Boldfaced letters mean the name of the speaker.
Italicized letters mean what is thought in mind.
Faint letters mean what is happening in the flashback or in the dream.

Sakura's Rival

Sakura is sleeping having a dream. A boy dressed in a green robe is standing on the rooftop of a building facing to a big radio tower.
Sakura Oh no! Not again.
That tower. That kid. Kero!
Oh no! He's got the Clow Cards.
(Gasps) I gotta... hey come back.
Kero Hey! Hey!
Sakura I can't! I can't!
Kero Hey! Hey! Sakura!
Sakura is groaning in the dream, tossing and turning in bed with her hands on her head.
Sakura (Groans) I can't!
Kero Hey! Hey! Come on, kid. Wake up.
Sakura (Groans)
Kero Excuse me. Snap out of it!
Sakura Huh?
Kero Sakura!
Sakura wakes up and first sees Kero's face all over her view. She got frightened, so she pushes away Kero down on the bed.
Sakura Ugh! I can't! I can't!
Kero Unh! Oof!
No doubt you have a perfectly logical explanation for that.
Sakura Oh. Heh heh. Sorry. Heh.
Kero What's going on?
Sakura Mmm. Yeah.
Well, you know, Kero... I keep having that same dream.
Oh, about this kid on a tower with the Clow Cards.
Kero Huh? Fine, but you don't...
There's a knock on the door, Kero puts on a stuffed animal impression, lying on the ded. Opening the door quietly, Tori pokes his head.
Tori Sakura?
Kero Ugh.
Tori Hmm.
Sakura I'm up already.
Tori Sounds like you've got company.
Sakura No.
Tori Is that right?
Well, whatever you say, squirt. I heard voices.
Sakura Nope. Nobody's in here.
Ha ha! Everybody knows stuffed toys can't talk, Tori.
Tori Mm-hmm. I think you're really losin' it, squirt.
Sakura Get out! Ugh!
Furiously, Sakura throws her pillow straight at Tori, and he closes the door to shield himself from the blow.
Kero Oh, why does he always do that?
Tori opens the door again, Kero gasps and puts on a stuffed animal impression.
Tori Oh.
Kero (Gasps)
Tori By the way, I'm leaving in ten, so...
Kero (Gasps)
Tori Hmm.
Sakuran&Kero (Sigh)

Sakura turns up the window open. Kero is floating beside her.
Sakura What does it mean? What's with that dream?
Kero Get over it, Sakura.
Sakura Hmm?
Kero You got bigger fish to fry, kiddo. For example...
Sakura What?
Kero ... capturing the Clow Cards.
Sakura Yeah, I know that.
Kero But do you really, Sakura? Look kid, you gotta expect things when you least expect them.
Sakura Huh?

Tori leaves for school, when Aiden, Sakura's father, is calling Sakura.
Aiden Sakura, you're going to be late!
Sakura I'm coming!
She puts on rollerblades and safe gears, and rushes out of her house running after Tori.
Sakura Tori, wait up! Ugh!
Aiden Take it easy.
Sakura Bye Dad. Whoa!
She runs through down the gentle slope, and turns left at a corner pivotting a pole she's holding. She speeds up rollerblading straightly up to Tori.
Sakura Wait! (Grunts)
Tori! Slow down!
Tori That's what happens when you sit in your room talking to yourself.
Sakura Tori! I was not.
Tori Hey, Julian!
Julian is waiting for Tori standing beside a cherry tree. He gets together riding his bike to school.
Julian Uh, hi.
Tori Sorry we're late. The squirt was having a very deep conversation.
Sakura Unh.
Julian He giving you a hard time again?
Sakura As usual.
Tori I know what I heard. She's ten years old and still talks to imaginary friends. It's pretty pathetic, don't you think?
Sakura Tori!
Julian Are you feeling OK?
Sakura Oh, yeah. I had a strange dream last night.
Julian Yeah? Dreams can tell you what you least expect.
Sakura Huh?
The unexpected. That's just what Kero said.
Julian In fact, this morning, I had a dream just like that.
Sakura Yeah?
Julian Very déjà vu. It was really quite amazing. I dreamt that I'd have French toast breakfast and you know what? I did.
Sakura Oh!
Tori&Julian (Laugh)
Sakura Whoa!

