Boldfaced letters mean the name of the speaker.
Italicized letters mean what is thought in mind.
Faint letters mean what is happening in the flashback or in the dream.

Under the Weather

Sakura is moaning in fever in bed, when a woman with wings comes down the bedside and pats Sakura's on the forehead. The woman wears a ring in the ring finger.
It is raining in that morning. Kero draws the curtain to let the morning light in.
KeroHey, Sakura! Time to wake up!
Sakura Mmm?
(Getting up) Mmm.
KeroIt's raining out. You're gonna have to walk so you better get moving, OK? Hmm?
Sakura looks glazed.
KeroUh, what's the matter with you?
SakuraMy head feels all fuzzy.
Kero All fuzzy. (Putting hand on Sakura's forehead)
Whoa! You're burning up, you poor thing! Aw.
Sakura gets out of bed.
KeroUh, don't you think you should stay in bed, Sakura?
SakuraOur group is presenting that big project we've been working on, so I've got to go to school.
Sakura falls from dizziness, when Kero barely catches her with a bite.
KeroWhoa, whoa!
SakuraThank you.

Sakura comes into the classroom.
SakuraGood morning, guys.
MadisonNice day out, huh?
SakuraYeah, just great. Ooh.
Sakura looks weary as she takes her seat.
MeilinYou don't looks so good.
MadisonAre you OK, Sakura?
SakuraYeah. I'm just a little tired.
MadisonWell, maybe you should have stayed home sick today, Sakura.
SakuraI'll make it. Don't worry.

In math class, Sakura is feeling all dizzy while gazing on the blackboard.
MackenzieHmm. Looks like you've got a fever.
MackenzieMadison, I would like it if you please take Sakura down to the front office for me.
MadisonNo problem.
SakuraThat's OK. I'm just fine.
MadisonWell, come on, you.
Madison takes Sakura out the classroom.

At the entrance of the school building:
MadisonHey, hold on. They called Tori to come and walk you home.
SakuraI'm fine. I can make it home on my own. Watch.
MadisonOh, Sakura!
Sakura staggers and falls into the arms of Tori who just came.

Tori carries Sakura home on his back with unbrella in his hand.
ToriPretty dark clouds. Let's get you home.

Sakura is moaning in bed back in her room.
Kero adjusts the bedding on Sakura with a concerned look.
ToriSakura. (from the hall)
Kero jumps with a start, and puts on stuffed animal impression, when Tori opens the door.
ToriOK, kiddo. Let's take your temp.
Tori is looking at Kero suspiciously while Sakura is taking her temperature.
ToriLet's see.
SakuraHere you go.
ToriStill pretty high. You need to take some medicine, but first things first. You have to eat something.
ToriBe back soon. Hmm.
Tori looks back at Kero suspiciously before he closes the door.
KeroAhhh. I definitely think he's catching on to me.

It stops raining, when a strange violet thick cloud swirls over Reedington.
SakuraHuh? (Gets up)
KeroWhat's the matter?
SakuraI sense a Clow Card.
KeroHuh? You're right.
Sakura gets out of bed groaning.
KeroHey, you shouldn't be up!
Sakura opens the window.
KeroWow, look at that.
SakuraWhich one is it?
KeroLooks like the work of the Cloud Card.
Sakura is stepping on the window frame.
KeroHold it! Where do you think you're going?
SakuraI've got to seal it.
KeroIf you go out in that storm, you're gonna catch pneumonia, Sakura!
SakuraHow much time have we got?
KeroNot very long at all. The storm is growing stronger, so we're gonna have to hurry.
SakuraThen we'd better get going.
KeroNot so fast. Your brother's going to bring you something to eat. If you're gone he'll get suspicious.
Sakura (Sighs)
Sakura steps back into her room.
KeroSo you see my point?
Sakura takes the key to the seal.
KeroHey, wait a minute!
SakuraMirror Card, project my form and become another me! Release and dispel!
Mirror appears and becomes the carbon copy of Sakura.
SakuraTwo are always better than one.

Sakura staggers on the Fly outside.
KeroHey, how you holding up, Sakura?
SakuraAll right.
KeroOh, let's seal it quickly and get you back to bed.
SakuraSounds great.

There's a knock on Sakura's door, when Mirror is in bed for Sakura.
Tori brings pottage for Sakura.
ToriCan you sit up? Hmm?
ToriHmm. Hungry?

Sakura and Kero are flying just beneath the center of the swirling cloud.
KeroOver there! The Cloud Card's got to be in the center of the swirl!
From the center of the swirl, a cloud sticks out to Sakura.
LiElement, Wind!
Li's magic catches Sakura who is falling.
SakuraHuh? Li! Meilin!
KeroThe kid and the girlfriend.
SakuraOh, thank you, Li.
MeilinJudging by your outfit, I see you're still sick, Sakura.
LiYou fool!
LiHow can you be so careless. What if something had happened to you?
SakuraI really had no choice. The storms will flood the whole town if we don't stop 'em immediately. And besides, we can't just let it escape.
KeroHere it comes again!
Another stick of cloud attacks the cardcaptors.

Meanwhile, Mirror copying Sakura stops eating the pottage.
ToriDo you think you've enough?
MirrorMm-hmm. I guess I'm not that hungry after all.
Tori is leaving without giving her medicine.
ToriI'll be back with more later, OK?
MirrorWait. My medicine.
ToriYou shouldn't take medicine if you're not really that sick.
ToriYou're not my sister Sakura, are you?
ToriI know who you are. We've met before. Right?

