Boldfaced letters mean the name of the speaker.
Italicized letters mean what is thought in mind.
Faint letters mean what is happening in the flashback or in the dream.

No Way Out

Sakura is rollerblading home in a hurry.
SakuraOh, man! I promised Dad that I'd be home by now. I'm late again! Whoa! Aah!
Turning at a corner, Sakura finds two men carry a sofa just ahead of her. She ducks to get through under the sofa between the men.
SakuraComing through!
SakuraSorry! I'm late.
Then a cat crossing the street stops in Sakura's way.
SakuraOh, no! Out of my way! Whoa!
Almost tripping, Sakura tries to hold herself upright, when a woman grabs her hand to put her on her feet stable.
Sakura Ah! Unh!
Sakura looks up at the woman who has just saved her, she is a young woman with long hair, wearing sunglasses. The woman speaks to Sakura slowly, taking off her sunglasses.
WomanCats... always... in the way.
WomanReal troublemakers.
SakuraRight. Um, thanks.
Woman You're welcome.
So, see you tomorrow, then.
Sakura Huh? Tomorrow?
What's that supposed to mean?
The mysterious woman walks away not saying another words. Sakura is watching her off.

That night, Sakura talks to Kero about the mysterious woman she saw in the daytime.
KeroTell me again, Sakura. She just appeared out of nowhere?
KeroTell me. What'd she look like?
There is a knock on the door.
KeroUgh. Uh-huh!
Kero jumps and puts on a stuffed animal impression. Sakura trots up to the door to answer.
When Sakura opens the door, there stands Tori handing Sakura a jell-O.
ToriHere's your dessert, squirt.
KeroOh, yeah!
SakuraThanks, Tori.
Sakura``Hmm'' what?
ToriI thought I... Hmm.
Tori stares at Kero very suspiciously, so Kero has to keep on his stuffed animal impression.
Tori closes the door.
KeroOoh. I think he's catching onto me.

Next morning, Sakura is rushing out of her house.
AidenSlow down.
SakuraBut I'm late, Dad.
AidenSlow down anyway.
Sakura speeds up roller-blading, because she is almost late for school.
Sakura Don't ring! Don't ring! Ohh..
Made it.
She manages to get through the school gate barely before the bell rings.

In the classroom, Mr. Terada is talking to the class.
TeradaAnd since Ms. Karski will have to be away from us for a couple of weeks, you have a new math teacher! Welcome.
Opening the door, a young woman in a long skirt walks into the classroom.
MackenzieI'm Ms. Mackenzie. It's nice to meet you all.
The new teacher is the mysterious woman Sakura saw the day before. Sakura keeps her mouth open with a surprise. Feeling something funny about her, Li stares at her.

In the lunchtime, Sakura, Li, Madison, and Meilin are in the schoolyard.
SakuraMs. Mackenzie?
LiHave you sensed anything from her, Sakura? There's something not quite right.
SakuraYou sure?
LiMm-hmm. It feels like something strong. We gotta be on our guard.
MackenzieYou don't need to be on guard.
Those four kids start at unexpected Ms. Mackenzie's voice coming behind. She is smiling at them.
SakuraMs. Mackenzie!
Mackenzie Math isn't that scary. It's a puzzle, like any other puzzle. I sense things, too, Li, and I sense that you're a math whiz, so I don't know why you feel that you have to be on guard.
Madison, you like math, too.
Mackenzie Not so easy for you, right, Meilin?
And... you do very well, right, Sakura?
SakuraYeah! And thanks again for yesterday.
MackenzieDestiny, I guess.

After school, Sakura's group is on shift cleaning the classroom.
NikkiThey say these amulets bring you good luck, almost guaranteed!
MeilinAhem! I mean, are you crazy? As if I'd spend my allowance on some stupid good luck charm. That's really dumb! Ha ha! Ha ha ha!
Meilin walks away laghing out.

