Boldfaced letters mean the name of the speaker.
Italicized letters mean what is thought in mind.
Faint letters mean what is happening in the flashback or in the dream.

The Switch

In Reedington Park, Sakura, Kero, and Li are busy capturing a Clow Card.
KeroSakura! Over here!
LiI've got him! Kero, move away! Now!
KeroWrong again, kid! This one's ours. Hey, you! Come back here!
The Change Card, looking like a chameleon or some weird reptile, escapes from Kero and Li, rushing to the Penguin Slide. Sakura jumps onto the top of the slide, and get ready to seal it.
SakuraChange Card! Return to your power con-
The Change Card jumps up to Sakura, with its mouth open and showing its creepy tongue.
SakuraAah! Get off!
The Card jumps on Sakura's head and flies through the air.
KeroI got it!
Kero and Li jump and seize the Change Card at once. The Card uses its magic across the two hunters, so they switch their each other's minds.
LiSakura, hurry up and seal it before it escapes again! (in Kero's voice)
KeroSeal it before it escapes again. (in Li's voice)
LiI just said that.
SakuraChange Card! Return to your power confined!
The Change Card turns into a card, as if sucked up to the tip of the wand.
Kero and Li are moaning when they're getting up.
SakuraAre you guys OK?
LiHuh? Ugh. Oh. I don't believe it. (Covers his face with his hand)
Kero(Looking his hands and legs) No way! Ugh!
LiAh, relax, kid.
KeroHow can I relax? I'm a stuffed animal.
SakuraWhat are you talking about?
Kero & LiUh...
LiSakura, listen carefully, OK?
SakuraLi, why are you talking like Kero?
LiI am Kero. We had a little accident.
SakuraCan you do other impressions? No, really. You're pretty good.
KeroIt's the truth, Sakura. I'm Li in Kero's body.
SakuraOh! Heh heh. You guys are a riot.

A few minutes later, Sakura is signing her name on the Change Card she's just captured.
Sakura Sa-ku-ra.
There the Change Card's signed. Let's go home, Kero.
KeroHey! Keep your distance!
SakuraBut, you mean, you are... (Looks at Kero and Li in turn)
LiThat's right.
SakuraThe Change Card did that? This is just terrible, Kero!
KeroI'm Li!
SakuraSo, what does this mean? Are you guys permanently switched now?
LiWell, not necessarily forever.
LiThere are certain procedures that have to be followed.
SakuraYou seem to be awfully calm about this, Li. I mean Kero.
SakuraIs there anything I can do to fix this now?
LiSometimes things just have to take their course. It's all part of ``expect the unexpected.''
KeroHuh. Easy for you to say.
LiWatch it, kid.
KeroI'm the one stuck in the body of a stuffed animal, OK?
LiWelcome to my world.
SakuraWhat do you mean?
LiThis is my chance to live it up big time!
KeroWait a minute. I don't like the sound of this, Kero.
LiAh, don't get your wings in a flutter, kid.
LiAll we gotta do is a reverse transformation. We just have to be back here tomorrow same time, same place, OK? Or we'll be stuck like this forever.
KeroHuh, I'll be here.
LiDon't mess up. Bein' me's not easy.
KeroI can be you a lot better than you can be me.
LiJust show up, kid. Think you can handle it? Huh?
Li'Cause if you don't, we're stuck.
KeroFine. There's just one little thing.
LiYeah, right. Here it comes, forks. Excuses from the kid.
KeroUh, it's Meilin.
SakuraWe can't tell Meilin, OK? We can't tell anybody. Low profile, right?
LiOh, of course.
SakuraBecause we can't afford any unexpected glitches.
Kero & LiYeah. Hmm.

