Boldfaced letters mean the name of the speaker.
Italicized letters mean what is thought in mind.
Faint letters mean what is happening in the flashback or in the dream.

The Last Card — Part II

The ground shakes so hard that Madison can't stand upright. The crack in the ground runs to Madison, then Sakura hurries to save her.
SakuraMadison! Look out! Come on!
Sakura barely takes Madison away from the crack.
SakuraAre you OK?
LiSakura, over there!
Sakura looks back to see the ground lift up like a huge pillar.
KeroEarth Card!
The ground shakes, cracks, and sticks out pillars all around.
WomanOh! Look out!
The violent earthquake will not cease.
KeroIf only you'd shown yourself sooner.
JulianWhat's going on?
The moment Julian comes up to Sakura, the ground under Sakura's feet projects knocking over Sakura's gang backward.
JulianAre either of you hurt?
SakuraNo, we're all right. Aah!
The disastrous earthquake continues.
SakuraMs. Mackenzie, be careful!
Unlike anywhere around, the ground around Ms. Mackenzie is in calm so she can stand still.
Sakura The ground around her isn't shaking.
But how can that...
LiHey, use your magic.
SakuraWhat? You mean here?
The disaster strikes all over the town, where people are screaming.
JulianLook out!
KeroSakura, the key!
SakuraBut Julian can see me!
LiUse the Sleep Card!
Sakura Right!
Key of Clow, power of magic, power of light, surrender the wand, the force ignite! Release! Sleep!
The summoned Sleep Card flies over sprinkling sleep power. Julian falls asleep instantly.
MadisonJulian, what's the matter?
Though the Card sprinkles the power over Ms. Mackenzie, she shows no effects. The people around the city instantly fall asleep.
The ground shakes hard like an explosion.
Sakura&LiAh! Whoa!
SakuraKero, can I stop this earthquake?
KeroOnly by capture the Earth Card.
Sakura There has to be a way. Every Card has a weakness, and so we have to find it.
I need to check things out from the sky. Can you protect others, Li?
LiDon't worry.
SakuraI won't.
Sakura calls out the Fly Card.
SakuraFly! I'll be right back.
LiBe careful.
Li see off Sakura fly up in the air.
MadisonThis isn't good.
MackenzieDon't worry. Sakura will be just fine.
Sakura, flying in the sky, observes the damage made by the earthquake.
SakuraDid a Clow Card really do all this.
KeroYes, but this one is special. Earth is the last remaining Card to be collected.
SakuraSo if I capture it, that's it. I'll fulfill my destiny.
KeroNot quite.
SakuraWhat do you mean?
The ground moves up violently aiming Sakura.
Sakura can see the city being cracked up by the Earth Card.
SakuraWhoa! It's causing so much damage. If we don't stop this one soon, the whole town's going to be destroyed.
KeroSakura, Earth isn't just the last Card. It's the fourth and final Element Card. Remember, they're much more powerful than the others.
SakuraI didn't feel it.
KeroElement Cards are elusive and difficult to sense.
SakuraSo what should I do?
KeroFirst, you're got to discover its true form.
When Sakura gets on top of a building, a dragon-like things comes out from the projecting rock.
SakuraKero, look!
KeroThat's it! Earth's visible form!
Warter Card chops off Earth's head, but it soon grows back.
SakuraIt just grew back!