Sakura and Madison are standing in front of the gate of the shrine on the talk, on their way home from school.
MadisonI'm glad Nikki told us about this place.
SakuraIf amulets really bring good luck, maybe it'll help me capture some Clow Cards.
MadisonOK. Come on.
As two of them go into the shrine, Sakura senses some chills.
SakuraHuh? Whoa!
MadisonWhat's the matter?
SakuraThings just seem... out of whack.
Madison Really? (Looking around)
What do you mean, ``out of whack''?
MadisonWell, you know it's a garden. It's suppose to feel different.
Then Madison spots Li and Meilin in the shrine.
LiMeilin, no!
MeilinLi, come on!
LiI said I don't want magic amulets!
MeilinBut our destinies are intertwined, and it's very bad luck to fight, Li.
LiMeilin, you can't...
MadisonUh, hi there!
LiOh! Hi.
MeilinWe were just joking!
While Meilin tries to make an excuse being in the shrine, Sakura steps forward to talk to Li.
SakuraLi, listen. Did you pick up on anything when you walked in here?
LiAre you sensing something?
MeilinHuh? Sensing what?
At this moment, all the kids hear a bell out of nowhere.
MeilinWhat's that? I don't see a bell.
Soon the space goes wrong, and green walls appear around them. They find themselves inside a mysteious maze.
MeilinThis is your doing, Avalon!
SakuraI think we're inside a maze.
MadisonWasn't this just a garden?
SakuraYeah, I'm gonna see if I can...
Sakura is beginning to walk for an exit, but Li takes her hand to stop her.
LiSakura! Let's do this together.
Meilin looks unhappy because Li just took another girl by the hand. Then Sakura closes her eyes to concentrate, and she sees an aspect of a Clow Card in her mind.
SakuraIt's a Clow Card!
MadisonCan you tell which Clow Card it is, Sakura?
LiI think it's a Maze Card. It's gotta be.
MadisonOhh! People get lost in mazes.
Meilin Ah, chill out! Li will handle it.
What do you say, Li? Let's proof this maze and get some amulets.
LiIt's not that easy! The maze won't disappear until we discover where the exit is.
SakuraOK. Then let's go find the exit.
MeilinFine. But I'm warning you, Avalon! No tricks!
SakuraMeilin, give it a rest.
All the four kids are wandering around inside the maze. Madison keeps her right hand on the wall, walking all the way.
LiWe should be getting close.
MeilinI knew you could get us out of here, Li.
SakuraOh, great. We're back where we started from.
LiUgh! I was sure this would work.
MadisonIt was a good idea. You should be able to follow your hand on the wall like this, and eventually end up at the opening.
SakuraHey. Let's see if the Lasin Board can help us.
Li takes his Lasin Board and chants over it.
LiForce, know my plight! Release the light!
A blue light flashes, but soon goes out.
LiThe maze has neutralized the board's magnetic field.
MadisonLet's see. Logic doesn't work, the Lasin Board is no use, so what's left?
Sakura takes out the Key of Clow, and begins to chant for the magic power.
SakuraO Key of Clow! Power of magic, power of light, surrender the wand, the force ignite! Release!
A swirl of wind occurs, in which the key is spinning, and grows to turn into a wand. Sakura grabs it.
Sakura Fly!
I'll find the exit.
Sakura jumps on the wand and soars.
MadisonYou be careful.
As Sakura climbs higher, the wall of the maze grows taller not allowing Sakura to find the exit. No matter how high she climbs the wall blocks her way, then finally the wall shut the way up as well, so she has to give up.
SakuraHuh? Oh!

