Boldfaced letters mean the name of the speaker.
Italicized letters mean what is thought in mind.
Faint letters mean what is happening in the flashback or in the dream.

The Cave

On a hot summer day, Kero is alone in Sakura's room, not air-conditioned.
KeroHot! Oh, this is really lame! Sakura's on a field trip to the beach and I'm not!
Kero fans his wing to cool himself down, but soon he collapses in heat.
Kero So hot! Oh, it's not fair!
I deserve way better than this! It's not fair!
Meanwhile, Tori and Julian are studying in Tori's room. They hear the sound from Sakura's room.
JulianHey, Tori, did you just hear something?
ToriUmm, I don't know.
JulianWell, I guess I'm just studying too hard then, huh?
ToriHmm? Mm-hmm.

On the other hand, Sakura on the field trip is swimming in the sea, seeing flock of fish swimming below. She breaks the surface to breathe. There is a cave in front of her.
SakuraHuh? That cave gives me the creeps.
She finds Li is at the opening of the cave. He soon turns back, dives into the sea, and then swims away.
Sakura Li! What's he doing this far out?
Chelsea calls Sakura from the beach.
ChelseaCome on in! We're gonna practice some beach volleyball moves.
SakuraI'm coming!
Sakura swims the crawl back to the beach where her friends are waiting.
NikkiShe is such a strong swimmer. That's really amazing.
MadisonIf Mr. Terada saw her out that far by herself, she'd be in trouble.
ChelseaShe can probably swim better than he can!
Sakura, on getting back to the shore, is running to her friends.
SakuraHere I am! Let's play volleyball, OK?
Sakura's gang begin playing volleyball.
Sakura Two!
Nikki Four!
Rita Five!
Sakura Whoa!
Sakura That's OK. I got it.
At the moment Sakura grabs the ball on the sea, water suddenly gushes out like a geyser. It is Zachary who frightens her.
ZacharyHey, I bet you didn't know that beach volleyball was originally played in Hawaii with coconuts.
SakuraAre you serious?
ZacharyYes, ma'am. But coconuts are hard and heavy, right?
SakuraYeah, I guess so.
ZacharyThat's why it's been banned in Hawaii. People were getting badly injured.
SakuraOh, really?
ChelseaHe's making it up!
SakuraYeah, I knew that!
ChelseaI think Zachary's gonna be a science fiction writer when he grows up.
ZacharyHeh heh heh.

Sakura and Madison are watching Li keep swimming offshore.
MadisonBoy, Li's almost as good a swimmer as you are.
SakuraYeah, almost.
MadisonThat's all he's done since we got here.
SakuraMaybe he's in training.
MadisonMaybe he's going to challenge you to a race.
ZacharyYou know, Eskimos invented swimming.
Whistle blows.
TeradaOK, everyone! Two lines over here!
ZacharyYou see, there was this one guy who loved to swim under the ice, so one day the people decided...
ChelseaYeah, right!
MadisonIt's a good thing Zachary and Chelsea are cousins.
NikkiYeah, I love the way she shuts him down.
MadisonActually, I think he tells pretty good stories.
SakuraMe, too.
ZacharySo they all followed him into the deepest, darkest part...
Kids are standing in two lines, beside a rope of a beach seine.
TeradaEverybody ready?
Students grab the rope.
MadisonSo, do you think our environmental studies field trip is boring, Chelsea?
ChelseaDefinitely not!
MadisonWait till tomorrow night. Huh?
Sakura is rubbing her own hands with sand.
MadisonOh, man, what a pro. That makes you grip better or something?
Terada And... pull!
Come on! You can do it! Heave! Heave!
Come on, kids, let's see some muscle. Go, go!
Whistle blows.
GirlLook at that!
There are a lot of fish hopping in the beach seine.
TeradaAnd that would be dinner.

All the kids are fixing dinner. Some are grilling the fish they has just caught with the beach seine. Others are slicing vegitables or carrying dishes or whatever. Sakura is peeling a potato.
ChelseaI'm impressed. Just one peel!
SakuraWell, I get lots of practice, Chelsea.
MadisonShe swims, she pulls...
NikkiAnd peels potatoes.
RitaOur hero!
Meanwhile, Li is slicing a cabbage, at an admirable speed, each slice flies onto a tray in a pile.
MadisonWow! Seems you have... a little competition.
NikkiHe's good.
MadisonI think he won that round, Sakura.
SakuraHey, come on! I'm just peeling potatoes here.

