Boldfaced letters mean the name of the speaker.
Italicized letters mean what is thought in mind.
Faint letters mean what is happening in the flashback or in the dream.

Double Take

Sakura is on a shopping. She is leaving a bakery.
ClerkThank you. Come again.
SakuraYes! That was the last thing on the shopping list. So that means I've still got time to go for a skate!
After Sakura is gone, a girl looking exactly like her is walking in the opposite direction, who is also dressed exactly like her. She grins.

In Sakura's house, Sakura who has just returned from the shopping is leaving for the park.
SakuraI'm going to the park!
ToriWe have to finish cleaning the house first.
Sakura(Groaning) So much for skating.

Li and Meilin are walking together in the shopping street. Meilin is attracted by the display of wedding dress.
MeilinOoh, do we have time for me to try this on?
Li ignores and keeps walking ahead.
MeilinHey, Li, wait!
Li stops, when he seems looking at something when Meilin catches up with him.
Meilin What? What are you looking at?
Oh, her.
Meilin traces Li's eyes and find Sakura standing in front of display of stuffed animals. She suddenly knocks down the pile into a mess.
MeilinAvalon! Hey!
Meilin and Li run after Sakura to catch up, but she gets away.
MeilinSo what do you think of that Sakura now, Li?

In a drugstore, Chelsea and Nikki are looking for something.
ChelseaIt's right over... here!
NikkiI like all the little bits of crystal on it.
ChelseaYeah, you get all these cool reflections.
NikkiAre you gonna buy it?
ChelseaI'm not sure I have enough.
Sakura trots into the store, knocks down the pen rack and throws the globes to the other side of the store. She soon runs out of the store.
Chelsea Is that Sakura? What's she doing?
Hey, Sakura!
Clerk What's going on?
No! Who's responsible for this?

In Sakura's house, Sakura, Tori, and Julian are cleaning the house. Sakura is sweeping the floor.
ToriYou missed a spot, squirt. Watch the shoes.
JulianMaybe there should be two of you.
SakuraYeah... except then I'd have to do twice as many chores.
Meanwhile, Sakura's look-alike is walking past the house. She stops and gazes at Sakura's house for some seconds, until she runs away. Tori senses something funny when he's closing the curtain.
ToriDon't encourage her, Julian. She'd clone herself just to spite me.
SakuraWhere do I sign?
Julian laughs.

Next morning, Sakura comes into the classroom, when her friends are talking.
SakuraHi, guys.
ChelseaOh, hi, there.
ChelseaSakura... um...
SakuraWhat's wrong, Chelsea?
ChelseaWell, um...
SakuraUhh, yeah!
MeilinWhat is your problem?
MeilinDon't play dumb with me. We saw you yesterday knocking over that display of stuffed animals. Didn't we, Li?
SakuraI didn't do that.
ChelseaSakura... we saw you at the drugstore.
SakuraCome on! You guys know me better than that. I wouldn't do that kind of stuff.
ChelseaYeah, we must have been mistaken.
NikkiThat's good. I didn't want to believe it was you, Sakura.
MadisonWhat are you talking about?
RitaWe just saw this girl who looked exactly like Sakura.
SakuraLike me?
MeilinNo way! We saw her, too, and it was Sakura. Right, Li?
Li keeps silent for some seconds looking at Sakura's eyes, until bell rings and the kids run into the classroom. Sakura and Li are still standing in the hall.
LiBe careful.
SakuraThanks for the tip.

After school, cheerleaders including Sakura are practicing twirling their batons.
Sakura Be careful? Of what? And why did everybody...
As she throws her baton with an anxiety, she failed to catch the baton falling back, but it hits her on the head instead.
ChelseaShe never misses.
After the practice, Chelsea and Nikki try to cheer up Sakura.
ChelseaDropping your baton is no big deal.
NikkiYeah, you know, it's not like they'll kick you off the squad, or anything.
NikkiYou are our best performer. Like, that's amazing, Sakura. You seem a lot more worried about dropping your baton than about all the bad things your twin's doing to your reputation.
Sakura looks like she's lost her mind.

Meanwhile, Sakura's look-alike is tearing out the shrubs at the window side of a restaurant. Customers in shock look at the menace, The bad girl shows an evil smile and goes away.
WomanI can't believe it!

In Reedington Park, little kids are playing in the sandbox, making a sand castle. The look-alike stands in front of them, with a smile. Then she kneels down, and punches the castle several times to make their work into a mess.
She dashes away out of the park. Chelsea and Nikki happen to see her getting away leaving the victims in tears.
Chelsea and Nikki runs after the look-alike.

On the other hand, Sakura and Madison are sitting on a bench, with ice creams for each in their hands. Sakura is too worried about her look-alike to eat it.
MadisonYour ice cream's melting.
SakuraEverybody thinks I'm running all of town doing terrible things. Me—Sakura!
MadisonBut it's not you. Right, Sakura?
MadisonEverybody will figure that out soon enough.
SakuraBut what if...
At this moment, Sakura hears footsteps running past them, so she looks over to the findings.
Then Sakura sees her look-alike, the one who looks exactly like her, running past her.
MadisonYou look like you've seen a ghost.

