Boldfaced letters mean the name of the speaker.
Italicized letters mean what is thought in mind.
Faint letters mean what is happening in the flashback or in the dream.

Time and Again

On the Parent Day for Sakura's school, Aiden Avalon is making a speech on his archeological profession in the gymnasium.
AidenAnd our task is made difficult by thieves who, time after times, break into these sites and steal important artifacts. So, as an archologist...
Sakura Parent Day is fun. Dad looks so great up there and everybody always thinks his work is really cool.
AidenOne of the questions we're trying to answer is ``How did they manage to build those huge pyramids?'' Here is where time bocomes our friend as well as our enemy. We benefit from theories of centuries past, but these structures suffer from time as well as through weather, erosion, and humans. This piece of limestone, for example, is all that's left of one 2 1/2-ton building block from King Khufu's pyramid in Giza...
MadisonSakura, your Dad's a good speaker.
AidenSo you could say we're in a race against time.
When the bell tolls, Aiden checks his wristwatch for time.
Aiden Oh, gosh. It looks like that's all the time I've got this morning.
Thanks for inviting me.
Li and Zachary are with Aiden, most impressed Li asks questions on Aiden's speech.
LiBut the pyramids won't disappear, will they?
AidenNo, not right away, but eventually.
LiBut they're so huge that it seems hard to imagine one day there won't be anything left.
AidenWhen you think that King Khufu's pyramid has nearly three million blocks in it...
Aiden... that it covers thirteen acres is 482 feet high and was built in 2700 B.C.
Aiden... it probably has a few good years left. But we don't want to waste any time. There are a lot of pyramids that need our protection.
LiI wonder why they're in the shape of triangles.
AidenYou interested in pyramids?
LiOh yeah!
AidenWhy don't you come by the university after school some time? We have an excellent Egyptology collection.
LiThat sounds great!
AidenSee ya there!
LiAll right! Ancient secrets!
ZacharySakura's Dad sure is a pretty nice guy, huh, Li?
LiWhat? Sakura's Dad?
ZacharyDuh! Our Sakura Avalon is this Professor Avalon's daughter.
Li looks back at Aiden at a surprise, meanwhile Sakura is waving her hand to her father; Li notices.

That night, Kero is enjoying playing video game in Sakura's room.
KeroOK, it's now or never! Come on, Prince Zylon. Let's give those Pinkoids what they deserve and we'll be back home before you can say... Whoo-hoo! Yeah! On to the final level!

Meanwhile, Sakura is carrying snacks for Julian (and Tori, in addition) who is studying in Tori's room.
The door swang open.
ToriWhat do you want, squirt?
SakuraUh... um...
JulianHey, what's going on?
SakuraUm, food. Uh... eating!
ToriThanks for the snack, squirt. You hungry, Julian?
JulianOh, wow! Pastry puffs!
SakuraI... uh...
ToriIt's late. Time for bed.
JulianThanks, Sakura.
SakuraOven! (Weakly) Good night.

Sakura is in bed, whining about last seconds.
SakuraI just stood there.
KeroAh, it doesn't sound that bad. Forget about it, kid.
SakuraYeah, you're right.
KeroAhh! Last level tomorrow. Sweet dreams, Sakura.
Sakura You too. I've got that big music test tomorrow. I'm afraid I didn't practice enough.
Boy, Kero, you sure are obsessing over that game.
KeroYeah, I know, but it's a great one! And just one more level to go.

Later on that night, at midnight, the clock tower bell begins to toll. It continues for a while. Sakura and Kero wakes up at the toll.
Kero What's with the ding-dong thing? I'm trying to sleep.
What is that, Sakura?
SakuraI don't know, but bells don't ring at midnight for no reason.

Next morning.
SakuraOh, I'm late!
KeroHard to get back to sleep with all that racket going on!
SakuraOh no, I gotta take music test today.
KeroHey, hey! Don't warry about it. You're gonna do just fine, Sakura.
SakuraOhh! Bye!
Kero Good luck on your test! (Trying to restart the video game)
OK—Aah! No data?! That's not possible!

At school, students are having music test one by one. A boy is playing the recorder to the teacher's piano.
MadisonSo, are you ready for the test?
SakuraI'm not sure. I think I left some of my fingers at home.
MadisonAs long as you remember to breathe, Sakura, you'll be just fine.
Music TeacherAnd next up is Sakura Avalon.
SakuraUh, right.
MadisonSakura! Remember to breathe!
Sakura is playing the recorder to the piano accompaniment, until she hits a wrong note and then she gets frozon.
Class giggles faintly. Li is practicing himself looking aside.

