Boldfaced letters mean the name of the speaker.
Italicized letters mean what is thought in mind.
Faint letters mean what is happening in the flashback or in the dream.
Red letters mean the narration.

One Fateful Day

One morning, Sakura and Li are involved in a mysterious happening in the playground in their school. The ground is swallowing Sakura just like a doodle bug's pit.
LiSpirit! Wind!
Li has the wind magic send him to Sakura, and cradle her out of the pit.
A mass of sand rises to attack them.
SakuraKey of Clow, power of magic, power of light, surrender the wand, the force ignite! Release! Fly!
Sakura and Li ride on the sealing wand, and fly.
SakuraWhat's going on?
LiA Clow Card!
No matter where they fly, the mass of sand follows them, and tries to knock them down.
SakuraBut I didn't sense any Cards here this morning.
LiNo, me, neither.
The whole of the playground swirls like a doodle bug's pit, and it attacks them in the air blasting a mass of sand.
SakuraAah! Aah!
SakuraWhich Card do you think it is?
LiWatch how it moves. It's the Sand Card. Huh?
SakuraWe've got to seal it before it destroys the school!
LiRight! Let's go!
The playground keeps swirling violently, waiting for the chance to attack.
LiLook out!
Sakura You're probably wondering how I got into this mess. I mean, how does an eleven-year-old girl end up flying over a whirlpool of sand? It's kind of a long story.

Sakura is putting on rollerblades and protection gear. Then she leaves her house for school.
Sakura Bye, Dad.
Aiden Bye, honey. Will you be late for dinner again?
Sakura Yeah, I got practice.
Sakura And this is how it all began.
Sakura is rollerblading on the street along which she can see the cherry trees full of blossoms.

In English class, the teacher is reading a stoy from the textbook.
Teacher The ancient Egyptians worshipped the Sun God, Ra. Now, Ra was considered to be powerful, and so, the symbol chosen to represent him was a single eye that watched over his people.
Meanwhile, Sakura casually draws some imaginary tiny beast with wings.
Madison I like your drawing, Sakura. What is it?
Sakura You mean this?
Teacher Sakura, continue reading.
Sakura OK. Tell you later.
Madison We're on line forty-eight.
Sakura The Sun God Ra was considered so powerful that only very special people could even speak his name.

Sakura Hi! I'm home! Dad? Tori?
Sakura trots into her house, when Sakura hears some bubbling noise.
Sakura Huh? Hmm.
Sakura opens the refridgerator.
Sakura Whoa, pudding.
At the moment she reaches the pudding, she can hear the bubbling noise again.
Sakura Huh? What's that noise?
Sakura timidly walks out in the hall holding her baton.
Sakura It's coming from Dad's library. I wish Dad or Tori were here.
The noise continues in the basement, so she walks slowly close to the door to the basement.
Sakura Ooh.
I'll take a look inside. If someone's there, I'll call the police.
Sakura opens the door, and begins to walk down the stairs.
Sakura Please let it just be the furnace.
Stepping on the basement, Sakura timidly walks between bookshelves in Aiden's library. Just one more corner, she's getting at the bottom, so she encourages herself to step out.
Sakura Ha!
There's no one there. Huh?
While Sakura is looking all around, a Book glows among other books in the shelf.
Sakura Where's that glowing coming from?
Sakura notices and step forward to the glowing book. When she's about to reach the book, it quits glowing.
Sakura Huh?
Sakura takes the book out of the shelf, and gasps at the look of the book. It's an ancient book titled ``The Clow'' with a mighty beast on the front cover, which is locked at the right-edge.
Sakura What a cool book.
Suddenly, the book is unlocked, so Sakura almost drops the book with an astonishment.
Sakura Whoat! Unh! Huh?
Sakura opens the unlocked book, and finds a deck of cards inside.
Sakura They're cards.
Sakura picks up the one on the top.
Sakura ``The Windy.'' Hmm. I wonder what it's for.
Meanwhile, the air around her feet begins to swirl.
Sakura ``Windy.''
The card flashes at her read-out, a madala glows under her feet, and a strong gust of wind occurs.
Sakura Aah!
The wind blows like a whirlpool.
Sakura Aah! Aah! Aah!
The wind blows out every cards from the deck. The blown cards penetrates the wall and spring out of her house.
The wind continues until no cards remains in the book. Sakura collapses on the floor with a shock, with the Windy Card in her hand.
Sakura What just happened?
Moreover, the book glows bright.
Sakura Baah!
At the next minute, a little beast with wings pops out of the glowing book. He hovers in front of Sakura, and wakes up.
Kero Hi-dee ho-dee how-dee! Aw, thank you so much for letting me out, little girl. I have been sealed in that book for centuries!
Sakura reaches and grabs the stuffed toy-like creature.
Kero Whoa-ahh!
Sakura What are you? Some kind of squirrel? A toy? Where do the batteries?
Kero I am not a toy! I am Keroberos, Guardian Beast of the Seal of the Clow Book.
Sakura But you're so small.
Kero Hey, don't let my size fool you. Call me Kero. I keep the Clow Cards from getting into trouble. See?
Kero opens the Book to try to show Sakura his Cards.
Kero Huh? Whoa! No-ho-ho-ho! My Clow Cards! Where are my Cards? My precious Cards!
Kero cries and gets depressed.
Sakura Is this what you're looking for?
Kero Huh? Oh, the Windy Card! That's it! Thank you.
So, uh, where's the rest?
Sakura Well, as soon as I read the word ``Windy,'' ...
Kero Yeah?
Sakura This huge wind started blowing.
Kero Yeah, yeah?
Sakura Heh heh heh, and they blew away.
Kero Ha ha! Blew away!
Sakura&Kero Ha ha ha ha.
Kero's look changes.
Kero What-oooh?

