Boldfaced letters mean the name of the speaker.
Italicized letters mean what is thought in mind.
Faint letters mean what is happening in the flashback or in the dream.

The Race

At one night, in the forest back of Reedington Park, Madison is videotaping Sakura on the Fly who is in a card capture.
MadisonGreat shot!
Sakura steeply descends and flies straight in the forest.
SakruaThe Dash Card's fast.
KeroWell, you got that right. I think we're gonna break the sound barrier pretty soon.
SakruaYeah. Does Dash ever get tired?
KeroThat's the good news. It only handles short distances.
The Dash Card dashes out of the forest into the air.
KeroNow, Sakura!
Sakrua Windy, release and dispel!
Got it! Kero, the Card's fighting Windy.
Tied up by the Windy Card, the Dash Card struggles to get out of the Windy's restriction.
KeroIt'll get hurt if it struggles.
The Dash Card pops off the Windy Card away in the air.
MadisonWhoa, what was that?
Beyond the way the Card flies through, there is a crash sound.
Sakura, Kero, and Madison are waliking to find the Dash Card.
MadisonWell, I don't see it anywhere.
Sakura stops to sense the Dash's presence.
SakruaI've got a sense from over there but it's not strong.
KeroDash struggled so hard against Windy, its energy will be low. Now's the perfect time to capture it, Sakura.
Sakura is sure the Dash is in the yard of this house facing to the forest. But the fence is too high for her to look into the yard. Sakura jumps up repeatedly to look in the yard.
Then Sakura is trying to hang onto the fence.
SakruaI should have used the Jump Card.
WomanRight over here, Officer.
Madison notices a woman take a police officer to come over.
MadisonSakura, someone's coming.
SakruaOh, great.
Sakura and Madison are hiding behind a plant.
OfficerSure it wasn't the cats again, ma'am?
WomanAbsolutely not. I saw someone right over here.
OfficerYou sure about that?
WomanYes, and she was wearing the most bizarre outfit.
SakruaYou see?
MadisonWell, it's very Mardi Gras.
The officer is looking around beyond the plant oscillating a flashlight. So Sakura and Madison keep low not to be detected.
KeroWe can come back. The Dash Card's gonna need to rest up so it's not going anywhere.
Sakura and Madison runs back home. Besides the light on the first floor of the house is turned on, in the yard of the house the Dash is hiding. A girl opens the glass door to the yard, then a woman speaks to the girl.
WomanIs something out there, Jess?
GirlIt's nothing. A plant fell over. Probably just a cat.
The girl gasped at the sight of the Dash Card, looking like a cat or something, hiding at the corner of the yard, which is nervously growling at her.
GirlDon't be afraid. Come here, kitty.
The Dash runs to the back of a plant.
Girl Huh? What's the matter?
Aw, you've hurt your leg. I'll be right back.

The girl named Jessie is fixing the Dash's wounded leg.
JessieThere. All fixed up.
The Dash Card feels relief in Jessie's arm.
JessieI've never seen an animal quite like you before. You're pretty cool.
JessieOh, yeah. Same to you.

Next day after school, in Reedington Park, Sakura and Madison are planing to capture the Dash Card. But Sakura is wearing a baseball uniform, and Madison is videotaping her.
SakruaAll right, Madison. A baseball uniform. Not bad. I can live with this.
Madison takes out her hand to Sakura as if she's demanding the ball Sakura holds.
SakruaHuh? (Gives Madison the ball)
MadisonYeah, it's a great disguise.
Meanwhile, Jessie talks to the Dash Card she takes care of in a cage.
JessieHow's your leg, Hoppy?
Then a ball comes fly to her yard.
The Dash goes hide in the wooden house in the cage.
SakruaHello? Anybody home?
JessieThis yours, Sakura?
SakruaJessie? You live here?
JessieNice outfit. I didn't know the school had a baseball game today.
JessieSorry I can't come watch... but I just got back from practice. Big track meet coming up. I've been training really hard... (Handing the ball to Sakura)
Jessie... to get a qualified time.
SakruaYeah, I heard about that. Sure hope you make it. Good luck.
JessieThanks. Good luck in the game.
Sakura walks back the way, and when she turns the corner Madison walks up to her.
MadisonYou didn't get the Dash Card?
SakruaNo. I guess it's back to the drawing board, Madison.

Further next day after school, sprinters are on training.
SakruaJessie says the track meet trials are next week, but she needs a faster time.
CoachOn your marks. Get set. Go!
Jessie and her teammate start to dash. Jessie looks out of her shape.
While Jessie is taking a rest, Sakura comes up to and talks to her.
SakruaHi, Jessie.
SakruaSo, how's it going?
JessieHuh? It's OK. I'm going to qualify. Mind over matter, right?
SakruaYup. Um...
CoachJessie! Come on. Let's do it again. You ready?
CoachLet's go!
MadisonWow, she's sure training hard.
This time, Jessie seems, to Sakura, to be surrounded by some mysterious aura.
CoachOn your marks. Get set. Go!
Jessie dashes up much faster than the last time, as if she has gained some power from the aura.
SakruaHey, look.
The coach clicks the stopwatch and takes a look.
CoachWhat? Incredible, Jessie!
CoachThat's a personal best for you.

