Boldfaced letters mean the name of the speaker.
Italicized letters mean what is thought in mind.
Faint letters mean what is happening in the flashback or in the dream.

The Mysterious Painting

In the middle of night, a guard is on patrol in the museum, meanwhile, a kid is sneaking in the courtyard.

Sakura is making a sketch of Kero who poses putting on air.
KeroSpeed it up.
SakuraAlmost done. Just don't move.
KeroUh, my tail feels like it's gonna fall off.
SakuraAll finished!
Kero Ahh.
Well, let's see it already.
KeroHuh? That's supposed to be me?
SakuraYou don't like it?
The sketch done by Sakura is not bad, expressing Kero's cuteness.
KeroWell, the uh... well, look, the face is weird.
SakuraIt is? I thought it was pretty good.
KeroWell, maybe you should take a closer look, huh?!
SakuraHmm. (Getting her face closer)
KeroUhh, now. Observe my heroic physique.
Aiden(From downstairs) Dinner's ready!
Sakura jumps on her feet and leaves the room.
KeroHey, come back! You haven't captured my true self on paper yet.
SakuraLater, Kero.
Sakura closes the door.
KeroUhhhhh! Uhh, I can't believe her. I look like a big geek. Not for long.

On another day, Sakura is on the field trip in the museum.
DirectorWelcome to the Reedington Museum's beginner drawing class. Today, you'll be drawing the sculptures in this hall or the courtyard.
SakuraHey, Madison, it's so quiet in here.
MadisonLike a library.
DirectorNow then, those of you drawing in the courtyard, follow me.
Most of the student follow the director to the yard, but Sakura and Madison stay inside.
SakuraWhere do you want to go, Madison?
MadisonI think I'll stay here and paint that sculpture. Do you want to hang out and draw with me?
Sakura and Madison sit in front of kind-of-complicated sculpture.
SakuraI guess Chelsea and the others went outside.
MadisonAre you sure you wouldn't rather go along with them?
SakuraMm-hmm. Let's start.
MadisonYeah. Ha.
Opening her sketchbook, she got surprised at what she finds on it.
SakuraHuh? Aah!
Mr. Terada runs up to Sakura.
TeradaAh, what did we just tell them? Shh!
SakuraI'm sorry.
It's that Kero revised the sketch by Sakura.

Sakura has just drawn the outline of the sculpture, and looks at her drawing and the sculpture.
SakuraFinished! Let's see yours.
Madison has drawn perfectly and is painting.
SakuraAmazing. Huh?
Sakura finds Chelsea is waving her hand outside.
SakuraHey, Madison, do you want to go outside for a little bit?
MadisonI think I'm going to stay and finish my painting.
SakuraNo problem. I'll be back soon.

Sakura jogs in the museum to look for the door to the courtyard.
SakuraI wonder how you get out to the courtyard.
GuardWhat do you think you're doing?
Startled Sakura looks back to see the guard who is taking a kid away the art.
GuardI saw you trying to damage that painting!
AlexLet me go! I wasn't gonna damage it.
GuardThen what were you doing?
AlexMy dad painted that. It's his, but someone went and changed it. That lady isn't supposed to be there.
GuardBut that's crazy.
The kid runs to the painting.
GuardGet... get back here.
The woman in the painting moves her hand.
Everything in the museum goes quiet, although the guard and the onlookers are obviously speaking. But the sound comes back in a few seconds.
GuardJust calm down. Come with me, son.
The name plate on the kid's bag falls off, when the guard takes him out.
SakuraHuh? “The Smile” by Douglas Mills. Huh?
Sakura picks up the name plate.
MadisonIt's time to meet the others now.
SakuraYeah. Ahh.

The field trip is over. The students are wating for the traffic light to change.
MadisonYou say one of the pictures moved?
SakuraMm-hmm. Then everything went absolutely quiet. It didn't last long, but it really freaked me out. I wonder if it was the work of a Clow Card.
MadisonSakura, you're so in tuned to spirits and everything, I definitely think you should listen to your instincts.
SakuraAhh! It is a Clow Card.
MadisonMm-hmm. We should go check it out.

