Boldfaced letters mean the name of the speaker.
Italicized letters mean what is thought in mind.
Faint letters mean what is happening in the flashback or in the dream.

The Third Element

Sakura is having a dream, very familiar to her, in which she is standing on the rooftop of a building facing to a tall radio tower.
Sakura The radio tower... The figure in shadows... The Clow Cards...
When she takes the Card falling onto her hand, it disappears.
Sakura (Gasps) It disappeared!
She finds all the falling Cards around her also disappears.
Sakura All the Clow Cards have disappeared.
(Gasps) What do you want? I know I know you. If only I could see you. What are you trying to tell me? And who...
Sakura is in fact sleeping in her math class.
SakuraWho are you?
MackenzieWho do you think I am?
Sakura wakes up and finds Ms. Mackenzie standing and watching Sakura.
SakuraMs. Mackenzie! You're here!
MackenzieYes, but you weren't.
MackenzieWelcome back to math class, Sakura.
At this time, the bell rings.
MackenzieOh. Class dismissed.
SakuraOhh. Ahh...
MackenzieAnd don't forget... drill team tryouts are tomorrow.
To Sakura looking at Ms. Mackenzie, the figure in shadows in her dream overlaps Ms. Mackenzie, which makes Sakura gasp.

Sakura and Madison are waling home together.
SakuraBut I can't talk to Kero about it. Not yet. I have to understand it first.
MadisonBut Ms. Mackenzie, Sakura?
SakuraI know.
MadisonAnd the Clow Cards disappearing. That's never happened before, has it?
SakuraYou see, I think it means I've almost collected all the Cards.
SakuraI think the dream might be some kind of test, and if it is, I want to pass it all by myself.
MadisonShouldn't you just talk to Kero?
SakuraHmm. No way.
MadisonBut, Sakura.
SakuraOn my own.
MadisonThat's cool. Well, if you won't talk to Kero, what about Li?
SakuraLi is Clow Reed's relative, so I wanna prove myself to both of them.
MadisonYou should talk to Nikki. She's reading an interesting book about dreams.
SakuraMm-mmm. No way. I can't. Forget it.
MadisonHmm. You'll figure it out, Sakura. I know you will.

Next day, the drill team tryouts are held in the playgound. Each kid shows their performance on the bar.
TeradaGood try. So who's next?
A boy tries a forward circling on the bar, but he fail in the first circle.
ChelseaSo, anybody going to the winter carnival?
RitaWe're going on vacation.
ChelseaYeah, we're not gonna be around here, either. Too bad. I always love the carnival.
This time, Zackary is trying a forward circling.
He succeeds.
Boy AWay to go, Zach.
Boy BLooking good, Zach.
ChelseaIf Zachary becomes drill team captain, we'll never hear the end of it.
On finishing his try, Zachary waves his hand. Meanwhile, Sakura is drawing a whorl on the ground.
MadisonYou're back at the dream, aren't you?
SakuraI just had a horrible thought.
MadisonWhat is it, Sakura?
SakuraI'm worried about what's going to happen to Kero when I've captured all the Clow Cards.
MadisonYou mean that he'll change?
Meanwhile, Li is performing forward circlings successively on the bar, and finishes his performance somersetting forward off the bar. All the class clap their hands.
MeilinI know you could do it, Li! Whoo! Fantastic.
MadisonHmm... I know someone who might be able to help.

After the class, Meilin is washing her hands.
MeilinMy Li. Captain of drill team. Oh, I love it.
Sakura and Madison come up to Meilin.
SakuraHi, do you... uh...
MeilinHey, what are you up to, Sakura?
SakuraI need some advice.
Sakura, Meilin, and Madison goes to the schoolyard, where Sakura sits on a bench, and Meilin stands listening to Sakura.
SakuraAnd you've been around Li and Clow Cards a long time, so I thought you might have some ideas.
MeilinWhy don't you ask Kero?
SakuraI was kind of hoping you could help me.
SakuraI need to figure this out on my own.
MeilinHmm... well, it could be... that may... Or maybe it's the... Again that's... I know! Hah! Ask Li Showron.