After a while of battle, Sakura and Kero are on the roof of a residential house. Kero is panting from exhaustion.
SakuraKero, are you OK?
KeroYeah, but you can't just defeat Earth with an Attack Card.
SakuraThen what should I do?
KeroWell, you can't overpower it. Search for a Card that has never let you down.
Sakura Never let me down. OK.
Here it comes. Jump Card!
Sakura calls out the Jump Card to make a run. Earth is following her shrieking.
Sakura Unh!
I can't defeat that with just any Card. It's too strong. Huh? It's just behind us. But if I can't use an Attack Card, then what?
Madison, Li, and Ms. Mackenzie in the temple are watching Sakura's action.
Mackenzie Open your mind. Strength is found in many forms.
Sakura is thinking about what to do, escaping from Earth.
Sakura finds something very essential.
SakuraHuh? That's strange.
KeroWhat is?
SakuraThe trees. None of them have been knocked down.
Earth Card crashes into Sakura, but she dodges it in the nick of time.
Sakura Wait a minute. Trees wrap their roots around the earth all the time, so maybe...
When she gets her feet on the ground, she turns back and jumps up to Earth Card.
KeroWhoa, whoa, whoa! Wait a second! What do you think you're doing?
SakuraI've got an idea.
KeroAre you sure? We don't have much time.
SakuraIt won't fail me. You said to choose a Card that's helped me before. I know this is the one.
KeroSakura... All right! Let's get it!
SakuraThat's right.
Sakura lands just in front of Earth, and jumps up again.
SakuraFollow my lead.
KeroBring it on!
SakuraWood Card, come to my aid. Use your vines to tangle and trap Earth. Wood!
Wood Card flies and tangles around Earth Card, while Earth is glowling. Vines coming from Wood traps Earth from moving any further.
KeroGood job!
SakuraIt worked!
At this moment, Earth's head slides forward a little.
SakuraKero, I think it's moving!
KeroQuick, before it breaks off!
SakuraEarth Card, I command you to return to your power confined! Earth!
The powerful Earth Card is sucked into the tip of the wand, and gets sealed.
SakuraI did it.
The next minute, there breaks up a halo just behind Sakura.
Kero is shining in the center of the halo.
SakuraKero? Ohh!
Kero's wings begin growing—to the size big enough to enclose Kero inside them. The halo flashes too bright to see.
Then the huge wings slowly opens, and there is a huge tiger-like beast with wings on its back.
SakuraWho are you? Where's Kero?
KeroberosIn front of you.
SakuraIt's you, Kero! Is this what you really look like?
KeroberosThat's right. When you captured the last Card, you return me to my true form.
SakuraWow, Kero. Just look at you. You're kind of cool looking!
KeroberosI'm sorry, Sakura.
SakuraFor what?
KeroberosThat I couldn't help you more. Until the fourth Element Card was captured my magic was restricted.
SakuraBut, Kero, you did help me. I couldn't have done it without you.
KeroberosI promise I'll be with you now.
SakuraFor what?
KeroberosFor the final test. Yue.

Sakura runs back to the temple where her party were waiting for her. It's already after dark.
Madison Ohh! Sakura's back!
Are you all right?
SakuraMm-hmm. And look, the final Card. Now I've captured them all.
MadisonI've got to catch this moment on video.
Madison finds Keroberos behind Sakura.
MadisonOh! Is that who I think it is?