On that night, Sakura sneaks out the window, and goes down the tree,
SakuraHmmh, ahh.
JulianUh, hey, there.
JulianWhere are you going at this hour of the night?
SakuraUm, uh... I just trying to get a better look at the stars.
JulianWell, don't forget about the moon now.
JulianIs Tori around?
SakuraSure. He's inside. Unh. But please, don't tell him.
JulianDon't you worry. I didn't see a thing.
Sakura rollerblades along the night street.
KeroOh, that would have been a tough one to explain. Heh. Julian's pretty cool, huh?
SakuraHe probably thinks I'm a real weirdo.
KeroAw, don't worry. I think you're pretty cool.
SakuraThanks, Kero.

In Madison's station wagon:
MadisonSilent? You mean it stifles sound?
KeroExactly. The Silent Card can't stand noise.
SakuraThat's why it chose the museum, because it's so quiet.
MadisonSo what are its powers?
SakuraThis afternoon it silenced all the noise.
KeroYeah, but that's not all. When it shushes people, something else happens to them.
SakuraLike what?
KeroUh, I'm not sure.
SakuraBut you're the Guardian Beast of the Seal!
KeroIt doesn't speak, so I haven't had a chance to figure it out, OK?
MadisonOK, Sakura. Prepare for battle.

Having Sakura change into a battle costume, Madison is delighted and videotapes Sakura.
SakuraI kind of like this outfit. It's so much tamer than usual.
MadisonThat's because thieves have to be incognito.
SakuraHey, I'm not going in there to steal anything.
MadisonI know that, Sakura, but you are sneaking into a heavily-guarded museum. I just figured you should look the part.
KeroW-what is that?
MadisonOh, just the schedule of the museum guard's rounds.
SakuraWhere'd you get that?
MadisonWell, you see, I went back to the museum and I kind of borrowed it.
MadisonAccording to this, the guard is due to patrol by that picture in exactly one hour. That doesn't give us a whole lot of time.
Madison I'll set the alarm to go off five minutes early just to be safe. Ready? (Setting the alarm)

Sakura, Madison, and Kero are sneak in the museum, when they hear a sound.
Sakura can see someone is sneaking downstairs.
SakuraWho do you think that is?
MadisonHe looks suspicious.
KeroAlmost as suspicious as us.
MadisonWhat if he's trying to steal the art?
SakuraA real burglar?! What do we do? We can't sneak past him.
MadisonWe'll drive him away.
KeroWell, how're we gonna do that?
MadisonWith this. (Taking out a search light)

