Boldfaced letters mean the name of the speaker.
Italicized letters mean what is thought in mind.
Faint letters mean what is happening in the flashback or in the dream.

Meilin's Story

Sakura and Madison are looking at picture at their classroom.
MadisonHere's another one of Li and Meilin. She's in every picture he's in.
SakuraI know. She's practically his shadow.
At this moment, Meilin comes into the classroom.
SakuraOh, hey, Meilin.
MadisonGood morning, Meilin.
SakuraMadison brought in her photo album.
Meilin looks depressed, and slowly walks to her seat.
Sakura You want to see?
You know there are some great shots of you here.
Are you OK?
Meilin is holding her tears.
SakuraWhat's wrong, Meilin?

Meilin breaks up her news to Sakura in the schoolyard.
SakuraYou're going back home?
MeilinI have to. My gradmaother's sick. Our family needs us there.
SakuraBut it's just a visit.
MeilinIsn't it? I don't know.
Sakura finds Li stand still in front of them.
SakuraOh, hi, Li.
LiHeard you're going back home.
LiActually, it's not such a big deal, Meilin. And you don't have to worry about the Clow Cards or anything. We can handle them without you.
MeilinBut, Li, I thought I was helping you capture the Cards.
LiWe've been over this before. You can't capture Clow Cards, Meilin. You don't have the magic.
MeilinI may not have the lineage, but I've been training hard my entire life!
MeilinI suppose you just think that I'm in the way.
LiSometimes you are.
MeilinI knew it!
Meilin runs away from Li, crying from distress.
LiIt's true.
LiWhat did I say?
SakuraHow could you say that, Li?
LiHmm, girls.

Ms. Mackenzie breaks the news of Meilin to the class.
MackenzieI have some very unexpected new for you. Your classmate Meilin Rae is going to leaving us soon to return home.
Whole the clss turn to look at Meilin with an astonishment.
MackenzieWe'll miss you, Meilin. I hope you'll keep in touch.

After school, each student leaves the classroom.
LiStill mad?
Meilin is walking alone out of the classroom.
Sakura Meilin, wait!
D-do you wnat to sleep over tonight?
MeilinYou and me?
SakuraYeah, well, see my dad's making this really great pizza tonight.
MeilinI like pizza.
MeilinBetter be extra cheese.
Meilin walks out of the classroom.
SakuraWhy did I do that?
LiGot me.
SakuraHey, at least I'm making an effort, Mr. You're-just-in-the-way.
LiWhy bother pretending you're best friends now?
SakuraWell... 'Cause she's leaving soon, and this may be our last chance to get to know each other, and...
SakuraAnd even if she does't actually have magical powers, she's still one of us, Li.
LiLiten, stay out of it, Avalon.

On that night, Sakura and Meilin has just eaten pizza in Sakura's room; Sakura is making tea.
MeilinAhh, I am stuffed. Even if the sleepover ends up being kind of lame, it was worth it for the pizza.
SakuraGood. Here.
MeilinThanks. Where's that silly stuffed animal thing of yours tonight?
SakuraKero? Oh, he's watching movies with Madison.

Meanwhile, two magical spirits like twins are causing mischief in the street.

