Boldfaced letters mean the name of the speaker.
Italicized letters mean what is thought in mind.
Faint letters mean what is happening in the flashback or in the dream.

Double Edged Sword

One morning in Reedington Elementary School, Kids are coming talking together with their friends. Madison who found Sakura calls her and runs up the stairs to catch up with her.
MadisonWait up, Sakura! Remember me, your best friend?
SakuraOh, sorry, Madison.
MadisonI've been trying to catch up to you. You look like the wheels just fell off your in-line skates.
SakuraOh, no, I'm OK.
MadisonYou should be feeling great 'cause of your Card capture last night.
SakuraYeah, well...
Sakura remembers the night before.

Li Force, know my plight. Release the light!
Li uses his magic to shoot the Thunder down on the roof of School.
Li You are looking at Raiju, the Thunder Beast. Boy, you are hopeless.
Sakura Back off.
The Windy Card'll take care of this. Here.
Li Put it away. Windy can't stand up against Thunder.
Li gets ready to blow the Thunder with his magic.
Li Lightning!

MadisonBut then you went ahead and captured the Thunder Card with your Shadow Card and proved to Li Showron that you deserve to be a Cardcaptor, so cheer up, Sakura.
SakuraI really want to be good at this, but it's all so new to me.
Sakura shifts into another flashback mode, remembering just back when she is taking up the Thunder Card she had sealed.

Li Boy, it's like I said. You really don't have a clue about this, do you?
Kero I was appointed by Clow Reed himself.
Li A lot of good that did.

The memory of the night before gets Sakura down in depression.
SakuraDon't you see, Madison? If Li hadn't shown up when he did, I could have been in big trouble.

Rita talks to the two when Sakura and Madison go into the classroom.
RitaHi, Madison.
MadisonMorning, Rita.
RitaHey, how are you doing, Sakura?
SakuraOh, I'm all right.
RitaWhat's that about?
No sooner has Sakura taken her seat, Li comes into the classroom.
Li walks to his seat silently, when Sakura is getting nervous.
Sakura Oh!
Uh, look, Li...
Last night, thank you... for your help.
SakuraI mean, I appreciate you being there, but I won't need your help next time.
LiIt's like I said. You don't have a clue. You're no Cardcaptor.
Sakura gets puzzled at Li's response the way she has not ever expected, when he sits down on his seat. Sakura is trying to cheer up.
SakuraWell, then maybe you can tell me why I was chosen to open the Clow Book if I'm not a Cardcaptor.
SakuraI mean, it's not like I've been studying this my whole life, like some people. And I know I don't have robes.
Li Hmm?! (Jumping on his feet)
Those are the Li family's ceremonial robes. You have no right to talk about them.
SakuraHey, take it easy, Li. Come on.
LiDon't mess with things you don't understand, Sakura.
The air is getting stuffy with a tension, so Madison stands up forward to relax those two.
MadisonWell, I...
ZacharyHey, Li.
ZacharyI'm class president, and you're new around here.
ZacharyI assign classroom duties. You have to clean up, wash up, and brush up.
Sakura and Madison go blank and collapse with Zachary asking Li a favor that doesn't make sense.
LiAm I supposed to do all of that right this mimute?
SakuraBoy, for once, Zachary's tall tales save the day.
ZacharyCome on. Let me introduce you to the blackboards.
When Zachary takes Li's hand to the blackboard, Sakura breathes a sigh of a releaf.
ZacharyHow do you feel about gum removal?
LiHmmm. (Groaning)

That afternoon, Sakura is dreaming, where she is standing on the top of a building facing to a big tower, in a pink costume, with Kero floating beside her.
Sakura Who's that?
Who is that?
Sakura jumps off the building.
TeradaMiss Avalon!
Mr. Terada wakes up Sakura who is dozing off in class.
SakuraHuh? Aah!
TeradaWelcome back.
SakuraUh. Sorry about that.
Terada You woke up just in the nick of time, Miss Avalon. The lesson is over.
OK, class dismissed.
GirlGood night, Mr. Terada.
TeradaDon't forget—test tomorrow. Rita, you need to pass this one.
RitaI... I know, sir.
MadisonYou're ready to go?
SakuraI'm just waiting for Rita.
At this moment, there is a thump just behind Sakura, which just creeps her out.
It is Li who has just stood up to go out of the classroom.
MadisonLi is really creeping you out, isn't he?
SakuraYeah, I guess so.
MadisonHey! How about this? Let's go hang at your house.
SakuraYeah. Rita's worried about the test, so we could help her study, and maybe get some blading in afterward.
Madison I really want you to teach me that new racing start of yours. After we study, of course.
SakuraSorry, Madison. I know I'm being a bit of a space case today, but it's nothing that a great 360 won't cure. Let's go.
MadisonI think I rather ride a hundred miles in a car with Li Showron than attempt a 360. Maybe we should just study.

