Boldfaced letters mean the name of the speaker.
Italicized letters mean what is thought in mind.
Faint letters mean what is happening in the flashback or in the dream.

The New Rival

One morning, bird are singing outside. Besides, in Sakura's room, Kero is asking Sakura for a new video game, circling around when she is combing her hair.
Kero And I'm not trying to be pushy here, but if you happen to see it somewhere, and if you happen to want to buy me a present, hee hee, the new Zylon Warrior game is out. Huh?
What do you think, Sakura?
SakuraWell, I think the Guardian Beast has become the Battle Monster.
KeroMaybe so, but I am the Guardian Beast and I have to keep my fighting skills up somehow.
KeroWell, you don't have to be a warrior, do you?
Aiden(Calling from down stairs) Sakura!
AidenYou'd better hurry up. You're going to be late.
KeroBut I am a warrior.
SakuraYou're right. I'm not a warrior.
KeroWell, I tried!
Sakura goes out of her room.
At the gate of the house, Tori on his bike is waiting for Sakura. She shows up and jumps off some steps onto the street, rollerblading.
ToriNice move.
SakuraThanks a lot.
ToriHow does she do it?
AidenSo, chicken cacciatore for dinner, OK?
AidenAnd stop giving each other such a hard time.
Sakura and Tori pick up Julian, as usual at the enterance of the Park, three of them are going to school together.
ToriSo if we're going to study tonight, why don't you come early for dinner?
ToriI gotta warn you, though, my Dad is doing the cooking.
JulianWill it be any good?
SakuraOh, definitely.
ToriA lot better than anything that the squirt would come up with.
SakuraBe nice!
JulianThat's it. You gotta stand up to your brother, Sakura.
SakuraYeah, one of these days when he least expects it...
JulianHa ha ha! Look out, Tori!
ToriSo then, was that you I read about in the paper yesterday, squirt?
SakuraWhat do you mean?
ToriSeems that some young girl has been taking on martial arts experts at the park.
JulianYeah, and beating them. They've all been too embarrassed to say much about it.
SakuraA girl my age?
ToriYeah, and I figure it must be you, seeing how tough you are and everything.
SakuraOh, one of these days!
JulianHa ha ha!

Sakura enters her classroom.
SakuraHi, everyone!
Girl AMorning!
Girl BHi!
MadisonHey there, Sakura!
SakuraHi, Madison!
MadisonGuess what? Li hasn't even shown up yet.
SakuraWhat? Mr. Punctual?
MadisonHe's always here so early.
SakuraIs he capturing a Clow Card?
MadisonNo, he wouldn't do that without you. Maybe he's giving up and gone back home.
SakuraNever happen.
MadisonYou got that right.
When talking of a devil, Li is coming into the classroom, but he looks tired and depressed.
SakuraWhoa! What's this about?
Li sits down on his seat groaning.
Mr. Terada comes into the classroom.
Terada OK, settle down, everyone.
We are very fortunate to have a new exchange student joining our class today.
The exchange student comes in from the hind door, startling Li at this moment.
MadisonBig year for exchange students.
TeradaCome on up to the front, and I'll introduce you.
The new student walks up to Li, pouting at him.
New Kid Hmph!
I thought we'd go to school together.

Mr. Terada instroduces the exchange student to the class, writing her name on the blackboard.
TeradaOur new student is Meilin Rae from Li Showron's hometown. Please welcome her to Reedington Elementary.
SakuraLi, do you know that girl? What's she like?
Meilin dashes and blocks Li off Sakura.
MeilinListen very carefully, sweetheart! Back right off!

