Boldfaced letters mean the name of the speaker.
Italicized letters mean what is thought in mind.
Faint letters mean what is happening in the flashback or in the movie play.

Sakura's Return To The Past

After dark, Eli standing by the window looks outside without a word. Then he sits at his desk to write something down, when Spinny opens the door.
Spinny Uh, sorry to interrupt you, Eli, but our dinner is ready.
Eli Yeah, right.
Spinny What?
Spinny floats inside closer to Eli.
Spinny You've made your decision, haven't you?
Eli How'd you guess?
Spinny Well, you've been so deep in thoughts lately.
Eli It seems as though the end is approaching.
Spinny Ohh?
Putting his decision written on paper into an envelope, Eli encloses it cafrefully, before standing up.
Eli Sakura has transformed almost all of the cards now. And so far, she managed to live up to her destiny. The time has come to...
At the same time, the door swings open.
Ruby Hey, listen. If you two don't get down here the dinner's going to get cold.
Eli Okay, we'll be right there.
Ruby Hmmm, how did I get stuck with doing that cooking any way? Being human is such a drag.
Ruby spots the snow fall seen out the window.
Ryby Look! [Trots into the room]
Eli and his guardians are looking out the window, while he remember his past life as Clow Reed when talking to to Keroberos and Yue in the very same room in his mansion.

In the schoolyard at night, Sakura is attacked by hundreds of little snow men throwing snow balls. She is trying to running away on her rollerblades. Keroberos has already been buries in the snow ball.
Keroberos Duhhh! Where did all those snow men come from, anyway?!
Yue throws his bullets of magic, but it never works.
Yue I don't believe this. My powers are useless.
The snow men are flying after Sakura.
Sakura I can't keep running. I've gotta find a way to stop them.
As the time goes by the snow men's attack grows fiercer.
Sakura Ahhhh!
Eli and his guradinans are watcking from the rooftop of the school.
Sakura Nngh!
She's still running on her rollerblades.
Sakura Ohh... Aww...
She gets hundreds of snow balls thrown on the back by the little snow men.
Sakura Ungh... Ohh... Ugh...
Finally, she falls not standing the weight of the snow piling on her back. She's buried in a gigantic snow ball. Getting mad, she sticks her head out of the snow ball.
Sakura That's it! I've had enough!
She takes out the Snow card and casts a spell.
Sakura I call upon the powers of my star, ancient forces near and far. Snow Card cast up for all your might, and draw your power from my might. Star Card!
Transforming into a Star Card, the Snow Card turns into its visible form.
Sakura Snow Card, destroy all of the snow men!
Snow Cards blows a blizzard onto those snow men to destroy them.
Eli and his gurdians are still on the rooftop, observing Sakura's action.
Runy Now this is what I call a snow ball fight.
Sakura catches the Snow Card when it gets back into its card form.
Sakura Heh!
Eli leans behind the roof contentedly.
Eli Very well done. It won't be long now, Sakura.
Madison and Li run to Sakura.
Madison Sakrua!
Sakura Madison, Li!
Her guadians floats back to her.
Li Are you okay?
Sakrua Yeah.
Madison That was such a great move, using the Snow Card aginst the snow men. And you got to transform another Star Card as well. Next time I'll have camera with me to catch all the action, I promise.
Sakura Only a few more Clow Cards are left. I wonder what will happen then.
Madison Whatever happens, you will handle it. Yeah, you're doing awesome.
Keroberos She is correct. Your power has grown increadibly strong. And the Cards are really responding. Maybe you will be an even stronger magician than Clow Reed.
Sakura Uhh, no way.
Keroberos Yes way. Don't you agree, kid?
Li I guess.
Yue Not so fast. She has long way to go before catching up with Clow Reed.
Keroberos Why do you always have to be such a stick in the mud, Yue?
Yue Well, I'm simply telling the truth, you know.
Sakura Well, we'll see it.
Sakura is looking at her wand.

