Boldfaced letters mean the name of the speaker.
Italicized letters mean what is thought in mind.
Faint letters mean what is happening in the flashback or in the dream.

Power's Ploy

One night something unseen is rumbling in Reedington Park. The unseen stuff is slowly nearing the Penguin Slide thudding on the ground. Then, crushing sound echoes over the park.

Next morning, while Aiden Avalon is fixing breakfast, Tori come up into the dining room.
ToriMorning, Dad.
AidenSleep well?
ToriYeah, thanks.
AidenI'm making Sakura a power lunch for her field trip. She's going to the zoo.
ToriYeah? The life of a ten-year-old. Must be tough.
AidenI suppose so. Could you set the table for breakfast?
ReporterA breaking story at Reedington Zoo this morning. The beloved penguin slide located at this park inside the zoo was upended last night in an amazing feat of strength.
ToriIt weighs a ton!
Tori stares into TV with a surprise, when Sakura trots into the dining room.
ToriHear you're going to the zoo today. Are they gonna put you in a cage?
SakuraVery funny, Tori. Too bad your brain's all gone to mush.
AidenDid someone order lunch?
SakuraHey, thanks a lot, Dad!
AidenMeat loaf sandwich and chocolate chip cookies wrapped in a picnic napkin.
SakuraWow! (giving Aiden a hug with joy)
ToriYou training to be a wightlifter?
SakuraDon't you have someplace to be, Tori?
ToriOr maybe you're the King Kong of Penguin Park.
SakuraWhat do you mean? Huh?
Tori points to TV, signing Sakura to watch it. She slowly turns around and takes a look at it.
ReporterIt could take days to locate a crame large enough to get the popular penguin back on its feet.
Sakura screams at what she sees on TV, on which the penguin slide is placed upside down on the sandbox.
SakuraThis is terrible! Who would do that?

Sakura puts on rollerblades, and rushes out of her house.
SakuraSee you later!
Rollerblading to the zoo for her field trip, Sakura is talking to herself about what has happened to the penguin slide.
SakuraHow could that happen? That penguin slide is way too heavy just to get turned upside down like that. Well, it's a good thing I'm going to the zoo. I can check it out and talk it over with Kero when I get home.
Sakura spins into a path pivotting around a pole she grabs. She is fascinated by the green leaves of tree aboves her through which she can see the morning sun shine.
SakuraWow! Oh! On to the zoo.
A voice behind her calls Sakura's name.
Sakura slows down to halt, it is Julian on a bike who has called her.
SakuraHi, Julian.
JulianHear about the penguin? Thought I'd check it out on my way to school.
ReporterMost unusual because nothing around the penguin appears to have been disturbed in the incident. Some have suggested the radical Pals Of Penguins organization is responsible, but so far...
SakuraWow! Who could've done that?
JulianI don't know, but we'd better get to school, or we're going to be late.
SakuraI'm on a field trip.
JulianHere at the zoo? Haha, lucky you.
Sakura concentrates to see if she senses a Clow Card.
Sakura I don't sense a Clow Card.
JulianWell, have fun on your field trip, and beware of those penguin tippers, OK?
JulianSee you, Sakura.

In the zoo where Sakura's field trip takes place, a number of people are talking happily. Sakura's class gather at the center of the zoo, while Mr. Terada is talking to the class.
TeradaAnd the authorities say the event at the penguin slide presents no danger, so I want you all to concentrate on your reports. Does everyone know what their assignments are?
TeradaAll right. Now, each group gets a camera.
TeradaDon't lose them. Try to show us something unexpected in your photos. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words.
TeradaDon't forget. You're a member of a team, and this field trip is about two things: team work and observation. Got it?
TeradaOK, you're off!
Kids are splitting all over the zoo, with their groups.
ChelseaHey, Madison.
ChelseaYou should take the pictures.
NikkiYeah. You know so much about cameras, you can get us some great shots!
MadisonSomething unexpected, huh?
ChelseaYeah, that's right, like the penguin monster.
NikkiSo what do you think happened there last night?
RitaYeah. I mean, what if whatever it was is still around here somewhere, you guys?
NikkiMaybe it was a ghost.
ChelseaYou know what? If we found it, we'd have an A+ report!
MadisonAnd I can win a Pulitzer with my great photos.
NikkiOhh! I hope it really is a ghost!
RitaHow come?
NikkiI love scary stuff!
Sakura is stepping backward, scared of Nikki's words.
SakuraOh, my gosh! There's the elephants! Let's go!
SakuraCome on!
Sakura is staggering and rushing out of where her friends are talking about the scary stuff.
ChelseaShe must love elephants.
MadisonNot really, she just doesn't like ghosts very much.
NikkiBut ghosts aren't real.

