Boldfaced letters mean the name of the speaker.
Italicized letters mean what is thought in mind.
Faint letters mean what is happening in the flashback or in the dream.

Stormy Weather

Sakura sees a dream, the familiar one, in which the Clow Book opens, and then a night view appears; Sakura is standing on the rooftop of the building in front of a big radio tower.
Sakura It's that dream again.
The radio tower. I feel like I'm waiting for something... but what?
Kero... me... Clow Cards.
Sakura takes a Clow Card which has fallen onto her hand, which disappears in the next minute.
Sakura Huh? There. The figure in shadows.
Like previous times, Sakura is staring at the figure standing on the tower.
Sakura I can almost make out the face this time. What are they trying to tell me? I have to find out.
Sakura jumps off the building.
Sakura's alarm clock is beeping, but she tosses and turns in bed, instead of getting up.
Somebody throws the clock onto the bed.
SakuraHmm. What? What? Huh?
SakuraOh, it's you. But why so early?
KeroIt's not early.
SakuraFeels early to me.
KeroMaybe you haven't captured any Cards lately 'cause you always sleep in. Isn't it the first day of your new semester?
SakuraHuh! I forgot!
Sakura jumps out of her bed, and begins changing her clothes.
KeroKeep this up, and that Li kid will capture all the Cards. Yep.
SakuraDon't start with me, Kero.
KeroThe kid was probably up three hours ago, practicing his magical powers.
SakuraKero, I know I haven't captured any Clow Cards lately, but there haven't been any Cards around to capture.
Using a magic, Kero gets the Clow Book out of the desk drawer, and let the Clow Cards float around himself.
KeroYou know, I don't get it. How hard can it be? You hear the alarm, you get up. Simple.
KeroYou're gonna have to be more disciplined if you want to capture the rest of them, Sakura. You know, you'd think you were under the spell of the Sleep Card or something.
Sakura remembers back when she was capturing the Sleep Card. In the flashback, the Sleep Card has just put Madison asleep.
Sakura Everyone's asleep.
Sleep Card flies straight to Sakura, so she had to move aside.
Kero Aah!
Sakura Jump! (Calls out Jump Card) Oh, no, you don't. It's not my bedtime, yet.
Kero She's heading for the hallway!
Sakura runs out to the hallway after the Sleep, who flies into a room. On Sakura and Kero entering the room, Kero falls asleep because of the powder the Sleep Card has sprinkled in the room.
Sakura Windy!
Sleep Card! Return to your power confined! Sleep!
Sakura succeeds in capturing the Sleep Card struggling in the chain of Windy.
KeroOf course, it would have been hard to sleep through the Wood Card's entrance, even for you.
SakuraAll right, Kero, I get the point. That Clow Card was supposed be a gentle one.
Sakura shifts into another flashback of when she was capturing the Wood Card. In which, plants are fiercely growing in the basement; Sakura hurriedly closes the door to the basement and holds the door leaning on her back.
Sakura Push, Kero! Push! It's opening the door!
Kero I would, but I'm a little tied up at the moment!
Kero is already tied up by a plant sneaking out of the door.
Kero Let me go!
Sakura Aah! Aaah!
Overwhelmed by the plants' growing power, Sakura and Kero are thrust to the entrance hall, with a vine twining around Sakura's ankle.
Sakura Whoa! Aah! Kero!
In the next minute, Sakura sees someone out of the front door.
Sakura Oh, no. I can't bare to look.
Madison Hi, Sakura.
Sakura Ooh!
Madison Are you OK?
It's Madison who just come to Sakura's house.
Madison Uh?
Sakura Madison!
Madison Catching up on your gardening today, Kero?
Madison frees Kero and Sakura from the Wood's restriction.
Kero I wish. Ahh...
Now's your chance to seal it, Sakura.
Sakura OK.
Key of Clow, power of magic, power of light, surrender the wand, the force ignite! Release! Wood Card, return to your power confined! Wood!
The plants dwarf themselves into the basement, turning into its visible form as a woman-looking spirit; Sakura is stunned for a minute.
Sakura Ohh.
Later, the Wood Card turns into its card form on its own.
Sakura comes back from the flashback mode.
KeroIf that Card has its way, Sakura, you'd never have to go to school again.

Sakura is speeding up on her rollerblade, trying to catch up with Tori who left home earlier.
Sakura Tori! Tori, wait up!
Tori, didn't you hear me calling you?
ToriNo time, squirt. It's my turn to set up the chem lab.
JulianHi, guys.
Julian is waiting for Tori and Sakura under the cherry tree, as usual. One thing diffent from usual is that he's not riding his bike.
SakuraHey, Julian!
JulianHey, Tori, what's up? How are you doing, Sakura?
SakuraGreat, except for Tori. Where's your bike today?
JulianI blew out my tire yesterday. It's in the shop.
ToriToo bad. I have to get to the lab, and I'm late.
JulianNo worries, buddy. I know how to walk. Go ahead. I'll walk with Sakura, and catch up with you later at school, OK?
ToriCool. See you.
Tori pedals his bike to school ahead Sakura and Julian.
JulianSee ya. Guess it's just you and me today, if you don't mind skating slowly?
JulianI haven't seen you around much lately. I saw you tearing around the corner. Late again?
SakuraWho, me?
JulianYes, you. I got a little something for you. Call it a late birthday present. It sounds like it might be something you need.
SakuraWhoa! Present for me?
Sakura(Sighs) I know I'm ganna love it already.