Sakura hurriedly fill herself with dinner.
Sakura Ah! There, I'm all finished!
Sakura takes the dishes into the sink, picks up a pudding out of the refridgerator, and runs out.
Sakura See you!
Tori Where are you taking that?
Sakura Up to my room to eat.

Sakura comes back in her room.
Sakura Hey.
Kero Aw, it's no use. Only a true Cardcaptor can bring the Cards back.
Sakura I brought some pudding.
Kero Oh, my favorite!
Aw, I don't deserve it. I let the Clow Cards escape.
Sakura Clow Cards?
Kero They're dangerous forces. Now that the seal has been broken, there's simply no telling what they'll do. The Clow Cards were created by a very powerful magician named Clow Reed. Each Clow Card has its own character and special powers. They were designed to be free, but the Cards grew so strong willful that they couldn't be controlled. So Clow Reed protected the Cards by placing them in a book and sealing it with a magical lock and key.
Sakura They sound dangerous.
Kero Mm-hmm, and that's why I got to get them back. And you're going to help me.
Sakura Huh? Why do I have to?
Kero Because you're the one who summoned the Windy Card and set them free in the first place!
Sakura Yeah, but it was your job to guard the seal, and make sure the Clow Cards didn't escape.
Kero I know. I, uh, just took a little nap.
Sakura For how long?
Kero Thirty years or so.
I never said being a guardian was easy!
Kero jumps onto the cover of the Clow Book.
Kero But if you were able to open the Clow Book's seal, you must have very strong magical powers. So, what's your name, anyway?
Sakura Sakura.
Kero OK, Sakura, go stand over there.
Sakura OK.
As soon as Sakura stands in the middle of her room, Kero begins to glow, and a mandala appears under her feet. She can feel as if she was put in a mysterious place.
Sakura Huh?
Kero Key to the seal, you have chosen this girl Sakura to carry out the sacred promise. I command you to empower her with the language of the staff! Release the power!
A key comes out of the book, flies to above the center of the mandala, and flashes at Kero's command.
Sakura Aah!
< The shining key grows and turns into a staff,
Sakura Aah!
Kero Sakura, take the staff.
Blindend by the light, Sakura walks to the staff and grabs it.
Kero All right. I, Keroberos, name Sakura Cardcaptor!
Sakura Aah...

Sakura is whining about Kero's cheat, blowing her hair with a hair drier.
Sakura This is crazy. No way. I'm not doing it.
Kero Ah, that pudding hit the spot.
Sakura seizes Kero in delight bouncing up and down on the bed.
Sakura Unh!
Kero Ugh!
Sakura Listen. I can't be a Cardcaptor.
Kero I'm not so sure about that. You now control the staff with your powers.
Sakura Yeah, well, I'm just a kid. I'm not old enough to capture the Cards yet.
Kero Yeah, well, you were old enough to let the Clow Cards loose.
Sakura They'd still be in the Book if you hadn't taken a thiry-year nap.
Sakura&Kero Mmm.
At this time, a strong wind blows thruough the window.
Kero Whoa!
Sakura Where'd that come from?
Kero Sakura!
Sakura Huh?
Taking a look where Kero is pointing to, Sakura can see a gigantic bird is flying above houses.
Sakura What's that?
Kero It's a Clow Card!
Sakura Here?
Kero It's the Fly Card all right. Well, don't just stand there! Do something!
Sakura Like what?
Kero Get out there and capture the Clow Card!
Sakura What?

