Boldfaced letters mean the name of the speaker.
Italicized letters mean what is thought in mind.
Faint letters mean what is happening in the flashback or in the dream.

Buyer Beware

One night, Sakura practices cooking dumplings with Aiden's instructions.
AidenOK, the batter's mixed, oil's heated. Time to make some dumplings. Ready to give it a shot, Sakura?
SakuraYou bet.
AidenThe trick with dumplings is to follow the recipe carefully.
SakuraGot it, Dad. Here goes.
Sakura takes a raw dumpling with chopsticks, and timidly holds it above the pan. Some batter on the dumpling falls into the pan, so the oil pops up, and then Sakura gets frightened.
Aiden turns off the burner quickly.
AidenHey, are you OK?
SakuraYeah, I'm OK.
AidenGood. So, forgot to test the temperature?
Aiden cooks dumpling instead of Sakura, while she is looking him cook, admiring his skill.
SakuraI don't think I'm ever gonna get the hang of this.
AidenDon't worry. We'll try again another time.
SakuraOK, Dad.
At this time, Tori comes home.
>ToriI'm home!
Sakura&AidenWe're in the kitchen!
Tori comes into the kitchen and takes a dumpling Aiden just cooked.
ToriAnother cooking experiment, Sakura?
SakuraDad mede them, for your information.
ToriWell, that sure is a relief. That mean they're safe to eat.
SakuraYou try making them.
ToriGreat dumplings, Dad.

Next morning, Sakura meets Madison in the hall.
MadisonMorning, Sakura.
SakuraHey, Madison.
MadisonWere you out capturing a Clow Card last night? I tried calling you, but your machine picked up. I didn't miss any good shot, did I?
SakuraNot exactly.
At this moment, Nikki walks up unhappily.
NikkiHi, guys. Hey, what's up?
SakuraNikki, you're not still worried about our gym test, are you?
NikkiIt is so unfair that they make bookwarms like me take gym. Oh, well. It's only a box vault. Maybe one of these days I'll actually make it.
SakuraThat's the spirit.
MadisonYeah, Nikki.

In P.E. class, students are taking the gym test. Sakura clears the eight story box vault.
The boy following Sakura failes to jump over the vault.
MadisonOuch. That sure had to hurt.
The next boy crashed into the vault, instead of jumping.
TeradaNext, it's Meilin Rae.
MeilinI'm ready!
Meilin clears the box vault with a beatiful form.
TeradaNice form, Meilin.
MeilinHmph, I could do that vault in my sleep.
TeradaNikki, you're up.
NikkiHere goes nothing.
GirlYou can do it, Nikki.
ChelseaYeah! You made a wish on the Jump Card, Nik! It's a cinch!
Nikki makes up her mind and runs to the vault, and jumps—to succeed over the vault.
Nikki Unh!
I did it.
The class clap their hands and cheer.
NikkiHey. Huhh.
TeradaVery good.

Nikki shows the Jump Card responsible for her success to her gang in the classroom.
ChelseaIt was those magic cards we bought, Nik!
NikkiI knew they'd work.
MadisonWhat do you think?
SakuraIt sort of looks like a Clow Card.
MadisonSo, that card helped you make the vault?
NikkiTotally. I've never even been close until today. What else could it be?
SakuraDid you buy a card, too, Chelsea?
SakuraThey're really nice.
MadisonIt's not the real Jump Card, is it, Sakura?
Sakura flashes back into the scene she was trying to capture the Jump Card.
SakuraCan't be. I'll never forget that card, or that capture.
MadisonTough one, huh?
SakuraYeah. And one my first, too. I was such a rookie. I didn't have a clue what I was doing.
In Sakura's flashback she is running after the Jump's visible form.
Sakura Hey, you! Come back!
Sakura in the flashback jumps at the Jump Card, then it jumps with its might, carrying Sakura into so high above the night sky.
Sakura Aah! Aaaaaah.
Jump Card kicks her face and gets away from Sakura. She falls with her head down.
Sakura Aaah!
O Key of Clow, power of light, surrender the wand, the force ignite! Release! Fly Card!
While falling, Sakura calls out the Fly Card to resume chasing the Jump Card. Through the forest, the Jump Card lands on Reedington Park. Sakura lands near it immediately.
Sakura Unh!
Jump Card, return to your power conf-
Jump Card jumps out of the sight before Sakura finishes chanting.
Sakura Hey! Hey!
The Jump Card jumps here and there, so Sakura is busy track its path and can't do anything else.
Sakura Ugh! Huh?
The Jump Card tries to escape from the park, jumping high in the sky.
Sakura Wood Card, release and dispel! Wood!
The Wood's visible from catches up with the Jump, and surrounds it with woods, the Jump Card gets restricted.
Sakura It's working!
Jump Card, return to your power confined. Jump Card!
The Jump turns into its card form at the tip of the sealing wand.
Sakura Ooh.
SakuraThat card was one of the toughest card to capture. I'll never forget it. And Nikki's card isn't it.
Sakura draws out of the flashback mode.
MadisonSo where did you guys get these cards, Nikki?
NikkiMaggie's. She got tons of new stuff in last weekend. It's great!
SakuraCan I see your cards, Chelsea?
Chelase shows her three cards: Song, Flower, and Piano.
MeilinYeah, very interesting.