When Li with Kero's mind stands by the door of his apartment, Meilin opens the door to take him in.
LiHi, Meilin.
MeilinYou're late. But it's OK. Come in.
LiWell, OK. Here's the deal.
MeilinYour voice sounds awfully strange, Li. Have you got a cold or something?
Li(Nervously) Heh heh heh. Uh.
MeilinDoesn't matter. Come on.
LiUh. Oh, boy.
Meilin takes Li's hand and pulls him into the apartment. And then she closes the door.
Just in front of the apartment building, Sakura and Kero with Li's mind are standing with an anxiety.
KeroWe should never have let Kero go in there.
SakuraWell, since Meilin was expecting you, we didn't have much choice, did we?
KeroHe's going to blow it.
SakuraLi, if you don't show up where you're supposed to, then people are going to start getting suspicious.
KeroBut, Kero...
SakuraCome on, Li. He just has to make some soup.
KeroI'll bet he can't boil water.

In the kitchen in Li's apartment, Li with Kero's mind and Meilin are getting ready for fixing dinner.
MeilinSo... do you need anything else?
LiUh, for what?
MeilinYou promised you were going to cook Wei's chicken noodle soup for me today, remember?
LiOh! Oh, yeah. I am.
Meilin OK. I'll set the table while you get started.
I can't wait! (Rushes out of kitchen)
LiI just... uh. Ugh.
Li takes a glance at vegitables, and then he makes up his mind.
LiWell, it's just soup. How hard can it be?

On the other hand, Sakura has taken Kero with Li's mind into her room, and she is talking to him.
SakuraLi, there's no way you're sleeping in my room.
KeroSo, what? You want me to fly over and sleep in the tree?
SakuraIt's no big deal. You've got Kero's wings.
Kero OK, fine. I'll fly to the tree.
(Opening window) Unh. How hard can it be?
Kero stands on the window frame and looks below; it seems to him that it's higher than he ever thought.
KeroNo problem.
Kero makes up his mind and jumps out of the window to the tree, but he can't reach it.
KeroUnh! Unh! Unh! Oh!
Kero falls with his head down.
SakuraOh, no! I'm coming!
Sakura rushes down stairs and to the front door, when Tori comes back home.
ToriI've got a key.
SakuraHang on! I... Hi.
JulianThis is your stuffed animal, right? He just came flying out the window.
SakuraUh, yes, it is.
JulianThe next door neighbor's cat thought he was a bird. Here.
ToriThat thing is looking worse and worse every day. I vote we give it to the cat.
SakuraYou hungry?
LiUnh! Unh!
Since Sakura is covering Kero's mouth and nose, he can't breathe.
ToriI suppose I could eat something.
SakuraDad's working late. I'll go make hamburgers.
JulianDoes it talk?
JulianWell, it sounded like it said something just now, didn't it?
SakuraOh, no, no. Doesn't talk. Nope. Never did.
Sakura rushes back to her room to take Kero in.
And, back in Sakura's room.
KeroYou scratched my nose.
Sakura Sorry. Being a stuffed animal isn't as easy as it looks, I guess.
You blew it big time on the flying, so just stay put. I'll bring you some food.
Sakura goes out of her room.
Kero Hmm. Stay put.
(Looking out window) Hmm.

In Li's apartment, Li and Meilin are ready to have dinner.
MeilinI'll bet there isn't anything you can't do, Li.
Meilin turns pale just by a spoonful of soup she eats.
LiSo, how do you like it, huh?
Meilin Good.
You know, I gotta tell ya, you do sound different today.
LiUh, how?
MeilinLike that stuffed animal.
LiUh, that's funny, because, uh, you're not the first person who's told me that today, actually, but I guess that's just what happens when you hang out with someone a lot.
MeilinWhy would you want to hang out with a stuffed animal?
Li (Jumps on his feet) Don't call him a stuffed animal!
He's Keroberos, gurdian beast of the seal.
MeilinWhat do you mean? You always call him the stuffed animal.
LiWell, yeah, but not any more. That Keroberos is a pretty amazing guy.
Li sips the soup he made, and he got shocked at its bad taste.
LiAah! Oh, now this soup has some zap. Ho! Even if I do say so myself. (Keep eating nervously)