Time goes by and the lamp post turns itself on.
LiHmm. Keroberos doesn't look very happy.
Sakura No, he's worried.
Li, do you know who Yue is?
LiYue is the second guardian of the Clow Cards. You see, Clow Reed created two protectors of the Cards, Keroberos, the Guradian Beast of the Seal who is ruled by the sun, and Clow Reed also created Yue. He is the judge who is ruled by the moon.
SakuraBut what exactly does Yue have to judge?
LiI don't know. Clow Reed left many magic books behind, but none of them have detailed records about Yue. You've got the Clow Book, right, Sakura?
LiThe golden beast on the front cover is Keroberos, the moon on the back represents Yue.
SakuraKero seems to think that Yue's coming.
LiHe is? Yue is manifest itself in its true form soon just like Keroberos.
Li and Sakura turns to look at Ms. Mackenzie.
SakuraShe's here again.
MadisonDid you sign it yet?
MadisonThe last Card. Did you sign your name on it yet?
SakuraNo, not yet.
MadisonGreat! Can I get you signing it on video?
KeroberosOnce you sign your name, all of the Cards will be sealed.
KeroberosYou must be ready to face the final judgement.
Sakura Final what?
LiWhat's the matter, Sakura?
SakuraUh, nothing. I'll sign it.
MadisonI was wondering something. Sakura, you have some of the Clow Cards, and Li has some, too, right? So if neither of you has all of them, then who ends up being the owner of the Clow Cards?
KeroberosYou'll find out soon as they arrive.
At this very moment, Sakura gets through with signing the Card, and then a chilly wind begins to blow.
MackenzieThey are here now. It is time.
Leaves are rustling eerier and eerier every second.
Sakura Ohh.
What's going on?
Surprisingly, sleeping Julian floats up in the air a blue halo.
SakuraIt's Julian.
When a mandala appears below him, Julian is enclosed by the wings coming out from his own back. With a bright flash of light, a man with wings appears replacing Julian.
SakuraWho's that?
Sakura remembers back about Light and Dard Cards.
Light The final judgement will come from Yue. Trust yourself. You are the one.
Sakura Huh? No. Wait! Who is Yue?
Light He's been right beside you all along.
Sakura is confused at the appearance of Yue.
SakuraIt's you. But then, I don't get it. What happened to Julian?
MackenzieJulian is Yue. He's been Yue all along.
YueIt's been a long time, Keroberos.
KeroberosYes, it has.
YueYou were careless. The Clow Cards should have never escaped.
KeroberosPerhaps. But you know as well as I do that nothing happens by accident, Yue. I knew that you were close by, waiting, preparing.
SakuraWhy didn't Julian tell us?
KeroberosYue kept his true identity hidden from him. He didn't know. Without the final Card, I could only sense your presence. [Looking to Ms. Mackenzie] And you, you have magical powers as well. I thought for a time that you could be the judge. But you gave Sakura your help, your guidance. I knew then that you couldn't be Yue. It is not the Judge's role to help anyone find their way, but then again, you knew all along, didn't you?
MackenzieThat the boy Julian was not who he seemed to be? Yes, I was awere.
SakuraKero, slow down! I don't understand. What did you know? Ohh!
YueI was just like Keroberos. Without my magical powers, I could not return to my true form.
MadisonSo that means Julian was...
LiThe second guardian all along.
YueSo we finally meet, Sakura, the candidate to be the master of the Clow Cards chosen by Keroberos.
YueBut I sense there is anothere who has the Cards.
LiHuh? Huh!
YueThere is no point passing final judgement on one who wes unable to collect all the Cards herself.
KeroberosSakura has learned much. I have faith that she will pass the test.
YueYou seem confident.
KeroberosBy tradition, the final decision belongs to you.
YueThen let the final judgement begin.
Yue float up high in the night sky.
SakuraWait a minute. All the Cards have been captured, right? I did what I was supposed to do. We both did. So what is this ``final judgement''?
YueNow come.
Li gets hypnotized and floats up.
Sakura What's wrong?
Ohh, Li! No!
Yue's magic lifts Li up onto the roof of the temple.
SakuraBring him back!
Li is freed from the hypnosis on the roof.
YueI am Yue, the Judge. Final judgement belongs to me.
YueYou may lose all of the Cards in your possession. Try to defeat me.
Yue shoots crystalline bullet against Li. Li slips down the roof.
SakuraLook out! I'm coming, Li!
Sakura runs for helping Li, but an unseen wall blocks her way.
SakuraLet me through! Kero help!
KeroberosNo one can help him. This is his test alone.
SakuraOh, no!
Li hangs on, and gets on his feet.
LiElement—fire, come to my aid!
Li's fire magic makes a raid on Yue.
LiIt's working. Huh?
YueYou cannot defeat Yue with fire alone.
LiElement, wind!
YueIt's no use.
Yue gives Li a hard blow.
Additionally, Li takes the crystalline bullets again, and he barely gets on his feet.
YueI am surprised. I thought a direct descendant of Clow Reed would be more worthy opponent.
Although he stopped the time, Li can't see Yue before him.
LiHuh? Whrere'd he go?
YueTime is one of the Cards under my protection.
Yue standing just behind Li gets the magic back at Li.
YueThis is the end.
Li apperars back in front of Sakura tottaly worn out.
SakuraAre you OK? Wake up!
LiHe took all of my Cards.
SakuraAll of them?
LiBe careful, Sakura. He's very powerful.
Stading on the roof of the temple, Yue is coolly watching the people in panic.
YueIt's time for the next candidate to come forward.
Sakura gets hypnotized and floats up in the air. She wakes up to find herself on the rooftop of a building face to the radio tower.
SakuraJust like my dream. It's exactly the same.
Her familiar dream overlaps the reality just going on, just on the screen she's just watching.
YueHeed me, Cards of the Book of Clow. The person who wishes to be your master stands before me.
YueKeroberos, the elector, has choosen this girl, Sakura.
The sealing wand begins emitting the bright light around.
YueWhether or not she's truly fit to become our master will be determined by me. And so let the final judgement commence.
SakuraThe final judgement?

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