Boldfaced letters mean the name of the speaker.
Italicized letters mean what is thought in mind.
Faint letters mean what is happening in the flashback or in the dream.

Ice Breaker

It's so cold outside after school that the ground in front of the school gate is frozen. Li taps the ice.
LiIt never got this cold back home.
MeilinYou think you're cold? I'm the one with the skirt on.
LiLet go of me, will ya?
On the other hand, Sakura comes out of the building, rollerblading, when Madison is waiting for her.
SakuraIsn't it great out?
MeilinYou guys wanna go skiing?
SakuraWe'll start them on the bunny hill. Huh?
MadisonThey took off.
Sakura and Madison noticed that Li and Meilin vanished.
SakuraWow, look at this. The road is totally like an ice rink.
MadisonCool. But how are you gonna skate on that?
SakuraIt's easy. See?
Sakura slowly gets on the ice with herself on the rollerblades. Getting unballanced, she slips and falls her rear down on the ice.
SakuraWaaaahhh! Ohh.
MadisonWhoa, that's a 7.5 for style.
SakuraYeah, yeah. I guess ice is a little different than cement.
MadisonJust wait, Sakura. You can show your skating skills to the whole class. We've got that field trip to Ice Pond Palace.
SakuraUh-oh. I forgot about that. Uh, no problem. I'm great at sports.
Sakura gets up on her feet, and rollerblades home with Madison walking.
SakuraUh, gimme you arm, will ya?

Later on, Sakura is rollerblading near her house.
SakuraOh, yeah, I can see it now. Stars on... ice.
She makes a spin turn in front of her house's gate, and succeeds in an excellent halt.
Sakura comes into the living room, where Tori and Julian are sitting.
SakuraHello. I'm home.
JulianI hear you've got a skating trip.
SakuraOh, yes. Tomorrow.
ToriSkating trip, no doubt. Better not fall, squirt.
SakuraHa ha. (Coldly)
ToriYou should take lessons.

In that night, in the dining room Sakura is making tea.
Tori walks into the dining room.
ToriYou could really hurt yourself, you know.
SakuraTori, I know what I'm doing.
ToriYeah, right.
Tori reaches the tea Sakura has just made.
ToriPride cometh before a fall. You should take my advice.
SakuraAs if.

Later on that night, Sakura is dreaming; she is standing on the rooftop of a builing, seeing a big tower in front.
Sakura It's you again.
What do you want from me?
I know you, don't I?
Sakura can see someone on the tower with long hair and yellow eyes.
Sakura Those eyes.
Are you friend or not?
Why are you here?
Are you watching me?
Sakura wakes up; she has fallen down off her bed with her head down.
Sakura Ohh.
I know you. (with a vacant look)
Sakura's mumble wakes Kero up.
KeroWhat are you mumbling?
Sakura I had that dream again. The figure in black... Just stood very still and was watching me... with those big yellow eyes.
Eyes like a cat. And the moon was full. And shining. Someone familiar somehow... and yet I can't quite see. Because the face is always in shadow.
Kero Hmm, a full moon. Could it be... Yue?

Next morning, Sakura is leaving her house.
ToriYou want my kneepads?
Sakura I won't need them.
Bye, Dad. Oh, it's cold.
(Shivering) See you, Tori.
Kero is watching Sakura leaving, through the window in Sakura's room.
Kero Careful what you do, Sakura. Someone's judging you... and it's not for figure skating. You have yet to meet Yue.
Kero opens Sakura's desk drawer with his magic, in which the Clow Book lies still.
Kero You are so close to capturing all the Clow Cards, but there's so much more for you to learn.

Sakura's class are going on their field trop in Ice Pond Palace by bus.
MeilinWould somebody please explain to me why we're going on this field trip? Why go to a rink? The whole town is an ice pond. I mean, is hypothermia part of our carriculum?
LiUh, I hardly feel a thing.
MeilinThat's 'cause you're numb.
ChelseaYou know, I bet Meilin and Li aren't used to cold weather.
NikkiI wonder if they've ever seen ice or snow outside before?
ChelseaProbably not.
NikkiWinter is my favorite time of the year. I can't even imagine what it would be like to grow up without ice skating or tobogganing. What did they do for fun back home?
ChelseaHa ha! Don't ask me.
Meilin Back at home, we went swimming at the beach for fun. Not like this crazy place.
TeradaWe're here everyone. Have you got your skates?
MeilinWhat do you guy do for fun indoors? Stick your head in the freezer?

