Boldfaced letters mean the name of the speaker.
Italicized letters mean what is thought in mind.
Faint letters mean what is happening in the flashback or in the dream.

The Last Card — Part I

Sakura is having a dream, the familiar dream of a radio tower and the Clow Cards.
Sakura It's the radio tower. But why am I here again?
Sakura can here a bell from Ms. Mackenzie who is standing on the tower.
Sakura I've seen Ms. Mackenzie here before.
There's someone else. Someone... strong.
When she tries to reach one of the Cards in the air, they all disappear.
Sakura The Cards... they disapperaed!
At this time, the alarm clock beeps; Sakura takes her arm out of the bed and take a plush doll by mistake.
SakuraHow do I turn this thing off?
In a drawsy look, Sakura realizes she took something else than the clock.
Meanwhile, some someone clicks the clock to turn off the alarm.
KeroUh, your alarm clock's over here.
KeroYou put it over here so you wouldn't just turn it off, and go back to sleep, remember?
Sakura7:30?! Oh, I'm late.
KeroAs usual.
SakuraKero, give me a break.
Sakura[Yawn] I had that dream again.
KeroAt the radio tower?
KeroSakura, how long have you had this doll for?
SakuraA While. Madison made it for my birthday last year.
KeroAbout a week before you found the Clow Book.
SakuraIt's supposed to be me. Why?
KeroWell, don't you think there's something just a little bit strange about the outfit she's wearing? Huh?
SakuraI don't see anything strange about it. Since when are you so interested in my dolls, Kero? I always thought video games were your thing. Don't tell me you're gonna start... Huh? It's the same outfit I'm wearing in the dream.
Sakura I don't understand this, Kero. I've seen them all in my dream. The costume. The Clow Card disappearing. I see Ms. Mackenzie.
(Gasp) Amd now a person with wings.
SakuraOh, no! I'm gonna be late! I still have to pack the pinic lunch!
Sakura rushes out of her room, and Kero takes out the Clow Book from the drawer with his magical power.

Sakura comes and see Madison at the portch.
SakuraCome in, Madison. Sorry, I'm almost ready.
MadisonHurry up, slowpoke. We don't want to miss the train, do we?
SakuraOK. Morning, Li. Ready for the big competition?
LiWe're not going to get to see of it if you don't speed it up.
SakuraI'm coming. Just gotta pack the last picnic, OK?
SakuraBe right back.
MadisonNeed a hand?
SakuraNo, thanks.
The moment she comes inside the house, Kero pops out of the backpack placed at the hall.
KeroReady to roll!
KeroDon't look so surprised. You didn't think I'd pass up a picnic lunch now, did you?
SakuraHow silly of me.

Sakura's gang are on a train.
SakuraSo what I want to know is, what happens next? There's only one more Clow Card to capture. Then what?
LiI don't know.
SakuraOh, great.
Kero pokes his head out of Sakura's backpack.
KeroAre we there yet?
SakuraKero, you can't do that.
MadisonHang on a minute, Kero. We're almost there.
SakuraYou promised you'd stay hidden until we got there, remember? We can't let anyone see you, Kero.
KeroKeroberos, the Guardian Beast of the Seal knows the rules, thank you. You try being stuffed in a knapsack all morning. Hmmph! Besides, if the last Card shows up... you're gonna need me.
MadisonLook! The radio tower! We're almost there!
SakuraThat's the tower where we faced the Dream Card.
Sakura remembers back when she captured the Dream Card, where Sakura, Madison, Li, and Meilin visit the tower.
Madison It's so much bigger close up.
Sakura Yeah. It's just like I remember it.
Meilin I thought you said you'd never been up the radio tower.
Sakura I haven't. But somehow I feel like I have.
Meilin What's that supposed to mean?
Sakura Never mind. Come on. Let's get a closer look.
Sakura is running into the radio tower.
Madison Sakura, wait up!
Pushing the door open and stepping indide, Sakura feels something strange.
Sakura What's that?
At the next second, Sakura falls deep into the darkness.
Sakura Aah!
Sakura wakes up to find herself on top of the radio tower.
Sakura Hmm. I'm on top of the radio tower.
When she looks outside the window, whe can see her another self standing on the building across below.
Sakura That's me. And Kero.
Looking another way, she can see another person.
Sakura Ms. Mackenzie, she's here.
Ms. Mackenzie raises her hand to ring the bell she holds. At the sound, Sakura gasps and realizes she does't know what to do.
Sakura Ms. Mackenzie! Help me! Tell me what to do! Help me.
Sakura finds that her another self is looking at her matching her hand with Sakura's across the window.
Another Sakura Sakura... It's going to be just fine. Trust yourself.
Sakura's another self flies backward away.
Li Sakura. Sakura.
Sakura Trust myself?
Sakura wakes up to find she's actually at the entrance of the tower, where Li freezes the flow of time with the Time Card.
Kero Hurry, Sakura. Hurry!
Sakura Huury?
Li The Dream Card's under your foot.
Sakura What?
Li I stopped time while you... But I...
Sakura Key of Clow. power of magic, power of light, surrender the wand, the force ignite! Release! Dream Card, return to your power confined! Dream!
The sealed Card flies to Li.
MadisonSakura. Sakura? Earth to Sakura. Are you all right?
SakuraHuh? Must have drifted off. Sorry.
Kero The last Card—It's coming.