After school, boys are playing soccer in the playground. At the side of the ground, the cheerleaders including Sakura are taking a rest. Madison (not a cheerleader) is talking with Sakura.
ZacharyHey, guys, I'm open! Pass to me! Come on, you never pass to me!
Sakura Madison, I really blew that music test this morning. It's too bad I can't go back and do it all over again. I know I can play much better than that.
If only I'd practiced just a little harder.
Madison hears Li playing the recorder, who's just walking past.
SakuraWhat? Oh! So he can walk and play the recorder at the same time. Big deal!
SakuraHe still doesn't think I deserve to be a Cardcaptor.
ZacharyHeads up!
A soccer ball comes and flies at Li when he's playing the recorder. He quickly jumps up and kicks the ball back, which scores a perfect goal.
Kids in the playground all clap hands to his nice shot.
ZacharyGreat shot, Li!

That night, Sakura, Tori, and Aiden are having drink, just as a little party for Sakura and Tori's effort for their each tests.
AidenAnd how did it go on your tests today, kids?
SakuraHey, Tori, how did it go for you today?
ToriAs usual.
SakuraUgh! Well, not for me, OK?!
ToriHere's a tip, Sakura. If you want to do better, practice.
AidenYou know, maybe some extra practice wouldn't hurt.

Later on that night, Sakura is practicing playing the recorder, while Kero is playing the video game beside.
Kero (Grunting) Yeah, bye-bye, Pinkoid! All right, Zylon! I did it! And today, I'm gonna save it.
Save, save. (Pushes the save button) OK!
At that moment, Sakura finishes through the play without a mistake.
SakuraHmm, I did it! Did you hear? No mistakes!
KeroI thought your music test was over.
SakuraWell, Tori and my Dad don't think I practice enough so I'm gonna show them next time.
KeroGood idea! Expect the unexpected.
Sakura(Giggles) Yeah, absolutely!

Next morning.
KeroNot again! But I saved yesterday. I did! Aah! You saw me, didn't you?
SakuraDid I? I... uh... I'm late! Bye!
KeroI know I did!

On the way to school, Sakura and Madison are talking, besides a girl practicing playing recorder walking to school.
MadisonSo, are you ready to take the music test today?

Later on that morning, Sakura's class are taking music test in the music classroom, just like the day before.
MadisonHow do you feel, Sakura?
SakuraHuh? Well, I practiced yesterday.
MadisonYeah, me, too. So all you have to do is breathe.
Sakura This is too weird.
But we had a music test yesterday, didn't we?
SakuraMadison! We took the music test yesterday, and I blew it. Don't you remember?
MadisonSakura, have you been having weird dreams again?
Music TeacherAnd next up is Sakura Avalon.
MadisonRemember to breathe!
Sakura plays the recorder successfully to the piano accompaniment.
MadisonWell, her dream was wrong. She's playing it perfectly.
Sakura Huh! Weird.

After school, boys and cheerleaders are in the playground just the same as the day before.
MadisonWhat do you mean, déjà vu?
Sakura Like being in a place you've never been before, but it seems like you have. Or feeling like you've had the same conversation with someone before, but you didn't. I can remember everything so clearly. Those boys there...
Sakura points at the boy who keeps the soccer ball. She moves her finger, then the ball is kicked as to fly in the direction Sakura points to. Finally, the ball flies to the goal, where the goalkeeper jumps at the ball to interfere the score.
SakuraIt's exactly the same.
MadisonWhat are you talking about?
SakuraIt all happened yesterday. And next, a ball will come flying at Li and he'll score a goal.
MadisonWell, here he is now, right on cue.
SakuraOh, wait. He's not playing the recorder.
LiSakura, do you notice something going on?
LiWe had a music test yesterday. Am I right?
LiSo are you thinking what I'm thinking? No one but us has noticed that yesterday is repeating itself. There's a Clow Card around.
LiYou mean you don't sense it? You're hopeless! Come on, Sakura! It's in the clock tower.
ZacharyLook out!
A soccer ball fly toward Li, and he kicks the ball into the goal.
SakuraWow, you're getting good at that.
ZacharyWow, great shot, Li.
At the moment, the bell of the clock tower begins tolling.