At Sakura's house, Kero is climbing up the downspout.
KeroIf he can fly, I can fly. I can do anything he can.
Kero jumps off the downspout to the kitchen window. He hangs up from the window frame, and lifts himself up to see Sakura, Tori, and Julian in the dining room.
SakuraI'll get some more.
Sakura runs into the kitchen, besides Julian and Tori have a conversation on their physics subject.
JulianYou're not serious. That's Newtonian, man!
Sakura doesn't notice Kero is just outside the window.
ToriExactly. For every action there's an equal and opposite reaction.
JulianYeah, but what about gravitational force...
Sakura takes out another hamburgers out of the drawer, and rushes back to the dining room.
KeroHey! Over here! Let me in!
Kero tries to lift himself up onto the window frame, but unluckily, he slips and falls, so he is to hang off the window.
SakuraHey, Tori, would you like another hamburger?
ToriYeah. I just thought I heard somethin'.
Sakura looks back at the kitchen window, where Kero is hanging off outside.
KeroSomebody! Unh! Unh! Unh!
A cat comes just below Kero and it keeps meowing.
KeroGet away from me!
SakuraJust sounds like a cat.
Sakura comes check the kitchen window, so she opens the window. Then the cat runs away.
JulianHey, do you want me to go check it out, Sakura?
Sakura hurriedly closes the window, leaving Kero hanging off.
SakuraWhat? Oh, no. It's nothing.
Meawhile, Kero runs out of his grip, and falls.
KeroUhh! Aah!

Kero with Li's mind wakes up to find himself in Sakura's drawer. He is wincing the pain in the head.
SakuraYou awake?
KeroNo. I'm in a bad dream.
SakuraIt'll be over this afrernoon.
SakuraHey, you were supposed to stay put. It's your own fault.
KeroThanks for pointing it out.
SakuraYou shouldn't come to school today.
KeroAre you kidding?
SakuraNo, I'm not. You've blown it twice already. It's too risky.
KeroI'm coming. Who knows what Kero will get into?
SakuraYou're no slouch at causing trouble yourself.
KeroI won't move an inch. I promise.
SakuraOK, not one inch.

The bell rings in Sakura's school, where Sakura comes to school in the nick of time; she sighs.
KeroUhh. (Poking out Sakura's bag) You know, you really have to get organized, Sakura. You almost made us late.
SakuraLi, get back in the bag right now.
KeroDo you have any idea how dark and...
TeradaOne minute to home room. You're pretty loaded down.
Sakura Yeah, I got my gym stuff today.
Oh, cool bag! (Pointing to a blue bag)
TeradaThis? Actually, it's a birthday present for my niece.
SakuraWell, what'd you get her?
TeradaIt's a stuffed animal... but if we're not careful, we'll both be late for class.
Sakura runs to the classroom, but just running one corner, she stops and sighs.
SakuraLi, is everything OK?
KeroWhew. Good cover. Kero's never gonna pull this off, you know, Sakura.

Sakura opens the door and walks into the classroom.
SakuraHi, guys.
Back of the class room, kids are gathering to see something.
LiHyah! Hyah! Yeah! Unh!
In the middle of the crowd, Li with Kero's mind shows the action of Zylon Warrior, the video game Kero is really into.
LiHyah! Ha! Ha! Hyah! Hyah! Ha! There.
ChelseaWow. You've never really seemed like the video game type, Li.
RitaSo, what's your favorite move?
LiWithout a doubt, it would be the Zylon Warrior thumb flip.
KeroI don't believe this.
NikkiThat's one I've never heard of before. Can you show it to us?
KeroWell, basic move. Wrist and thumbs with a little extra- Hyah! Uhh!
Kero raises his leg up high, and get unballanced to fall down.
KidsHa ha ha ha!

