Boldfaced letters mean the name of the speaker.
Italicized letters mean what is thought in mind.
Faint letters mean what is happening in the flashback or in the dream.


Sakura's class are in a field trip in an aquarium, where Sakura is totally attracted by fish she can see.
SakuraHey, guys, check out these ones. Heh heh heh heh. [Amazed by a globefish] Huh? Heh heh!
MadisonWhat a great shot!
NikkiLooks like you found a new friend, Sakura. I think he likes you.
Sakura with joy puffs out her cheeks like the globefish.
MadisonThey do have a lot in common.
RitaMaybe you should be in there swimming with them.
SakuraSwimming with these guys? No way! They look harmless, but if you touch them, they'll sting you.
GangEw! That's gotta hurt!
At that time, chealsea runs to them to call.
ChelseaCome on! The penguin show's starting!

Sakura's gang are watching the penguin show.
SakuraOh, look at that jump.
Penguins are swimming and jumping through the ring the trainer holds.
SakuraWow! Traning penguins has got to be the best job.
MadisonI'd love to film them in their natural habitat.
One penguin jumps out the water onto the rock, and bows.
SakuraLook, he's bowing! How cute!
Meanwhile, the water swirls around the trainer's ankle, and she was pulled into the water.
The trainer struggles and tries to drag herself out of the water.
TrainerUnh! My foot! It's stuck!
A penguin gets its beak close to the whirl.
SakuraIt's too close! Oh, no!
The penguin gets caught in the swirl.
SakuraThe whirlpool's caught the penguin, too! She needs help! Quick!
Rest of the penguins screech in a terror, when Tori comes into the scene holding two backets-full of fish for penguins.
TrainerSomebody help! Help!
ToriWhat's going on?
TrainerA penguin's in trouble. And my foot is caught on something!
Tori jumps into the whirlpool and tears apart the whirl with all his might; the violent whirl is gone.
Tori and the penguin break the surface safely.
Sakura What could that have been?

Later on that day, Sakura is mixing pancake in the kitchen with Kero beside her.
KeroUh, Sakura! When are the pancakes gonna be ready? I'm starving!
SakuraHasn't anyone ever told you patience is a virtue?
SakuraI'm serious, Kero. Pay attention for a second. Something really weird happened today in the aquarium.
KeroOK, OK, I'm listening. Now, just hurry up with the pancakes, will you?
Sakura put the mix onto the pan to cook.
KeroCome on, come on. Can't it cook any faster? I'm hungry!
Sakura places the pancakes on a dish.
SakuraKero, a penguin and his trainer almost drown today.
KeroWhat happened?
SakuraThere was a whirlpool in the tank. They said that the drain plug may have come out, but I didn't see the water level change.
Sakura is cutting the pancakes with a knife.
KeroOh, please, please!
SakuraOh, all right, here you go.
SakuraIt wasn't water running out of a bathtub. It was more like something else.
KeroAre you gonna finish all those pancakes?
Meanwhile, Tori comes home.
ToriI'm home.
Sakura Aah! Oh, hi, Tori!
Kero, quick! Get back to my room! And keep quiet!
While Kero is pushing his potion into his mouth, Sakura grabs him and throws him to upstairs. At the stairs, she talks to Tori as if nothing happened.
SakuraBusy day, huh.
Sakura Heh heh heh!
Uh, that was a great save at the aquarium, Tori.
ToriWell. [Checking the fridge for some food]
SakuraWhat were you doing there?
ToriWhat'd it look like I was doing, squirt?
SakuraTori, I'm serious.
ToriI was feeding the penguins.
ToriYep. And now it's my turn.
Tori quickly grabs the fork and bites the pancake.
SakuraHey, those are mine!