That night, Sakura wants to call Li for help, but she doesn't dare call him, holding her cell phone.
KeroSakura, what is your problem? Pick up the phone, put down the phone. Pick up the phone, put down the phone.
KeroLook, you want to ask Li to the carnival, just ask him.
SakuraIt's not that easy.
KeroCome on, what are you talking about? It's very easy, Sakura. All you got to do is push a button!
Kero pushes a speed dial button, so the phone automatically calls the speed dial.
Sakura Um... I, uh...
Kero! Sorry. What I meant to say is this is Sakura.
Li, I was talking to Meilin, and she told me that you and her are going to the winter carnival. I've got to talk to you about something. Wait. Is this Li?
You hit the wrong button. It's not Li. It's Julian.
KeroI myself would love to go to the winter carnival, but, of course, nobody thought to ask me. Ah, besides, I cannot stand that Li kid.

Sakura and Julian are in the winter carnival.
SakuraWow. Look at this, Julian.
JulianYeah, that's great. Now, you needed to talk?
At this time, Kero and Madison are shadowing Sakura, videotaping Sakura's date.
KeroHey, Madison, wait up.
MadisonHurry, I missed a couple of card captures lately. And if one's gonna turn up today, Kero, I'm gonna get it on tape.
KeroAh, don't worry about it, kid. You're with me.
MadisonYeah, but you've missed a couple yourself.
Madison Ha ha ha ha.
Hey, look. They're heading toward the main midway. Come on, we can't lose sight of them.
KeroAhem. Just leave it to me. I don't miss a thing.
Madison and Kero secretly follow Sakura and Julian, when the Christmas wreath on a pole burns to char.

Sakura and Julian are getting off from the carousel.
SakuraTo tell you the truth, Julian, this problem...
At this minute, Sakura finds Li and Meilin in the carnival.
SakuraOh, look. Hey!
LiOh, hi.
Those four get together and walk together.
SakuraThat's great you got the drill team captain, Li. Congratulations.
MeilinI can't believe you called Julian by mistake, and now we have to hang out with him.
MeilinRight. And now you want me to set something up for you.
SakuraUh, yeah.
MeilinSo you guys can have a private chat about the Clow Cards, am I right?
MeilinYou don't fool me.
SakuraYou've gotta help me. It's important.
MeilinYou'll owe me.
SakuraLi's relly into the drill team thing with that new walk of his.
Li is walking like a tin soldier.

Four of them have a good time enjoying the carnival.
SakuraMeilin, are you hungry?
MeilinNot really. Ow! I mean, yes, me, too.
JulianShall we try this place?
MeilinUh. OK, great!
SakuraLet's sit outside.
They took their seat around a table, and a waiter comes up to them. The waiter speaks in a very familiar voice.
ToriSo, this is an unexpected surprise.
SakuraTori? Um, oh, hey. Another new job.