Sakura's gang are crossing the overpass. Li is carrying every box of the picnic lunch.
SakuraIt's OK. I can carry it, Li. Really.
LiForget it. I got it.
MadisonAt least no one will be hungry.
They walk into the temple, where they're supposed to cheer up Julian in the archery competition.
SakuraDo you really think the last Card will show itself today?
LiI don't know yet. But Kero's right. We've got to expect the unexpected.
SakuraWell, I don't sense anything yet, Li.
KeroPsst! Is the coast clear?
SakuraYeah, come on out.
LiStay close.
Kero pokes his head out the backpack.
Kero Yue—he's here.

Sakura's gang come to the competition site.
MadisonThe competition's already started. Look, here he is.
It's Julian who has just stepped out to shoot an arrow.
SakuraHi, Julian.
Julian with a calm, slowly pulls back an arrow and releases the tension, then the arrow flies straight to hit the center of the target.
SakuraHe got it!
LiGreat shot!
MadisonI think that shot could put him in the finals.
MadisonSo who's he up against?
SakuraI don't know.
Julian bows and step backward, and his opponent comes out.
MadisonIs that Ms. Mackenzie?
SakuraYeah, it is.
SakuraBut, that means that everyone who knows about the Cards...
Ms. Mackenzie's arrow flies and hit the center.
MadisonBull's eye!
Sakura... is right here at the tournament.
MadisonExpect the unexpected, Sakura.
SakuraYeah, I guess so.
The tournament comes into the final.
AnnouncerArchers ready.
Kero pokes head out the backpack.
KeroNow, where are they? Ah... Definitely Yue.
Kero is looking at Ms. Mackenzie in a suspicious look.
MackenzieAre you ready?
MackenzieGood luck, Julian.
JulianYeah, good luck.
The final competition begins. Julian and Ms. Mackenzie give succession of great shots, all of their arrows hit near the center of the target.
Sakura I've got a weird feeling about this.
Kero There are strong powers at work here.
MadisonWow. They're matching each other shot for shot.
LiArchery is all about concentration.
Kero looks suspiciously at Ms. Mackenzie, when she's pulling back her arrow.
KeroIt's gotta be Yue.
Disturbed Ms. Mackenzie shoots the arrow out of the target.
MadisonWhat a contest. They were so close!
LiMs. Mackenzie missed that by a mile. Something must have distracted her.
Ms. Mackenzie's mistake puts Julian to the championship.
JulianIt was sure an honor.

