Boldfaced letters mean the name of the speaker.
Italicized letters mean what is thought in mind.
Faint letters mean what is happening in the flashback or in the movie play.

Revelations Part I

Sakura runs in the corrider in a mansion, until she meets with Clow Reed in a steller sky.
Sakura What if I can't do it? It's hard living up to you. I'm not you, Clow Reed.
Clow Of course, you aren't me. You are you. But you must have the same fath in yourself that I have in you. Remember. The past is behind us. The future lies before you.
Sakura And what if I lose my way?
Clow Then let your star shine bright and guides your way. Sakura, it will never fail you if you alway believe in yourself. You'll have all the strength you need inside. And you have the future only you can create. Take care, Sakura.
Sakura emerges from inside the magical cherry tree in the shrine; she just gets back to the present time.
Kero Whoa!
Li Are you all right?
Madison You're not hurt, are you?
Sakura No.
Kero Okay, so how was it? Did you find out anything?
Sakura Huh!
Kero You mean you didn't even see Clow Reed?
Sakura No, I met with him.
Sakura remembers the scene where Clow Reed was talking about his death to his guardians.
Sakura I saw the same chair in Eli's house the day we shot the movie there.
Yue I don't believe you. It isn't true.
Clow I'm afraid it is, Yue. My time in this world is over.
Sakura Huh?
Keroberos But is our existence tied to you?
Clow Your destinies have already been determined.
Yue No, you're lying!
Clow My time is up.
Keroberos Your time?! You are the world's most powerful magician! You made us! You made the Clow Cards!
Clow Nevertheless, the end must come for all living things. Therefore, I must make preparations.
Sakura reports what she saw in the past.
Sakura You and Yue were there in Eli's house together.
Kero Uh, you mean that weird kid Eli from your class? Are you sure it's tha same house?
Sakura Hmm-huh.
Kero That's absolutely rediculous! I've never even been there before! You're sure it's the same house?
Madison But you must trust Sakura's eye there.
Kero You know, I thinks I'd remember if I've been there before.
Sakura That's strange. Yue never mentioned of being Eli's house, either.
Li Huh! Their memories have been erased!
Madison Huh!
Sakura Erased by who?
At this minute, someone is near them.
Eli I can tell you.
Li Huh! [Turns aound]
Eli dressed in a robe is standing atop of the arch in the shrine.
Sakura It's Eli!
Li What's going on?!
Eli My name in this life time is Eli. But in my past life, it was Clow Reed.
Li What?!
Sakura&Kero Huh!
Kero I don't believe you! Clow Reed died and Sakura is the master now.
Spinny Open your mind, Keroberos. He speaks the turth.
Spinny float from the foot of the arch.
Kero Spinner, it's you!
Ruby Big surprise, hah!
Ruby pops out from the foot of the arch, too.
Sakura Ruby, what are you doing here?
Eli takes out his key before enchanting.
Eli I call upon the powers of the day and the night.
Sakura gets astounded to see his key float glowing in response to the incantation. The magic circle appears under his feet, when Ruby and Spinny float up.
Eli Sun and darkness, unleash your might. Release!
The key changes its form to the staff of the sun.
Eli I command you to return to your true forms, Spinner Sun and Ruby Moon!
Spinny turns into Spinner Sun in the form of a panther with wings. Ruby turns into Ruby Moon in the form of a lady with purple hair and butterfly wings.
Sakura Three figures are on the arch... like my dream. And look at the staff he's holding.
Kero I know it's the one Clow Reed used to use.
Li Could it be that Eli is the reincarnation of Clow Reed's spirit?
Kero Grrrr! If that is true, then how could you see around to watch Sakura's life in jeopardy?!
Eli You'll understand soon, Keroberos.
Kero can see Clow Reed's image overlapping Eli.
Kero Huh? Clow Reed?
Eil The time has come!
When Eli raises his staff, the magic circle glows and the power arises high in the sky. The ripple of his magic eclipses the sun and the moon into dardness.
Sakura He's eclipsing the sun and the moon!
Maidson falls into sleep, collapsing.
Sakura Madison!
Kero What's wrong?
Meanwhile, Tori is runing for the shrine with Yue flying beside him.
Yue Impossible. This power...