Tori brings the food they ordered, and Julian eats every bites of the food very happily and speedily.
SakuraI think Julian and Meilin will love to see the kitchen.
ToriReally? Could've fooled me, squirt. Looks to me like Julian's in lunch mode.
SakuraYeah, well, when he's done, of course.
Li looks at Sakura blinks his eyes.
Madison hides in the bush videotaping Sakura having lunch.
MadisonOh, this is great.
KeroNo, it's not. I'm starving. I'm a growing beast, you know.
MadisonStick with me, and I'll buy you a whole cake, a pudding cake.
KeroYeah, cake! Uh-oh. I sense something.
Sakura and Li also sense something and gasp.
Illumination on the wire catches on fire.
JulianWhat kind of gimmick is that?
ToriThat's no gimmick. It's on fire.
The fire grows like into flames.
WomanWhat's going on?
KeroThere's a Clow Card.
Sakura&LiA Clow Card.
Sakura and Li begins running out of the place.
ToriHey, what are you doing?
Tori runs after them, when Sakura and Li run through the plant where Madison and Kero are watching them.
LiHuh? Argh! Time Card.
Li uses his magic to freeze the moment.
SakuraUnh. Huh?
LiSakura, I've stopped time. Now use the Sleep Card.
Sakura Right.
O Key of Clow. Power of magic, power of light. Surrender the wand. The force ignite. Release!
Sleep Card... release and dispel!
The Sleep Card turns into its visible form, and flies over all the amusement park sprinkling the sleep powder.
Immediately, the Time magic expires, and all the people are put into sleep due to the powder—so are Tori and Madison.
KeroGood move, Sakura. Sleep Card will buy you some time.
From a fatigue, Li staggers onto his sword.
SakuraLi, what's wrong?
LiTime Card can use a lot of a sourcerer's power. I need to rest.
SakuraYou're sure?
LiYes. You're gonna have to handle this one alone.
Sakura Hmm.
Windy Card. Release and dispel! Windy!
Sakura calls out the Windy, unfortunately that magic fans the fire into bigger flames. Consequently, Sakura and Li are surrounded by the flames.
KeroSakura, this is Firey. It's a special Card.
SakuraKero, where did you come from?
KeroWe can talk about that later. Right now, what you have to know is that since Firey is one of the four elements, its power is incredibly strong.
LiYou've got only Windy and Water, am I right?
SakuraOf the four basic elements? Yeah, and I'm guessing this is a problem.
KeroIt's used Windy to fan the flames.
At this moment, the flame grows, from which a spirit of fire appears.
KeroOh, no, the visible form! Sakura, you gotta act fast!
LiWhat about the Water Card? Use the Water Card. Time's running out, Sakura.
KeroNo, not so fast, Sakura. Listen up. If Firey used Windy to spread the flames, it'll use Water in the same way.
The Firey begins its attack, sneering at Sakura. Sakura runs out of the surrounding flames.
KeroWhere are you going?
SakuraWe've gotta get help.
KeroHello, Sakura. You can use the Cards.
LiListen, you can't combine two Attack Cards.
KeroHey, just because they haven't been allies doesn't mean they can't be now. But it's risky, Sakura. You don't know what'll happen if you try. You've captured a lot of Cards. Maybe this is as far as you go.
Sakura No! Not yet.
I'm a Cardcaptor, Kero, and I'm gonna finish what I set out to do.
My dream—maybe this is the test I was expecting.
Windy... Water... release and dispel!
Windy and Water turn into their visible forms, and they fly straight to Firey altogether.
LiI don't believe it. It's working.
Firey got upset and shoots the fire against the opponents, however, not defeated by the resist, they succeed in confining Firey. Firey loses its potential and falls onto the ground.
SakuraFirey Card... return to the power confined!
The Firey is sucked to the tip of the sealing wand, and turns into its card form.
SakuraWe did it.
KeroWay to go, Sakura.
At this moment, Kero flashes flames around him.
SakuraWhat's wrong?
KeroNothing's wrong. The energy governing my being is the sun. By capturing the Firey Card, you have enabled me to begin my retransformation.
SakuraAnd you're still here. You haven't left me.
KeroIs that what you've been worried about? Hmm, Sakura. I'm still the Keroberos you all know and love, but with some of my power back.
LiYou're still just a stuffed animal.
KeroHey, kid, I dare you to say that again!
SakuraNow come on, you two.
LiI'll take that dare. Stuffed animal, stuffed animal, stuffed animal...
KeroYou know who I am, huh?
LiCome on, bring it on. I'm not afraid of you.
Ms. Mackenzie is watching them, standing on a bridge nearly a thousand feet away.

After the twilight, when Sakura and Julian, and Li and Meilin are enjoying Ferris wheels, Madison talks to Kero behined the gate to the Ferris wheels.
Madison I can't believe I missed taping another card capture, Kero.
Now where on earth are you going?
KeroI got a little business to attend to.
In a gondola of the Ferris wheel, Li tells Meilin about the Firey Card being captured by Sakura.
MeilinNo. One of the most important cards and you're telling me I missed it?
MeilinWhat a drag.
The gondola has just climbed to the top, so two of them can see Sakura's gondola just in front.
MeilinOh, I knew it. I knew she was up to something.
LiMmm mmm.
MeilinShe planned this, didn't she?
On the other hand, in Sakura's gondola:
JulianSo you still haven't said what's on your mind. Want to chat? You need some advice about something?
SakuraActually, it's all kind of worked out.
JulianThat's good.
Sakura and Julian can see some glowing balls are falling slowly out the glndola.
JulianHey, it's snowing. That's cool.
SakuraYeah, really cool.
It's that Kero who sprinkles those cool stuffs, which is no snow but embers created by his solar magic power.
KeroThe guardian beast of the seal is about to make a comeback. Yoo-hoo!

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