At that night, in a cabin, Sakura's group are talking.
SakuraThat was so much fun today. We went swimming, fishing, and had that great barbecue.
RitaAnd tomorrow...
MadisonWe do ancient shrine walk.
ChelseaIn the cave!
Sakura(Weakly) Oh, yeah.
NikkiThe cave's filled with ghosts.
NikkiI heard all about this from Zachary. It's true.
ChelseaTrue like all Zachary's stories. Right, Rita?
NikkiA long time ago, kids just like us were at the cave where we're going tomorrow. They were studying local history, just like us. They were making a journey to the ancient shrine, just like us. They each had a gift to leave, just like us! Following the ancient tradition, they each took a gift and a candle.
MadisonUh, what happened when they went in the cave, Nikki?
NikkiWell, at first everything was fine as they started in with their candles and gifts.
Nikki But then something very unexpected happened.
As two by two they traveled to the center of the cave, and when they got there, they felt this strange presence all around them, and all of a sudden there was this cold blast of wind, and the candles went out, and they heard this sound like a door being opened all around them.
The door of the cabin actually opens.
TeradaGirls? Everything all right?
MadisonWe were just talking about the ancient shrine. Y-you scared us when you opened the door, that's all.
Terada Sorry. Didn't mean to do that.
OK. You've got a big day tomorrow, so you better go to sleep now. It's past ``light out.''
All the girls in the group has fallen asleep before a long time, except Sakura. She has trouble falling into sleep with fear of the ghost story Nikki talked about.
SakuraIt's no use. I just can't go to sleep.
Sakura goes out of the cabin, and is walking out to teachers' cabin.
SakuraI think I'll just talk to Mr. Terada... tell him I'm spooked about ghosts and I don't want to go in the cave. It's no big deal! After all, everybody's afraid of something, aren't they?
Somebody taps Sakura's shoulder.
It is Li who has caught Sakura.
Sakura and Li are sitting on the shore where they can see the cave.
SakuraThat was you out at the cave today, right, Li?
LiYeah. I thought I saw something over there. I figured I'd better check it out.
SakuraA Clow Card?
SakuraYou don't mean a g- g- g-
LiWhat are you trying to say? Ghost?
LiBoy, some Cardcaptor you are! Don't try and tell me you're afraid of going inside that cave tomorrow.
SakuraNo, I... I, uh...
LiPathetic, Avalon.
At this moment, Li can see something flicker in the cave.
LiHey, I just saw something.
Sakura Very funny, Li.
Let's change the subject.
LiThat's fine with me.
SakuraSo, uh, how do you like it in Reedington?
LiIt's OK.
SakuraUh, where do you live?
LiWith Wei.
SakuraOh, who's that?
LiOne of my Mom's cousins, my guardian.
SakuraDoes he know?
LiWhat, about the Clow Cards?
SakuraWell, yeah.
LiClow Reed's our ancestor. The Cards are important to us.
SakuraYeah, they're important to me, too.
LiListen, I don't need your help, Sakura.
SakuraAnd I don't really need your help, either.
Li Huh?
I'm going back.
SakuraOh, uh, wait up!

Next morning, Sakura and Madison are washing their face.
MadisonSo what are you going to leave behind at the shrine on the walk tonight, Sakura?
SakuraTo tell you the truth, I was wondering if we could maybe leave Li there.

In the shade of tree, where the cave can be seen, Sakura is lying on her back, with Madison sitteing beside her.
Sakura gets up groaning, when she sees something inside the cave. She gasps.
SakuraHuh? (Rubbing her eyes) Huh?
MadisonIs something wrong, Sakura?
SakuraOh, it's OK. I'm fine.