Late at that night, at 11:30, Sakura, Madison, and Kero are in school for a card capture.
MadisonDon't you just love your battle costume?
SakuraOh, Madison, I don't know.
MadisonOh, you look great!
SakuraIf you say so.
MadisonThis costume is for undetected night flight.
KeroDiscovering this Clow Card is proof that you're really getting the hang of this, Sakura.
SakuraWell, I...
MadisonOK, camera's ready!
KeroOK, let's fly!
Calling out the Fly, Sakura flies around the clock tower, getting closer to it. Kero flies beside her.
Sakura Wait a sec! The clock tower! I can sense the Clow Card.
It's in there.
Sakura tries to go in to the clock tower.
SakuraWhoa! What's this?
Sakura slows down aginst her will.
SakuraWhat's... happening... Kero?
KeroTime is... slowing us... down!
Sakura and Kero forcedly fly back to where they stood some minutes ago. Madison videotapes Sakura standing in her costume.
SakuraWhat's going on, Kero?
KeroA time slip.
SakuraA what?
KeroIt's the Time Card and it's interfering with the flow of time.
MadisonOK, camera's ready!
Sakura flies one more time, circling and nearing the clock tower.
KeroThe Time Card has merged with the biggest clock in town. Even so, people who don't have magical power like you do don't even notice time slips.
SakuraDoes it just keep repeating the same day over and over again?
KeroThe Card only has the power to wind time back a whole day, and then only once a day at midnight.
SakuraMidnight? We've only got fifteen minutes!
KeroCapture that Card! And fast!
SakuraAah! He reversed it!
KeroYeah, yeah! Now he's speeding everything up!
The time speeds up and soon reaches midnight. Then the time is wound time back a whole day.

Next night, Sakura, Madison, and Kero are in school, just the same as previous night.
SakuraDon't tell me. Let me guess.
MadisonOh, you look great!
Sakura``Undetected night flight,'' right?
MadisonIt's amazing how you just get these things!
KeroLiving the same day three times is too much for me. I'd like to move on if you don't mind.
SakuraNo kidding. I have to keep taking the same music test.
KeroYou think playing Zylon Warriors isn't a test? Not everyone gets to the final level, you know.
SakuraOK! I just know I can't stand to take the same music test one more time!
MadisonLi, you've got a bandage on your nose.
SakuraHe was hit by the soccer ball.
MadisonHope you scored a goal at least.
SakuraIt was a lucky shot.
LiSakura, listen! There's an escaped Card up there that needs to be captured, and the only way is to get another Card to destroy the tower!
MadisonWhat? But you can't do that!
LiWhy not?
SakuraFirst of all, someone in town might get hurt, and people depend on that clock.
LiWell, have you got any better ideas, Ms. Cardcaptor?
SakuraOK, I've had a few setbacks, but I'm very close to a breakthrough.
LiSakura, this is where my years of experience pay off.
LiThe Clow Card's in the clock tower, right?
LiAnd when you fly toward it, time goes all weird, right?
SakuraYeah! That's right!
Sakura starts running.
MadisonWhere are you going?
SakuraTo capture a Card!
Sakura and Madison sneak into the school building, heading to the clock tower through inside.
KeroHe's still in there.
Li gets on the roof, where he throws a rope at top of the tower to get a hook. The Time Card hears the hooking sound.
SakuraTime! Return to your power con-
The Time Card uses his magic.
MadisonSakura, what's wrong?
SakuraI can't move!
The Time begins using another magic.
KeroOh, no!
At that moment, Li kicks the glass broken, and jumps into the tower.
LiQuick! Use the Shield Card, Sakura. Now!
SakuraOK! Shield! Protect me from the power of Time! Shield!
Times shoots his magic, but it doesn't work to four of them.
SakuraIt worked!
KeroAll right! The Time Card can't reach us inside the Shield.
The Time Card is trying to make a run for it.
LiTime's flying—I mean, fleeing!
LiForce, know my plight. Release the light. Lightning!
Li's magic drops the Time on the floor.
SakuraYou backed me up.
KeroNow capture it!
SakuraTime Card, return to your power... confined!
The Card flies past Sakura, but travels to Li's hand.
SakuraWait a sec!
KeroThe Card doesn't always go to the one who seals it, Sakura.
SakuraIt doesn't? Why not?
KeroHey, if I knew all the answers, do you think I'd do look like this? Sorry. The Time Card belongs to Li.
SakuraWell, OK.

Next morning, at school, Sakura sees Madison come to school.
SakuraMorning, Madison!
MadisonHi, Sakura!
SakuraHere's hoping today's another day.
MadisonYeah, I guess. Although I wouldn't notice, would I?
Madison notices a recorder sticking out of Sakura's backpack,
MadisonHey, what did you bring that for?
SakuraUh, just in case we have another music test today.
MadisonThat was yesterday. This morning, we've got a spelling test in English class, first thing.
SakuraHuh. (Looking into timetable) Oh, no!

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