Boldfaced letters mean the name of the speaker.
Italicized letters mean what is thought in mind.
Faint letters mean what is happening in the flashback or in the dream.

Dragon Slayer

A dragon is roaring at the peak of a steep rocky mountain, when a lightning occuers. The dragon flatters and flies away in the sky.
That is the scene in the book Nikki is enjoying. She is very fascinated by it.
SakuraIs that a good book, Nikki?
NikkiReally great.
SakuraWow, you're really into reading fantasy, aren't you?
SakuraSo what's this one about?
Nikki shows Sakura its book cover which says ``Dragon Mountain.''
SakuraOoh, dragons.

Sakura's gang are having lunch in the schoolyard.
MadisonDragons only exist in people's imagination.
SakuraUhm, lucky for us.
NikkiOh, I don't know.
RitaWhat do you mean by that?
NikkiThey've got these slimy scales and they breathe fire and everything.
Hearing what these girls talk, Meilin shows up to join the conversation.
MeilinIf you want to know about dragons, just ask Li Showron.
Meilin He knows everything about everything and so obviously he'll know everything about dragons!
Now, I need to talk to him about something very important, so where is he?
ChelseaI think I saw him heading for the rooftop a few minutes ago.
MeilinYeah, I knew that.
Meiling jumps on her feet and dashes out to where Li is supposed to be.

On the rooftop, Li is looking over the town of Reedington. He seems to sense something weird in the shopping street. At this time, Meilin comes to Li out of the blue.
MeilinLooking for me?
LiUh, Meilin!
MeilinLike I told you, my Mom gave me way too much lunch today, so I thought I'd share it.
LiI don't...
MeilinLi! What is your problem?
LiNo problem. I just sense something.
MeilinDoes that mean what I think it does?
LiMm-hmm. A Clow Card.

Sakura's gang are walking in the shopping street after school.
NikkiOh, I love this store! So, anybody want to go look around?
SakuraHmm, let's go.
Nikki skips into the bookstore, the rest of the group are following into the store.
SakuraNikki will only shop at this particular bookstore because they have the most complete mystery and fantasy collection in town.
MadisonWhat a fanatic.
When she is about enter the store, Sakura feels something funny, so she stops at the entrance.
MadisonHey, what's the matter?
SakuraI'm sensing a Clow Card.
Madison(Gasps) Where's it coming from?
Sakura looks back into the street, and points to where she feels the Card.
SakuraIt feels like over there.
MadisonIs it very strong?
SakuraUm... mm-hmm.

Meanwhile, Nikki is looking around for books in the store, until she finds a strange one.
NikkiOh. Now there's something.

Rita comes to Sakura and Madison, because they're talking without coming into the store.
RitaSo, are you two coming in or not?
SakuraI know me, Rita. I'm always late.
Sakura walks into the store.
MadisonBut what about the Clow Card?
SakuraWe'll have to come back when there's not as many people around.

Nikki stands on tiptoe and reaches up to her finding in a bookshelf. She takes an old strange book.
NikkiNo title. Obviously old.
She turns the pages to look over.
Nikki This looks like one of those old books, where you write your own ending. Yeah, it is.
(Taking out a quill out of the book) And... an old writing quill! Wrap it up!

Later on at that night, Sakura and Madison are back in the shopping street when no stores are still open.
MadisonThis is from my new millennium collection. It's very neo-gladiator.
Madison is videotaping Sakura in the costume, while Sakura blushes.
MadisonYou know, I really like the Flexozar.
MeilinHey, you!
At Meilin's voice from up above, Sakura turns to look and sees Meilin and Li standing at the top of a building.
MeilinCan you keep it down? We're trying to work up here.
KeroHey! Why don't you two leave this to the experts?
Meilin and Li jump off the building to Sakura and Madison.
MeilinWe are the experts. You want to know why we're the experts, Kero? Because Li's known about this Clow Card since lunchtime, and you haven't.
KeroWell, we knew about it before that. Right? (Looking to Sakura)
MeilinI knew it! (Seems very happy)
KeroWe know where it is. Right, Sakura?
MeilinUh, you know, right?
Sakura&LiMm-Hmm. Over there.
Sakura and Li points in the same direction to the far beyond into the street. Then she sees a pair of light coming closer.
That is a cat, but it's too big for a kitty; as big as an elephant.
SakuraIt's just a cat. (Sighs)
KeroAh, I think you better take another look.
The huge cat walks few steps past Sakura's gang, and it stops to look back at them, growling. All the gang are running hysterically, and the cat is chasing them.
Sakura calls out the Fly.
SakuraFly! Climb on!
Sakura grabs Madison's hands, so she climbs on the Fly.
On the other hand, Li and Meilin are keep running, but Meilin trips over a stone.
SakuraNo! Meilin!
The huge cat slowly steps to Meilin lying on her stomach.
MeilinHey! I love cats! Honestly!
LiLet go of her!
Li holds his sword and try to threaten the cat. Then the cat takes its paw off Meilin, and steps forward to Li.
Just a few feet ahead of Li holding a sword, the cat purrs. But in a few seconds, the cat laps Li on the cheek.
LiYuck! Stop it, cat! Uh, I'm armed here.
MadisonHuh. Well, Li seems to have made a friend.
KeroThis looks like the work of the Big Card.
MadisonI assume the Big Card makes things bigger?
KeroNot just bigger. We're talking gigantic.
SakuraIt's around here somewhere.
Sakura looks around from the sky, and finally she finds a building with a plenty of gigantic plants on its rooftop.
SakuraLet's go!
LiThe Clow Card! Wait!
The moment Li starts running, the huge cat pushes him down with its paw.
The cat rubs its cheek against Li.
LiUh, nice kitty.
MeilinCat, don't make me hurt you. That's Li Showron you got there!