In the lunchtime, Sakura's gang are talking at a bench in the yard.
NikkiBoy, that new kid sure has got it in for you, Sakura.
ChelseaYeah, talk about first impressions.
RitaShe acts like she's Li's girlfriend or something.
ChelseaHere comes trouble.
ZacharyCafeteria food is much better for you.
RitaZachary, give it a rest.
Zachary is walking with Li who still look so weary.
ZacharyUh-huh. We're gonna eat lunch there because nutritionally...
Then, Meilin runs to Li holding a lunch box for him.
MeilinLi, wait for me!
MeilinIsn't it great that my Dad got transferred here? Now I can make you lunch.
LiYou can't.
MeilinCan't what?
LiBe making me lunch.
MeilinIt'll be like old times. The two of us pretending to be Cardcaptors.
LiI am a Cardcaptor!
Meilin opens the lunch box and begins to have lunch with chopsticks.
MeilinBut the Lasin Board said someone else was.
LiYeah, well, they're not very good at it.
MeilinAnd that doesn't surprise me a bit. No one is as good a magician as you are, Li.
LiI need to help her, Meilin. If I don't...
MeilinI knew it! The other Cardcaptor is a girl. That girl, right over there.
Meilin throws a fierce glare at Sakura having lunch, who starts at unusual air.
MadisonAre you OK?
SakuraI just got this huge chill.
LiHer name is Sakura. She just stumbled into this.
MeilinHa! She doesn't look like she has a clue. I can help you more than she can. I'm here now. We can out-capture that girl. No problem.

In P.E. class, Mr. Terada blows his whistle for an assembly.
Terada Now, listen up, gang.
Today we're doing gymnatics and we'll begin with cartwheels.
KidsYeah, right!
MadisonSo, you starting with your one-handed or no-handed?
Meilin glares at Sakura straightly, Sakura feels a chill.
LiWhooa... (Sighs)
One kid turns cartwheels, Mr. Terada is watching the performance holding a whistle in his hand.
TeradaOK, not bad. (Blows whistle)
The next kid tries cartwheels, but he isn't good at it.
TeradaWho's next?
Mr. Terada blows a whistle, and Meilin shows an excellent performance of cartwheels. All the kids admire her move.
ChelseaPretty good.
RitaI'll say.
MadisonOh, not too bad.
Meilin glances at Sakura with some challenging look, and then returns to her position.
TeradaSakura, you're up.
MadisonYou go show her how it's done.
Following Mr. Terada's whistle, Sakura begins her performance, showing an excellent cartwheels, just as beautiful as Meilin's. Everyone in the class cheers up at her performance, except Meilin irritated.
RitaShe always nails it.
Terada That was very impressive, ladies.
How about a demonstration of some advanced skills?
TeradaOh, come on. It's not going to be a competition or anything. Just show us some of your best moves.
SakuraSure, OK.
Meilin shows cartwheel, backflip, and handspring in sequence. All the kids cheer up admiring her performance.
ZacharyWow. Very smooth.
LiYeah, I know. (Sounding weary)
Sakura follows Meilin, doing a sequence of catwheel, backflip, and vertical backward somerset. She shows a confidential smile when she lands on the mat.
SakuraHey! (Laughs)
All the class cheer up, clapping their hands, except Meilin glares at Sakura so fiercely.

That night, in Sakura's room, Sakura collapses onto her bed.
SakuraShe's on my case.
KeroSo the Li kid's brought in reinforcements.
SakuraShe's just so competitive, Kero. It seems like every chance she gets, she's trying to pick a fight with me or something.
KeroWell, why don't you fight back?
Aiden(Calling from downstairs) Dinner!
Sakura Oh. Coming! (Responsing)
I don't want to fight anybody. I just want to capture the Cards. I'll bring you dessert.
KeroOh, yeah!

Three of Sakura's family, and Julian visiting Tori for studying, are having dinner at the table.
JulianAh, mmm... (Eating steak) Delicious. Huh? Sakura seems quiet tonight. Are you OK?
SakuraUh-ah, I'm just thinking about stuff.
ToriYeah, like how to leave here, beat up a karate expert and be back in time for dessert.
Sakura kicks Tori in the shin.
JulianWow, did you see this?
AidenI found it strange they haven't caught her yet. I mean, this is not your normal, everyday youngster. So you'd think somebody would have found out who she is.
SakuraWhere does this happen?
JulianWell, let's see... (Looking through the newspaper) ``All of the attacks have taken place in the popular Reedington Park.''
SakuraDo they say it's always the same girl?
AidenI think it's interesting that she always challenging people who have superior fighting skills.
JulianYeah, and she's not stealing money or anything. The newspaper says that nobody has ever reported being robbed in any of these attacks.
AidenIt's a test of strength. You're studying karate right now, Tori. Isn't the part of the discipline?
ToriOh, sure. You're always looking for worthy opponents.
JulianHere's something.
Julian``Authorities say they are looking for a young girl wearing a very unusual costume.''
SakuraUnusual costume?
SakuraOh! (Laughs nervously)