In Sakura's room, Kero was mad about being thrown upstairs.
KeroToss me around like some stuffed toy! Humph!
At this minute, Sakura runs backs to her room.
KeroEh, it took you long enough. I suppose that you finish off all your pancakes 'cause I kind of happened to notice you didn't bring me any leftovers.
SakuraOh, Kero.
KeroYou know, Sakura, I was thinking about the incident at the aquarium. You said the penguin and trainer almose drowned.
KeroWell, penguins are strong swimmers and the trainers there are naturals in the water. And even if the drain did open up, it shouldn't have enough power to keep them both down, which makes me think it must've been something else.
SakuraThe Water Card!
KeroUh-huh. Clow Reed created four Element Cards more powerful than the rest of the Cards: Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water. All four are dangerous and difficult, but Water especially has a very wild nature. You'll have to call upon your strongest Cards to help you capture it. And concentrate on Windy, Fly, and Shadow. You may use any two in combination.
SakuraHmm? I don't get it. Why those Cards?
KeroThose were the first three Cards you captured, you remember? That makes them your strongest allies.
Sakura remembers back when she found the Clow Book.
Sakura The Book of Clow?
SakuraWindy was the first. I was down in the basement.
Sakura in the flashback took out a card from the book.
Sakura Card?
As soon as Sakura read out the Card, a mandala appeared just beneath her step with a flash.
Sakura Aah!
Next moment, a powerful wind blew all the Card away from the book. They penetrated the wall and shot out of her house.
SakuraWindy was the one that changed everything.
KeroAll right. Now, concentrate hard on your second ally, the Shadow Card.
SakuraI remember that capture. It was the first time I used the magic key.
Sakura shifts into another flashback, where she had a hard time being attacked by a bunch of human shadows, in her school at night.
Sakura Key of Clow. Power of magic, power of light, surrender the wand, the force ignite! Release!
Surrounded by the enemy shadows, Sakura in the flashback was calling upon the Windy Card.
Sakura Windy, release and dispel!
The Windy tore apart the shadows on raid, and tied up the Shadow Card's visible form.
Sakura Shadow Card, return to your power confined! Shadow!
KeroWindy's power helped you capture Shadow. Your third ally is Fly.
SakuraThat capture was a scary one.
In the next flashback, Sakura was standing in front of a gigantic bird flattering in the night sky, which was the Fly Card's visible form. At the next moment, the Fly came attack her, screeching.
Sakura Let's get out of here!
Sakura in the flashback was rollerblading to make a run for it.
Sakura It's too fast!
Kero You've gotta use your wand to capture it, Sakura!
Sakura I don't know if I can, Kero! Unh!
Sakura jumped and rollerbladed on the sidewall, and flipped herself onto the Fly's back. The Fly rolled and flew up high with Sakura on its back.
Sakura Windy, release and dispel! Windy!
Windy tied up the Fly, which crashed onto the ground.
Sakura Fly Card, return to your power confined! Fly!
SakuraSo these are my allies for the Water Card?
KeroYes, but remember, Sakura, you may only use two in unison.

Next day, Sakura is walking in the schoolyard thinking of the Water Card.
SakuraFly, Shadow, Windy. Shadow, Windy, Fly. Windy, Shadow...
Sakura scoops water out from the fountain, and sees how it leaks between her fingers.
SakuraHow do you capture Water? Hmm.
MadisonThe answer will come to you, Sakura. Don't worry.
All Sakura can do is sigh.

Sakura is going back home with Madison.
SakuraI hope it comes to me soon. The aquarium won't be safe until I capture that Card. Madison?
SakuraI can do this, right?
MadisonI know you can, Sakura.
SakuraHeh heh heh.
MadisonHey, I almost forgot! My mom gave me samples of the latest cell phone. Supposed to have much better reception. One for you, and here's one for Kero.
Madison gives Sakura those cell phones.
MadisonSee? Isn't that cool?
SakuraCool, thanks!
MadisonNo problem. Who knows, Sakura? They might come in handy on your next capture.
SakuraI call you if I get a brainstorm.
MadisonNot if. When!

Part from Madison, Sakura rollerblades home.
Sakura OK, Sakura, think. Which two allies can capture Water together?
Sakura remembers the day before's conversation with Kero.
Sakura Can't you give me any advice, Kero?
Kero Impossible. This is another test, Sakura.
Sakura But...
Kero Uh-uh. You have to choose own allies, Sakura.
Sakura I don't even know where to start. Wait a minute. The Water Card showed itself at the aquarium, so that must be where the answer is.
On arrving home, Sakura rashes into her room and calls Madison with the cell phone she's borrowed from Madison.
MadisonYou sound cheerful. You captured the Water Card, didn't you?
SakuraNo! Heh heh heh. Not exactly, Madison, but I think I know what I'll have to do when I face the Water Card. I'm on my way to the aquarium. I'll call you when I get back. Bye!
KeroOh, boy.

Sakura happens to see Julian in front of the aquarium.
JulianHey, Sakura! What are you doing here?
SakuraOh, just looking!
JulianMe, too! Come on, I'll buy you some ice cream.
SakuraOh, uh, great.
JulianThey make the biggest sundaes in town here.
Julian and Sakura walks into the squarium.
Meanwhile, Kero and Madison are watching Sakura secretly.
KeroSo much for sensing Clow Cards. I got an idea, partner. You keep filming, and I'll get us some ice cream.
MadisonWe're under cover, Kero. We can't stop on the job for snacks. Later, OK?
Madison and Kero clap each other's had together.
Madison&KeroHa! Let's go.

