Boldfaced letters mean the name of the speaker.
Italicized letters mean what is thought in mind.
Faint letters mean what is happening in the flashback or in the movie play.

Revelations Part II

Eli If you can dispel the darkness they will return.
Sakura And what if can't transform the Light Card?
Eli They will both suffer a horrible fate, nad will be trapped in the staff for all enternity.
Sakura Huh! Oh no!
Sakura embraces Keroberos by the neck.
Sakura If I can't transform the card I'll never see you and Yue again.
Keroberos purrs to soothe Sakura.
Sakura I can't do it. I won't!
Yue All of our fates are in your hands, Sakura. Don't worry. We completely believe in you.
Sakura Huh.
Yue You have to take the risk.
Keroberos The cards are loyal. Believe in them and in youself, Sakura.
Sakura wipes her tears off.
Sakura Okay, I will do it.
Are you both ready?
Keroberos We are.
On Sakura raising her staff, the guardians are sucked into the staff as the staff grows gorgeously to be seven feet long ormnamented by a big star with wings at the top.
Sakura I call upon the power of my star, ancient forces near and far. Light and Dark, discard your former might, and draw your power from my might! Star Cards!
The magic runs upward from the bottom of the cards, it moves up and down in the middle of the way.
Sakura Please transofrm. Come on!
The wavefront of the magic getting down against Sakura's will.
Sakura Huph!
Believe in the Cards and in yourself.
The wavefont raises up to the middle of the card as Sakura takes her mind strong in transofrming the Cards, but soon the wavefront lowers.
When she nearly gives up, Li gives a helping hand.
Li Ugh...
Sakura What are you doing?
Li I'm channeling all of my magic to you.
Sakura Without your magic, you'll go under the spell.
Li Don't you worry. I got faith in you. I know you can do this, Sakura.
Sakura Hmm! Hold on!
Li Okay!
The magic circle glows bright under Sakura and Li's feet. The wavefont of magic runs completely to the upper end of the cards. The Light and the Dark has been transformed to Star Cards.
Sakura Light Card!
The Lisht Card turns into its visible form before tearing up the darkness from the zenith. The light illuminates everything in town; Sakura and Li are smiling to see that holding the staff.
Ruby I don't believe it. How the little girl is actually able to break your spell.
Spinner Her might seems to be pleasing to you, master Eli?
Eli Yes, it's finally over.
Eli is observing his magic being broken with satisfactory. The scene was back to the sunset as just before Eli's spell. Li collapses with exhaustion.
Li Ugh...
Sakura Li.
Li Huh, we did it.
Sakura We did.
Keroberos and Yue come out from the staff.
Sakura Keroberos, Yue, thank you.
Madison Mmm... [Wakes up]
Sakura Madison.
Madison Is it over? How did I end up here?
Sakura You were under Eli's spell. Are you okay?
Madison Yeah, but I don't remember much.
Sakura Oh, Tori!
Tori is still sleeping.
Yue Don't worry. He'll wake up soon.
Eli Sakura.
Sakura Huh?
Eli and his guradinans slowly floats down to the ground. Keroberos and Yue stands in front of Sakura to protect her.
Eli It's all right, you two. It's all over.
Sakura Wait! What do mean it's all over?
Eli All of the Star Cards belong to you and you alone.
The Star Cards come out of her pocket and encircle Sakura, until finally they gather back on her palm.
Sakura That's right. I've created all of you with the power of my inner star.
Eli is smiling.
Keroberos I don't know about you, Yue. Now it's time for explanation. Why did you challenge her and put us in jeopardy?!
Eli and his guradians are already gone,

Next morning, Sakura rests her cheeks with her hands.
Terada Good morning, class.
Kids Good morning!
Terada Everyone, take your seats.
Madison notices Eli has not shown yet.
Terada Listen up, everyone. I have an important announcement to meke today. Eli Moon is transferring back to his school in England. Since his flight'll be the first thing in the morning, so he couldn't join us here at school today. Unfortunately, we won't be able to mention good-bye.
Kids Oohh...
Madison He's leaving.
Li You're going to go to his house, anyway?
Sakura Mmm-hmm.
Li I'm going with you.