Li's group are walking to the cage of a sloth.
ZacharyBehold! The mighty sloth!
BoyThat's such a cool-looking thing.
LiYou chose this for our report?
ZacharyUh, yeah. They're great animals. Really.
LiHmmmph. (Trying to take a picture of the sloth)
ZacharyThey're slow to warm up.
LiHmmmph. (Still holding the camera)
ZacharyBut once they get going...
LiHmmmph. (Taking down the camera) How can I take great pictures if he hasn't moved an inch since we got here, Zachary?
ZacharyYou just have to be patient, Li. As a matter of fact, sloths are extremely intelligent. This little fellow has a mind just like a steel trap.
LiHey, is this one of your stories?
ZacharyWhat? You should never judge a book by its cover, Li. Just think. He watches and knows everything.
LiMakes sense, I suppose. It's true, if you just pay attention you can learn a whole lot.
ZacharySo did I make a good choice or what?
LiOK... (Holding camera to take a picture) maybe there's hope after all.

Sakura's group are watching a mother and a baby elephants.
SakuraLook at that. Aww!
Chelsea(Pointing to the description) This says an elephant can lift 600 pounds with its trunk!
RitaCompared to their tusks, that's about this much.
NikkiAnd how much can they lift with their tusks?
RitaA ton.
SakuraHey, you know, for our report, we need to observe their natural strength given their unnatual environments.
ChelseaYeah, well, it says they do demonstrations. Tag-o-war and stuff. Ha ha!
ChelseaHey, you know, they're very smart. They understand words.
The group nod to Chelsea, when they hear an explosion near them.
Sakura What's that?! Huh? Oh.
I am sensing something. But where?
MadisonThat was a really strange explosion. It just sounded like something dropping.
Meanwhile, animals all over the zoo are grunting and screeching at the sudden explosion.

Children are challenging tag-o-war against the elephant, just as a demonstration show.
MadisonReally? You think it's a Clow Card?
SakuraI'm not sure.
Sakura's group are keep on observing the elephants, writing down their findings.
MadisonWell, why don't you ask Kero?
SakuraI didn't bring him.
At that moment, Sakura and Madison hear something grunt in Sakura's backpack. Sakura takes it down on the ground, and slowly opens it.
KeroSurprise! Ha ha ha!
SakuraKero, no!
SakuraAh, elephants sure are noisy. (Trying to evade)
NikkiIs it lunchtime already?
SakuraYeah, I'm starving.
NikkiWe'll meet you later.
SakuraUh-huh. (Sighs)
Sakura and Madison dash to where no one can see them, holding Sakura's backpack in which Kero is hiding. When they sit down and put the backpack on the ground, Kero comes out yawning.
KeroGlad to see me, Sakura?
SakuraWe agreed that you were staying home today, Kero.
KeroUh, yeah, but this lunch that your Dad made, first the sandwich, and then the chocolate chip cookies, and, oh, let me tell you. (Staggering into the backpack) See?
SakuraActually, it's a good thing you're here.
KeroYeah! You got a lot of food to eat. Ah, you know, maybe we should just dig in. (Lifts up Sakura's lunch box)
SakuraLunch has to wait. I think there's a Clow Card around here.
KeroWell, how about just a quick little snack?
MadisonCome on, Kero. Is anything more important to you than you put in your stomach?

Li is holding camera, waiting for the timing to shoot the sloth his group is observing.
LiHey, it's moving!
Suddenly, they hear an explosion shaking the ground.
LiHmmph. (Sensing something)

Of course, Sakura and Kero also hear the ground-shaking explosion.
KeroThat sound? Is that what you meant?
KeroWhat makes you think it's a Clow Card?
Suddenly, a penguin runs past Sakura out of nowhere.
MadisonLooks like the penguin cage must've broken.
KeroHmm. Penguins don't just escape on their own. This is definitely the work of a Clow Card.
Another explosion occurs.
The explosion has broke the cage, the on-lookers are shouting. Sakura, Kero, and Madison run out to the scene.
KeroThat way!
SakuraLet's go!
People are running out of the scene. Sakura's gang are running in the opposit direction to investigate what exactly has happened. Then they meet the rest of Sakura's group who are running away out.
ChelseaYou're going the wrong way!
MadisonYeah, we'll meet you back there.
ChelseaWhat about you guys?
MadisonWe'll be right back!

Li who senses a Clow Card tries to run to the scene.
Li stops and reminds that he is carrying the camera.
LiHere, you take care of this.
Li leaves the group and dashes out to the scene.