Tori collapses falling asleep enchanted by Eli's magic. Yue holds Tori in his own arms.
Yue Clow Reed...
The magic has thrown entire city into the darkness. Everybody in the city—outside or inside—are in deep asleep. Li almost falls into the magic, but he endures.
Li Ugh... Grrr...
Sakura What's happening?
Li What did you do?
Ei I've cast the entire world into darkness. Everyone and every things is in sleep.
Sakura No!
Li You did what?!
Sakura Why did you do that?!
Eli To test you! I am impressed. I thought you must fall asleep as well. Yor magic has become so strong.
Eli chuckles.
Eli There is little time. If the darkness does not end by the sunrise, the people of the world will continue to sleep.
Sakura For how long?
Eli Forever.
Sakura Huh!
Sakura takes a glance at Madison in her arms.
Sakura Stop this! Make them wake up!
Eli There is only one way to do that. You must use your magic to break my spell of the darkness.
Kero Wait! What?!
Sakura But how?!
Eli As we stand here talking the time's slipping away, isn't it, Sakura.
Kero Ugh!
Sakura But how... How can I use my magic against you?
Eli Warriors, step forward. Let's see if you can draw her and her friends into battle.
Spinner jumps up and breathes a beam of magic toward Sakura.
Kero All right! That's it!
Kero transforms into Keroberos; he forms up a sphere of shield to protect his friends. Spinner flies across before breathes another beam. Keroberos breathes fire against it, when he floats to the same height his opponent floats.
Spinner Not bad, Keroberos, however...
With Eli's swing of his staff, Spinner gains strength. He flipps Keroberos away with his beam.
Sakura No, Kero!
Keroberos falls on the ground.
Keroberos Ungh! Unhhh...
Ruby I knew it. Their powers are no match for ours, master.
Sakura Hugh!
When Spinner tries to blow Sakura with his magic gust, Yue who has just arrived blocks. Yue is holding Tori in his arm.
Sakura Yue, is Tori all right? Huh! Eli got him, too.
Yue He's asleep.
Sakura I was afraid of that.
Yue Yes, because he gave up all his magical powers to me.
Sakura Ungh...
Yue stands facing Eli on the arch.
Yue Clow Reed.
Eli It has been a long time, Yue.
Yue Why didn't you make your presence known?
Eli If you had known who I was, my mission would have been in vain.
Yue If you knew you'd be coming back, then why did you force me and Keroberos to decide upon the new master?
Ruby Enough for the chit-chat, Yue. I do hope you're ready for the battle.
Floating up, Ruby Moon glows red in repsonse to Eli's magic. She takes out the magical crystal bullets to blast. Yue flies to dodge. Ruby comes fly to attack. Her move is so quicky Yue can do nothing but to barely escape; the tip of his hair is cut apart.
Sakura Yue, no!
Ruby Even after taking all of Tori's powers you still can't defeat me. Of course my master is stronger than yours.
Sakura Ohh... [Depressed]
Keroberos Yue and I will not stand for this. No one insults our master!
Keroberos flies up to beside Yue.
Keroberos It's time to teach you two a lesson!
Ruby Moon chuckles.
Keroberos Ready, Yue?
Sakura Keroberos, wait!
The guradian for both sides gasp and look at Sakura.
Sakura Li, will you care Madison and Tori for me?
Li Of course, be careful.
Holding her staff, Sakura stands up against Eli up on the arch.
Sakura I demand to know what's going on! Clow Reed has always been my guide and helped me. Why are your forcing me to fight against you? Tell me!
Eli If you want to know the answer, you must first break my spell.
Sakura Huh... Ohhh...
Eli Come on, Sakura. Our morning is approaching. Don't you care if everybody in the entire world will never open their eyes again?
Li Ughh...
Sakura Of course! But how can I...
While Sakura is in thoughts, Eli swings his staff.
Keroberos Here it comes!
The magic beam attacks Sakura.
Sakura Shield! [Takes up a barrier]
Eli chuckles.
Sakura Now Jump!
Leaving Li, Madison, and Tori in the shield, she jumps up. Eli blasts fire of magic toward her. Sakura jumps repeatly to dodge.
Keroberos Sakura!