Sakura's gang including Julian are having lunch in the garden of the temple.
SakuraI can't believe you won!
LiYeah. You were awsome.
JulianThanks a lot. This looks great.
SakuraUhh, I guess I forgot to put our the plastic cups.
Sakura gasps as she finds Kero is nowhere in the backpack.
SakuraKero took off! Oops!
JulianTook off?
SakuraAhmm. No, I mean, I must have dropped him. Ohh...
JulianDon't worry, Sakura. It's just a stuffed toy. We'll get you a new one.

Meanwhile, Ms. Mackenzie is sitting still on the veranda on a temple house, when she senses something come to her.
MackenziePlease, join me.
KeroI'm losing my touch.
MackenzieI've been waiting for a long time for you, Keroberos. We finally meet.
KeroI am very impressed that you recognize me in this form. Many cannot. Even that Li kid couldn't tell what I was.
Meanwhile, Sakura is running over all the garden for Kero.
SakuraKero. Whare are you?
MackenzieYou haven't told her what's to come, have you?
MackenzieNothing about the final judgement?
MackenzieGood. You mustn't interfere, Keroberos.
KeroI know my duty.
MackenzieAnd I know mine.
Sakura is coming closer to the temple house where the conversation between Kero and Ms. Mackenzie is going on.
SakuraKero! Ohh... Where did he go?
KeroThere's still one more Card left for her to capture.
MackenzieCan she do it?
SakuraWhere is he?
KeroYes, of course she can do it. I hope. How tough will it be? I was afraid of that. And then the final judgement she'll have to face...
SakuraYue? Kero, Ms. Mackenzie, what are you...
KeroI knew I had to come with you today, Sakura. I just didn't know why.
Sakura Yue?
Sakura remembers back when she captured Light and Dark.
Sakura I was warned about him.
Everything was dark. I couldn't see, and then...
In the flashback, there's a bright light coming out from Sakura's chest.
Sakura The Light Card.
Light Yes, Sakura. I've in your heart since the seal on the Clow Book was broken.
Sakura You have?
Light I have.
Sakura I didn't know.
Light When you didn't give up, even in the darkness you acknowledged and released me.
At this moment, the darkness all around Sakura gathers to form the Dark Card's visible form.
Light [To Dark Card] This is the one whose heart I resided in.
Sakura Are you the Dark Card?
Light Light and Dark.
Dark It is your destiny to rule over the Clow Cards. But the final judgement belongs to another.
Light Do your best, Sakura. We wish for you to our master.
Dark Now seal us together.
Sakura Light and Dard Cards, return to your power confined! Light and Dark.
Light Trust yourself. You are the one.
Dark The finel judgement will come from Yue. Good luck, Sakura.
Sakura Yue? Wait! Who's Yue?
Light He's been right beside you all along.
Dark And we will be beside on from now on.
Sakura comes back from the flashback.
SakuraYue? What's going to happen?
MackenzieYou'll find out, Sakura, when you're ready.
SakuraI'm ready.

Sakura's gang plus Julian and Ms. Mackenzie are walking in the garden of the temple.
MadisonSo Ms. Mackenzie and Kero are actually talking to each other?
SakuraI was thinking, Kero, Ms. Mackenzie arrived after I opened the Clow Book. Maybe that's why she's teaching our class.
KeroWow. She knew I was coming before I even got there.
LiSee? I told you she had magical powers. I wouldn't trust her yet, Avalon. We don't really know what her intentions are.
When she's passing in front of the main temple, Sakura can see, beyond the tree, the radio tower she often sees in her dreams.
SakuraI think we're going to find out soon.
In Sakura's mind, Yue she saw in her dream pops up.
Sakura I don't understand. The Light Card said that Yue was right beside me all along. But how can that be?
Huh? Kero?
Kero is thinking still in Sakura's backpack.
SakuraKero. A Clow Card.
KeroYeah. The final Card. And it's not far away.
All of a sudden, a strong gust of wind blows. Madison gets unballanced so she gets down on the ground.
MadisonAah! Ohh!
At the next minute, the ground cracks straight to Madison.
SakuraMadison! Come on!
Sakura takes Madison by hand, and escape from the crack.
LiHere it comes!
The ground violently lifts up like a huge pillar.
KeroThere it is.

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