Back in Sakura's room, the two girls are about to get in bed.
SakuraSo are you still mad at Li?
MeilinNot mad, but sometimes I feel like I just don't measure up.
SakuraWhat? How can you say that? You're good at everything!
MeilinYeah, well, you're pretty good at stuff, too, but you're still a klutz.
SakuraI am? Oh, well... I guess I am sort of a klutz, I suppose. But I...
MeilinYou'll grow out of it.
MeilinTrust me.
SakuraYou and Li go way back, right?
MeilinHmm. Way back? I suppose you could say that.
Meilin starts to tell Sakura about her story back home.
MeilinMy grandfather was a student of Clow Reed's magic, so Li's family and my family have always been very close. I thought that if I studied with Li's teachers and worked really hard, I could become a magician, too. I know I didn't have a gift like Li, but I thought I could learn.
Wei is traing Li and Meilin into martial arts.
Wei Master Li.
MeilinLi never smiled, never spoke. He never said a single word to me.
SakuraGuess some thing never change.
MeilinHe was alway very serious. I have to admit. I didn't like him very much. It wasn't just that he was serious, he was arrogant and rude. But then one day...
When Li and Wei are walkin in the garden, they hear Meilin sobbing by the empty cage.
Wei What's that?
What's the matter, Meilin?
Meilin My little bird. I opened the cage to feed it, and flew away.
Li steps up to Meilin and gives her handkerhief.
Li Here.
Meilin Huh?
Li Don't cry.
As soon as she receives the handkerchief, Li runs out of the garden.
Wei Master Li, where are you going?!
MeilinOne hour passed, then two. But he didn't come back. It started to rain, and still no sign of him.
Meilin is waiting for Li, wathing the garden in rain. Then she hears some footsteps in the rain.
Meilin Who's that?
MeilinAnd then, finelly...
Meilin It's Li! He's come back!
Meilin goes out in the rain to see Li.
Meilin What's that?
Li shows Meilin the bird he's just found.
Meilin Ohh.
Li It had better be the right bird.
Meilin Oh, thank you!
Li Take it easy, Meilin. You'll crush your bird.
MeilinFrom that day on, I knew how big his heart really was. Of course, he didn't speak to me again for a month.
SakuraThat sounds like the Li I know.
MeilinAnd my parents move here, I thought I was ready. I thought if I could help Li capture Cards, maybe he finally see I have special powers, too, and want me around.
SakuraHe does, Meilin.
MeilinI wanted to be one of you, but this whole time I've just been in the way.
SakuraNo, Meilin.
MeilinWhat Li said at school today is true. I just stand around and watch you guys. I never should have transferred here in the first place, Sakura.
SakuraNo, you're wrong. Remember the Fight Card?
Sakura encourages Meilin to remember back the scene of the Fight Card.
Meilin She doesn't look that tough.
SakuraThat Card was one of the strongest and you were the first to take her on.
The Fight Card leaps to attack.
Sakura Look out!
That was close.
The Card challenges Meilin instead of Sakura.
Sakura Huh? It wants to fight Meilin?
Kero Let's hopen she's as good as she thinks she is.
The fight starts out advantagous for Meilin.
Meilin Want to go again?
The Card grabs Meilin's kick, and slam her on the ground, and then the Card jumps high to give her a blow.
Sakura No! Meiliin!
Li Hyah!
In the nick of time, Li kicks the Card away into the channel.
SakuraAll that training came through for you.
MeilinMaybe, but what good did it do? Because of me, the Fight Card turned on Li.
SakuraYeah, but you didn't back down once.
The Fight Card attacks to revenge.
Li Look out!
Sakura Huh?
The Cards kick hit Li, and he blown away.
Meilin Li! Oh, no! He's hurt!
Are you OK? Come on. Wake up.
Li Meilin, behind you!
Meilin You may be a Clow Card...
Li No, wait!
Meilin But I'm Meilin Rae!
Gettin furious, Meilin attacks the Fight.
MeilinIt still wasn't enough. Without your magical powers, I'll never really help capture a Card.
SakuraYou don't always need magic. Rmember the Cloud Card? I was so sick, I could barely get out of bed.
Further, Sakura makes Meilin to remember about the Cloud Card.
SakuraIf it weren't for you, we never would have captured it.
Li's fire magic turns the layers of clous into the Cloud Card's visible form.
Sakura Is it Rain?
Kero No, it's the Cloud Card. Time to do you thing.
Sakura OK, Rain Card...
Sakura in the flashback staggers from her fever.
Kero Sakura!
Meilin catches Sakura falling.
Sakura Thank you, Meilin.
Meilin Are you OK?
Sakura Yeah.
Meilin You can do it.
Meilin supports Sakura not to fall while sealing the Card.
Sakura Cloud Card, return to your power confined! Cloud Card!
SakuraNot exactly my best capture.
MeilinAt least it was a capture. I guess I have to accept it. You both have the gift of Clow magic, and I don't. I don't belong here...
SakuraJust because...
The moment Sakura is about to encourage Meilin, she senses a Clow Card on the loose.
SakuraA Clow Card. I gotta call Kero.