Many girls are in Maggie's store on their way home from school.
GirlWow, that's so neat! I haven't got that one.
Sakura and Madison are walking in front of the store.
SakuraWow, Word gets around fast.
MadisonLet's check them out. What if they really work?
SakuraThe only cards with magical power are Clow Cards.
At this moment, Meilin comes out of the store, Maggie sees her off.
MaggieCome again.
MeilinThanks. Oh, it's you.
MaggieHi, girls. You here to check out the new cards, too?
SakuraYeah. We are.
MadisonHey, Meilin. Are you going to buy a card?
MeilinI was just looking.
MaggieI never dreamed these cards would be so popular.
SakuraWell, everybody's talking about them. Where did they come from, Maggie?
MaggieIt was the strangest thing. They just kind of arrived at the store last week from a compnay I've never even heard of. I almost sent them back.
A girl calls Maggie from inside the store.
GirlExcuse me, Maggie.
MaggieOh. I'd better get back inside. See you girls later.
Sakura Something strange is going on around here.

Sakura talks to Kero about what she found about the cards, lying on her bed and reading a book on cooking.
KeroSo, they believe the cards are magic?
SakuraMm-hmm. They're the hottest thing since furry babies.
KeroThose were kind of cute.
SakuraBut both Nikki and Chelsea are convinced that those magic cards really work. Nikki says that she couldn't have made the vault without hers.
KeroSounds to me like they got sucked into blowing their allowances.
SakuraToo bad they're not really magic. I need some help cooking dumplings.
There's a knock on the door.
AidenSakura! I made pudding for dessert. Would you like some?
SakuraYou bet!
Kero puts on a stuffed animal impression.
SakuraComing! (Opens the door)
AidenWhat was that?
SakuraUh, nothing.
AidenStrange. Sounded like it said something.
AidenWell, enjoy.
Kero Oh, come on. Hurry. I'm starving over here.

Sakura and Madison are looking for interesting cards in Maggie's store.
Madison Hmm. They don't look that special to me. Hey, there's a Photography Card. Not that I need one with my new digital camera.
MadisonWhat? I know that look.
SakuraI'm sensing a Clow Card.
Sakura looks for where she feels strongest a Clow Card.
Sakura It's somewhere around here. Huh?
It's coming from the card rack.
Sakura is investigating the card rack for a Clow Card.
SakuraI feel it. There was a Clow Card here.
MadisonAre you sure? None of these look like real Clow Cards.
SakuraDo you know what happened to the card that was just here?
MaggieWell, I guess someone must have bought it.
SakuraWhich card was it?
MaggieUh, a strange one. The Shot Card.
SakuraThe Shot Card?
MadisonIs that a Clow Card, Sakura?
Sakura Yeah.
Maggie, can you remember who bought it?
MaggieI think it was one of your friends.
SakuraWhich friend? What did she look like?
MaggieOh, dear. It might have been Chelsea, or Nikki, but we just...
SakuraThanks, Maggie.
MadisonYeah. Thanks.
Sakura and Madison rush out of the shop.