Sakura comes into the classroom.
SakuraMorning, Madison.
MadisonHey, you made it, and you're just in time to meet our new teacher.
SakuraWho have we got?
Madison Guess we'll find out soon.
Hey, what's with the present?
SakuraOh, just a late birthday present.
MadisonAre you gonna make me guess who it's from?
When the bell begins to ring, Li and Meilin walks up to their seats.
SakuraOh, hey, guys. Any bets on the teacher?
Li&MeilinHey. Who cares?
SakuraI do, if they're strict.
MeilinLi is so smart that it doesn't matter who his teacher is.
ZacharyHey, check it out. The new teacher's here.
Opening the classroom door, the new teacher comes into the room.
BoyHey. It's the substitute teacher we had before.
SakuraLook. It's Ms. Mackenzie!
Ms. Mackenzie walks up to the teacher's desk while the kids are mumbling.
MeilinLi and I don't trust her.
MadisonGive it a rest, Meilin.
MeilinHmm. You'll see.
MackenzieGood morning, fifth graders.
KidsGood morning, Ms. Machenzie.
Suddenly, the dream of the tower and Clow Cards pops up in Sakura's mind; the figure in shadows in the dream overlaps Ms. Mackenzie.
SakuraIs it her? Just like in the dream.
MackenzieAnd of course, I'm very pleased to be back in this classroom, sharing this voyage of learning with all of you for this upcoming year.
The dream pops up in Sakura's mind over and over.
SakuraThis is too weird. Why is this happening?
MackenzieWell, I think for our first class together, we should go outside.
KidsOh, yes. Great!
ZacharyExcuse me. Can we play baseball?
MackenzieThat's a possibility. Would anyone else like to make a suggestion?
Boy ASoccer!
Girl AA nature walk!
Boy BDodge ball.
Boy CDodge ball!
Boy DYeah, that sounds great.
MackenzieHmm. Nature walk sounds good. That OK with everyone?
MackenzieUnusual weather we're having today, Sakura. Better keep your eyes open.
Ms. Mackenzie walks back to the teacher's desk smiling at Sakura. Sakura casually takes a glance out the window, she happens to see the first snow flake flutter down.
Sakura What?
Snow? This doesn't make any sense. It's way too early for snow.

It keeps on snowing even when Sakura is back home.
SakuraI can't believe I almost forgot about Julian's present.
Sakura is unwrapping the gift in her room.
Sakura He said it was something he thought I needed. I wonder...
Hey, it's a watch! Whoo...
Sakura puts on the watch.
SakuraNow I'll never be late. And I'll never take it off.
Snowing doesn't look like to stop.

Sakura is making stew, humming a song.
SakuraWait till I show Madison.
At this moment, Tori comes home, who calls Sakura at the front door.
ToriHello. I'm home.
SakuraIt's about time, Tori.
ToriHey, squirt, bring me a towel.
SakuraWhat for?
ToriJust do it!
Sakura brings a towel to Tori at the front door.
SakuraAnything else, master? Aah!
Tori is standing totally soaked with snow from head to toe.
SakuraWhat happened to you? You're soaked!
ToriSnow can do that. There's so much of it, I had to walk my bike home.
SakuraYou mean it's sticking to the ground?
ToriAre you kidding? It's at least three feet deep out there.
Sakura opens the door to take a look outside.
SakuraIt's everywhere. Tori, it doesn't snow this time of year. What's going on?
ToriBeats me.

Later on that night, Sakura phones Madison with her cell phone.
SakuraIt's really deep here, too, like the middle of winter.
MadisonMust be a freak storm or something. How bizarre.
SakuraI know what this is.
KeroYeah! We got ourselves a Clow Card.
MadisonThen I guess you've got some capturing to do.
KeroAt last!

Sakura picks Madison up on the Fly, and they are going to Reedington Park.
MadisonMy new digitized light meter work like a charm. I'm getting great shots here.
KeroFinally a new Card to capture. Hope you're not rusty, Sakura.
SakuraDon't worry, Kero.
Sakura lets Madison down on the top of the Penguin Slide in the park.
Sakura jumps down on the snow, but she gets stuck.
MadisonAre you OK?
SakuraHelp! Hey, come on, guys.
KeroSakura, we don't have time to play the snow right now.
Kero bites Sakura's hood to lift her up from the snow. Besides, Li and Meilin has come, standing on the snow.
LiThe Snow Card is doing this, you know.
Sakura Oh, uh, Li, Meilin. Hi.
Hey, how come you guys aren't sticking into the snow?
MeilinIt's because of Li's superior powers.
LiHave you tried using the Float Card?
Kero(Hanging Sakura) Know-it-all!
SakuraThe Float Card. I, uh...
KeroWe don't need you to tell us about Clow Cards.
As Kero speaks back at Li, Sakura, losing the hook, falls back into the snow.