At the classroom, Sakura is talking with her best friend, Madison.
Sakura Another video camera?
Madison It's a new digital version my Mom got.
Sakura Great. Heh heh. And sorry but chrominance reduction is a good thing?
Madison It cuts down the color noise.
Sakura Madison.
Madison And we are noisy.
Sakura Hee hee hee.
Rita comes into the classroom.
Rita Hey, guys.
Sakura Morning, Rita.
Madison How's it goin'?
Terada Good morning, class. Take your seats, please.
Mr. Terada comes to the classroom, the pupils are running to their seats.
Terada Hmm.
Hope you all had a good weekend. I have a surprise for you. We have a new exchange student—Li Showron.
Pupils whisper.
Terada Come on in.
Madison Why do you suppose we're getting an exchange student at this time of year?
Sakura I don't know.
Sakura gasps at a glance at the exchange student.
Sakura That's him! From my dream!
The exchange student, Li Showron, looks so much like the guy Sakura dreamt that early morning. Li is staring at her steadily.
Sakura Heh heh.
Madison That new kid's staring at you.
Sakura Mmm.
Terada Please welcome Li to Reedington Elementary. OK, Li. Where shall we seat you? Let's see now. Why don't you sit behind Sakura?
Sakura Heh?
Li, walking to his seat, stops in front of Sakura, staring at her.
Madison Your seat's right over here, Li.
Li Hmm.
Li takes his seat without a word. Sakura is shivering at his fierce glcance she senses on her back.
Li Hmm.
Sakura Oh, man.
What's with the new kid? Talk about intense. What does he want from me?

At recess, Li takes Sakura to the schoolyard.
Sakura Excuse me, what?
Li Source of light with ancient spin send force the magic power within. Oracles of gold, wood, water, fire, earth, cloud, wind, rain, and electricity. Force, know my plight. Release the light!
A blue beam shoots out the Lasin Board, focusing on Sakura.
Sakura Huh?
Li It is you!
Sakura (Gasps)
Li You do have them.
Sakura I... have what?
Li What do you think this is, Chinese Checkers? It's a Lasin board. It knows all. Clow Cards.
Sakura The Clow Cards?
Li I know you've got them.
Sakura Even if I did, I'm not giving them to you. I'm capturing them for Kero.
Li Wait a minute. Do you mean Keroberos?
Sakura Yeah, that's right.
Li Hmm. Since when does the gurdian beast let someone like you handle the Clow Cards?
Sakura Uh, I accidentally let the Cards out of the Clow Book. I didn't even know what it was, so where do you...
Li Ha! Keroberos was supposed to guard the Clow Cards. Don't tell me they all escaped.
Sakura Yup.
Li But you got some of them back, right?
Sakura Yeah, a few. I'm working on it.
Li And you're a Cardcaptor? That's pretty pathetic.
Sakura Ugh. So I hear.
Wait. How do you know about the Clow Cards anyway?
Li That's none of your business, but I'm taking over.
Sakura Ugh.
Li Give them to me.
Sakura Um, no! Exactly who do you think you are anyway, Li?
Li You'd be surprised. Give me the Cards.
Madison, walking to the schoolyard, finds Li trying to take the Clow Cards from Sakura.
Madison Sakura, Hey!
Hey! Stop it!
Li Unh!
Sakura Unh!
Li Give them here!
Sakura No way!
Tori finds his own sister in trouble, climbs over the fence for a rescue.
Tori Hey, you!
Sakura Let go of me!
Li takes his hands off Sakura, and jumps backward to square up to Tori. Tori also squares up slowly.
Sakura Oh.
Madison Are you OK?
Sakura It was nothing I couldn't handle myself.
Tori Don't pick on my sister, kid. Why don't you go home before someone gets hurt. Namely you.
Julian is running to them with a grocery bag in his arm, who climbs over the fence. Li gets frightened at a glace of Julian.
Julian Hey! Anybody here hungry?
Li Huh?
Julian Look at what I have. I was starving.
Tori Wow.
Julian So what'd you think of the physics exam? Sure good thing we reviewed quasars, huh? Oh, uh, hi. Come on. There's lots.
One for you, one for you, and one for you.
Li gasps as Julian turns to him.
Julian Uh, here. You want some?
As Julian walks up to Li, Li starts rushing away from him. He trips over a stone and falls down on a flower bed.
Li Oof.
Li jumps up and resumes running away.
Julian Huh?
Bell rings.
Julian Guess he's not hungry.