After school, Sakura, Madison, and Li visits Eriol's mansion. Just when Sakura is about to reach the door nob of the entrance, the door automatically open.
Sakura Huph!
The kids walk inside. The corrider lights up automatically.
Madison Maybe this isn't such a good idea.
The door to the room at the end of the corrideer opens. Sakura steps inside, thereupon the crakers are pulled to make a bang.
Kero Unh!
Three kids and Kero get surprised; Eli is waiting with the preparation for a tea party in the room.
Ruby Welcome, everyone.
Eli I've been waiting for you.
Sakura Unhh...
Ruby Won't you all take a seat?
Sakura Oh... okay.
Kero Hold you horses, woman! What the heck is going on around here?!
Spinny Isn't it obvious? It's a tea party.
Kero We didn't come here for tea! We want some answers!
Eli Hey, calm down. You can relax, Kero. It's all completely over now.
Sakura Yeah, I'll say.
Ruby pours tea in Sakura's cup.
Ruby There you go.
Sakura Thank you, Ruby.
Eli Now my dear friends, where should be begin?
Sakura I think you should first explain why you cause those disturbances.
Eli You know you have faced many challenges to pass for becoming the true master.
Sakura flashbacks the scene when she won the Final Judgement. Her staff changes to the staff of her power of star.
Sakura Release!
Keroberos Staff, it changed!
Eli You had to create an incantation to call upon your inner star's power.
Sakura flashbacks the scene where she and her guradians are trapped inside the whirlpool of water pillars created by Eli's magic.
Sakura If I don't hurry we are all going to drown.
Sakura takes a glance at the key of the star.
Sakura The power of my star? That's it! I've been calling out the wrong words!
Sakura holds the key with determinedly.
Sakura O key of my star, with powers burning bright, reveal the staff and shine your light. Release!
Breaking the spell, she gets free from the whirlpool.
Sakura Fiery! I call upon the powers of my star, ancient forces near and far. Clow Card, transform all your might, and draw your power from my light. Star Card!
Eli You quickly discovered how to harness your star's power. Of course, you tried to convert eight of them at once, I thought that was my duty to give you a little lesson in patience. Remember?
Sakura flashbacks the scnene where she tried to convert all of the remaing Clow Cards.
Kero Uhh, hey, what do you think you're doing?
Sakura I'm transforming them all into Star Cards!
Kero Now what?!
Sakura Sweet! Lock! Cloud! Sand! Voice! Change! Wave! Dash!
Short of power, Sakura gets dizzy to collapse into the bed.
Kero You did this on purpose! You created those disturbances so she'd have to transform the Cards!
Eli There wasn't much time. The Cards had to draw the power from the new master. Without it they'd lose their magic.
Sakura flashbacks the scnene where she transformed the Fly Card.
Sakura Fly Card, I need you to catch up with the bear. But I need the Sward Card to defeat it. Please grant me with the power without having to use the staff.
Sakura throws the Fly Card.
Sakura Star Card!
She gets the wings on her back, unlike the former magic of the Fly Card.
Sakura You had me fly
Eli I acted with Clow Reed's will. He needed the cards to be under your control.
Li You're not the Clow. You're not as powerful as he. How'd you do it?!
Eli I wasn't alone.
Eli walks up to the door.
Madison Someone was helping him?
Sakura Who was it?
Eli Someone that you're all very familiar with.
Sakura&Kero Huh?
Eli opens the door to let someone waiting outside come in.
Eli Come in!
Sakura Huph!
It is Ms. Mackenzie who comes in.
Sakura Ms. Mackenzie!
Layla Hmm. [Smiles]
Kero Hey, what are you doing here?
Layla I'll just explain, Keroberos.
Eli seats Ms. Mackenzie.
Sakura Ms. Mackenzie. I thought you were gone to England!
Layla I did. But I was there to assist Eli. I was preparing for the mission to help you in your quest.
Sakura flashbacks where she was almost defeated by Yue at the Final Judgement. Sakura was hearing her friends calling her name.
Sakura The voices. I remember!
Sakura repels the vines that tangle tight around her.
Sakura Ms. Mackenzie!
Layla You did it. Welcome back, Sakura.
Sakura Clow Reed's magic bell.
The bell in Layla's hand disappears.
Layla I could only help you on the condition that I didn't reveal all the truth. That was the promise I made.
Sakura Hmmm. [Smiles]
Kero is standing on the table in kind of disagreement, where Spinny comes.
Spinny Having trouble keeping up, Kero?
Kero Uh-hah! Thanks, I got it!
Kero kicks a cup cake into Spinny's mouth.
Layla Aren't you missing someone?
Eli Uh, yes, Yue. Let me get him. I know he won't want to miss this.
Sakura Huh?
Eli walks out of the room. Kero is still continuing to shove sweets into Spinny.
Kero Hey, that's all tough now! Are you, smarty punch, ha!
Closing the door, Eli talks to Yue.
Eli Are you going to join us, Yue?
Yue I have not yet received the answer to my question. If you were going to be reincarnated why did you force us to choose and admit the new master?
Eli Surely you've already known the answer to your question, Yue. Even though I may have some memories from my past life I'm not Clow Reed. Clow Reed is never going to appear on this sense again. And that is the reason why you and Keroberos must be Sakrua's guardians.
Yue I understand. But Clow Reed was like a father to us. I miss him so much.
Eli Yue, the reason I was so tough on Sakura was to make sure that she was worthy being your master. You and Keroberos had to hand in choosing her, and you did well. Clow Reed needed me to test her. That was his wish. It's up to you to protect her.

Several days later, Sakura sees Li alone in the park on her way home.
Li Can I talk to you?
Li takes Sakura to the bridge in the park.
Sakura So why are you so upset?
Li I got a call from my mother yesterday.
Sakura Oh!
Li And I... I told her that all of the Clow Cards had been transformed, so that's why the strange events had finally stopped.
Sakura I see.
Li And...
Sakura And what?
Li She said I have to return home. This weekend.
Sakura Hmmm...
Li I always needed you through doing it, Sakura. And you're the proven master now. Maybe I wasn't needed here after all.
Sakura No, that's not true. I couldn't have done this without you, Li. It was your magic that helped me tranform the Light Card and break Eli's spell. I wish that... you could stay.

Sakura gets back to her room all depressed.
Sakura I just can't believe this. Li's really gone.
A tear drops from her eye. At the moment the teardrop bounces and splits on the floor, the magic circle glows under her feet. The magic power emerges from the circle focuses in front of her, creating a new Star Card.
Sakura A new Star Card!
Sakura turns the card backside front to check its name.
Sakura Hmmm... [Smiles] Maybe there is hope.
The newly created Star Card is the Hope Card.

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