Sakura is back with her gang. The four kids are planning on their next move.
LiSo much for the Fly Card.
MadisonIs it just me, or are we running out of ideas?
Meilin Nngh! I just have to get one of these amulets!
(Rolling eyes to the wall) Stupid wall! (Kicks the wall)
LiYou know, you're not helping, Meilin.
MeilinOh, Li.
SakuraHey! I think you're onto something.
MeilinBack off!
SakuraNo, you're right. We can make a path through the wall.
Sakura takes out the Sword Card, and chants twirling her wand.
SakuraSword Card. Release and dispel! Release!
The magical spirit twines around the wand, making it into a sword.
Sakura We'll cut our way through!
Sakura raises back the sword and slashes the wall. Then the wall splits apart to make the way open.
MeilinIt worked!
SakuraLet's go.
Unfortunately, the wall soon shuts their way.
LiThis Card's a real puzzle.
Suddenly, the maze shakes hard, so the kids go panic.
SakuraNow what's happening?
Meilin gets unballanced and falls down.
The moment Li is about to help Meilin up, a new wall sprouts up between them.
SakuraLook out!
Another wall grows between Sakura and Madison, which flips Madison backward to Li.
LiAre you OK?
The next moment, a pillar sprouts out and is growing high rapidly with Madison at the top.
MadisonI can't!
LiMadison, hang on!
Li holds his crystal ball in front, and concentrates, so a sword appear chained up to the ball. Li throws up a charm card and presses the sword aginst it.
LiNow! Element! Wind!
Blowing to Madison, a wind encloses and brings Madison back to where Sakura is waiting for her. Madison is back standing safe in front of Sakura.
SakuraAre you all right?
MadisonYes, I'm fine.
Luckily, the wall shutting away Li gets lower to vanish, so the three gets together again.
MadisonThank you, Li.
SakuraNow what? (Gasps)
They find the maze has become a chaos. All the paths are connected weird to and fro and any height.
MadisonEvery time we try something, it gets more difficult.
SakuraWe can do it!
LiHey! Where's Meilin?
Sakura, Li, and Madison looks to where the voice has come from, so they find Meilin stand upright on an appearent side wall. It seems that the gravity attracts in a diffrent direction where Meilin is standing.
MeilinHere! I'm over here. I- I'm stuck!
LiStay where you are! Don't move!
Li uses the same magic just like he saved Madison.
LiNow! Element! Wind!
A wind travels toward Meilin, but suddenly it turns to the other way and disappears.
SakuraIt worked before.
LiYeah. But now the space dimensions are all warped.
MeilinHelp me!
LiStay calm, Meilin. We're coming to get you!
MadisonWe're gonna do that how?
LiTake the stairs. What do you think?

Actually, it's already seven at night. Aiden phones school to look for Sakura, because it isn't the time elementary school kids were hanging around.
AidenYou're sure? All right. Thanks.
Aiden hangs up.
AidenShe left her school at the same time as always.
ToriI'll look for her.
Tori goes out on a bike, it's already dark outside.

Li, Sakura, and Madison are walking all the way to the stairs which seems to lead to Meilin.
MeilinHelp me! I'm sideways!
Li We're almost there!
(Looking at tunnel ahead) Uh-oh.
MadisonIf we go in there, we'll lose sight of Meilin, and who knows where we'll be when we come out?
LiYou're right.
SakuraHey, look! The exit's up there. I'm sure of it.
LiThat's right. Meilin!
MeilinYeah, what?
LiListen to me. We're going into this tunnel. You keep calling out to us so we know where you are, OK?
MeilinI won't be able to see you.
LiJust count!
LiHere goes.
When Li, Sakura, and Madison enters the tunnel, Meilin begins counting.
Meilin One...
Meilin's voice breaks off before she counts up seven.
Three of them dash to the other end of the tunnel, but they don't see Meilin where she is supposed to be.
Li Meilin!
(Calling out loud) Meilin!
MadisonWe lost her!
LiIt can't be! How will we find her now?
Sakura There's got to be an answer here. I just have to think about this clearly.
Hmm. Listen. We can find her! Let's go back the way we came.
At this moment, a bell rings just the same way they heard just before the the maze appeared.
SakuraWhat is this?
LiIt's the same sound we heard when the maze first appeared.
There's foot steps they hear.
They can see a shadow behind the corner coming to them, so Li steps forward to block the two girls.
LiWatch it!
It is Meilin who walks up to them.
MeilinYou found me! (Jumps to hug Li)
SakuraBut how did you...
Sakura gasps when she sees another shadow behind the corner. It turns out to be Ms. Mackenzie.
SakuraMs. Mackenzie!
MackenzieIt seems that life, like mathematics is full of puzzles, and sometimes you need help to solve them successfully.
SakuraThat's for sure.
Mackenzie All problems have solutions. It's just that the solutions don't always appear as we expect them to, and sometimes we miss them. But then I believe you're learning about that, aren't you? (Ringing a bell)
Does this sound familiar?
SakuraYeah! We heard it right before the maze appeared.
MackenzieI was trying to warn you, but the dimensions were already shifting.
SakuraIt's a strange-looking bell.
MackenzieIt's actually rather a remarkable instrument. It's very ancient.
SakuraOoh! (Stomach growls)
Li&MeilinHuh? (Looking back to Sakura)
MackenzieYou know, I'm kind of hungry myself. I say, it's time to leave.
SakuraBut that's just it, Ms. Mackenzie. We can't find the way out of here.
MackenzieThen it's lucky I came.
MadisonWe tried everything we could think of and nothing worked.
MackenzieHow about this?
As Ms. Mackenzie hit the wall with the bell, some walls ahead breaks to make their way though.
SakuraYeah! We tried to go through the wall, but it just... grew back.
Ms. Mackenzie doesn't seem to worry the way Sakura does, she walks through the wall. The wall doesn't get recovered.
MackenzieCome on! Let's go.
MadisonSounds good to me!
MeilinI'm right behind you, Madison.
SakuraThe wall didn't grow back.
LiSo you see, Sakura. It was right about that woman all along.