Letting Madison and Meilin on the Penguin Slide, Sakura and Li float on the snow with the Float Card.
SakuraSo, the Snow Card, huh?
LiYeah, but I didn't sense this card at all. Did you, Sakura?
Sakura Not really.
Oh, maybe I should have after talking to Ms. Mackenzie. It's like she sensed something was going to happen.
KeroAre you saying your teacher sensed this Clow Card's presence?
SakuraIt was kind of strange, but I think so.
LiI knew it. She is not who she seems.
SakuraBut she warned me about the Card, Li. She's trying to help us.
At this moment, it begins to snow again.
LiThe Snow Card's returned! Brace yourselves!
The Snow becomes a swirl like a blizzard, and begins attcking the gang.
SakuraMadison, are you OK?
MadisonYeah, I am so far... but I've never seen a blizzard this strong before.
On the other hand, Sakura gets blown by the blizzard and falls.
LiCome on!
Li yanks Sakura's hand to get her up on her feet. Li and Sakura runs out of the swirl of blizzard.
The Snow soon catches up with Li and Sakura.
SakuraOh, no. It's following us!
KeroBecause we're the ones with magical powers.
LiLet's move away from the girls, then.
Sakura calls out the Fly and urges Li onto the Fly.
SakuraCome on!
LiHuh? (Hesitating)
SakuraLet's go!
KeroAre we gonna go through this every time, kid?
LiMmm. (Gets on behind Sakura)
SakuraOK, hang on. Here we go!
Sakura maneuvers the Fly away from the blizzard.
MeilinGood luck! Capture a Card for me!
The Snow Card follows the kids on the Fly.
KeroOh, look out! Here it comes!
SakuraOh, boy. It's gaining on us!
Sakura maneuvers the Fly low above the snow-covered town. The Snow Card continues attacking the kids with the violent blizzard.
KeroIf this keeps up, the entire city will be buried in snow by morning.
LiWe've got to face it. We can't just run. It's too fast.
SakuraI know. But how?
LiNow. Element! Fire!
Li's magic shoots at the core of the Snow Card.
SakuraAll right!
The Snow revenges the kids becoming more violent.
The kids manage to get out of the swirl.
KeroWe need a stronger power to fight it. Think!
LiHere it comes again!
They make a run for it.
LiWhat about the Firey Card?
KeroAh, too dangerous. Can't you go any faster?
SakuraI'm trying, Kero.
LiIt's unstoppable.
KeroWhat's wrong?
LiNow what?
SakuraMy watch is gone.
KeroThere's no time to worry about your watch right now.
SakuraThat Snow Card took my brand-new wristwatch.
LiOh, Avalon, we've got a real problem here!
SakuraI'm using a Firey Card.
Getting mad, Sakura lands on the gateway arch of the shrine.
KeroSakura, be careful.
Sakura Don't worry.
Firey Card... I command you to thaw all of this snow. Firey. Release and dispel!
Being called out, the Firey spirit flashes the flames to thaw the snow around the gateway just in a blink of an eye.
The Firey flies over all the town, thawing every acre of snow.
Li(Amazed) Uh, very impressive.
KeroNow we know what happens when Sakura gets mad.
Driven to by the Firey Card, the visible form of the Snow appears in front of Sakura.
KeroSakura, the Snow Card's visible form.
Sakura Hm-hmm. And it's about to be captured.
Snow Card, return to your power confined!
The Snow Card is sealed and turns into the card form at the tip of the wand.
LiSakura, that was a really great capture.
Sakura looks really distressed in thoughts of her missing wristwatch.
SakuraThat watch was a gift... a special gift.
LiHey, I'm really sorry.
SakuraI said I'd never take it off.

As soon as they get down from the arch, Sakura and Li hear a bell.
LiHuh? You.
It's Ms. Mackenzie walking up to them.
MackenzieSomething wrong?
SakuraMs. Mackenzie.
MackenzieHello, Sakura. Don't worry, Li. Something was lost, and now it's being returned. That's all.
MackenzieI thinks this belongs to you. (Showing Sakura's watch)
Sakura My watch! Oh... Thanks...
But how did you know it was mine?
MackenzieJust a feeling.
MackenzieWell, now, you two should be home in bed. After all, we've got school tomorrow. Good night.
SakuraThanks, Ms. Mackenzie.
Ms. Mackzenzie walks back into the shine; Li sees her off suspiciously.

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