When Keroberos and Yue are about to help her, Eli's gurdians floats in the way.
Ruby Stop right there.
Spinner You have to turn your eyes to your opponents.
Thrust by Eli's magic on the chest, Sakura falls in the air.
Sakura Ahhhh!
Li Wind, come to my aid.
Li's magic catches Sakura gently in the air.
Li Are you okay?
Sakura Yes.
Eli Your magic tries to get you out of this one, Li Showron.
Exhausted, Li collapses.
Sakura Li, no!
Li tries to stand up with the help of his sward.
Sakura What can I do?
Li Ungh... Sakura...
Sakura Hang in there.
Eli If you're not intend to break my spell, then you have already decided your fate.
Sakura stands up glareing Eli.
Sakura Windy, become a code and tie him up. Release!
Eli easily blocks the windy.
Eli I don't think you will be able to capture me as easily as Yue.
Eli blasts fire of magic again.
Sakura Fly!
Keroberos Sakura!
Sakura flies between the blasts of fire, but one of the blast sets fire on her wing; then she crashes down on the shrub.
Kero No!
When Sakura's guradians about to help their master, Eli's guadian get in the way.
Kero Take back! [to Spinner]
Yue You are next! [to Ruby]
Sakura's gurdian takes Eli's guadians away with their magic and spirit. They fly to their master.
Ruby Hmm, no bad. I have admit they're tougher than I thought.
Spinner They are very loyal to their master.
Sakura gets back to her consciousness and finds Star Cards encircling her to cheer her up.
Sakura Huhh... The Clow Cards... You are worried about me, aren't you.
The Star Cards gathers up on Sakura's palm.
Sakura It'll be okay. I've just got a think. Eight of these cards are still Clow Cards.
Keroberos We've got to do someting.
Keroberos and Yue floats down on the ground.
Sakura Right.
One of you just may be the key to unravel this.
Sakura looks at the not-yet-transformed cards.
Sakura I know what to do.
She throws eight of those cards all at once.
Sakura I call upon the power of my star, ancient forces near and far. Clow Cards, discard your former might. Draw your power from my light! Star Card!
Yue She's transforming all of the remaining cards into Star Cards at once!
Keroberos Her power has grown strong.
Eli Really impressive! However, you still haven't transform all of the Clow Cards.
Sakura Huh?
As Eli said, the Light and the Dard remain unchanged floating in the air.
Sakura Light and Dark. They didn't change.
Yue The Light and Dard Cards.
Sakura I don't get it.
Keroberos Next to me they're elementals and most powerful loyal cards. Sakura doesn't have enough power to transformthem on her own.
Sakura Darkness is the night, time when everyone sleeps. What is needed to counteract darkness? Right! The Light Card once told me that. Light overpowers darkness. Maybe the Light Card can break Eli's spell. Okay, I'll try again!
Sakura throuws the Light Card.
Sakura I call upon the power of my star, ancient forces near and far. Light Card, discard your fomer might. Draw your power from my light! Star Card!
Huh? Star Card! Star Card!
The Light Card will not change. The Light Card glides down to the ground lifelessly.
Sakura Huh? This can't be. I must do something. Everyone's just going to stay asleep... foereve.
No, I won't let that happen.
Keroberos Time has arrived, Yue.
Yue Yes.
The guardians walks to Sakura.
Sakura Keroberos, Yue.
Keroberos takes the Light Card with his mouth to give it back to Sakura.
Keroberos Yes, Light and Dark are always together. They must be transformed together.
Sakura I can't even transform one. But how can I do both?
Yue The Lisht and Dark are the most loyeal of the cards, Sakura.
Keroberos We might be able to help you transform 'em.
Sakura But what can two of you do to help? I understood that cards only listen to their master, and no one else.
Keroberos True. The Cards obey the master. But only your staff can change the cards into Star Cards.
Sakura Right. So how can you help me?
Yue Keroberos and I can go inside your staff.
Sakura What?
Keroberos If we become one with the staff our power can reach the cards.
Sakura But would you okay to do that? Would you be able to come back?
Eli If they can dispel the darkness they will return.
Sakura And what if I can't transform the Light Card?
Eli They will suffer a horrible fate. They will be trapped inside your staff for eternity.

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