At that night, kids get together at the opening of the cave for the ancient shrine. Ms. Moore is explaning how to do the shrine walk.
MooreAnd so for our walk to the ancient shrine, you'll use candles not flashlights, so you get a really good sense of what it was like when the ancient people visited the shine.
KidsWhoo-hoo! Cool!
Sakura I definitely sense something.
MooreYou'll go in twos and threes with a few seconds between. We want you to use all of your senses, not just your eyes. So everyone has to be very, very quiet. Understand?
SakuraThis is kind of Nikki's story.
MadisonYou mean Zachary's story!
SakuraYeah, I guess you're right.
MooreAt the end of the cave, you cross a bridge, and there's a small shrine. If you've brought a stone or a shell, you can leave it at the shrine and make a wish, and then you turn around and come back here. It's the same path coming and going, so it's impossible to get lost.
KidsYes! OK!
Moore Ready? First group.
OK, have a good time.
First group go into the cave.
MooreSo who's next?
GirlWe are!
MooreOK, you two.
Each group follow, with few seconds between, into the cave.
Boy A<What did you bring?
Boy BA feather!
Boy ACool!
The two boys are going into the cave laughing.
SakuraOh, no! I forgot mine!
MadisonDon't worry, Sakura. I brought along a couple of stones, so you can have one of mine.
At this moment, Chelsea, Nikki, and Rita are going inside together.
NikkiSure hope this is scary!
MadisonIt's our turn!
ZacharyDo you think there really are ghosts in there?
Sakura and Madison are walking inside the cave, with a candle in Madison's hand. Sakura is acting like a scaredy-cat.
SakuraHeh-heh. Zachary's ghost stories are lame, huh?
Madison(Gasps) Did you hear something?
SakuraNo, did you?
MadisonOh... heh-heh!
SakuraI don't hear anything.
SakuraI don't hear anything!
MadisonYou're right.
Sakura and Madison arrive at the bridge leading to the ancient shrine.
MadisonYou know, Sakura...
MadisonI seem to recall Ms. Moore said the ancient shrine where we leave our gifts was just on the other side of that bridge.
SakuraYeah, she did.
MadisonWell, I don't see any lights anywhere from the other kids. This is really beginning to creep me out. Something's going on here that doesn't make sense.
Next minute, Sakura and Madison can hear someone cry out across the bridge.
ChelseaNikki! Nikki!
MadisonThat sounds like chelsea!
SakuraWe better go look.
MadisonDo you think it's safe?
Sakura and Madison run crossing the bridge to where they hear Chelsea's outcry. There they see Chelsea standing, Rita crying, and Nikki missing.
MadisonAre you guys OK?
ChelseaNo, we're not! Nikki's disappeared.
SakuraWhat do you mean she's disappeared?
ChelseaWell, she was standing right here, and then she just seemed to vanish. Right, Rita?
Crying Rita vanishes when Chealsea look aside to her.
SakuraRita, no!
ChelseaDid you see that! That's exactly the same thing that happened to Nikki!
Chelsea also vanishes while she is talking. Sakura and Madison gasp at an astonishment.
SakuraWhat's going on?
MadisonYou were right, Sakura.
SakuraI'm right? You mean to tell me you really think that there are ghosts in here, Midison?
MadisonLi was sure there was no Clow Card in here, right?
SakuraUh-huh! We gotta get help.
Sakura and Madison start runing across the bridge, with Sakura ahead grasping Madison's hand. In the middle on the bridge, Sakura loses the touch of Madison's hand, so she looks back to find the candle remain in air, which has to be carried by Madison; Madison has eventually vanished.
SakuraMadison's vanished!
The candle, losing its carrier, naturally falls onto the wooden bridge.
SakuraThere's no one left!
The bridge soon catches on fire.
Meanwhile, Li is running deeper inside the cave holding a candle. He finds Sakura standing by the bridge, when she's doing nothing but gazing at the bridge in flames.
SakuraLi! Madison and the others...
LiThey disappeared?
LiIt's the same with my group. Everybody's vanished.
SakuraI don't like this, Li. If it's not a Clow Card, then it's gotta be a...
LiGet a grip! There's no such thing as ghosts.
Sakura closes her eyes to concentrate, and senses the air.
SakuraHave you got your Lasin board?
LiSource of light with ancient spin send force of magic power within! Force, know my plight! Release the light!
A blue beam shoots out from the Lasin board to the ancient shrine across the water.
LiWe have got to across the water, Sakura.
SakuraIs the Board always right?
LiYou're still worried about ghosts, aren't you? Boy! Have you got a Card for this or not?
SakuraYeah, I do!
Sakura takes out the Float Card.
Sakura Ah... Float Card. Transport us the other side!
Float! Release and dispel!
A magical sphere encloses Sakura and Li, and floats up to transport them across the water.
LiI admit that maybe you do have some special powers, but there's a lot more to being a Cardcaptor, and it doesn't mean your powers are stronger than mine, OK?
Sakura nods at Li without a word. They arrive at the other side.
SakuraFloat Card... return!
LiOK, it's all yours.
Then Li is begining to vanish.
SakuraNo, you can't!
SakuraNot you, too, Li!
LiListen! Master your fear before we all vanish and never come back!
Sakura can't move or say a word with a fear.
LiWe are running out of time!
Sakura holds forth her wand and concentrates her mind to search where the Clow Card is.
SakuraThe shrine!
She runs up to the ancient shrine, and pulls the door open. A magical spirit comes out in the form of smoke.
SakuraClow Card, return to your power... confined!
Sakura flicks her wand down, the spirit turn into a Card at the end of the wand. The Card flies to Sakura's hand.
Li The Erase Card!
So that's why everyone vanished.
SakuraTake it.
SakuraYou should have it, Li.
SakuraAs much as I hate to admit it, if you hadn't been here, I couldn't have captured it.
LiI can get my own Cards.
LiI don't need you.
SakuraIs that so?
Though Li walks a few step, he turns around back and walks up to Sakura again.
LiI need to cross the water.
SakuraOh, right!

Next morning, Sakura's friends are talking about the mysterious shrine walk, they don't remember anything of it.
NikkiOh, what a disappointment! I really wanted to be scared, and absolutely nothing happened.
RitaWalk in the park.
MadisonYeah, I'll say.
ChelseaNot one ghost.
ZacharyIt's almost like it didn't even happen.
MadisonSakura, it was a Clow Card, wasn't it?
Sakura spots Li standing alone at the seashore.
Sakura walks to behind Li.
SakuraNo one remembers anything at all, Li, and I don't know what to say to them.
LiThey don't want to remember what happened 'cause they can't understand it.
Sakura I see.
You know I'm trying to compete with you or anything.
LiWell, that's good 'cause there's nothing you could beat me at.
Chelsea Sakura! Li!
You wanna play beach volleyball?
ZacharyIt's a little known fact that beach volleyball was used by the ancient Egyptians as a way to determine who would be next in line for the throne.
Both Sakura and Li show some reaction to Zachary's made-up story.
ChelseaZachary, don't make me hurt you!
Sakura and Li dashes to the seashore taking the ball from Chelsea.
Sakura and Li begin playing volleyball alone.
MadisonI think we maybe oughta sit this one out.

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