Kero is enjoying a videogame in Sakura's room.
Kero OK, wiseguy, two more shots, and you're history!
Oh, no! Not game over. No! Not game over!
At this moment, Kero's cell phone rings.
KeroHmm! (Pushing the botton to reply)
SakuraKero, we've got trouble. Looks like one of those magic cards in the store was a real Clow Card. and they sold it to somebody! Maggie thinks it was the Shot Card.
KeroThe Shot Card?
KeroOh, this is no good. The Shot Card's dangerous. If the person holding it says its name out loud, the first person the Shot Card sees becomes its target. You've got to find it, Sakura, and fast!

Sakura and Madison are running over all town for Nikki and Chelsea. They get together in front of the shrine.
SakuraAny luck?
MadisonNope. I couldn't find Nikki and Chelsea.
Sakura Me neither. I'll have to risk flying by day.
O Key of Clow, power of magic, power of light, surrender the wand, the force ignite! Release!
Sakura and Madison get on the sealing wand, and sore up in the air.
MadisonSo all you have to do is read the card's name out loud, and it will start blasting beams at you? Someone could really get hurt.
SakuraYou're telling me. That's why we have to find them.
Sakura is looking for Nikki and Chelsea from the sky.
SakuraI don't see them anywhere.
MadisonMe, neither. They're not in the park.
SakuraThey've got to be somewhere.
At this time, Kero gets together.
KeroHaven't you found them, yet?
SakuraWe're trying!
KeroWell, try harder!
SakuraI said we're working on it!
MadisonLook, Nikki.
Madison points to Nikki walking into a building. Sakura turns and begins a steep descent.
Li Something strange is going on around here. I don't know what it is, but...
Huh? I sense a Clow Card.

Nikki comes out of the building she entered.
SakuraNikki, wait!
NikkiHuh? Hey, Sakura.
SakuraNikki, do you mind if I take a look at your magic cards?
NikkiNo. Go ahead.
Nikki shows Sakura her Jump Card and Piano Card.
SakuraThat's it?
NikkiYeah. So far.
NikkiOh, I'm sorry. Hmm?
SakuraWait! What about Chelsea? Where's Chelsea?
NikkiAt her home, I think.
SakuraThanks, Nikki. See ya.
Sakura runs the way back and turns at the corner.
NikkiWait, Sakura. I'm getting more cards soon!

Sakura, Madison, and Kero are heading to Chelsea's house.
KeroOne down...
SakuraPlease be home, Chelsea.
MadisonWait. There she is.
KeroDown there.
Sakura steeply descends and lands behind Chelsea walking down an alley.
ChelseaWow. You look stressed.
SakuraI gotta see your magical cards right now. Do you have them with you?
ChelseaSure, Sakura.
All the cards Chealea shows Sakura are Study Card and Diet Card.
SakuraIt's not here. Ideas?
Sakura If Nikki and Chelsea don't have the card, it could be anyone.
ChelseaWhat's going on?
SakuraChelsea, did you see any other kids besides you and Nikki buying these magic cards?
ChelseaYeah. No, wait. Meilin was hanging around there, but she's not...
SakuraMeilin bought a card?
ChelseaI'm not sure she bought one. I just saw her at the store.
MadisonSo did we.

Sakura and Madison are looking for Meilin. Kero hiding in Sakura's backpack pokes out his head.
KeroThat little girl's always causing trouble.
SakuraHey, she didn't know, Kero.
KeroWe better stop her before she gets into even bigger trouble.
MadisonYeah. Let's split up. OK, Sakura? I'll go see if she went home, and you two keep looking for her with the Fly Card.
SakuraRight. You do that, Madison. Then we'll meet back at school.
Madison runs apart from Sakura.
KeroSakura, today would be good.
KeroWhat now?
SakuraTrust me, Kero.
Finding Li walking the sidewalk across the road, Sakura runs across over the crossing.
LiSakura! You're sensing it, too?
SakuraIt's a Clow Card, all right. I think Meilin...
LiWhat's that? Meilin's got a Clow Card?
SakuraI don't know, yet, but if she does, she could be in a lot of danger.
LiDo you know which card?
KeroThe Shot Card!
LiThis is not good!
SakuraSo, what are we waiting for? Fly.
Sakura gets on the Fly, and she offers Li a ride.
SakuraGet on.
LiUh... (Hesitating)
KeroWhat, afraid of heights, kid?
SakuraCome on, Li. Hurry!
Li gets on the Fly, so Sakura thrust the Fly into the air, accelerating for search for Meilin.