In Sakura's room, Sakura is talking to Kero about her look-alike and what she has done to ruin her reputation.
KeroChelsea and Nikki said that?
SakuraThat's right, and they heard the little kids crying and then they saw me run out of the park.
KeroThis other kid looks identical to you?
SakuraYeah, Kero, like a twin! I saw her myself. And the stuff she does gets worse and worse. What am I supposed to do?
KeroFirst rule—don't panic. How did you feel when you saw her?
Sakura I don't know. Sort of strange, as if something were... (Gasps)
As if it were a Clow Card!
KeroHello! Expcet the unexpected?
KeroThe unexpected. It's time I taught you to use the Clow Cards a different way.
Sakura is seated at her desk on which she put a deck of the Clow Cards.
KeroDo exactly as I tell you.
KeroFirst, use your left hand and shuffle the Cards.
Sakura shuffles the Cards the way Kero has said.
KeroStill with your left hand, put them in a pile and split them into three groups.
Sakura follows Kero's instruction.
KeroNow put them into a pile again.
SakuraWhy am I doing that?
Kero Just concentrate, Sakura.
One by one, pull the Cards randomly from the deck, and arrange them as I tell you.
First, one goes on top. The next, in front of you. Then, one to the bottom left. And in front of you again.
Then nine Cards have been place in a diamond shape.
Kero Repeat after me.
Ancient Cards of Clow, give me vision now.
SakuraAncient Cards of Clow, give me vision now!
KeroShow me, if you may, who is standing in my way?
SakuraShow me, if you may, who's standing in my way?
The Cards begin to glow, causing a mysterious swirl of wind.
KeroNow turn over the top Card.
Sakura(Turns it over) Windy.
KeroCards have found out you're a Cardcaptor!
KeroWindy creates paths and channels of connection. Information travels.
SakuraSo the Clow Cards I'm supposed to capture know exactly who I am!
KeroThat seems to be the way it's shaping up here, Sakura.
Sakura recalls her look-alike was smiling mischievously to Sakura when she saw her.
SakuraKero, if my double is a Clow Card, which one is it?
Kero That's what we gotta find out.
Turn over these three.
Sakura turns over three Cards that are in the middle row.
KeroThe Clow Card can use these three Cards for guidance.
SakuraShowdow, Water, Illusion.
KeroOK. Now turn over the Card on the bottom of the pile. This will tell us what your double is after. Turn it.
Sakura tries to figure our what's in danger, associating with the Flower Card.
SakuraI don't get it.
All of a sudden, Tori pops in Sakura's mind.

Meawhile, Sakura's look-alike is walking down the alley, when Tori on a bike finds her.
He slowly catches up with her.
ToriHey there, squirt. You're getting home late today.
The look-alike turns to and smiles mischievously to Tori.

Sakura is upset, and gets out of her house to look for Tori. Kero is hanging onto Sakura's shoulder.
KeroHey, Sakura! What did you see? Talk to me! Come on! What is it?
SakuraTori! The Clow Card's after Tori!
KeroDon't you know where Tori is because...
SakuraI can't explain it. Somehow I just know!
Sakura keeps on running, panting so hard.

Meanwhile, the look-alike is taking Tori into the forest back of the park.
Clow CardIt's this way. (Chuckles)
Tori follows her without a word.

Sakura finds Tori's bike left at the entrance of the forest.
SakuraThat's definitely Tori's bike.
KeroWhich way from here?
SakuraThis way!

Tori is deep in the forest, looking for something in the bush.
Tori What did you lose exactly?
I can't see anything.
SakuraIt must have been further back.
Tori steps deeper into the forest, when the bush hurts his hand.
Clow CardYou OK?
Clow CardI think it's over there.

Sakura is also making her way deeper in the forest.
KeroHey, what's the matter?
SakuraUnh. The feeling's gone. Everything's all muddy.
KeroAll muddy?
Sakura Yeah.
I don't see anything, Kero, but I know it's around here somewhere. It's gotta be. Ohh.
KeroSakura, pay attention! Concentration and focus are everything in the work of a Cardcaptor.
SakuraI'm trying!

Tori and the look-alike are hanging around deeper inside the forest.
Clow CardNo, back further. Just a little bit more.
ToriOK. Wh- Aaaah!
When Tori steps further inside, he slips and falls.

At that time, Kero hears someone follow them.
Kero Yeow!
Hey, you shouldn't sneak around like that!
LiUnh! There's a Clow Card here.
KeroBig news flash.
LiGood to see you hard at it.
SakuraThe Lasin Board! Li, please use the board to find my brother?
LiYeah, OK.

Tori is grunting while he's hanging off the cliff, besides Sakura's look-alike looking down at Tori from the cliff, chuckling. Tori struggles, but eventually, the hook collapses and then Tori straightly falls off the cliff down to the ground.
ToriAah! Aaaah!
The look-alike observes Tori fall down.

Li is ready to look for Tori with his Lasin Board.
Li Source of light with ancient spin send forth the magic power within. Force, know my plight. Release the light!
That way!
Sakura and Li start running in the direction the Lasin Board shows.
SakuraTori, please be all right.