Meanwhile, Tori stops just in front of the shrine.
ToriShe's here?

Inside the shrine, Ms. Mackenzie breaks all the walls which blocked their way. The kids are all amazed at her power.
MackenzieAnd there's the exit.
LiAll right.
MeilinHurry up!
The kids runs out of the maze with joy.
SakuraSaved by the bell.
MadisonAnd Ms. Mackenzie.
The maze begins acting funny again, forming another maze.
LiHey! Come on, Sakura! Hurry up! Another maze is starting!
SakuraBut... uh... (Looking at Ms. Mackenzie and hesitates)
MackenzieIs there a little problem, Sakura?
SakuraUm... would you...
MackenzieAvert my gaze?
Sakura Hmm. Should I...
MeilinAvalon! We got a situation here!
SakuraHuh? Hmmph!
She makes up her mind and begins chanting.
SakuraO Key of Clow. Power of magic, power of light, surrender the wand, the force ignite! Release!
In a swirl of wind, the key turns into a wand, which she grabs.
SakuraMaze Card! Return to your power confined!
The maze is sucked up at the tip of the wand and changes its form into a Card. But the Card flies over Sakura and travels into Ms. Mackenzie's hand.
Sakura Huh.
Uh, about that Card...
MackenzieI guess this belongs to you, Sakura. Take care of it.
At this moment, Tori is running into the shrine.
SakuraHere's trouble.
ToriDo you know what time it is?
SakuraDon't blow your stack, Tori. I just lost track of time, but everything's cool! Hey, you know me. I couldn't be on time if my life depended...
MackenzieAre you her brother? Sorry that we're so late.
ToriYou know Dad's worried sick about...
Meiling suddenly runs to somewhere.
MadisonNot more mazes, I hope!
Sakura runs to the same place—the amulet stand, which is already closed, the two girls are standing as if they lost their minds.
MeilinNo amulets.
SakuraThe store's closed!
Sakura and Meilin look back to see Ms. Mackenzie stand behind giving them amulets.
MeilinAh, thank you.
SakuraIt's an amulet! Thank you!
MackenzieEveryone can use a little luck now and then.
SakuraThis is why we came here. But how did you know?
MackenzieHeh heh! I had a hunch.
Madison's bodyguards picks her up by car, and she gets in.
MadisonBye, Ms. Mackenzie. Here's my ride.
SakuraSee you tomorrow.
MadisonGood night, everyone.
MackenzieSee you later!
MeilinSee you around.
Madison's car leaves the shrine home.
LiYou know, I gotta admit you did OK back here, Sakura.
MeilinLi, wait for me! Wanna see my amulet?
LiNo, Meilin, I don't.
Li and Meilin are walking home together.
MackenzieWell, uh, see you tomorrow, Sakura.
SakuraOK. Good night.
Mackenzie(Looking back to Tori) Nice to meet you.
Ms. Mackenzie starts walking back into the shrine.
SakuraThanks Ms. Mackenzie. (Softly) For everything.

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