Later on that night, Sakura, Kero, and Madison meet with each other in Reedington Park for some investigation. Just like every card capture, Sakura is in a battle costume Madison made.
SakuraI really don't want to be caught dressed up like this tonight, Madison.
KeroI've gotta tell you, I am not loving this.
MadisonIt's true. Everyone's a critic.
SakuraI don't think Kero was thrilled about puffed sleeves, Madison.
MadisonHe isn't?
Kero This is great. The Clow Cards are dropping like flies. In no time, I'll be back to my... Uh. Hold on. Here. I've got something.
Oh, I definitely sense a Clow Card, Sakura.
Sakura comes up to Kero, and concentrates her mind.
Sakura Mmm.
Yeah, you're right, Kero.
MadisonThe Clow Card dressed like a young girl who attacks trained fighters. Which one's that?
MeilinThe fight card.
Three of them hears Meilin's voice out of the blue, and gasp. Meilin is standing at the top of a lamp post.
Meilin jumps onto the ground.
KeroDon't tell me, let me guess. You must be Li's girlfriend, right?
MeilinDo you think you're going to capture the Clow Card in that outfit?
SakuraAs a matter of fact, I...
MeilinDon't worry about it. I'm helping Li now, so you can take a hike, girl.
Kero Uh! Now, what? (Flying to Meilin)
Ugggh! Sakura is a chosen Cardcaptor, and you have no right...
Meilin(Toying with Kero's face) Is this some kind of robotic toy?
KeroLet me go!
SakuraKero's the Guardian Beast of the Seal of the Clow Cards!
MeilinWhat? You mean this puny little pseudo-toy? (Letting go of Kero)
KeroThat's right, little girl, so watch your mouth...
Meilin smashes Kero.
MeilinNow, you may have your Guardian Beast of the Seal, but Li Showron has got me so it's time to butt out.
Sakura doesn't say anything, but laughs nervously. At this moment, something jumps out of the channel behind her. It is a Clow Card who looks like a girl.
SakuraOh, man. That looks like a young girl in a very strange costume, all right.
MadisonThe design is actually very Millennium.
The Clow Card bows.
KeroCareful. The Fight Card is a skilled warrior.
The Fight Card jumps up to attack, and Sakura barely moves aside.
SakuraThat was close.
KeroWell, yeah. That's why they call it the Fight Card. It will only fight with strong opponents.
Meiling is challenging the Fight. The Fight also takes her as an opponent.
SakuraIt wants to fight her?
KeroYeah, well. Let's hope she's as good as she thinks she is.
MeilinCome on. Give me your best shot.
The Fight rushes to Meilin and gives her some blows, but Meilin guards herself from every blow, and then kicks the Fight Card to the barrier to the channel.
SakuraMeilin can fight.
MeilinIn case you have any doubt about who the best fighter is. Some Cardcaptor. You obviously can't handle this as well as I can.
The Fight Card gets up and jumps at Meilin for a competition.
MeilinWanna go again?
Meilin and the Fight resume the fight. Sakura loses any words, but is looking at their fight.
MeilinHa! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!
Meilin seems suprior, but when she is about to kick, the Fight Card catches Meilin's attacking leg, and then it throws her down. The Fight jumps up to give her the final blow.
SakuraNo! Meilin!
In the nick of time, Li jumps and kicks the Fight in the air, sending it into the channel.
MeilinThat was great!
LiWhat do you think you're doing here?
MeilinBut we're partners.
SakuraMeilin, are you OK?
MeilinI am trained fighting machine.
KeroYeah. Couldn't tell by looking at you, little girl.
MeilinDon't call me that.
KeroOh, boy. Am I ever scared.
MeilinYou oughta be.
LiThe Lasin board. Right now.
LiHow could you take it out of my house?
MeilinHuh? Oh, I told Wei not to tell.
LiMeilin, you're messing with things you don't understand.
SakuraAren't they partners?
KeroIt seems the little girl tried to get the Lasin Board to help her.
KeroShe's a fighter but she's got no magical lineage.
KeroThat's right. She's no Cardcaptor.
MeilinHa! What do you know?
Meilin Huh?
