swirl above them, and shoots blasts of water at them.
Keroberos Sakura!
Yue seizes Sakura and jumps out of the attack. Yue dodges the blasts in the air, and enclose him and Sakura with his magical shield. But one of the blast breaks the shield and thrusts him against a tree.
Madison Huph!
Sakura Yue!
Yue Unh...
Sakura gets on her feet and face the whirlpool above her.
Sakura Key of Clow, power of magic, power of light, surrender the wand. The force, ignite! Release!
Huh? No, this can't be happening!
Since the whirlpool resumes the attack, Keroberos breathes a fire to fight back. However, the fireball was turned against him, so he has to block it from Madison with his wings.
Keroberos This force---it's stronger than both Yue and me. But how can this be possible?
Another blast comes fly to Sakura.
Keroberos Sakura!
Keroberos is pressed by strong unseen force.
Keroberos Unh!
Madison Hunh!
Sakura Kero!
Keroberos Unh! Unh! I can't move.
Madison Kero.
Keroberos Sakura, run now!
Sakura Huph! Aah!
The blast of water swallows Sakura, swirling vertically like a tornado.
Madison Sakura, no!
Keroberos Unh... Sakura.
Yue Ugh... Unh... This power...
Sakura is totally enclosed in the water pillar.
Sakura Stay calm. There has to be a way out of this.
Madison Aah!
Sakura see outside at Madison's scream, and find that the others has swallowed in the swirls likewise.
Sakura Aah!
What am I going to do? If I don't hurry, we're all going to drown. No! I won't let that happen! I won't!
When Sakura holds her key with a determined look, a magic circle appears around her.
Yue Ugh, I must help her.
Keroberos No, she must find her power on her own!
Clow Your staff draws its energy from a new source now, Sakura. Not from sun or moon, but from the power of your very own star.
Sakura The power of my star. That's it! I've been calling out the wrong words!
Key of the star with powers burning bright, reveal the staff and shine your light! Release!
The key turns into a staff at the new chant, and Sakura blow the swirl off herself.
Sakura Firey!
The Firey doen't work.
Sakura Hmm? It didn't work.
Wait. The Book and the staff have changed, so maybe the Cards need to change, too.
Here goes. I call upon the power of my star!
I call upon the powers of my star, ancient forces near and far. Clow Card transform your power from my light and draw your power from my light!
Firey Card changes its appearance.
Sakura Star Card!
The Firey tangles around the water pillar enclosing Sakura's friends, and evaporates the water. Subsequently, it jumps up to the whirlpool above in the sky, and evaporates the water until the sky gets cleared.
Sakura It worked. The Card, it's different.
Sakura doesn't say a word, only looking at the Card she has just changed its appearance.
Keroberos Sakura?
Madison Are you sure you're all right?
Sakura Yeah, I'm fine, but look. The Cards are to...
Sakura staggers and falls.
Madison Sakura!
Keroberos Sakura!
Yue catches Sakura, but she's already asleep.
Madison What's wrong?
Keroberos I was afraid this would happen. The Cards are drawing their powers from her star now.
Yue This will drain her of all her energy.
Keroberos At least we know it's only temporary.
Yue I only wish I could help her more.
Keroberos She will be fine.
Yue Perhaps.
Meanwhile, figures in shadows are watching how it's going in the park.
Ruby Pretty impressive creating a new Card from the Clow Card.
Eli Yes, impressive. But can she transform all of the Cards before its too late?

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