No matter how hard Sakura's gang try, they can't find where Meilin is.
SakuraWe've been all over town. I don't know where else to look. Any suggestions?
LiForce, know my plight, release the light!
Li uses his Lasin Board, so a blue beam points to where the Clow Card is supposed to be.
LiOver there.
Maneuvering the Fly to the spot pointed to by Li's Lasin Board, Sakura sees her school ahead.
SakuraThere she is, Li... at the school.

Meanwhile, Meilin is standing on the rooftop of the school building, looking at the Card she has bought at Maggie's.
SakuraAnd she's got the Shot Card!
MeilinIt may not be a real Clow Card... but it looks real enough to fool people—even Li.
In Meilin's hand, the Shot Card moves a little on its own.
LiMeilin, no!
Sakura and Li land on the rooftop where Milin is standing.
Meilin Hi, Li.
What are you doing here, Sakura?
SakuraMeilin, the magic card you bought.
MeilinThis one?
LiTake it easy.
SakuraListen. That's a Clow Card, Meilin.
MeilinA real one? I knew it. I can capture Clow Cards, too.
LiThat card's seriously dangerous, Meilin. Hand it over.
MeilinDon't order me around, Li. I'm keeping it.
KeroThose two remind me of you and Tori.
SakuraMe, too.
Li is trying to take the Card from Meilin, who is resisting him from taking it.
LiBe careful with that card, Meilin.
MeilinBack off, Li. This Shot Card is mine!
KeroOh, no! She said its name out loud.
SakuraShe activated it!
LiWatch out! Duck!
The Shot Card getting its visible form shoots a beam to Li.
SakuraMeilin, look out!
KeroLi's the target!
MeilinOo... oh.
The Shot Card repeats its attack to Li, so he's busy dodgin its shots.
KeroHey, kid! Heads up!
SakuraShield, release and dispel.
Sakura call out the Shield to protect Li from the Shot.
KeroSakura, hurry and seal it!
SakuraIt's moving too fast.
Moving to and fro, the Shot Card goes on attacking Li inside the Shield.
LiI've gotta do something to stop it.
Li runs out of the Shield.
SakuraLook out!
LiIt's only after me, Sakura. You can use this chance to seal it.
Li has to dodge the Shot's attack, making his way zigzag.
KeroYou've got to hurry. The Shot Card's attack getting more accurate.
SakuraI know.
The Shot's attack cuts Li's clothes.
Li is wincing the pain he got in the attack. Sakura sees the sun beyond Li's fingers, so she thinks of an idea.
SakuraI've got it. Hey, Li.
Sakura shows the Mirror Card to use.
LiGot you, Sakura.
Li starts to dash to Sakura, when the Shot shoots another beam.
SakuraMirror Card, project the image before you. Mirror, release and dispel!
Called out by chant, the Mirror Card turns into a mirror plate. The Shot Card attacks Li from behind, shooting a beam, Li barely dodges the shot, so the beam reflects on the mirror and shoots back at the Shot Card. The Shot Card winces the pain it gets from its own shot.
LiDo it.
SakuraShot Card, return to your power confined! Shot Card!
The Shot Card turns into the card form at the tip of the wand.
KeroHey, nice move, Sakura. Capturing the Shot Card took a lot of courage.
SakuraThanks. Where's Meilin? Is she OK?
MadisonShe's over here. She's fine.
Madison is helping Meilin get up on her feet.
SakuraMadison! So how long have you been here?
MadisonLong enough to get that awesome card capture on videotape.
LiThanks, Sakura.

At that night, Sakura retries her cooking practice, making dumplings.
Aiden Remember, Sakura. There's no magic to it. You just have to follow the recipe.
Temperature checked?
SakuraYou bet.
AidenReady to give it another try?
Sakura takes a raw dumpling.
AidenYou can do it.
Sakura put the dumpling in the pan. The dumpling is cooked delicious-looking brown.
SakuraI did it!
AidenSee? Just takes practice.

Sakura takes the dumpling to her room, and she eats them with Kero.
SakuraIt's weird. They really believed their wishes would come true just by buying some kind of magical card.
KeroWishes can come true, Sakura, but not because of a card. You can do anything you want if you put your mind to it.
Kero bites and chows a dumpling.
KeroThis, for instance, tastes delicious.

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