That night at 11 o'clock, Sakura is in bed but can't fall a sleep.
Sakura Nnngh... Uhhh... [Tosses and turns]
Kero comes out the desk drawer.
Kero Hey, what's the matter?
Sakura I can't sleep. [Sits up on bed]
Kero Why not?
Sakura I keep wondering if what Yue said today was true. What he said about Clow Reed to me.
Kero Uh, don't worry too much about what Yue said.
Sakura But what if he's right? I mean if my magical powers don't come close to his, maybe I'm not supposed to be the new master after all.
Kero What are you talking about? This is your destiny.
Sakura Yeah, but...
Kero Listen, Clow Reed is Clow Reed, and you are you. There's no need to compare yourself to him. He is the one who chose you, you remember.
Sakura Hmmm.
Kero wears Sakura the beeding to set her sleep.
Kero Now, get some sleep.
Kero floats to the window to see the snow fall.
Kero Sure it is coming down. Just like the day that...
Sakura What day?
Kero Oh, sorry, Sakura. Am I keeping you up?
Sakura Mm-hmm.
Kero With all this talk about Clow Reed, I was just thinking about the day he died.
Sakura Yeah? Go on.
Kero Well, he just said that it was his time, even though he never explained why. Maybe he wasn't telling us whole truth. Perhaps he's still alive.
Sakura Huh?
Kero What is it? You look like you've just seen a ghost.
Sakura I was just thinking what you said, Kero. Clow Reed might still be alive.
Kero Mm-mmm, impossible. He told Yue and I to expect the new master.
Sakura I need to go back to find out.
Kero Back to where?
Sakura Back to the past.

Next day, Sakura talks to Li about her plan.
Li What? With the Return Card?
Sakura Mm-hmm, I can use it to get back into the past. If I can ask Clow Reed about what everything that's happened, may I can finally get some answers.
Li Yeah, but the Return Card will burn up a lot of your magical powers. What if something happens?
Sakura Kero said as long as I borrow some power from the magical cherry tree, I should be okay in the end.
Li But it's still dangerous. Huhh...
Still worrying though, Li gives in.
Sakura You really don't have to worry, Li, okay?
Eli is eavesdropping behind a snow man.

When the sun is setting, Sakura, Li, and Madision are by the magical cherry tree in the shrine. Sakura and Li are dressed in the battle outfits.
Kero So, all set?
Sakura Yep.
Sakura throws the Return Card in the air.
Sakura Return!
The magic of the Return Card swirls up around the cherry tree, the tree blooms with full of cherry blossoms.
Sakura I'll be right back.
Kero Hurry.
Madison Don't stay too long, Sakura.
Li can't find what to say because of worrying.
Sakura Don't worry. I'll be back before you know it. Okay, Li?
Li manages to smile back. Sakura pats her hand on the stem of the tree.
Sakura Return Card, please take me back to the time before Clow Reed passed away.
The cherry tree glows. Sakura is suddenly in an unfamiliar garden.
Sakura Am I there, yet?
She walks to arch in the garden, where she sees Keroberos looking up a cherry tree.
Sakura That's Keroberos.
Meanwhile, Yue flutters down to the ground beside Keroberos.
Yue What are you doing, Keroberos?
Keroberos Oh, Yue, it's you. Spring's almost dawned but this cherry tree just won't bloom. I wonder if there's something wrong with it.
Sakura is watching them from distance.
Sakura I wonder what those two are doing out there?
Clow They're waiting.
Sakura Huh!
Clow Reed smiles to her, before walking down to the guradians.
Sakura Clow Reed, it's me, Sakura.
Clow Shhh... [Motions her to be quiet]
Sakura Huh?
He throws the Flower Card and casts a spell.
Clow Bring the cherry tree the full bloom.
The Flower Card danced in the air; thereupon the tree blooms with full of blossoms.
Sakura Hmmm... [Astounded]
Clow Reed steps closer to the guardians.
Clow It's the beginning a new spring for all things and us.
Keroberos Thank you, Clow Reed.
Clow Just remember, Keroberos and Yue. There is also an end to all living things.