Sakura and Madison are walking home, when they talk about Li.
Madison Will Kero know what to do about that Li guy?
Sakura Sure. He's the guardian of the Clow Cards.
Madison Right.
Sakura He's probably at home right now planning on our next move.
Meanwhile, Kero is snoring at home, nonetheless.
Madison Yeah, I bet you're right.
There is a lightning in the sky unexpectedly; Sakura and Madison start. A thunder follows.
Sakura Oh, great. A storm.
Sakura and Madison run into Reedington Park and rush into underneath the Penguin Slide for a shelter from the rain. But it doesn't seem beginning to rain.
Madison Huh?
Sakura That's weird. It didn't even rain.
Lightning hits a lamp post, and jumps to another post, and then so forth. An electrician is walking in the park. The lightning jumps beside the electrician, and chase him making a run for it.
Electrician Aah!
Sakura Huh?

Kero is taking a nap above Sakura's bed. Sakura tries to wake him up.
Sakura Kero. Kero!
Come on, you gotta wake up. Wait till you hear what happened to me today.
Sakura Wake up!
Kero Aah! Ugh.
Sakura is telling Kero about her exchange student.
Sakura And he tried to take the Clow Cards. Well?
Kero Expect the unexpected, Sakura.
Sakura That's it?
Kero Don't forget, you are a Cardcaptor now. You've been chosen to get the Clow Cards back. That's what you gotta be worried about, not some insignificant little schoolyard scuffle.
Sakura What?
Kero This is powerful magic we're dealin' with here.
Sakura Uh-huh.
Kero There are gonna be a few bumps along the way.
Sakura Kero, he tried to take the Clow Cards.
Kero Maybe it's time for a little history lesson.
Sorcery is an ancient tradition. Now, most socerers practice in line with their traditions but my master Clow Reed created a new kind of magic when he created the Clow Cards.
Sakura Great, but what's that got to do with Li Showron?
Kero Yeah, I'm getting to that point.
Sakura What do you mean, Kero?
Kero Huh? There are some people who study magic all of their lives. You could say that they're, uh, born into the tradition.
Sakura Your point is?
Kero Li Showron is a descendant... (sips tea)... of Clow Reed.
Sakura (Gasps)
Kero What?
Sakura If Li's part of Clow Reed's family I should have given him these Cards after all.
Kero Uh-uh. Doesn't work like that.
Sakura Why?
Kero Sakura, try and keep up, will ya?
The Cards were in the book. The bood had a seak on it. You broke the seal and only a person with specially chosen powers has that kind of ability. Don't you get it? You're the one who found the book, the one who signed the Cards. You have the right to them. You're the one who's destined to have them.
Sakura Oh. (Blushes)
Sakura's cell phone rings.
Sakura Hello, Sakura speaking.
Madison Sakura.
Sakura Oh, hey, Madison.
Madison You've got to look outside... at the sky.
Sakura Why?
Madison You've got some Cards to capture.
Sakura Wow. I guess I do. I'll meet you in ten.
Kero Now you're talkin'.