Sakura's look-alike slowly walks up to Tori, who winces in pain of injury.
ToriYou're not my sister Sakura, are you?
Clow Card(Gasps)
Tori Man, I think I've broken everything.
Who are you? Am I supposed to... know you? I don't know what you want. What are you doing here? You're lost, aren't you?
SakuraYeah, that's one way of putting it—lost.
ToriEverybody gets lost sometimes and we have to help each other... (Groaning)... find the pathway back home again. I don't know where you need to go, but I... (Groaning)... Sakura is... (Gasps)

Sakura keeps on running for Tori, following the Lasin Board.
LiGo down the cliff!
Sakura calls out the Fly, picks Li up on the wand, and Sakura gets down the cliff where her look-alike is waiting. Tori is knocked out beside.
SakuraOh, no! Tori!
KeroAt least, he's still breathing.
LiHe needs a doctor right now!
Sakura finds her look-alike standig behind her, so she jumps on her feet and faces to her.
Sakura I'm the one you want!
Windy! Release and dispel!
Sakura calls out the Windy, but it doesn't give the look-alike any harm.
LiIt's not strong enough!
KeroUnh! Use an Attach Card quickly!
The Water Card is also lame to the look-alike.
KeroConcentrate! Attack Card and incantations aren't gonna work on this one. It's gotta be a Helix.
SakuraWhat does that mean?
LiHer form is hidden—hard to find.
SakuraSo what do I do?
KeroWith a Card like this, you've gotta identify it first. Once you do that, you can capture it! Concentrate, Sakura! Which Card is it!
Sakura begins getting closer to the look-alike.
LiNo, don't get too close!
SakuraClow Card, you hurt my brother Tori.
Clow Card(Moans quietly)
KeroYou need to concentrate on what Card it is!
Sakura Illusion, Water, Shadow. Something to do with these three. Umm...
Sakura finds that the look-alike poses the same way as Sakura. When she steps backward, the look-alike does the same thing.
Sakura Huh!
She's copying me.
Shadow moves like a body's twin. Water reflects. And Illusions aren't the real thing. (Gasps) That's it!

Clow Card, your name is Mirror!
The look-alike turns into another girl holding a mirror, floating to Tori and kisses him on the forehead when she whispers:
Clow CardI'm sorry.
And she floats in front of Sakura, waiting for Sakura to seal her.
Sakura Oh.
Rerurn to you power confined, Mirror Card!
The Mirror Card is sealed, as if it were sucked up into the rectangular area at the tip of the wand.

Sakura is cooking pancakes in the kitchen, with Kero floating beside her.
KeroThat was very impressive, naming the Mirror Card.
SakuraYou know, it was like the Card helped me out. It wanted me to name it, and seemed like it was really sorry, too.
KeroMaybe, but you're also becoming a wiser Cardcaptor, Sakura.

Sakura brings the pancakes to Tori who is staying in bed in his room.
ToriI could've made it downstairs to eat.
SakuraThe doctor said keep off it for a week at least.
Tori notices there's Kero in Sakura's back. He observes Kero.
ToriUh, what's that?
SakuraOh, uh, this? I didn't know... Heh heh heh. It's kinda lonely cooking by yourself, so I brought up my, uh, stuffed animal.
There is a ring of a bell at the entrance.
Sakura Huh? I'll get the door.
And Tori?
SakuraI'm sorry.
ToriFor what?
SakuraOh, nothing. Just sorry.
Tori Huh?
What did she put in this, anyway?

It was Madison and Julian who have just rung the bell.
Madison&JulianHi, Sakura!

Julian goes upstairs to see Tori. He sits beside Tori's bed.
JulianI would never expect you to fall off a cliff.
ToriMe, neither.
JulianAre you sure you don't remember anything at all about how you got there? That must feel really strange.
ToriNope, I don't remember a thing. Not a thing.

In the kitchen, Sakura and Madison are talking.
MadisonIt's really good Tori doesn't remember what happened. But I brought him this cheesecake to cheer him up just the same.
Sakura laughs nervously.
SakuraYou didn't need to.
KeroYes, she did. I love chocolate cheesecake!
Sakura(Chuckles) You know, I can't stop thinking about what happened to Tori. He shouldn't have been hurt like that.
KeroIt's not your fault.
SakuraYeah, but the Mirror Card went after Tori because of me. I'm the one who became a Cardcaptor, but he has to pay the price for it. Who else is gonna pay? It just doesn't seem fair. Do I have the right to put my friends and family in danger?
KeroYou didn't choose this. It chose you.
SakuraBut then, what's next, Kero?
KeroHere you go again with the big unanswerable questions.
SakuraYeah, I know... but now everything just seems so different. And I'm gonna make sure we capture every one of those Cards.
KeroYou are well on your way. You can do it.
Sakura (Chuckles)
But first, let's serve that cake!
Sakura and Madison bring the cake to Tori's room. Kero stays in the kitchen.
KeroBut you're gonna need powers you never dreamed you had.

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