At the ice rink, kids are getting ready for skating.
MadisonWant me to wait for you, Sakura?
SakuraBe right there, Madison.
Madison(Laughing) OK.
Madison gets down on the rink and begins skating.
SakuraHey, that looks easy.
MadisonCome on. Try it!
Sakura Oh. Right.
It can't be much different from my other skates. I just got blades instead of wh-wheels.
Sakura timidly gets down on the rink, but she slides forward against her will.
SakuraWhoa! Unh, see? No problem. Whoa-oh-oh!
Soon she get unballanced and falls on her rear.
SakuraOh. Hope no one saw that.
MadisonWhew, graceful fall.
LiI would have rather gone to the National Art Musium.
Li slides past them on his rear. After fifty or sixty feet of slide, Li manages to get up on his feet.
Meilin can't move an inch, hanging onto the handrail.
MeilinHelp! I'm stranded!
MackenzieWould you like a little lesson?
Meilin But I can't, Miss Mackenzie.
Oh, I'm doing it.
MackenzieAnd one... and two... And one. That's it.
MeilinD-d-don't let go. Don't let go!
MackenzieYou're fine.
MadisonIf she can teach Meilin, she can definitely teach you, Sakura.
Some minutes later, Ms. Mackenzie teaches Sakura how to skate.
MackenzieYou have to think of the ice as your friend. One... two... One. You see? You're better already.
NikkiSkating's easy once you get the hang of it.
Li tries to skate himself, taking off the handrail. But soon he falls.
MeilinHey, Li! Are you OK?
Meilin slips and falls, getting Nikki down together.
Meilin Whoa!
Oh, I think I just broke a rib!
MackenzieYou want some pointers, Li?
LiI'm just fine. See? I can skate.
Li staggers skating away from Ms. Mackenzie.
LiIt's just not a skill I neet to perfect. Whoa!
Li slips and falls on his back a hundred feet away.

Sakura and Madison are buying some drink at the drink counter.
SakuraHot chocolate, please.
MadisonMe, too, and can I have marshmallows? Thanks.
Meilin is sitting by the heater, wearing her overcoat, muffler, and gloves.
MeilinI can't get my skates off. My fingers are frozen. Is this heater even on?!
SakuraHey, Meilin, a hot chocolate would probably warm you up.
MeilinI know, but if I leave the heater I'll turn into an ice cube.
SakuraGuess you're not used to the cold, huh?
MeilinDo I look like a polar bear?!
SakuraCome on, Madison. Let's go get our lunches and meet up with the girls.

Sakura's gang are having lunch.
SakuraFunky lunch, Madison.
MadisonIt beats bologna.
SakuraI should have packed more lunch today. All of falling takes energy.
MadisonWell, you'll get better as you go.
SakuraMaybe I'll take lessons this year... finally.
RitaImagine learning how to skate like her.
SakuraOh! Maybe someday.
While the girls are having lunch, Ms. Makenzie enjoys skating on the rink. She's a very good skater; she can skate forward and backward, in any directions she likes.
LiShow-off. Hmm.

After lunch, Sakura's gang skate together.
Sakura One, two. One, two.
You know, it just takes concentration. Race ya!
Sakura speeds up skating, getting ahead of her friends.
SakuraHa ha! Uhh!
But she soon falls.
ChelseaIt also takes practice!
MadisonMaybe we should teach her how to stop.

Mr. Terada walks up to Meilin shivering by the heater.
TeradaYou should get up and skate, Meilin. You'll warm up a lot faster that way.
MeilinWe don't skate where I come from.
TeradaI know. I'll help you.
MeilinI don't like any of these winter sports. They're boring.
TeradaYou'll learn.
MeilinI want to go home.
Mr. Terada reluctantly sees off Meilin going the other side.
Terada It's not easy being the new kid.
(Shivers) It really is cold in here.
Mr. Terada walk to the drink counter and talks to the women working there.
TeradaPardon me. Could you turn the heat up?
WomanI'm sorry. We tried. The furnace must be busted.
Besides, the temperature goes down perceptibly.

Sakura's friends are shivering.
SakuraNikki, your lips are turning blue.
NikkiI just can't seem to warm up.
ChelseaI know. I'm freezing.
RitaCome on. Let's warm up by the heater before we get frostbite.
Rita takes Nikki out of the rink to warm up.
ChelseaAren't you guys gonna come and warm up?
SakuraJust once more around the rink.
ChelseaHey, are you training for the Nationals?
Chelsea smiles at Sakura and Madison, and skates out of the rink.
Further, Li is giving up his muffler to Meilin to warm her up. Meilin is sitting on the ice rink not moving.
LiUnh. Are you sure you can't move your legs?
MeilinThey're frozen.
LiWait here. I'm gonna get help.
Li stands up and skates out of the rink.
MeilinHurry, Li. I... feel... sleepy.
The temperature drops below zero degrees Celsius.
GirlMy hands are numb.
Kids are hurriedly get out of the rink.
MadisonI can barely breathe, I'm so cold.
Most kids run to the drink counter, and they order a hot drink; some of them are complaining about the cold.
Boy ACan't you guys turn on the heater?
Boy BCome on! We're really cold!
Girl AHey, get out of my way! It's my turn.
Girl BIt's freezing!