Sakura wakes up and finds the season has shifted to summer. Keroberos and Yue are taking a nap under the cherry tree.
Clow Did you sleep well?
Sakura Clow Reed, you're here. But how did I...
Clow Shhh... [Motions her to be quiet]
Sakura Oh.
Clow I let you sleep. It helps you restore your powers.
Sakura Thanks. Clow Reed, there's something I need to ask you.
Clow You've come from the future.
Sakura Yes, that's right.
Clow And, what is the question you have for me, Sakura?
Sakura Okay, all these strange things have been happening since I became a Clow master. And whenever they do, I can sense your presence, the all time. So I guess I thought that you might have something to do with these strange occurences.
Clow Well, in some way perhaps I do, and in some way perhaps I don't.
Sakura What's that supposed to mean?
Clow You'll see, Sakura.
Sakura Keroberos and Yue, they seem so happy here. They miss you a lot.
Clow And they care for you more than you know. Keroberos and Yue, do you care for them?
Sakura Of course, I do trust them with all my heart. But I'm afraid I'll never be as close to them as you are.
Clow stands up and start walking.
Sakura Clow Reed, just wait!
Clow stops walking, when he sees a dragonfly flying across.
Clow The summer is almost over.
The scene shifts to the sunset in autumn.
Clow The seasons change just like the passing time. We all have our destiny, and we must move on. That's all it is and it has always have been. My time is too coming. I can feel it drawing near, the way a falling leaf feels the winter knit being as it heals.
Clow Reed disppears.
Sakura Clow Reed, wait!
Sakura runs in search for Clow Reed throught the forest. Sudenly, she is running in the hall in a mansion. She finds Clow Reed sitting in a chair with his guardians standing in fron of him.
Sakura I saw the same chair at Eli's house the day we shot the movie there.
Yue starts furiously.
Yue I don't believe you! It isn't true!
Clow I'm afraid it is, Yue. My time in this world is over.
Sakura Huh?
Keroberos But isn't our existence tied to you?
Clow Your destiny has already been determined.
Yue No, you're lying!
Clow My time is up.
Keroberos Your time?! But you are the world's most powerful magician! You made us! You made the Clow Cards!
Clow Nevertheless, the end must come for all living things. Therefore, I must make preparations.
Keroberos What preparations?
Clow Preparaions for the person who will take care of you after I have left this world.
Yue I have no need for another master.
Clow Then you shall be the judge. And you shall pass the judgement upon the new master.
Yue No one will be able to replace you.
Clow I suppose it would not be fair that Yue dicided. Keroberos, it'll be up to you to choose the candidate.
Keroberos Are you serious?
Clow Reed nods.
Clow I put all of my strength and all of my heart in creating the two of you and the Clow Cards. I want you to be happy and be cared of by new master after I'm long gone. That is my final wish.
The scnene before Sakura's eyes changes to starry sky.
Clow Seasons change waiting no one. People must also move on. That is the true way for the all living beings in the world.
Sakura What will happen to Kero and Yue?
Clow You have been chosen as the new master. They have the magical duties as the protecters. That is the way it has been, and will always be.
Sakura Didn't you hear what Yue said?
Clow He was angry. But he's up to you as well as he was up to me. I need you to take good cared of them for me, Sakura. They need a master to survive.
Sakura turns around to Clow Reed.
Sakura It's so hard living up to you. What if I can't do it? I'm not you.
Clow Reed pat his both hands on Sakura's shoulders as he crouches to the height of Sakura's eyes.
Clow Of course, you aren't me; you are you. But you have the same faith in yourself as I have in you. Remember, the past is behind us; the future lies before you.
Sakura And what if I lose my way?
Clow Then let your star shine bright and guide your way. Sakura, it will never fail you if you always believe in yourself.
When Clow Reed stands up the scene changes to the garden in winter covered by snow.
Clow See? The winter is already over.
Some plants come out from the patch of ground seen under the snow. Flowers comes out, a butterfly flutters, and the garden has turned green.
Clow It is the beginning of the new spring. You'll have all strength you'll need inside. And you'll have the future only you can create. Take care, Sakura.

Sakura getting back to the future emerges from the cherry tree.
Kero Whoa!
Li Are you all right?
Madison You're not hurt, are you?
Sakura No.
Kero Okay, so how was it? Did you find out anything?
Sakura Huh!
Kero You mean you didn't even see Clow Reed?
Sakura No, I met with him. You and Yue were there, anywhere both in Eli's house together.
Kero Uh, you mean that weird kid Eli from your class?
Sakura Uh-huh.
Kero Uh, that is absolutely ridiculous, Sakura. I have never been to Eli's house before.
Madison But you must trust Sakura's eyes there.
Kero You know, I think I would remember if I've been there before.
Sakura That's strange. Yue has never mentioned of being in Eli's house, either.
Li Huh? Their memoris have been erased!
Madison Huh?
Sakura Erased by who?

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