Sakura, Madison, and Kero are flying low over the rooftop of the building where the Big Card is supposed to be.
KeroThere it is!
SakuraIt doesn't look that big from up here.
The Card is sitting on the edge of the pond on the rooftop, which looks like some witch from some Japanese comic book. Sakura's gang land in front of the Card.
KeroQuick, Sakura. Seal it! That Card can really cause a lot of trouble just by sitting.
The Big Card pats a fish in the pond with its wand. Then the fish grows gigantic and springs out of the pond.
SakuraI see what you mean!
KeroYeah, and that's just for starters. Think about what it could do with centipedes!
Sakura jumps over the fish and runs to the Big for capture.
SakuraIt's over, Big Card.
Then the Big Card stands on its feet. It's like eight feet tall, so Sakura kind of shrinks back, but she soon acts as a Cardcaptor.
SakuraBig Card, return to your power confined!
The Card turns into a card form at the tip of the wand.
KeroNice one.
MadisonGood capture.
Soon all the plants and the fish shrink back to their normal.
Madison Look.
Swim on this, fish.
Madison takes the fish back into the pond.

Sakura's work also acts on the big cat lying over on Li, which shrinks back to its normal.
MeilinIt's about time!
Li groans hearing the cat's meow on his back. Meilin picks it up.
Meilin That was Li's Clow Card, and you ruined it for him!
(Yells) Thanks a lot, cat!

In Nikki's house, Nikki is reading the book she bought that afternoon.
Nikki Hmm...
Hmm. Mm-hmm. (Stretches her back)
That was good. Sorcerers. Wow.
Having read throughout the story, when Nikki turns the next page, she can see the white page on which to write the ending.
Nikki Now, what will I write about?
Hmm... Yeah!

In Reedington Park, Meilin is whining about the mishap that prevented Li from the capture.
MeilinIt's just not fair to Li, that's all.
KeroYo, button it, girlfriend!
MeilinYou're stuffed animal. Don't even talk to me!
KeroJust accept it.
MeilinIt was Li's Card.
SakuraCome on, you two.
MeilinBut Li would have captured the Big Card if that mega-cat hadn't gotten in the way.
KeroNo, no, no. Li would have been mega-cat's lunch if Sakura hadn't sealed the Card.
MeilinListen, you...
KeroNo, you listen!
SakuraYou guys. Huh?
Sakura sees a princess crossing the path beyond quarreling Kero and Meilin. The princess soon fades out.
The princess appears out of nowhere, and disappears again.

Nikki is writing a story in the book with its writing quill.
Nikki And then, the sorcerer floated quietly away across the bridge.
Um... now what should happen next?
The book calmly glows.
NikkiI know!
She goes on writing further.

Back in Reedington Park.
LiYou saw it, too, right?
LiThen it wasn't a ghost.
Suddenly a panther swishes out of a bush.
Madison(Gasps) What is that?
LiA panther! (Holding a sword)
SakuraIt's OK, Madison.
LiI got it.
MadisonWe don't have panthers around here, do we?
The growling panther actually has a humorous face; its eyes are whorls.
SakuraHe looks silly!
MeilinThis is getting ridiculous.
A pair of wings appears on its back, and the panther soars into the air.
KeroOK, uh... what's going on here? Hmm? Anybody?
Subsequently, a pink hippo and a yellow horse appear in the sky; they also have wings and whorl eys.
KeroSo, uh, what are you sensing there, Cardcaptors?
SakuraA Clow Card with a sense of humor?
KeroUh-huh! The Create Card.