Jessie invites Sakura and Madison to her house. She talks to her mother sweeping the porch.
JessieGuess what, Mom? I ran my best time ever today.
MomHoney, that's wonderful.

Jessie lets Sakura and Madison in the living room.
JessieCome on. Eat up. It's a celebraion. This animal I've found's brought me good luck and it's not getting out of my sight.
JessieI mean, just to be able to run in the interschool track meet that's what I dream about.
KeroI dream about cake.
JessieHey, you guys have got to meet him. His name is Hoppy.
SakruaNo! We got to go.
Sakura jumps on her feet, so Kero falls onto the table.
MadisonWe do?
SakruaBesides, you can't show us your good luck charm. They say that it's bad luck.
JessieOh, OK.
SakruaWhere's my backpack? Oh, there it is. Thanks very much for the cake and everything. We'll be rooting for you.
JessieThanks. See you soon.
Madison follows Sakura out of Jessie's house.

On the way back, the three are talking in Reedington Park.
SakruaThe Dash Card must be having some effect on her, Kero. She's never burned up the track like that.
KeroThe Card's getting stronger. Seal it, fast.

Meanwhile, the Dash Card is scare of something.
JessieHey, Hoppy! Everything's OK. Why are you so spooked all of a sudden? There you go.
As Jessie rubs the Dash's back, it gets relaxed. It looks up at Jessie's face.
JessieHuh? (Laughs rubbing her cheek against the Dash)

In the sprinter's training, the coach is measuring the time.
Coach Thirteen seconds?
Jessie! That's a school record!
JessieRight on! I made it! I qualified! I did it!
Sakura and her friends are watching it from their classroom window on the second floor.
MadisonAre you thinking what I'm thinking?
SakruaSure am.
ChelseaWhat's that?
NikkiBig win.
ChelseaYeah! You know, I don't think a kid from our school has even qualified for the 100-meter dash in a long time.
NikkiThat's so cool, and she's only twelve. She's my hero.
MackenzieShe tranins hard.
ChelseaBut Miss Mackenzie, she wasn't running like this last week.
MackenzieMaybe last week, she didn't believe she could. That can make a big difference.
Sakura is trying to sneak out of the conversation.
ChelseaSakura, where are you going?
SakruaUhh... Oh, nowhere.
ChelseaI know whose fault it'll be if Jessie doesn't win.
ChelseaOurs! Let's go down to the field and cheer her on.
SakruaOh, yeah, right. (Kind of feeling a relief)

Sakura is looking at Jessie training alone.
CoachThat's it for today. Good practice, Jessie. Congrats.
Jessie finds out Sakura watching her.
SakruaHail to the champ. (Bowing)
JessieNot yet, but I'm sure working on it. Before, I was even sure I would qualify. Now I want to win.
SakruaThat's great.
CoachJessie! Time to stretch!
Jessie Be right there.
I can't beleive the meet is just three days away, and I'm in the best shape ever.
SakruaGood luck.

Sakura, Madison, and Kero are in Reedington Park in the twilight.
KeroWell, if she's at practice all the time, you can capture the Dash Card without any problem. Right, Sakura?
SakruaI can't do it.
KeroWhat? Excuse me?!
SakruaKero, I want to wait till the track meet's over before I seal the Card.
KeroLook, the longer you wait, the stronger that Card'll be, my friend.
SakruaYeah, I know that, but Jessie thinks that the Dash Card is some stray animal that's bringing her good luck, and she's really been working hard at this, Kero.
KeroHey! Who made you coach of the year? Last time I looked, you were a Cardcaptor.
SakruaI am going to do it when I'm ready, Kero.
KeroBut, Sakura...
SakruaNo, Kero.
Kero is following and trying to persuade Sakura who is walking frustratedly fast.
KeroListen, somethimes the choice you have to make isn't the choice you want to make, Sakura.
SakruaOh, Kero.
She loses a word, and stops.

That night, when she is in the living room, Aiden talks to her.
AidenHey, Sakura, I see that today's paper has a photo of that sprinter from your school.
AidenShe sounds like a real champion.
SakruaBreaking school record.
AidenThis track meet will have plenty of press coverage. A win could mean an awful lot for that young girl. (Smiles)
Sakura smiles back at Aiden, nervously.

