Boldfaced letters mean the name of the speaker.
Italicized letters mean what is thought in mind.
Faint letters mean what is happening in the flashback or in the dream.

The Final Judgement

Hypnotized and lifted up onto a building, Sakura is trying to understand what is happening.
SakuraAll the time, it was Julian.
She gets back to the consciousness at the monment she step on the rooftop.
KeroberosBe careful, Sakura.
MadisonI don't understand, Kero. Did Julian know all along Sakura was collecting the Clow Cards?
KeroberosNo, he wasn't aware. Yue's consciousness and his earthly form were completely separate until the final judgement. Even Julian wasn't aware of his true identity.
MadisonBut why?
KeroberosIt was important that the candidate didn't know who he was.
LiKero, you didn't awake until after Sakura broke the seal on the Cards, correct? But Julian moved here to Reedington years ago. Is that just a coincidence?
MackenzieNo, it isn't. Julian was placed here for a definite reason.
MackenzieThere are no coincidences, only inevitabilities.
On top of the building, Sakura back to the consciousness is looking around.
SakuraIt's just like my dream!
YueI now call upon the second candidate.
As Yue takes hand out and bends his wrist to himself, all the Cards in Sakura's possession comes out and stays in the air around her.
YueBefore you are the Clow Cards you've captured. In order to pass judgement, you must use them.., to defeat me.
SakuraDefeat you? But Julian... No, I won't!
Yue hypnotizes Sakura, then she steps forward on the edge of the building.
YueCome here.
SakuraJump Card. I will come to you.
Sakura throws herself off the building, and jumps up and down in the night sky, and finally jumps vertically onto the observatory on the tower where Yue is waiting. Then her consicousness returns to her.
YueAnd now, the final judgement will begin.
SakuraNo. Not if I have to try... unh... and hurt you. I can't. To me, you're still Julian. Forget it! I won't hurt you!
Yue blasts his magic to thrust Sakura to the other side on the observatory.
Next, he shoots crystalline bullet to her, but she barely escape using the Fly Card. She's making a run around the tower.
YueYou realize you cannot defeat me by simply running away.
Yue flies after her, and soon he gets beside.
Yue's magic blows Sakura into the air.
Moreover, he continues his attack; Sakura crashes on the tower.
Sakura is thrust violently on the tower time and again.
After repetition of bruise, Sakura crashes on the observatory.
When she's about to get up, Yue's crystalline bullets strike her.
In the temple, Li can't stand watching, so he runs forward to help her.
LiThat's it!
KeroberosNo, don't. If anyone attempts to help her, Sakura will lose the final judgement instantly.
LiI can't just stand here and watch her get hurt.
KeroberosYou must have faith. She is stronger than she seems.
KeroberosShe may get through with him yet,
Sakura slowly gets up on her feet.
SakuraUnh... Uh...
YueIf you're not going to try, then the judgement is already over.
Yue extends his arm, then a bow and an arrow appears.
SakuraI've go to think of something.
Yue draws the bow aiming at Sakura.
Sakura I need a Clow Card that will finish this without hurting Julian.
I've got it! Wood!
Sakura calles upon the Wood Card. Keroberos shouts with a surprise.
KeroberosNo, not that one!
The vines coming out from the Card grow rapidly to Yue, but it stops just a feet ahead of him.
When Yue shoots the arrow at by her step, the vines attack back at Sakura.
YueWood is one of the Cards controlled by the moon.
YueThe rightful candidate would have know that. The judgement is over. The Clow Cards require a stronger master than you.
SakuraSo I lost? But what will happen to them?
YueWithou a master, the Cards will be unsealed once again.
SakuraPlease let me try again. I can do it.
YueThat's impossible.
YueIt is forbidden for a candidate to take the final judgement twice. To ensure that this did not happen, Clow Reed decreed that anyone having anything to do with Clow Cards would forget this chapter in their lives forever.
Li steps back with a surprise from Yue's words.
LiWhat's he talking about?
KeroberosIf Sakura loses, anyone will forget what's happened since the day the seal was broken. Even the Cards. Clow Reed did not want anyone to suffer. The bonds we've all made would be painful to lose for especially for Sakura and Clow Cards. They care the most for the person who sealed them. It will be as if none of this ever existed for any of you.
Sakura is completely trapped in the vine.
Sakura Everyone will forget,,, even me. I won't remember Kero or the Cards. Umm... I can't...
SakuraI won't let that happen. Let me go! Unh!
Sakura tries to get out of the trap with all her might, but the vines ties up her so tight that she can't.
YueI see you have a determined spirit, Sakura. However, I am not as sentimental as Keroberos.
After the moment Yue's eyes glow, vine concentrate on Sakura to tie up her even tighter.
YueThe only one I answer to is Clow Reed himself.
SakuraUgh! Unh!
Li gets shocked at the sight of Sakura losing the judgemenet.
Sakura is completely twined around enclosed by the vines.
SakuraJulian, help me. It's no use. We're all going to... forget!
Everything in Sakura's signt has gone, and there's nothing but a darkness left in the sight.

An alarm clock beeps, so Sakura wakes up.
Sakura Huh? Huh?
In a drawsy look, Sakura looks around her to see nobody in her room.
Sakura It was all a dream?
Sakura put on school uniform, takes up her school bag, and going to the dining room.
Sakura Morning. Ha!
Tori Good morning.
Sakura feels something weird as Tori doesn't begin giving her a hard time.
Aiden Breakfast's getting cold.
Sakura I'm ready, I'm ready. Smells great!
Sakura runs to and sits at the table, then she found that the picture of her deceased mother, Natasha, is not on the table.
Sakura Huh?
Aiden Something wrong?
Sakura No, everything's fine.