Sakura, Kero, and Madison are heading for the Card acting violent.
MadisonIt's deserted!
SakuraThey all got scared!
KeroAnd a really good thing, too! We can't have people around when you're using your magic, you know, Sakura.
SakuraOver this way, right, Kero?
KeroYeah, right, you're getting good at this, Sakura.
On their way, three of the gang see zebras crossing their path hurriedly.
SakuraWhich Card do you think this is, Kero?
KeroHmm. A Card that destroys cages.
An explosion hits just in front of the gang.
SakuraOh! Did you see that?
KeroThat is one quick Clow Card!
MadisonBut I didn't see anything.
KeroOver there!
An unseen force wreak havoc around the mother and baby elephants.
SakuraOh, no!
MadisonThose poor elephants! They're terrified!
SakuraThe Card is doing that?
KeroIt's gotta be one of the stronger Clow Cards that's for sure.
The mother elephant threatens back at the Clow Card, but the Card throws the elephant high up in the air. Then, Sakura begin chanting to call out a magic.
SakuraKey of Clow. Power of magic, power of light, surrender the wand, the force ignite. Release!
The key turns into a wand, which she grabs and twirls it a few spins, and then she swings onto a Card.
SakuraWindy! Release and dispel!
Sakura's magic causes a swirling wind, which catches the mother elephants falling down from the sky and puts her on the ground safe.
MadisonOh, you caught her just in time!
SakuraThat elephant could've really been hurt!
MadisonIt just lifted it right up into the air. That explains the penguin slide.
Kero Huh! The Power Card!
OK, you need to overpower it, Sakura. You can do it!
SakuraWhat? You sure?
KeroAnd move fast. We got trouble again.
The Power Card is trying to lift the elephant up in the air.
Sakura No!
All right, Power Card. You've shown off your strength. Now put it to the test! I... I dare you to show yourself!
MadisonI know she's getting stronger, but...
KeroSee. Power's biggest weakness is pride, Madison. And it likes to show off.
SakuraThat's enough!
The Power Card quits lifting the elephant, and gets violently closer to Sakura instead. Sakura gets shocked at the violence and gasps.
KeroLook out! It's coming this way!
Provoked Power Card fiercely thrusts down a tree. Sakura is terrified by the Power Card just after her.
KeroHey, hey, I think you, uh, succeeded in getting its attention.
SakuraYou better be right!
KeroSakura, run!
The Power Card goes on terrifying Sakura. She tries to run away from it.
KeroCall on the Cards you've already captured! Whoa, you can do it! Aah!
Kero and Madison are making a run for it together with Sakura.
SakuraThere's no way I could beat that!
KeroListen, you've got to name a contest, Sakura.
The Power Card ceases attacking Sakura.
The Power Card turns into its visible form, looking like a little girl.
SakuraThat's Power?
MadisonThat's what I call a battle costume with pizzazz!
KeroDon't expect her to be act an harmless as she looks.
The Power Card notices there is a rope hanging over the fence shrubbery. Sakura and Power are to compete with the rope. Power pulls the rope smiling, when Sakura is easily dragged forward.
KeroUse the Windy Card!
Sakura groans, but she can't do anything at Power's mercy.
KeroCome on, Sakura! You've got to use Windy to capture Power.
SakuraJust a little busy here!
MadisonHang on, Sakura.
Power Card pulls one more step back. Nevertheless, Sakura feels the load on her rope gets somehow eased, so she looks back to find the mother elephant is helping her pulling the rope with her trunk.
SakuraThe elephant!
KeroCome on, you can do it!
MadisonPull harder!
Power Card stop smiling, and with her might she takes another pull. Sakura and the elephant are begin dragged. Meanshile, Li is watching the tag-o-war, standing on a branch of a tree.
Li She'll never pull this off.
Time Card... freeze the moment!
Li calls out the magic with his sword, then everything in the world is frozen. Li quickyly jumps off the tree, and he yanks the rope off Power's hand, and he jumps back up into the tree.
LiTime Card, unfreeze!
The time restarts going, so both Sakura and Power flip themselves down backward. Sakura is still holding the rope, but not Power.
KeroI can't believe my eyes!
MadisonMe, neither.
Sakura All right! I did it! I did it!
But I didn't do it alone. Thank you so much.
The elephant answers by trumpetting.
KeroHere, Sakura.
SakuraNow, return to your power confined. Power.
The Power turns into the card form, she takes it up on the ground.
SakuraKero, I think I'm starting to get the hang of this.
KeroYou sure are!
SakuraI guess my magic is increasing.
MadisonSee? You are a Cardcaptor, Sakura.
Li is still watching them from up in the tree.
LiYou'll need a lot more strength than that, Sakura.
Li runs away from them, before they notice him.
SakuraThere's a little bit of business I'd like to finish up.
KeroYeah, me, too! Boy, am I every hungry!
MadisonHa ha ha!
MadisonSakura, are thinking what I'm thinking?

Next morning, Sakura rollerblades to Reedington Park, and sees the slide.
Sakura Mmm.
Huh? Madison! Hey, wait up!
Sakura catches up with Madison who is looking at the picture.
SakuraAre those our picture from yesterday?
SakuraBut that picture! No!
MadisonBut it's a great shot.
SakuraMake sure you don't show anyone, OK?
At this moment, Julian comes up to them on his bike.
SakuraWhoa, hi!
JulianHave a good field trip yeasterday?
A breeze blows the picture from Madison's hand, but luckily Julian extends his hand to catch it from being blown away.
JulianWhoa. Hey!
Julian looks at what's on the picture.
JulianSakura, you want to explain what this is about?
SakuraMmmm. (Falls down from the shock)
MadisonUhh... I did it on my computer.
JulianYeah, I figured that.
Sakura(Laughing nervously)
JulianYou'd have to be some kind of magician to do that for real.
On the picture, Sakura is lifting the penguin slide on her shoulder, embarrassedly smiling.

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