On their way home, Sakura, Madison, and Rita drop in on an accessory store.
SakuraHold on guys.
MadisonSakura, I gotta go in here.
MadisonI've been wanting to check this store out.
RitaThis place sure has great stuff, Sakura.
Sakura is fascinated by the brooches in the store.
RitaAnd these brooches are beautiful.
SakuraI know.
Sakura takes the one shaped like a heart with wings.
Madison Well, I'd say you made a perfect choice.
What do you think of this one? (Picking up the cross brooch)
RitaThat's cool.
MadisonHey, you should get one, too, Rita.
RitaI've gotta have this one. (Chooses the sword brooch)
MadisonI've never thought of you as the sword type.
SakuraThat's a whole new side to you.
RitaYeah. (Chuckles)
SakuraIt's pretty.

Later on that day, Kero is playing a video game in Sakura's room.
KeroOh, yeah. Oh, yeah! Come on!
SakuraKero, we've got company, so you can't come downstairs.
KeroOK, OK, OK!
Kero clears the level.
KeroYes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yeeees!

Downstairs, Rita is sitting on a sofa, when Sakura brings some tea for the three themselves.
MadisonTerada really scared Rita.
SakuraI know, but we're gonna help her.
Sakura puts the tea pot on the table.
SakuraStudy time. All set?
RitaFirst we eat, and then we review for the spelling test.
SakuraYeah, we work together on this, and we'll all ace it.
RitaThanks, guys.
MadisonNo problem. That's what friends are for.
SakuraRita, let's start. First word is ``Parallel.''
SakuraGreat! OK, let's see now. How about ``Brooch''?
RitaUm... hard one. (Eating pudding)
MadisonMaybe we ought to put them on for a little inspiration.
Three of them each opens the box of brooch they just bought, and put them on.
MadisonB-r-o-a-... Um, b-r-o-a-w...
SakuraSo, what do you think, Rita? How do you spell ``Brooch''?
RitaWell, mmm...
SakuraDon't take too long, Rita.
As soon as Rita puts on her brooch, she gets strangely quiet.
Sakura Huh?
Rita? Rita? What's wrong with you?
Rita shows her face up. There is something strange about her, she seems to be taken over by something.
Soon, her sword brooch sends out bright light, and turns into a real sword. Rita controled by something unknown attacks and tries to stab Sakura with the sword. Sakura barely ducks away.
No matter how many times she dodges the blow, Rita repeats her attacks to Sakura. She staggers out in the hall, Rita thrusts the sword toward Sakura.
Sakura slips her head so as to keep her life within a inch away from the sword sticking on the wall. She runs to the entrance, but she has trouble opening the door all because she is upset.
SakuraCome on! Come on! Open! C'mon! Aaah!
Sakura turns back, she can see Rita slowly walks up to her holding the sword.
SakuraCome on!
She finally succeeds in opening the door, she jumps out of her house, and she falls on the ground.
MadisonSakura! Oh, oh!
KeroI sense a Clow Card around here.
Kero hurriedly comes downstairs, but he sniffles something else he senses as well.
KeroHey! Wait a minute! I smell pudding!
MadisonNot now, Kero! Sakura's in trouble! (Pointing outside)
Outside, Sakura is still busy dodging Rita's attack.
SakuraRita, stop.
SakuraWhat's going on?
Kero senses what's inside the sword making Rita attack Sakura.
Kero Aaah!
Yaw! That's the Sword Card!
SakuraIt can't be. Rita doesn't know anything about swords.
KeroYeah. That has got nothing to do with it, Sakura. The Sword Card has taken complete control of her. Sakura, use the key to capture the Card.
SakuraI can't!
MadisonYou've got to do it, Sakura!
SakuraRita's my friend! Aah!
Sakura sidesteps Rita's sword attack, but she trips and rolls on the ground. She quickly stands on her feet.
KeroRight now!
SakuraKey of Clow. Power of magic, power of light, surrender the wand, the force ignite! Release!
The key turns into a wand, she grabs and twirls it. The she holds the wand forward.
KeroWhat are you, nuts?
She jumps over Rita onto the fence, and begins running on the fence.
KeroYou don't play nice-nice with Sword Card staring you in the face, Sakura. Whoa, Rita may be your friend, but the Sword Card is most definitely not. Now, go get it!
Sakura barely jumps away from Rita's flick of sword, she land on the fence behind a mirror. Unfortunately, Rita's next blow cuts it into two,
KeroNeed I say more?
Rita jumps to attack Sakura.
Sakura can't do anything against Rita's attack but closes her eyes with fear. But another sword, all of a sudden, pokes between Rita's sword and Sakura to save her life. It is Li.
SakuraHi, Li.
LiI'll stop her.
Li jumps off the fence, and holds his sword facing to Rita.
SakuraLi, no!
Sakura jumps behind Li to prevent him from attacking back at Rita.
LiWhat are you doing?
KeroHere, Sakura!
Rita tries to stab Sakura, then she escapes jumping high in the air, holding Li.
SakuraI don't need you here!
LiYou're no Cardcaptor.
Two of them fall onto the plant in Sakura's house's yard.
MadisonHuh, are you two all right?
SakuraYeah, no thanks to him.
LiListen! I almost had her, Sakura.
SakuraI'm not going to let you hurt Rita.
Sakura and Li exchange glares.
KeroNo one has to get hurt if you can get that sword out of Rita's hands pronto!
SakuraOK! (Running out to Rita)
LiWhat are you doing?
SakuraI'm gonna capture this Clow Card. Stay out of it!
LiShe can't handle it. Yeah!
Kero bites Li's hand to prevent his path.
KeroCool it, kid!
Sakura Illustion Card.
Now. Let Rita see what she fears the most.
Illusion. Release and dispel!
The Illusion shows Rita something in a human figure. Rita is looking into it motionlessly.
RitaMr. Terada.
Sakura (Gasps)
The Sword!
Sakura quickly runs toward Rita, and drops the Sword off her hand, and then Rita, losing the control, falls unconciousness. Sakura catches Rita falling.
SakuraSword Card. Return to your power confined!
The Sword is sucked up to the tip of the wand and turns into the form of a card. The Card spontaneously flies to Sakura's hand.
KeroNice job!
MadisonYou captured it!
SakuraRita, you OK?
LiShe fainted, that's all.
KeroI'd like to point out... that Sakura did not need your help on that one, kid.
LiEveryone knows that Sword Card's an easy capture, but then again, you're just a stuffed animal.
KeroStuffed animal?! (Bits Li's finger)
LiAaaaah! (Trying to shake Kero away)
MadisonSakura, someone's coming!
Sakura Uh-oh.
Kero, disappear!
Kero let go of Li, but he kicks Li on his face when he goes hiding.
LiHuh? Aaah!
Julian Hi, guys. I was suppose to meet up with Tori here, but that overachiever's probably still at work, huh?
Hmm? What happened?
Sakura doesn't know what to answer, while she's holding Rita unconcious. Li is also not on his feet.
SakuraOh, nothing.
Julian Oh. Whoa. (Notices Li's robe)
Hey, uh, cool outfit.
Li runs away from Julian.