Rollerblading to school, she finds nobody stand under the cherry tree where someone is supposed to wait.
Sakura Huh?
Feeling a little lonely, she keeps on rollerblading.

At the entrance of the school building, Sakura sees Madison.
Madison Good morning.
Sakura Good morning, Madison.
Despite Sakura's expectation, Madion goes in without striking up a conversation.
Sakura Huh?
Madison Come on, Sakura. Class is going to begin soon.

Soon after Sakura's arrival, Li comes into the classroom.
Li Hey, Sakura.
Sakura Oh, morning!
Li takes his seat without saying another words, so she looks at Li with a strange feeling.
Li What?
Sakura Oh, uh, it's nothing.

In a class, though Sakura looks aside at Madison, she doesn't notice.
Then, in P.E. class, Sakura stands still gazing at Li playing soccer.
Boy Pass it!
Meanshile, girls are playing dodge ball, and the ball hit Sakura.
Sakura Unh!
Rita Oh!
Sakura walks out the field without saying a word.
Girl Pass over there!

Even in the club activity after school, Sakura feels some loneliness, twirling a baton.
After the practice, Sakura sees Madison.
Madison Well, see you tomorrow, Sakura.
Sakura Yeah, see ya.
Sakura sees her off walking away from her.

Sakura changes her clothes and walks out alone. Feeling totally lonely, Sakura begins running. She finds herself walking in front of Julians house, but the house is dilapidated. Obviously, there is no one living in the house.
Sakura walks into the yard and goes into the banboo field. Tears run from Sakura's eyes, as she feel lonliness.
Sakura I thought someone would... be here.
Next moment, she hears echoes of voices calling her name, ``Sakura,'' that's from Madison, Li, Tori, Julian, Kero, and more of poeple she knows of.
This minute, the bell Ms. Mackenzie holds rings.
Sakura The voices—I remember!

Sakura thrusts out the vines tangling tightly around her.
YueIt's not possible.
Sakura gets down from the vines, and see Ms. Mackenzie stand behind holding the bell.
SakuraMs. Mackenzie!
MackenzieYou did it! Welcome back, Sakura.
The bell twingles and begins fading out.
SakuraThe bell.
MackenzieClow Reed let the ancient instrument behind to give you one last chance. It disappeared because it fulfilled its purposes. You won't be able to begin again.
SakuraRight. The Clow Cards brought all of us closer together. I'm not going to let you take that away! Come on. This isn't over yet.
Li, Keroberos, and Madison are watching Sakura's revival quietly.
SakuraOh, Staff of Clow, guide my actions now!
At this Sakura's words, the staff starts radiating bright beams of light.
MackenzieNow, Sakura, raise the seal!
When Sakura raises the staff as Ms. Mackenzie said, a number of lines of light run in the night sky.
YueHuh? They're returning to her.
MackenzieThey've chosen Sakura.
The staff changes its head into a ring with wings which holds a star inside.
KeroberosThe staff—it changed.
Sakura stands against Yue, and takes out the Card to use.
SakuraWindy Card, form a cage and trap Yue. Windy!
YueWindy Card. I could never...
Yue tries to get this magic back, but the Windy never stops.
YueAah! What? It can't be!
Windy traps Yue, and brings him down to Sakura.
SakuraI couldn't quit. I would've missed everyone too much—even you.
SakuraMy dad told me that you can keep someone close to your heart forever as long as you remember. That's why I couldn't let you make us forget. I'm no Clow Reed, but I do know how important friends are. And I'll give it my best shot!
Sakura walks up to Yue down on his knees, and taks our her hands.
SakuraI don't want to be your master, Yue. I want to be your friend.
Yue stands on his feet.
YueClose your eyes.
YueJust trust me.
YueThe final judgement is over. I, Yue, recognize Sakura as the new master.
Sakura floats up. She senses someone's footsteps, Sakura opens her eyes.
ClowSo we finally meet. I've been watching you closely, Sakura. The Cards need a strong master, but they also need someone eith a brave heart. That's where your strength lies, Sakura. Keroberos and Yue have chosen well.
SakuraYou must be Clow Reed!
SakuraSo did you give me the new staff?
ClowNo, you made this one all on your own. Your staff is ruled not by the power of the sun or the moon, but by the power of your very own star. Take care of your power, Sakura. Your star is a tiny light now, but it burns bright and will always light your way.
Sakura lands on the ground, to where she gets, Li is ruuning.
SakuraAh... I did it!
MadisonYou sure did!
Sakura takes Li's hands, and turns around and aroud, but her hand slips away and Li falls behind.
SakuraSorry, Li.
LiIt's OK.
On the roof of the temple, Keroberos and Yue can see the kids with joy.
KeroberosThis calls for a celebration! Sakura will make an excellent master.
YueIt's a lot of power, Keroberos. What if she's too young to handle it?
KeroberosWe could always stick around in our earthly forms a little longer. Just in case she needs us.
Yue and Keroberos jumps off from the roof.
YueYou realize I won't remember anything that's happened.
KeroberosI'll fill you in.
The two guardinans turns into their earthly forms.
SakuraOh! Kero, I did it! I passed!
All of them look back and find Julian standing by the cherry tree. Julian takes a glance at Sakura and smiles.
Sakura giggles to see Julian back.

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