Nikki still enjoys writing her own story.
Nikki And once the panther had made a couple of passes overhead, the hippo and the horse knew they, too, must have wings, and soon, everybody wanted them.
(Thinks for a minute) Yeah.
Now they could defend their homes from the evil creatures that had been stealing their food and destroying their forests,

On the other hand, in Reedington Park, various colorful animals with wings, and with whorl eyes, are floating in the air.
SakuraSo how does the Create Card do this?
KeroSomeone writes it down, and it becomes real.
LiYou mean somebody just imagines all these creatures and then they come alive?
KeroNo, no. They get written in a story.
SakuraHey! (Accepts a pink cat with wings) That sounds like the Create Card.
KeroYeah, which would be fine if the person doesn't write too much. But somehow the Create Book had managed to connect up with someone who has a pretty fantastic imagination and isn't afraid to use it.
Madison(Fondling a green hamster) So how long does this going on, Kero?
Kero Well, the Card only creates at night, so tomorrow morning, this will all be over...
Whoa! Big wind!
A gust of wind blows all of a sudden. The fantastic animals are blown away; Kero is struggling not to be blown.
SakuraThis feels like trouble.

Meanwhile, Nikki is still making her story.
NikkiFinally... the creature... with the biggest wings of all appeared... creating a force with its wings that blew like the mightiest wind.

Due to Nikki's story, a huge dragon appears in Reedington Park.
SakuraWhat? Aah! A dragon!
The dragon flies toward Sakura's gang; they have to run away through the bridge. The wind produced by the dragon's wings blow all the gang into a bush.
The dragon lands in the middle of the park and roars.
KeroVery creative.
SakuraKero, it's a dragon!
KeroYeah, but as soon as the person stops writing, the dragon will go away.
SakuraWe can't wait.
The dragon begins walking with stomping sounds.
MadisonOh, no. It's headed for downtown.
SakuraLi, use your sword to stop him—quickly!
LiHuh! Force, know my plight. Release the light! Lightning!
Li's lightning magic hit the dragon, but it's lame.
MeilinIt hardly fazed him!
Kero The dragon's too big.
Eh... big. Hey! That's the solution!
SakuraThe Big Card.
The dragon breathes out a fire ball, which flies away to a distance.
KeroQuick, Sakura! The dragon's almost to the city!
MadisonJust remember, dragons aren't real. You'll be fine.
Sakura picks up and throws the Big Card, twirls her sealing wand and hit it on the Card to call out the magic.
Sakura Big Card... make me grow.
Big! Release and dispel!
Sakura grows to fifty feet tall.
MadisonNice! You rule, Sakura!
SakuraYou all looks so little!
KeroTo you, we are little. Now go slay that dragon, kid!
Making stomping sounds, Sakura runs after the dragon.
Sakura Not another step, dragon!
You're mine.
Sakura seizes the dragon by its tail.
KeroLeft jab! Right jab!
MeilinThis is exactly like a video game... only it's real life. I love it! This is so cool!
Sakura could be seen fighting against the dragon, through Nikki's window, but she doesn't even notice her own story is truly going on because she's busy writing the story.
SakuraUh... uh...
Sakura tries to pull the dragon backward, but she is dragged to the city. Subsequently, the dragon looks back at her, and breathes out fire.
SakuraHuh? Aah!
Sakura barely dodges the fire ball. The dragon turns around to attack her.
SakuraUh-oh! Aah!
Sakura runs away from the dragon, but it trots after her. The dragon breathes another fire; Sakura steps aside.
SakuraOhh! Aah!
The dragon attacks her with anotber fire-breath.
SakuraThis guy feels pretty real to me, Madison!
MeilinDon't you have any laser beams or anything?
LiThis is not working, Kero.
KeroHmm. Clow Reed never thought dragons would be a problem.
The dragon jumps up high and kicks Sakura down on the ground.
KeroLook out!
The dragon lands ahead of lying Sakura, then she raises her head up to see the dragon is about to breathe out a fire ball.
She is scared out and can't do anything, but nothing happens.
The dragon is beginning to fade out.

It's that Nikki stops writing the story.
Nikki To be continued.
Nikki closes the book, yawns, and turns off the light.

The dragon is becoming dimmer and dimmer in sight.
KeroWhoo hoo! The writer called it a night!
SakuraOhh... finally. (Standing on her feet)
KeroSakura, seal it before it disappears.
Sakura Right!
Create Card, return to your power... confined!
The Create Book in Nikki's house flies to the tip of the sealing wand, and it turns into a card.
KeroSo, are you ready to rejoin us little people?
SakuraThe view's not bad up here.
KeroOne false step from you and the gang down there is history.
SakuraOh. Anybody want a ride?

Next morning, Nikki wakes up and looks at her desk, then she finds a mystery.
NikkiHey! The book! It's gone!

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