Sakura, Kero, and Madison are in a forest. Sakura is in a cat-like pink outfits, made by Madison.
Sakura But, pink frills, Madison?
Madison It's not pink, it's cyber-rose. It's high-tech, and it's in all the magazines, Sakura.
Kero Huh, high-tech, huh?
Madison Non-conducting titanium and rubber.
Kero Well, uh, she's got a point there.
Madison Rubber will protect you from lightning.
Sakura Only for you, Madison.
Kero You're on, Sakura.
Madison You are going to thank me.
Sakura Let's fly.
Sakura calls the Fly to soar up in the air.
Madison Oh, what a shot!
Kero Sakura, did you notice if Li had some kind of magic device with him?
Sakura Uh-huh. He called it a Lasin Board.
Kero That gives him a predictive edge that could be a little problematic for us.
Sakura Uh-oh.
Kero Aw, don't worry. You're the rightful Cardcaptor. We'll just capture the Thunder Card before the Li kid manages to show up.
Sakura That's right. I'll show him.
Sakura and Kero see a lightning, they notice the Thunder Card begin attacking them.
Sakura&Kero Aah!
Sakura climbs abruptly in the air, dodging the Thunder's blow in the nick of time.
Sakura Whoa!
Sakura lands on the rooftop of a building.
Sakura Kero, just how am I supposed to do this? Ugh!
Kero First, transform it to its visible form.
Sakura And that would be how?
Kero Heads up!
Sakura Huh?
Jump Card! Here goes.
Sakura jumps over and onto builings, and finally she gets on the top of the clock tower at her school.
Sakura All right, Kero. What do we do now?
Li You really are pathetic.
Kero Huh?
Sakura Huh? Li, how's it goin'?
Li Force, know my plight. Release the lihgt. Lightning!
The Thunder Card, attacked by Li's magic, falls on to the roof of the school building. Li jumps off the clock tower to get closeer to the the Card. Sakura sees him falling.
Sakura That's just like in my dream.
Thunder Card turns into the Raiju, which is roaring.
Sakura That's Thunder's visible form?
Li You are looking at Raiju, the thunder beast. Boy, you are hopeless.
Sakura Back off.
Kero Listen up, Li. She is just gettin' started.
Sakura The Windy Card'll take care of this. Here.
Li Put it away. Windy can't stand up against Thunder.
Sakura But, Li, I've captured other Cards using Windy Card...
Kero In case you hadn't notice, kids, your Raiju remains on the warpath while you keep arguing!
Li You have the Shadow Card, don't you?
Sakura Uh-huh.
Li OK.
Force, know my plight. Release the light. Lightning!
Li's magic pushes and drops Raiju off the building onto the ground. Sakura and Li step forward to the edge on the roof.
Li Your turn.
Sakura I can do this.
Sakura calls out the Shadow Card. The Shadow spreads and encloses the Thunder beast up inside itself.
Sakura Shadow! Release and dispel!
Return to your power confined!
The Thunder Beast turns into a card, then the Shadow Card returns to the card form as well. They lie at Sakura's foot, so Sakura takes them up.
Sakura I did it!
Li Boy, you really don't have a clue about this, do you?
Kero Hey! Hey! Take it easy! Everybody's got to start somewhere.
Li Huh? What's this thing?
Sakura This is Kero.
Li No way! Keroberos? The gurdian beast of the Seal? The greatest guardian of all... the beast with the golden eyes... is a stuffed animal?
All Sakura can do against his words is just sigh.
Kero Grrr.
Kero bites Li in the forefinger.
Li Aah!
Sakura Serves you right!
Li Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Uh! (Groans)
Li fans his own hand to take Kero away. Kero lets go of him.
Li You two are a joke.
Kero I was appointed by Clow Reed himself.
Li A lot of good that did!
Madison is running up to Sakura.
Madison Hi, Li.
Li Hmm.
Madison Whatever.
Hey! The chominance reduction worked great.
What's wrong?
Sakura doesn't say a word, feeling a disappointment about Li's criticism.
Madison Hey, you pulled it off.
Sakura Yeah, but this is only the begining.

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