The gigantic bird lands in the town. With a swing of its wing, a gust of wind cracks the windows of nearby houses.
Sakura You could've at least let me change.
Kero A true Cardcaptor can battle in anything, even in pajamas.
Sakura arrives where the Fly Card is standing.
Sakura Oh, man, I don't stand a chance against that thing.
Kero You're a Cardcaptor!
The Fly Card screeche and blasts a gust of wind against Sakura.
Sakura Huh?
Kero Yeah!
Sakura blow away in the night sky.
Sakura Aah!
Kero quickly catches up with her in the air, bites her by the collar and gets her on her feet safely.
Sakura Wh-whoa.
Kero Sakura, use your magic.
Sakura Huh?
Kero The words will come. Just let the staff guides you.
Sakura Hmm.
Sakura reaches into her pocket and takes out the magic key.
Sakura O Key of Clow, power of magic, power of light, surrender the wand, the force ignite! Release!
Kero Ready, Sakura? The Fly Card has already revealed its true form. You should be able to use the Windy Card to capture it.
Sakura I don't know.
Kero You'll just have to get up close to it and help...
Sakura Huh? Aah!
Kero Whoa!
The Card is hovering and aim at Sakura. Next moment, it comes and flies to her, so she ducks.
Sakura I think it's after us.
Kero Sakura, call the Windy Card.
The Card makes a turn up above to attack them again.
Kero Whoa-aa! Today would be good!
Sakura ducks at the moment the Card flies past her.
Kero Sakura, you got to use the Card now!
Sakura But it's chasing us!
Sakura rollerblades to make a run for it. The Card is following her flying low.
Sakura Let's get out of here!
Kero You are the Cardcaptor. You are stronger than you think you are!
Sakura But I don't know how.
Huh? Wait! I've got an idea.
Sakura speeds up rollerblading and get ahead.
Kero Please just hurry!
Fly hit the ground with its leg, then some block of pavement and Kero blow away.
Kero Whoa-aa-aa! Sakura!
Sakura gets up on the paved sidewall of the cliff, when Fly flies next to her. She flips herself onto Fly's back.
Sakura Hyaa! Ugh!
Kero Be careful!
Fly flies up high to shake off Sakura, so she has to hang on.
Sakura Windy Card, form a chain and tie up the Fly Card's wings! Windy!
Windy ties up all around the Fly, and it crashes on the ground with Sakura on its back.
Sakura Clow Card, I command you to return to the power confined! Fly Card!
The gigantic bird changes its form into a card as if sucked in at the tip of the staff.
Kero You did it, Sakura!
Sakura How'd I learn to do that?
Kero You've always known. You just didn't know it yet.
Sakura I told you that I can't be a Cardcaptor.
Kero Still don't get it, huh? This was something you were destined for. You're a natural. Hahahaha.
Sakura Mmm.
Kero Besides, you've captured the Fly Card. Touch your staff to it.
Sakura Why? What's gonna happen?
Kero Just give it a try.
Sakura Fly!
On Sakura touching the Card with the staff, the staff gets a pair of big wing that allows Sakura fly as long as she rides on the staff, just like a witch on a broom.
Kero So how do you like flying?
Sakura It's the best!
Kero I knew I could count on you, Cardcaptor Sakura.
Sakura Yeah! Uh, wait a minute. I haven't agreed to anything yet.
Sakura Kero was right. He could count on me. And from that day on, my life would never be the same.

At the scene back to the capture of Sand Card, Sakura and Li on the staff are attacked.
The mass of sand thrusts them away, so Li fall into the whirlpool of sand.
Li gets his head up out the sand.
SakuraHuh? Li!
LiStay back!
LiJust do it!
LiUse the Water Card and cover all the sand in water.
SakuraBut the sand will just soak the water up. It's not enough!
LiTurst me.
Sand springs up to Sakura to swallow her.
Sakura hangs on, and takes out the Card.
SakuraWater Card, come to our aid. Cover all the sand in water! Release and dispel!
Tons of water covers all the sand, so the whirlpool turns into a violent mud flow, on which Sakura falls.
LiFreeze Card!
The Freeze Card freezes the whirlpool of mud instantly.
SakuraIt's freezing.
LiSeal it.
SakuraI command you to return to the power confined, Sand Card!
The sand spirit is sucked up from over all the playground, forming a card.
SakuraLi! Are you OK?
LiYeah, I'll be all right. Huh?
At this moment, the sealed Card flies to the two, and comes between them. Sakura and Li catch the Card together.
Sakura Protecting the world from the Clow Cards isn't always easy. Sometimes you just can't fight fate.

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