Li comes back to Meilin who's shivering in the middle of the rink.
LiIt's OK. He's coming. Hey, Meilin, can I lift you?
Meilin(Shivering) I... I can't m-m-move.
LiYou'll catch pneumonia. Meilin! Please stay awake!
Ice creeps up from Meilin's foot, finally she gets enclosed by the ice.
LiMeilin, no!
TeradaEverybody off the ice now!
While calling kids out of the rink, Mr. Terada gets frozen enclosed by the invading ice.
LiWhat's going on?
MadisonSakura, I think I...
Sakura looks to Madison and find the ice swallowing Madison.
SakuraNo! Madison!
Everybody in the facility gets swallowed by the ice.
SakuraThey've all turned into ice.
LiSakura! Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Sakura Yeah. There's a Clow Card on the loose.
I don't get it. Why didn't we sense it coming?
LiIt's the Freeze Card.
SakuraOh, we thought it was the weather.
LiExactly, but what I don't understand is why we didn't freeze like everybody else.
SakuraHmm. I bet it isn't strong enough to freeze people with magical powers.
LiOh, I'm sure it has something up its sleeve.
Ms. Mackenzie is watching Sakura and Li behind the wall upstairs, not being frozen either.
A huge fish like creature is swimming underneath the ice, so the ice around Sakura and Li get swelling.
SakuraWe're being surrounded!
Swelling ice attacks Sakura and Li.
LiAah! Look out!
The ice lifts Sakura up high.
Sakura Whoa!
Key of Clow. Release! Jump!
Sakura manages to jump off the rising ice with the Jump Card.
Sakura Whoa! Whoa-oh-oh!
One, two, one, two.
Sakura weaves through between ice pillars rising for an attack.
LiWatch out.
Li jumps at Sakura to take her away from another rising ice. Two of them slips aside some distance, and they get up.
SakuraThank you, Li.
LiNever mind. Just seal the Card.
SakuraYeah. Aah!
Sakura notices the Freeze Card is rushing under them, so she push Li away to protect him from the attack.
SakuraWatch it! Ughh!
Sacrificing herself, Sakura is blown by the Freeze into the air; she finally crashes onto the ice rink.
The Freeze Card appears in the air surrounded by thick ice. Li runs to it and kicks the ice repeatedly, but it's lame. Behind, Sakura gets up and holds the sealing wand.
SakuraJump Card, release!
Sakura jumps to the Card for a revenge. The Card thrusts her backward violently, so she falls and slides away on the ice rink until she crashes into an ice wall.
Sakura faints.
LiGet up!
Out of consciousness, Sakura is beginning to freeze up from her hand.
LiNo! Come on!
Li punches the ice away to interfere it from making aggression on Sakura.
LiLet go! Huh?
Li notices the freezing also aggresses from her feet, so Li hysterically punches the ice around her feet. Meanwhile, Sakura's sealing wand gets frozen completely.
LiHuh? Oh, no! It's got the sealing wand!
The Freeze Card appears behind him.
Li Ohh! Wow.
Look at that, That spirit's as big as a whale.
The Card breaks out of the ice, again.
Li Aah! Oh.
Sakura, get up. You have to seal the Card!
Sakura What?
LiListen, I'm going to draw Freeze out. You look for a chance to seal it.
SakuraEasy for you to say.
LiHave you noticed what it does? It appears just below the surface right before the attacks.
LiCome on!
Li begins skating around the rink.
SakuraThat's it. Let's break the ice.
The Freeze follows Li to attack him.
LiHere it comes! Ready?
Li is running away from Freeze's successive attacks, while Sakura is waiting for the chance.
Li quickly turns and moves aside, just as the Freeze jumps out of the ice into the air.
LiSeal it!
SakuraNow I've got you! Freeze Card, return to your power, confined!
Breaking down apart and being sucked up to the tip of the wand, the Freeze turns into a card and then flies to Li's hand.
LiGood. I've had enough of this cold snap.
The temperature rises to the normal; everybody gets free from the frozen state, and goes on doing what they were doing at the moment of freezing.
TeradaGet... Oh, great. I guess they fixed it.
MadisonWasn't... I... just.. fr-
Meling gets up on her feet, wearing too much clothes.
MeilinMmm, it's too hot!

All the kids are enjoy skating as if nothing had just happened.
SakuraThat was some skating lessons.
LiYeah, learning under pressure.
When Ms. Mackenzie is at the drink counter, Sakura walks up to her.
SakuraMs. Mackenzie.
MackenzieOh, have you come to help me?
Ms. Mackenzie hand this tray to Sakura, on which cups of hot drinks for kids are prepared.
Sakura delivers drinks to kids skating.
Meilin enjoys skating not feeling any cold.
Meilin Hey, Li. I'm skating! It's fun!
Geuss what? (Comes skating beside Li)
I signed us up for lessons.
MeilinWell, since we live here now.
Sakura giggles to hear Meilin talking to Li.
MeilinWe better learn how to skate.
LiI'm fine. Whoa! (Slips and falls)
MeilinYeah. Sure.
Sakura gives the last one cup of drink to a girl, who is also laughing at the conversation between Li and Meilin.
SakuraHe's just warming up.

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