Boldfaced letters mean the name of the speaker.
Italicized letters mean what is thought in mind.
Faint letters mean what is happening in the flashback or in the dream.

The Past, the Present, and the Future

It's raining, when Sakura, Tori, and Julian are having lunch in Sakura's house.
JulianUh, thanks for lunch.
ToriNo problem.
JulianI just can't believe I ate four whole helpings.
Tori stands up on his feet taking his backpack.
ToriSo, are you coming with me to the library?
JulianNo, I'll help clean up and I'll meet you there.
ToriSounds all right.
SakuraUm, thank you, Julian.
Tori takes his unbrella, and leave for the library.
ToriCatch you later.
JulianShouldn't take too long.
Kero flies downstairs behind Julian.
KeroThe coast is clear. I need to speak Yue.
Julian gasps at Kero's voice, when wings appears on his back, which enclosing him. Julian transforms into Yue before he unfolds his wings.
KeroHey, what's the deal, Yue? You haven't spoken to me in a week.
YueHuph. You know I cannot waste energy transforming into my true form on a whim. I hope this is important.
When Sakura is making some tea in the living room, Kero and Yue stands behind Sakura.
SakuraHuh? Aah!

Sakura, Kero and Yue is upstairs in Sakura's room.
SakuraOK, you've got to start waning me before you change from Julian into Yue like that.
Kero is eating cake.
KeroMmm, mmm, mmm. Humm.
Sakura Here you go. (Giving Yue tea)
Yue, milk and sugar?
KeroUh, Yue doesn't eat.
KeroHe doesn't eat.
SakuraHe doesn't? The how can Julian eat so much all the time?
Kero Because in his human form, food gives him energy. Yue gets all his strength from the moon.
More milk please.
Sakura OK. I'll get some.
Be right back.
Sakura leaves her room for some milk for Kero.
YueWhy did you ask to see me?
KeroIt isn't over yet for Sakura, is it? Something is gonna happen. Can you sense it, Yue?
YueYes. A powerful force has settled here.
KeroClow Reed didn't tell us what would happen after the final judgement, did he?
YueI know. The Cards can't draw their power from Clow Reed forever. Soon they'll have to draw their strength from Sakura.
KeroSakura will rise to any challenge. You don't have any doubts, do you?
YuePerhaps some.
KeroOh, I agree that she may have been inexperienced in the beginning, but shes's come so far since the day the Clow Book called to her.
Kero flashbacks when she found the Clow Book.
When Sakura takes the Clow Book, the seal of the Book gets broken.
Sakura Aah!
After she let the Clow Cards loose, Sakura is whining about becoming the cardcaptor in her room.
Sakura No way. This is crazy. I'm not doing it!
Sakura jumps at Kero and seizes him by the scruff of the neck.
Kero Ugh!
Sakura Listen. I can't be a Cardcaptor.
Kero Are you sure? Once you capture all the Cards, you'll be a hero.
Sakura Yeah, well, I'm just a kid. I'm not old enough to capture the Cards yet.
KeroThat's what she though at first.
Sakura is facing the Fly Card in a gigantic bird form that is following her.
Sakura But it's chacing us!
Let's get out of here.
Kero But you're a Cardcaptor. If you can't stop it, no one can!
Sakura But I don't know how.
KeroBut then she began to embrace her own strengths.

On the rooftop of Sakura's school, the Shot Card starts attacking Li as soon as it gets active.
Li Duck!
Sakura Li, look out!
Kero Li's the target!
Shot Card repeats attacking on Li. When seeing the sun beyond his back, Sakura thinks of an idea.
Sakura Uhh! I've got it. Hey, Li! (Shows Li the Mirror Card)
Li Got you, Sakura. Hmm? Aah!
Li starts dashing to Sakura, when she transforms the Mirror Card into a plate of mirror. Shot shoots a beam at Li, but he dodged it in the nick of time. The beam then reflects on the mirror and boomerang on Shot itself.

YueIt was a good thing she capture the Shot Card so quickly. You recall that Card can be dangerous.
KeroWell, if it weren't for Sakura this town would've been in grave danger. The Snow Card almost made Reedington a permanent winter wonderland.
In a blizzard, Sakura tells Li for a double riding on the Fly.
Sakura Come on! Let's go!
Li gets on behind Sakura.
Sakura Hang on!
The blizzard follows Sakura and Li.
Sakura Uhh, aah!
Li What about the Firey Card?
Kero Aah, too dangerous. Can't you go any faster?
Sakura I'm trying, Kero!
Li It's unstoppable!
Sakura I'm using the Firey Card!
Sakura and Li land on the gateway of a shrine.
Kero Sakura, be careful.
Sakura Don't worry.
Firey Card. I command you to thaw all of the snow. Firey, release and dispel!
Kero Ugh!
Li Whoa.
The Firey shows its visible form and flies all over town to thaw the snow.