Sakura's gang are hiding at the foor of the sculpture at the center of the gallery, when the kid passes by.
KeroWho goes there?
The kid gasps and looks around.
KeroIf you know what's good for you, you'll leave right now.
AlexWho... who said that?!
At the foot of the sculpture:
KeroHe's pretty brave, even for a thief.
SakuraThat voice.
MadisonIt sounds like a kid's voice.
KeroTime fo plan B, partner?
Madison irradiate the searchlight on Kero whose shadow is projected on the sculpture like of a gigantic God.
KeroI am the museum's God of Protection. I command you to leave at once.
AlexThis is some kind of a joke, right?
SakuraHe's coming this way.
MadisonI wasn't counting on this.
AlexStay right where you are.
The moment the kid look into where Sakura's gang are hiding, Kero pops out and scares him.
AlexAah! W-whoa!
The kid staggers backward and hits the pedestal of a metalic art. Kero plunges himself to catch the art falling down to him.
KeroAh, uhh, unh.
Sakura(Gasps) Huh.
Sakura and Madison jumps out to the guy.
MadisonIt was just a kid.
SakuraHey, it's him!
MadisonDo you know him?
SakuraSort of.
KeroUhh, some help would be nice here.
Kero is still lifting the art. After getting back the art on the pedestal, Sakura and Madison watch the kid.
MadisonI think he's waking up.
SakuraYou OK?
Alex Uh?
(Scare of Kero) Aah!
SakuraDon't be scared. It's just a stuffed teddy bear.
AlexBut I heard it.
SakuraThat's just an act we do.
Kero(In ventriloquist's dummy impression) Sorry we scared you, little boy.
AlexI wasn't scared.
AlexWierd-looking bear.
SakuraHeh heh heh heh.
AlexWho are you guys anyway? What are you doing here? I'm not gonna let you wreck any of the paintings, got it?
SakuraWe wouldn't do that.
MadisonWe love the paintings as much as you do.
SakuraWe just forgot something and came back to get it.
AlexThen why are you dressed like that?
SakuraWhat, this? Um, well, uh, um...
MadisonIt's her hobby. Heh.
AlexWhatever, as long as you're not wrecking the art. I'm outta here.
Sakura Huh?
Hey, waid a second, Alex!
AlexBut how did ya know my name?
Sakura shows him his name plate he dropped in that afternoon.
AlexSo that's where it went.
SakuraAlex, were you really gonna slash that picture?
AlexI wasn't gonna slash it! I was just gonna fix it up.
AlexYou see, my dad is Douglas Mills. He painted that picture. It's called “The Smile.”
MadisonYour dad is Douglas Mills? I've heard of him. He's a really famous painter, but last year he...
Alex kind of begins crying.
AlexOhhh. He got sick, and then he passed away.
AlexHe painted that picture last summer on our family vacation together. It's the last paintng he ever did. He wanted to paint me there so we'd always have a memory of the trip. He worked so hard on it. Even Mom said it was her favorite. But then somebody went and painted over it. They ruined my favorite memory of him.
SakuraThat's terrible. I know exactly how you feel. I was totally upset when someone scribbled all over my latest picture. (Glares Kero)
SakuraAlex, please, let us help you.
AlexNo, thanks. I can handle it all on my own.
KeroAre you kiddin'?
KeroWhen some... (Muffled by Sakura)
SakuraJust throwing my voice. You see?
Kero(In dummy impression) Don't say that. Let's go together.
AlexWell, suit yourself. Just don't get in my way.
KeroSnotty brat.
MadisonIt's later than I thought. We've got to hurry. The guard'll be here soon.

Alex and Sakura's gang are heading for the picture taken over by the Silent Card.
SakuraI can't use my magic in front of Alex.
KeroAnd we know we can't scare him away.
MadisonYou do your thing, and I'll distract him, OK?
The kids face to the painting.
MadisonThere's the picture.
KeroIt's the Silent Card, all right.
AlexThis was recently painted over. It's an oil painting, so I should be able to peel it off.
SakuraYou're pretty smart.
AlexI want to be an artist just like my dad used to be.
SakuraI'm sure you will.
AlexHeh heh heh heh.
MadisonAlex, restoring an oil painting is very difficult, you know.
MadisonMaybe the museum should look after it.
AlexNo, no one's touching but me!
MadisonSure you can do it?
AlexI can! I'm gonna fix it myself!
Just when Sakura is about to seal the Card, the woman in the painting moves.
MadisonNot so loud, Alex. The guard will hear us.
The woman in the picture puts her finger over her mouth.
At the next moment, they find themselves out in the courtyard.
SakuraHuh? The courtyard.
AlexIt happened again. Whenever I get close to that picture, I end up outside.
MadisonThat must be Silent's power.
KeroIt just removes whoever's causing the noise.
SakuraWow, I'm glad that's all it does.
AlexI don't believe it. I thought that if it was a ghost, I could still fix the painting during the day, but that didn't work either.
SakuraA ghost? Heh heh heh. You know, Alex. I think the reason this happened is because you raised your voice. I really don't think the ghost is going to bother us if we stay quiet.
AlexSo it'll be OK as long as we're quiet?
SakuraThat's right.
AlexYeah, but what if it hears us anyway?
SakuraAre you giving up?
AlexNo. I know a way back in. Come on.