It didn't work, anyway. (Returning Li the Lasin Board) That's why I asked Wei to help me, but even Wei could figure out the exact place, so I just kind of winged it.
LiMeilin, capturing Clow Cards is not a game, you know. Sometimes it's dangerous, and you can get hurt.
MeilinYou just have to teach me, that's all.
LiI can't teach you this. It's magic.
Madison(Whispering) Maybe this will be the end of Meilin.
KeroDon't count on it. She doesn't look like a quitter to me.
LiGo home. You don't belong here, Meilin.
At this moment, the Lasin Board emits a blue beam into the bushes, the target is moving quickly.
Li Huh?
Look out!
Li steps forward to protect Meilin, when the Fight Card jumps at them to fight back. The Fight's kick blow Li over some twenty feet.
Meilin Li! Oh, no!
He's hurt.
MeilinAre you OK? Come on. Wake up.
LiUgh. Hey. I'm OK.
MeilinI'm sorry. It's my fault.
LiMeilin, it's a Clow Card.
Meilin glares back at the Fight with anger, and stands up on her feet.
MeilinYou may be a Clow Card...
LiNo, wait!
Meilin... but I'm Meilin Rae!
Meilin jumps up to give the Fight a blow. Meilin and the Fight begin fighting again.
LiUgh. Ugh.
SakuraCareful, Li.
LiYeah, uh...
SakuraI've got to admit, she is pretty good.
LiBut fighting with a Clow Card is different.
Meanwhile, the Fight Card takes Meilin's arm and throw her down on the ground. Meilin finds her opponent raises its heel, ready to drop it on her forehead. She barely moves aside spinning herself on the pavement. She tries to get up, wincing at her damaged shoulder.
SakuraNo! That's enough!
The Fight Card won't stop her attack, so Meilin has to escape.
Meilin looks so painful, beaten by the Fight Card.
SakuraKero, tell me quick. Do you have any good ideas?
KeroYou need to call upon one of your stronger Cards.
SakuraOK, but which one?
KeroThe only way to win against the Fight Card is to fight.
Sakura What? F-f-f-fight?
Are you positive that there isn't another option?
KeroSakura, you're a Cardcaptor, remember? You do what you have to do.
SakuraYou're right.
MadisonYou did it with the Power Card before, Sakura.
SakuraOh... Yeah.
Sakura Wait, Li. Let me handle this.
Power Card. Grant your power to this wand!
Power! Release and dispel!
Meilin is knocked down on the ground, but she is too exhausted to get up. The Fight Card is getting ready to give her the final blow.
SakuraStop right there.
Sakura provokes the Fight Card, who is full of energy due to the Power Card she has released.
The Fight Card quits taking care of Meilin. Sakura runs up and swings her wand down, the tremendous shock like an explosion raises a cloud of dust. Of course, the Fight Card has easily escaped from the attack.
KeroSakura! Behind you!
Sakura gasps and looks back, when the Fight Card is running toward Sakura to fight back. She raises her fist to blow Sakura.
Sakura doesn't know what to do against it, but flicks the wand down. Lukily the wand hits the Fight Card who nearly knocks her.
The Fight Card collapses and doesn't move an inch.
KeroSeal it!
Sakura I got it!
Return to your power confined! Fight Card!
As if sucked up into the wand, the Fight Card swirls in the air like a smoke, and turns into a card shape at the tip of the wand.
MadisonWow, you did great.
SakuraThanks to what you said about the Power Card, Madison.
Besides, Li is helping Meilin stand on her feet, putting her arm on his shoulder.
LiAre you OK, Meilin?
Meilin I'm OK.
Mmmm. (Glares Sakura)
MeilinShe did it! I couldn't! It's not fair! It's not fair!
SakuraUh, excuse me. We really did it together because if you hadn't worn out the Card with all your fighting beforehand, I'm sure...
MeilinDon't even go there with me, Sakura. I can see what you're up to, but we're gonna bury you.
SakuraUh, well, well, actually...
Meilin put her arms around Li and keeps glaring Sakura. Li groans.
MadisonCardcapturing has suddenly gotten a lot more complicated.
KeroYeah, a little unexpected glitch, that's all.
MadisonYou call her a glitch?
KeroMmm, I do. Just a minor glitch.

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