KeroYou should've seen her face down the Water Card.
Sakura and Kero are running in the hall in the the aquarium.
Kero I assume you've got a plan.
Sakura I sure do.
Kero Uh, you wanna fill me in on it?
Sakura You'll find out.
Sakura gets on top of the tank.
Sakura Here. Right here.
Kero Are you sure you've thought this all the way through?
Sakura I'm sure.
Water Card! If you're here, come and get me!
Kero Sakura, this is your plan?
Water Card leaps out of the tank.
Sakura Get back, Kero. Now, Fly Card.
Sakura uses the Fly Card to provoke the Water.
Sakura Aah!

KeroSakura was destined for this. She proved to be courageous well beyond her years.
YueI don't doubt that her bravery is a valuable asset. But it will take more than courage to defeat the dark force of magic.
It is still raining out side.
YueI have grown fond of Sakura, but there will be more at stake this time. She did not even capture the Clow Cards hereself. Perhaps you choose not to remember that, Kero.
Kero let his wings grow to enclose himself, and transforms into his celestial form.
KeroberosDon't forget. I'm also Keroberos. And Sakura did fulfill her destiny, Yue.
YueYou forget. She had the help of friends.
Li is slashing though the wierd violet clouds.
Li Element, Fire!
Burned by Li's fire magic, the Cloud Card shows its identity.
Sakura Isn't that the Rain?
Kero It looks the same, but it's definitely the Cloud Card.
Sakura OK, Cloud Card...
When she's about the seal the Card, Sakura reels.
Kero Sakura!
Sakura Ohh.
Meilin catches Sakura when she's falling.
Sakura Thank you, Meilin.
Meilin I've got you.
Sakura Let's go.
Cloud Card, return to your power confined! Cloud!

YueLi, a descendant of Clow Reed, used his magic many times to help her.
Sakura is sneaking behind the Time Card.
Sakura Time Card, return to your power con-
Time uses his magic on Sakura.
Sakura Huh?
Madison Sakura, what's wrong?
Sakura I can't move.
Time tries to use another magic.
Sakura Huh.
Kero Oh, no!
Li Hyah! (Breaks the glass and comes into clock tower)
Sakura Li!
Li He's getting away!
Sakura Time! Unh.
Li Force, know my plight, release the light. Lightning!
A thunderbolt hits the Time Card when he's escaping. Time drops by the belfry window.
Sakura You backed me up.

KeroberosLi has been training for this ever since he was a boy. His knowledge of the Cards gave her a tactical advantage.
YueCorrect me if I'm wrong, but Clow Reed never said anything about having two Cardcaptors.
KeroberosHe would have been very proud of her. Knowing when to ask for help is an asset.
Sakura and Li are facing the Twin Card.
Li Hyah!
Sakura Oh! God it!
Li Lightning!
Sakura Thunder! Hunh!
Li and Sakura attack each part of the Twin—but not exactly at the same time.
Kero Uhh, that won't work!
The Twin gets out of the incantation.
Li Then we'll just try again.
Kero No, it's too late. They're onto you.
Sakura We don't have any choice. We have to tr-... huh? Wait a sec! Meilin, we need you!
Meilin Mmm?
Sakura Use Meilin. You've been training together since you were little kids. You can sense each other's move without signaling.
Li We can do it, Meilin.
Meilin Bring 'em on!
Li and Meilin jumps at the Twin chuckling at them.
Li&Meilin Hyah! Hunh!
Twin Hunh!
Li&Meilin Hyah! Hunh!
Li and Meilin use kung fu against Twin, they kicks away Twin at the very same time.
Sakura All right!
Li and Meilin moves with handspring and backflip, jump on each Twin, and stamping their feet over and over on Twin's shoulders. Twin Card shake Li and Meilin off, and starting to revenge on them.
Li&Meilin Huh?
Meilin Aah?
Sakura's Windy saves them from getting the blow.
Li&Meilin Hunh!
Sakura Are you guys OK?
Meilin Yeah.
Li&Meilin Hyah! Uhh-aaaah!
Li and Meilin dashes straight at the Twin, and thrust them away at the same time.
Twin Yeow!
Li&Meilin Now!

Sakura is challeging the Power Card to a tag-o-war with the help of an elephant.
Kero Come on. You can do it!
Madison Pull harder!
Sakura Unh!
Li is watching her challenge up in a tree.
Li She'll never pull this off. Time Card, freeze the moment!
When the flow of time stops, Li jumps off the tree and pulls the rope out of Power's hand. He jumps back into the tree, and unfreezes the time. Sakura and Power are knocked over backward, however Power doesn't hold the rope.
Kero I can't believe my eyes!
Madison Me, neither.
Sakura All right! I did it! I did it!
But I didn't do it alone.

YueYou see?
KeroberosYou do not give her enough credit, Yue.
Sakura comes back to her room with another milk.
SakuraHere's the milk. Huh?