Mirror slips into the flashback, where Tori has fallen off the cliff.
Tori What are you doing here? You're lost, aren't you?
Mirror Yeah, that's one way of putting it. Lost.
Tori Everybody gets lost sometimes. And... we have to help each other... (Graons) Find the pathway back home again. I don't know where you need to go, but I... Sakura is...
Sakura is running for Tori, guided by Li's Lasin Board.
Li Go down the cliff!
Sakura Fly!
Sakura fly down the cliff to stand in front of Tori.
Sakura Oh, no! Tori!
Kero Well, at least he's still breathing.
Li He needs a doctor right now.
Sakura Oh. I'm the one you want!
Windy! Release and dispel!
Windy takes no harm on Mirror who is standing still.
Li It's not strong enough!
Kero Uhh! Use an attack Card, quickly!
Sakura Water!
Water Card does not work either on Mirror.
Kero Concentrate! Attack Cards and incantations aren't gonna work on this one. It's gotta be a Helix.
Mirror Ohh.
Sakura What does that mean?
Li Her form is hidden, hard to find.
Sakura So what do I do?
Kero With a Card like this, you've got to identify it first. Once you do that, you can capture it. Concentrate, Sakura! Which Card is it?
Sakura Hmm.
Kero> Hurry!
Sakura steps foroward to Mirror.
Li No, don't get too close!
Sakura Clow Card, you hurt my brother Tori.
Mirror Hmm.
Sakura Huh?
Kero You need to concentrate on what Card it is.
Sakura Illusion, Water, Shadow. Something to do with these three. Umm.
Mirror keeps the same posture as Sakura.
Sakura Unh!
Mirror copies every move Sakura takes.
Sakura She's... copying me. Shodow moves like a body's twin, water reflects, and the illusions aren't the real thing. That's it!
Clow Card, your name is Mirror!
Mirror turns back into its real form, and flies to and kisses Tori on the forehead.
Mirror I'm sorry.
Sakura Huh. Return to your power confined! Mirror Card!
Sealed Mirror Card changes its form into a card.
Sakura Tori!

Mirror draws out the flashback.
ToriI think I know what Sakura's been up lately, but don't tell her I'm on to her. She hasn't figured out yet that I have the ability to see into the spirit world.
MirrorHuh? OK.
Tori pats Mirror on the head.
ToriThanks, squirt.

Li is slashing the Cloud with his sword.
LiElement, Fire!
Burned by Li's fire magic, the Cloud Card shows its identity.
SakuraIsn't that... the Rain?
KeroIt looks the same, but it's definitely the Cloud.
SakuraOK. Cloud Card, ret-
Sakura staggers, whom Meilin catches back on her feet.
SakuraOhhh. Thank you, Meilin.
MeilinI got you.
Sakura Let's go.
Cloud Card, return to your power confined! Cloud!
The sealed Cloud Card flies to Li's hand.
MeilinAll right! It's yours!
LiI think you should have this.
MeilinWhat? What do you mean, Li?
KeroYeah, kid. Hey, what's the deal?
SakuraBut, Li...
LiLook, Sakura, you came out even though you were feeling sick. You deserve to keep it.
SakuraAhh. Thanks a lot, Li.

Sakura comes back home through the window.
SakuraI'm back!
Mirror jumps to catch Sakura upright on her feet.
KeroStraight to bed, Sakura.
Mirror let Sakura in bed and covers the dedding on her.
Mirror You're welcome.
It sure was fun seeing Tori again.
Mirror turns back into a card, and flies back into the Clow Book.
Kero comes out the windows to Li and Meilin who are standing in front of Sakura's house.
KeroBack in bed, safe and sound.
MeilinSo how come you're not up there with her, too?
KeroTori's with Sakura now, but I am kind of afraid he is starting to figure me out. So, hey, I'm thinking I should go and hang out at your house, Meilin. What do you think?
MeilinWhat are you talking about?
KeroIs that any way to talk to your new house guest?
MeilinStay away from me, stuffed animal!
KeroHey! Watch who you call a stuffed animal!
MeilinWho's gonna make me?
KeroMe, that's who!
MeilinYeah? You and what army?

Sakura is moaning in bed as she's gotten worse. Her temperature shows 102 degrees F.
ToriOh, Sakura. This is what happens when you push yourself too hard. I'm going to call a doctor, squirt.
When Tori is leaving, he can sense the woman appears at the bedside. That is their deceased mother Natasha.
ToriOh! Mother.
Natasha pats Sakura on the forehead just like she does in that morning.
Sakura Huh?
It's that hand again. Just like this morning. Hi, Mom.
NatashaYou're going to be just fine.
ToriHello, Mother.
NatashaTori, I've been worried about Sakura all day. Whew. Take care, Sakura.
Seeing Sakura in peace, Natasha fades away.

Next morning, Sakura who has gotten quite better comes into the dining room with her usual smile.
SakuraGood morning!
AidenHey, are you feeling better?
SakuraYeah, much better. Thanks.
AidenI'm so glad. I was worried about you. Sometimes all it takes is a good rest, huh?
ToriGot your appetite back yet, squirt?
SakuraYeah. Ohh.
Sakura steps forward to the picture of Natasha.
SakuraThank you so much, Mom.
ToriWhat are you thanking Mother for, Sakura?
SakuraI just had a feeling she was watching me yesterday.
ToriHmm. I know.
AidenAll right, your breakfast is ready.

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