Sakura and Julian are watching fish in the aquarium.
JulianWhoa! Look at the size of that one!
SakuraShouldn't we be getting that ice cream?
JulianWhat's the hurry?
SakuraNothing! I just really like ice cream!
JulianLook how graceful they are. I could watch them all day.
SakuraAll day?
KeroOh, brother! She's got work to do!
A little kid comes up and hit and pet Kero on the head while he sticks out of Madison's pocket.
KidHey, teddy bear, hey!
KeroYou lay another finger on me, kid, you're toast!
The kid gets scared and steps back.
MadisonOK, partner, they're moving on.
KeroOK. See you, kid.

In the coffee shop in the aquarium, Tori is working.
JulianCan we get two chocolate sundaes, Tori?
SakuraWith strawberries, please.
JulianAnd two lemonades.
ToriYou got it. Sure you can eat all that, squirt?
JulianI think she can handle it.
Kero and Madison are still watching Sakura.
KeroOh, she gets to eat on the job?
All of a sudden, there is a swirling sound of water.
MadisonOhh! What was that?
The tank cracks and the water blasts out onto the coffee shop.
CustomerOh, the tank's cracked! Aah!
MadisonIt's flooding the whole aquarium! Oh, no, Sakura!
Meanwhile, Sakura is underneath the water with her foot tied up by a swirl of water.
SakuraThe whirlpool! It's the Water Card!
ToriSakura, where're you?
Wandering beneath the water, Julian found an ax by the hydrant. With the ax, he breaks the door to discharge the water. The water level lowers, and then Sakura ends up breaking the surface.
MadisonThere she is!
ToriAre you OK?
SakuraUnh. Uh-huh.
Tori cradles Sakura up the stairs.
MadisonSakura! Are you all right?
Sakura Yeah.
Where's Julian? Is he OK?
MadisonThere he is.
ToriHey, thanks for saving her, Julian.
SakuraWell, so much for plan A.
KeroIt's here!
SakuraKero, I was sitting right there, and I didn't sense anything at all.
JulianClose call, huh?
JulianWell, I guess we better take a rain check on that ice cream, huh? Nothing like a swim to cool you off.
Sakura Cool you off.

On that night, the guard is watching to the baseball game on TV in the guard room at the entrance of the aquarium.
Announcer>Here is the pitch, and it's ball four. Willems walks.
WorkerGood night, Karl.
GuardSee you tomorrow, sir.
AnnouncerLowe heads to the batter's box, but Rivers signals for a new pitcher. This turn the tide for the home team, folks.
Sakura, Madison, and Kero sneaks into the aquarium while the guard is busy watching the baseball game.
Kero makes fun of the guard for not being aware of them. Sakura picks Kero up to return him to their way in.
KeroI assume you got a plan.
SakuraI sure do! Madison, you go that way!
Sakura goes to the left, and Madison to the right.
KeroYou want to fill me in on it?
SakuraYou'll find out!
Sakura and Kero arrive at the top of the tank.
SakuraHere. Right here.
KeroAre you sure you've thought this through? I haven't taken swimming lessons in this body yet.
SakuraDon't worry.
Sakura takes out her cell phone to call Madison.
MadisonHi! I'm all set.
SakuraYou found it?
MadisonIn the basement, right where you thought it would be.
Sakura jumps up on the edge of the tank.
SakuraWater Card, if you're here, come and get me!
KeroSakura, this is your plan.
Water Card comes out from the tank swirling.
SakuraGet back, Kero. Now, Fly Card! Aah!
Sakura on the sealing wand fly down the stair case; the Water Card is following her. The Card shoot some water to Sakura, so she is busy dodging and making a run.
MadisonIn here.
Ahead of Sakura, Madison points to where Sakura is suppose to go; there's another stair case to go down. Sakura gets down from the wand in front of a room.
SakuraWindy, release and dispel!
The wind magic drags the door open, and takes the Water Card into the room.
Pulled into the room, the Water Card turns into its visible form and roars, when Sakura closes the door in a hurry. That room is actually a freezer, then the Water Card gets frozen.
MadisonIt worked!
KeroHey, you did it, Sakura! You passed the test.
SakuraYeah. The answer was right there in front of me all along.
MadisonAnd I've got it all on tape. Hey, it's gotta be time now, don't you think?
Sakura opens the door to find the Water Card is completely frozen just like a sculpture.
SakuraWater Card, return to your power confined! Water!
The frozen Card cracks into pieces and sealed at the tip of the wand.
KeroYou choose your allies well, Sakura.
SakuraI had some great study, partners.
Sakura is fascinated by her own success, and she doesn't more an inch.
KeroHmm. There's one thing we still have to do, partner.
MadisonHmm, what's that?
KeroGet us some chocolate ice cream! And a tripple scoop sundae for Sakura!

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