Kero flies throught the air, communicating Sakura on the cell phone.
KeroSakura, did you sense it? There's a Clow Card on the loose, and it's heading for the art gallary. Where are you?
SakuraWe're on our way, Kero. We'll meet you there, soon. Come on! Huh?
Sakura finds Meilin will not move.
SakuraMeilin, aren't you coming?
MeilinWhat's the point?

Kero arrives at above the musium, however, the art works have already gotten affected by the Card.
KeroEither the museum is collecting doubles of its sculptures, or this is the work of a Clow Card.
Kero sees a flash of light some hundres yards away.
KeroAah! There it is!

At the porch of Sakura's house, Sakura is trying to take Meilin out for a capture.
SakuraWe need you, Meilin. You're coming with us.
Sakura grab Meilin's hand and takes her out.
MeilinAah! But I'm not...
SakuraYes, you are! We're a team, Meilin. And as long as you're here, you're a part of it.

Meanwhile, Li is fighting against the Card whose visible form is like twins.
LiThere's two!
KeroAha! Of course! It's the Twin Card. Whoa! What's that?
LiThey've cloned the whole town. There's two of everything.
Li's apartment builing is already cloned.
WeiMaster Showron! Are you alright?
The voice comes from two of cloned Weis standing at the balcony of two of cloned apartment buildings.
KeroWhoa! We have got to put a stop to this, kid.
SakuraWe're here, Kero!
KeroHuh? What? Sakura!
KeroWhat took you so long?
SakuraSorry, Kero.
MeilinLi, are you hurt?
The Twin Cards come fly at Li to attack him.
LiLook out!
Li holds Meilin to dodge the attack.
LiAre you all right?
MeilinYeah, I am.
The Cards dashes to Sakura.
SakuraJump Card!
Sakura jumps around and finally gets on the rooftop of a builing, the Twin Cards follow her.
SakuraWindy! Form a ribbon to contain the Twin Card! Windy!
Windy Card confines the Twin, but one of them just escapes.
SakuraTwin Card, return to your power confined! Twin Card!
That one trapped in the Windy gets almost sealed, but soon repusion occurs to get it back to the visible form.
SakuraWhat just happened?
KeroSakura, you have to catch them both at once!
KeroThey're two parts of the same Card. You have to capture them exactly at the same time.
SakuraThe same time?
The Twin Card is laughing, but soon jump at Sakura.
Sakura is making a run for it jumping around.
KeroOh, this does not look good at all.
LiThe same time, right?
KeroGo for it!
LiHa! Force, know my plight. Release the light!
SakuraOh! Got it!
Two magic catche the each part of the Twin, but not precisely the same time.
KeroNo! That won't work!
The Twin Card gets out of the restriction of the magic.
KeroYo, listen up! You can't let them catch you exchanging signals. You have to move together as one.
LiThen we'll just try again.
KeroNo, it's too late. They're onto you.
SakuraWe don't have any choice! We have to try... Huh? Wait a sec! Meilin, we need you!
SakuraYou've been training together since you were little kids. You can sense each other's moves without signaling.
MeilinBut I can't...
SakuraYes, you can! Meilin, you know Li's moves inside and out, don't you.
MeilinWell, I guess so. But I don't want to get in the way.
Li sheathes his sword.
LiWe can do it, Meilin.
MeilinThey're toast.
Li and Meilin leap to attack the Card at the same timing. They give the Card the blow.
SakuraAll right!
Li and Meilin run, back-flip, jump onto the Twin's shoulder, and stamp their feet on the Twin in the same manner.
The Twin flips them away to revenge, but Sakura's wind magic takes Li and Meilin safe away.
SakuraAre you guys OK?
Li and Meilin simultaneously starts to dash at the Twin.
Twin CardAah!
Two of them thrust the Card away, finishing the Twin Card.
SakuraTwin Card, return to your power confined! Twin!
Li Good work.
I... I never really thought that you were in the way, Meilin.
MeilinThank you, Li.

On the farewell day, Sakura, Madison and Li see Meilin off at the airport.
SakuraSo this is it.
SakuraYou come back soon, right?
MeilinYou bet I will. You guys couldn't keep me away from here for anything. Got it?
WeiMeilin, it's time. Come along now.
Meilin Coming!
Better not let your guard down, Avalon, 'cause I'll be back.
MeilinSee you later!
SakuraBye, Meilin. Hurry back soon!

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