Sakura changes her clothes to go out.
SakuraI'm late to meet Madison and Li.
SakuraSee ya.
Sakura leaves her room.
KeroberosYou do not have to be so concerned about her abilities. Having the humilty to know when to ask for help does not indicate a weakness of character or lack of skill. No one person is an island.
YueYou may be right.
KeroberosHer love for her friends makes her a strong leader. That is what pulled her through the final judgement.
Sakura is in the banboo field at the back of Julian's yard.
Madison Sakura!
Sakura Huh?
Keroberos Sakura!
Li Sakura!
All the pople Sakura knows calls Sakura by her name, even though they're invisible.
Sakura The voices. I remember!
Sakura thrusts the layers of vine that tangles around her, setting herself free from Yue's magic.
Yue It's not possible.
Sakura The Clow Cards brought all of us close together. I'm not gonna let you take that away!
KeroShe'll need all the strength she can get. Even Tori is just realizing his own magical powers.

Tori stands up to take the dish away after Mirror finishes to eat in bed, who pretends to be Sakura sick in bed.
Tori You really shouldn't be taking any medicine if you're not sick.
Mirror Huh?
Tori You're not my sister Sakura, are you?
Mirror Hmm.
Tori I know who you are. We've met before, right?
Mirror Mm-hmm.
Tori I think I know what Sakura's been up to lately, but don't tell her I'm onto her. She doesn't understand that I can see into the spirit world.
Mirror Huh? OK.
Tori Hmm.
Tori pats Mirror on the head.
Mirror Ohh!
Tori Thanks, squirt.

YueShe's impulsive and has made some bad decision in the past.
The Earth Card is at work. All the ground rumbles, and some pillars of ground sticks out in places.
Sakura lands on the rooftop of a building, when the golem faces her.
Sakura Kero, look!
Kero That's it! Earth's visible form!
Sakura Water!
Water chops off the golem's head, but it soon draws back.
Sakura It just grew back!

YueEven at the final judgement, she faltered.
Yue is aiming at Sakura with his magical arrow.
Sakura I've got to... think of something. I need a Clow Card that will finish this without hurting Julian.
I've got it!
Keroberos No! Not that one!
The vines coming from the Wood Card stops their progress just few feet to Yue, and when he shoots his arrow, the vines make a U-turn to tangle around and trap Sakura.
Sakura Aah! Uhh! Unh! Uh!
Yue The Wood Card? Wood is one of the Cards controlled by the moon. The rightful candidate would have known that. The judgement is over. The Clow Cards require a stronger master than you.
Sakura Unh! Unh!
Yue I see you have a determined spirit, Sakura, however, I am not as sentimental as Keroberos.
Sakura Uhh! Aah! Unh! Uhh!
Yue The only one I answer to is Clow Reed himself.
Sakura Uhh! Unh, unh.
Li runs a few steps forward, but he feels some humilitation not allowing to help Sakura.
Li Nooo!
KeroberosThat may be true, but she's learned from her mistakes. The Cards recognized this, and they trust her. So should you.
All the darkness around Sakura coalesce to one place, becoming the visible form of the Dard Card.
Light This is the one whose heart I resided in.
Sakura Are you the Dard Card?
Light Light and Dark.
Dark It is your destiny to rule over the Clow Cards, but the final judgement belongs to another.
Light Do your best, Sakura. We wish for you to be our master.

KeroberosShe make the right decision in the end, Yue. She made the staff change, and she successfully defeated you.
Sakura Uhh!
Windy Card! Form a cage and trap Yue! Windy!
Windy traps Yue.
Yue Unh! It can't be.
By Sakura trapping Yue, the final judgement is over.
Yue I, Yue, recognize Sakura as the new master of the Clow Cards.
Sakura floats up and see Clow Reed.
Clow So we finally meet. I've been watching you closely, Sakura. The Cards need a strong master, but they also need the one with a brave heart. That is where your strenth lie, Sakura, in your heart. Keroberos and Yue have chosen well. Take care of your power, Sakura. Your star is a tiny light now, but it burns bright and will always light your way.
KeroberosShe is the one. If you didn't know that in your heart, you wouldn't have chosen her as our master. What else is wrong?
Yue You know me well.
I don't like this feeling, not knowing what lies ahead.
KeroberosWe know that she must transform the Clow Cards, and that it won't be easy on her. That's why we stayed in our earthly forms—to protect her.
YueWe would be better protectors if we knew what to expect.

Next morning, the rain has already stopped. Kero can see a beautiful orange morning sunrise.
KeroWow! What a beautiful morning.
Meanshile, some suspicious figure lands on the gateway of a shrine.
KeroSo how does it feel being the master of the Clow Cards, champ? Any different?
SakuraNot really. I just wish there was a Clow Card that did math homework.
Meanwhile a panther-like creature trots on the roof of Sakura's house.
KeroYou and I may not be able to predict all the challenge you'll be facing. You have to be ready for anything that comes along, Sakura.
SakuraYou mean it isn't over?
KeroIt's never over. The world of magic is always changing. Your adventure won't end until you pass the Cards onto some else.
SakuraSomeone else? So what do you think I should do, Kero?
At this moment, a human figure with butterfly wings appear on the roof.
KeroListen closely to your dreams, and never forget how far you've come.
Sakura Don't worry, Kero. I won't.
I'd better get going or I'm gonna be late for school.
Meanwhile, a boy in a black cloak and huge beret is standing in front of Sakura's house, holding a staff with a sun-like ornament at the end.
SakuraIt's gonna be one of those days. I can feel it already.

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