Alex and Sakura's gang walks back to the painting.
KeroRight. Now you can use your magic and blame it on the ghost.
When Alex opens his bag, he drops his tool. The clatter echos in the gallery.
MadisonOh, no.
The woman in the picture moves.

They walks back again to the painting. When Alex is about to fix the painting, Kero sneezes.
Alex looks at Sakura.
Sakura(Pretends) Ah-choo, ah-choo.
The woman in the painting move again.

The kids are displaced outside.
AlexNot again.
SakuraBut all we did was sneeze.
KeroYou'll never finish the incantation.
MadisonThere has got to be another way.
The alarm beeps.
AlexI'm going back in.
SakuraAlex, wait!
Madison catches Sakura on the hand, when she nearly run afrer Alex going back into the museum.
MadisonBut the guard is on his way, Sakura. If we get caught, you'll never capture the Silent Card.

Alex runs into the guard on patrol.
GuardWho's there?!
AlexAhh! Unh, uhh.
GuardStop right there!
Guard runs after Alex.
The guard just catches up with Alex.
SakuraAlex got caught.
KeroWe can't stay here.
MadisonLet's hide.
Sakura's gang runs to behind a sculpture.
SakuraWe've got to help him.
AlexLet me go!
GuardI remember you.
SakuraWhat'll we do?
GuardUhh, uhh.
Watching their shadows, Sakura thinks of an idea.
Sakura Ahh! I know.
Shadow Card. Pass through the glass and reflect my image. Release and dispel! Shadow!
Sakura's shadow grows into the gallery, where Alex is struggling against the guard.
AlexUhh, uhh, uhh!
SakuraLet him go!
Sakura's shadow pushes the guard down.
Alex runs for it. Then the guard jumps on his feet and follow him.
GuardWait! Stop! Uhh.
SakuraIt worked.
MadisonNot bad, Sakura.
SakuraJust one more thing. I command you to return... Huh?
Sakura's shadow doesn't reach the painting. Madison uses her flashlight to help the shadow grow to the painting.
Sakura Oh, thank you.
I command you to return to your power confined. Silent Card!
Sakura's shadow picks up the sealed Card and gets back outside.
MadisonHeh heh.
Sakura and Kero poses for the video Madison is taping.
MadisonAnother great capture.
The gurad return to the gallery alone, so Sakura's gang hide behind the sculpture in the courtyard.
Guard Where is he hiding? Oh, well.
What the...
SakuraOh, no.
KeroOh, oh.
GuardUhh. Eh, ehh. Aah! This place is haunted! That's it. I'm outta here!
Sakura&MadisonHeh heh.
Alex walks back to Sakura.
AlexI didn't get away with it. The guard caught me.
SakuraI'm not so sure. Look!
What is in the painting is a long-haird girl smiling at the window, not the woman seen some minutes ago.
AlexAhh! Heh ha heh.
When Alex steps forward, his cap slips down so his long hair comes out. Acrually, Alex is the girl in the painting.
Alex Dad's picture. It's back.
SakuraYou're the girl in the painting, but why did you hide your identity?
AlexMm-mm, I didn't want to be recognized.
MadisonYou know your dad was a really talented painter.
SakuraSure was.
AlexHuh? Heh.

When all the mission is completed, Alex parts from Sakura and Madison.
SakuraTake care, Alex.
MadisonBye, Alex.
AlexThanks so much for all your help with everything. I gotta say, you guys are the best. Bye!
Alex turns around and runs.
SakuraShe did all that for the memory of her father. I'm so glad the painting's OK.
KeroWell, I got a feeling we'll see one of her painting here one day.
SakuraMaybe she'll paint you.
MadisonA masterpiece.
KeroHeh heh heh. You know, I would make a stunning subject for a painting.
SakuraI know you would, Kero. Like the Mona Lisa.
MadisonHeh heh heh heh.
All this capture did Li watch on top of the museum.
LiNot a bad capture, Sakura.

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