Next morning, Rita is reading a book in the library, when Sakura comes up to her.
SakuraRita, how are you?
Rita Oh, hi, Sakura. That was so weird yesterday. I can't believe I fainted like that.
It's like I don't remember a single thing. I don't suppose my brooch ever turned up, did you? It's strange.
Sakura Aaaah... (Getting upset)
No, uh, but here. (Handing in something to Rita)
Rita Oh. Thanks.
Umm, should I open it here?
Rita finds Sakura's brooch is inside.
RitaSakura, you didn't have to do this.
SakuraI felt really badly that yours just seemed to disappear like that, so I just thought maybe this would make you feel better.
RitaYou're such a good friend.
SakuraI really want you to have it.

Later on that day in the afternoon, in the corner of Tori's high school, Tori and Julian are talking.
ToriWhat?! That kid gangs up on my sister, then come by my house?
JulianYeah, but he sure left in a hurry.
ToriJust wait till the next time I see him.
JulianHmm? What's this? Defending the squirt?
ToriNo one can hassle my sister but me.
JulianWell, well. Big brother seems to have a soft spot.
ToriYeah, sure.
JulianShe's late. You're sure she said to meet here?
ToriYeah, she's always late, so she's gonna end up doing dinner and dishes for a week.
JulianOK, you don't have a soft spot.
Meanwhile, a charm card flies at Tori on the arm, and catches on fire.
ToriUgh! (Putting out the fire)
LiYou wanted to see me? (Standing on the fence)
ToriI do.
Sakura is running to Julian, who is waving hand to her. But beside him, Tori and Li are exchanging provocatiove look.
JulianHey, over here. Is Rita feeling better?
Sakura Uh, fine.
Thanks a lot for helping us out, Julian, you know, for carrying Rita inside the house. Umm, here. (Giving Julian a gift)
LiWhat?! But I'm the one who...
JulianYou know, you didn't have to. (Seeing what's inside)
SakuraWe were lucky you came by.
Li runs away from where he is.
ToriHuh? Hey!
Li climbs over the fence, and runs away.
ToriOh, chocolate, huh?
JulianYeah, sure. Help yourself.
At the next minute, Madison appears and talks to Sakura.
Madison Hey, Sakura.
I'm gonna redegign my website. You want to help? I've got to upload some new video clips. But first, I have got to tell you something.
(Whispering in Sakura's ear) The video clips are of you capturing the Thunder Card last night.
MadisonJust kidding. I needed something new for the home page, and this'll be perfect. Hee hee!
Madison is holding up her camera to tape Sakura.

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