At recess, Sakura, Kero, and Li are at the back of the school building.
SakuraYou call that a low profile, Kero?
LiAh, so sue me. We were just talkin' about video games. Sorry.
LiYou ought to thank me! I gave you a personality.
KeroThank you?
SakuraShh. Don't be so loud, or someone will hear you.
MadisonSomeone will hear what, Sakura?
SakuraUh, Madison!
MadisonI've got a distinct feeling I'm missing something.
LiYou do?
MadisonOh, I didn't know you were here, too, Kero... or is it Li?
LiWhat do you mean? I'm Li.
MadisonSorry, but I'd bet my camera that Li Showron never played a video game in his life.
SakuraHe hasn't.
Li and Kero glare at Sakura.
LiWell, so much for secrets, huh, Sakura?
KeroThat's great. Nice going.
MadisonOh, come on. It was obvious. No one had to tell me anything. I just knew.
KeroWe've only got a few hours left. Then everything should get back to normal, and this nightmare is over.
LiHa! Tell me about it. Livin' in your body ain't no picnic, kid.

In P.E. class, the boys are playing soccer.
Boy AHey, Li! Pass!
Boy BI'll take that, Li.
LiWhoa! Uhh!
Li with Kero's mind fails to get the ball, and falls down instead.
Kero with Li's mind is observing the P.E. from the classroom window.
KeroHe's hopeless!
Sakura is also watching the soccer game, while the girls including her are playing dodge ball.
RitaHeads up!
SakuraHuh? Unh!
Sakura catches the ball thrown at her.
LiForget the two-legged thing.
Li begins to run on all fours.
Li jumps high to get the ball in the air, but a dodge ball hit Li in his face, dropping him.
LiUnh! Oh!
KeroI'm ruined.
At this moment, Mr. Carter comes to the classroom.
CarterWho's in there?
KeroHuh? (Puts on a stuffed animal impression on desk)
Carter Kids. The only thing they don't forget is their lunch.
(Picking up Kero) Let me introduce you to your new friends at the lost and never found.

Mr. Carter is carrying baggages on a hand cart, among which Kero is lying.
The music teacher comes out of the teachers' room, and talks to Mr. Carter.
Music TeacherMr. Carter, perfect timing. Can you give us a hand with the textbooks? They're on the loading dock.
CarterNo problem.
Mr. Carter pulls off the cart aside, and walks to the loading dock. Kero is still lying in the baggage.

LiSee? Don't sweat the small stuff, Sakura. We made it through.
SakuraWe're not done yet, Kero. We've still got an hour to go.
MadisonIt would have made a great documentary. Too bad I didn't film it.
Meilin comes up to Li, but she looks suspiciously at Li and Sakura in turn.
MeilinAll right, Li. What's going on?
LiWhat? Nothing's going on, Meilin. I...
MeilinHey! It's me, Meilin. So spill it!

Mr. Terada comes out of the teachers' room; he's on his way home.
TeradaGood night.
TeacherPhone call, Mr. Terada.
TeradaOh, thanks.
Putting his bag on the cart Mr. Carter was carrying, Mr. Terada goes back into the teacher's room. In Mr. Terada's bag, there is a stuffed animal looking like Kero.
KeroNow's my chance. Huh?
Kero with Li's mind gets unballanced in the bag, and falls back into the bag, besides Mr. Terada's bag falls off from the cart. At this moment, Mr. Terada comes out of the room.
TeradaOK, good night.
KeroGotta go! Huh?
Mr. Terada takes a wrong bag with Kero is in. Soon later, Sakura's gang are walking past the teachers' room.
MeilinOh, wait till my Li hears about this.
LiHe knows.
Madison spots the stuffed animal looking like Kero which fell off the cart.
MadisonAs a matter of fact, here he is.
SakuraCouldn't be. He's upstairs.
Madison picks up and shows to the gang the bag with the stuffed animal resembling Kero.
SakuraLi, I told you to stay put. What are you doing?
MeilinLook at him. Oh, no.
LiNow who's causin' problems, huh, kid?
SakuraCome on. Wake up.
At this moment, a girl is passing by the gang.
MadisonSakura, this is way too public.