After school, cheerleaders are practicing for the track meet Jessie is supposed to attend.
CaptainReady? OK!
Cheerleaders Hey! Hey! You can't get past!
Hey! Hey! You'll end up last!
Hey! Hey! You can't get past!
Hey! Hey! We run too fast!
Reedington! Reedington! Rah! Rah! Rah!
ChelseaHey, I think Jessie's getting ready to run.
NikkiAll right.
Sakrua Great.
At the moment Jessie kneels down at the mark, the Dash Card sends some powers from her house to her. Sakura can sense it.
Jessie and her teammate start to dash, and Jessie runs incredibly fast.
NikkiThat's amazing.
Meanwhile, Li and Meilin are carrying a pile of books into the classroom. At the moment Li puts them on a desk, he senses some powers going on in the playgroud.
MeilinThanks a lot, Li. That's all of them. (Notices Li look aside) Hello?
Li steps to the window to look outside.
MeilinWhat are you looking at?
LiUm, nothing. I hope.
CoachTwo days till the meet, Jessie. How do you feel?
JessieLike a winner!
MooreOK, come on, girls. Let's try those flips again.
CheerleadersOK! Sure! Great!

Back at Jessie's house, Jessie pets the Dash out of the cage.
JessieYou're much better, aren't you?
JessieThanks for the good luck. Hoppy, you're the best thing that ever happened to me. I just wish I could figure out a way for you to come to the big track meet with me.

Meanwhile, Sakura and Madison are going back home, when Kero is talking to Sakura out of her backpack.
KeroSakura, you have to seal the Dash Card now before it starts to create some real chaos. Hah, this has gone on long enough. You're a Cardcaptor. You're supposed to capture Cards.
SakruaIt's Li.
The three see Li look for a Clow Card using his Lasin Board.
SakruaWith the Lasin Board. It's found a Clow Card... and it's pointing... to Jessie's house.

At Jessie's house, the Dash Card is hopping in the yard.
JessieYou are getting healthy. Maybe you can help me work on my high jump.

Sakura is running after Li.
KeroWell, you waited too long.
Li is already in front of Jessie's house, where the Lasin Board tells him a Clow Card is inside.
LiIt's here.
Inside the fence, the Dash Card hops high in the air.
The Dash lands on the fence, Li finds.
LiThe Dash Card.
Sakura rushes into the scene Li is staring at the Dash Card.
SakruaHuh? Ohh! Li, wait!
LiDash Card!
The Dash Card finds two carpcaptors just behind, so it makes a run for it.
The Dash making a run in the forest, and Li is running after it.
SakruaLi, you can't.
Li Wha-
Force, know my plight. Release the light! Lightning!
Li's lightning magic keeps attacking the Dash Card, but it barely avoid the direct shocks. But eventually, in the way, the Dash is coming toward Sakura.
KeroCome on, Sakura. Seal it now!
SakruaBut it's two more days until the big meet.
KeroEven if she does win, Sakura, she'll be winning because of the magic, not because of her own strength. It would be like a lie, Sakura. What kind of friendship is that, huh?
LiIt's coming this way.
Sakrua Sorry, Jessie.
LiIt's right there!
SakruaKey of Clow! Release!
The key turns into a wand, and Sakura quickly grabs it and holds it up.
SakruaDash Card, return to your power confined!
The Dash Card turns into a Card squeaking, and finally flies over to Li's hand. Sakura is depressed.
LiYou knew this Card was around here the whole time?
LiWell, why didn't you just seal it?
Jessie Hoppy! (Calling from a distance)
Hoppy, come back!
Hoppy! Hoppy!
Seeing Jessie calling the Dash Card, Sakura feels very sad and sorry.
SakruaOh. (Droops her head)
KeroYou had to.

Next day after school.
ChelseaBig race tomorrow!
NikkiSee you there!
Sakura walks to the playground to see Jessie on training, who looks kind of sad.

At the track meet, Sakura is in the stadium for cheerleading.
ChelseaSee that? Jessie's in the finals!
NikkiShe's gonna win!
Sakura looks at Jessie, and despite of her good run Jessie doesn't seem happy, she's head down.
MadisonShe's been training really hard, Sakura. I think she's going to do just fine.
AnnouncerTake your places for the girls' 100-meter final.
CoachRelax. Just run your race.
As soon as Jessie takes her place, she sees the Dash at the goal.
So does Sakura, she gasps. The Dash vanishes in a few seconds.
SakruaYou can do it, Jessie!
Jessie(Hears Sakura) Hmm.
JudgeOn your marks. Get set.
The starter pistol goes, and all the ace sprinters begins the competition. Jessie speeds up running, and gets ahead of the others, and reaches the goal first.
Sakura finds Li in the bleachers, but he soon get out in the corridor. She runs up to catch him.
Sakrua Li, wait up!
Li, did you just release the Dash Card?
LiAre you telling me you think Jessie won because she used Dash's speed?
SakruaHuh? But...
LiYou know, I'm really surprised you'd think something like that. I didn't do anything. I just happened to have the Dash Card with me.
Li flashes the Dash Card smiling, and walks away.
SakruaJessie didn't win because of any magic. She won on her own ability after all.
AnnouncerAnd the girls' 100-meter goes to Jessie Hamilton of Reedington Elementary School.
Sakura runs back to the bleachers with joy, when Jessie is delighted on the victory stand.
CheerleadersJessie! Jessie! Jessie! Yay!
JessieHey, Sakura! Ha ha ha!
SakruaJessie! Way to go!

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