Sakura's gang take the bag with the stuffed animal to behind the school building.
SakuraHe's just lying there. Maybe you were wrong about the Change Card.
LiBut the Change Card doesn't have that much power.
Meilin hysterically seizes the stuffed animal.
MeilinTalk to me! Please say something.
LiThat won't do any good, Meilin.
Li with Kero's mind grabs the stuffed animal off Meilin.
LiUgh! Useless stuffed animal!
MadisonWait. Where did his wings go?
SakuraHis wings?
MadisonThis toy really is a toy.
SakuraShe's right.
Sakura finds a price tag on the stuffed animal.
The gang run back to the teachers' room and look for Kero around the cart.
MadisonHe wasn't in the classroom, either.
Sakura Where can he have gone?
(Gasps) Mr. Terada had a bag like that.
Ms. Mackenzie happens to walk to the gang.
MackenzieThis sounds serious.
SakuraWhere's Mr. Terada?
MackenzieI just saw him leaving.
SakuraWe've got to find him. Do you know where he went?
MackenzieTo the toy store downtown, I believe.
SakuraThanks a lot. We've got to go.
MadisonThank you, Ms. Machenzie.

Sakura's gang are running in the downtown, looking for Mr. Terada.
LiYou know, running on all fours is faster.
Finally they find Mr. Terada walk just ahead of them.
SakuraMr. Terada, wait!
TeradaHuh? This looks like trouble.
MeilinGive me that! (Snatches the blue bag from Mr. Terada)
Terada Hey!
What are looking for?
SakuraThe toy like this.
TeradaWell, I took that one back to the store because my niece already had one just like it.

In the toy store Mr. Terada took Kero back, the gang are looking for Kero.
MeilinLi! Li! Talk to me!
ClerkI'm sorry, little girl. Our toys don't talk.
MadisonSakura, here!
Madison points to the glass chamber of the crane game, placed outside the store.
Kero is in the glass chamber, Sakura gasps at the sight of Kero among many other stuffed animals.
KeroIt's about time!
LiJust step aside there, ladies. This calls for an expert. (Cracking nuckles)
SakuraThis is a lot different than a video game, Kero.
LiIt's all a matter of eye-hand coordination.
Li puts a coin in the slot, and manipulates the crane to Kero. When Kero stands tiptoe to get a hang on to the crane, the clerk comes to see them play.
ClerkAh, here you are.
KeroOh, no! (Puts on a stuffed animal impression)
ClerkGood choice. He's a cute little fella.
Grasping Kero's head, the crane is beginning to hoist him up.
ClerkCareful. Whoops. Easy. No too tight.
Despite the pain in the head Kero has born with, the first trial failed.
ClerkToo bad. You'll have to try again.
Sakura&MeilinHuh? What?
LiAll right. Here goes the master!
KeroOh, brother.

Back in Reedington Park.
LiAnd I'm tellin' you, Li, that clerk destroyed my concentration.
KeroPlease. How hard can it be?
LiJust as hard as you want to meke it, kid.
KeroI'm ready.
LiNot as ready as I am.
SakuraHey, it's time, you two.
SakuraOur 24 hours are over.
LiHmm. (Waits for Kero with Li's mind to jump into chest)
KeroHmm. (Hesitates)
SakuraCome on. This is how it's gotta be done, Li.
Kero Huh? Ugh.
Kero with Li's mind jumps into Li's chest. Sakura takes out the Change Card and calls out the magic.
Sakura Change Card! Release and dispel!
Change Card!
The Change's magic comes out and swirls around Li and Kero in a hug.

Next morning, Li walks into the classroom, when Sakura is already seated.
SakuraGood morning, Li. I thought it might be a little tough for you today.
LiWhat are you talking about?
SakuraSo here. (Opening her backpack) I brought your other half.
KeroI'm having a little trouble in the transition, you know?
KeroI just miss you, that's all. Mind if I ride in your backpack?

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