Boldfaced letters mean the name of the speaker.
Italicized letters mean what is thought in mind.
Faint letters mean what is happening in the flashback or in the movie play.

Just Like Old Times

In the art class, students are painting in the courtyard. Sakura is painting a fountain, but she feels disappoint at her painting.
Sakura Hmmm, This is a tough assignment. I wonder how Eli is doing on his painting.
Putting ber brush into a backet, she walks to Eli.
Sakura Hey, Eli.
Eli Sakura.
Sakura Can I see?
Eli Yes, of course.
Eli shows Sakura his painting on the sketch pad, which looks almost real.
Sakura Oh, my gosh! That's amazing, Eli. You're really talented!
Eli Thanks.
Li who walks by see Sakura and Eli talking happily.
Li Huh?
Sakura I've never seen someone paint so well before!
Li Ungh.
Li walks away. Eli notices him.
Sakura What's the matter?
Eli I think we were being watched.
Sakura Oh, are you sure?
Sakura looks around trying to find who was watching.
Sakura I don't see anyone looking our way now.
Eli Haven't you noticed, Sakura? Li's always watching us.
Sakura Why is that?
Eli Ha ha, he thinks a lot to something.
Sakura Oh!
Madison walks befined Li sitting and watching Sakura and Eli.
Madison You seem so deep in thoughts. What's up?
Li Uh, nothing. I'm just trying to make sensible of all the strange things that's goin on. That's all.
Madison You sense the pattern you find it, just keep looking?
Li Yeah, I'm actually quite worrying. The spell's been getting more and more powerful.
Madison smiles slightly.
Meilin What are you sitting around?!
Madison Meilin!
Meilin stomp into the place all of a sudden.
Meilin Heh heh heh.

Back in the classroom, girls gather around Meilin who makes an unexpected visit to Reedington.
Madison Do you know how long did she stay here?
Li [Sweatdrops] I don't think very long. But you know Meiling, she must be with the accident. [Sighs]
Excited Sakura runs to the classroom, opening the door.
Sakura Is Meilin here?
Meilin Hi, over here. [Waves her hand]
Sakura hurriedly walks up to Meilin.
Sakura Why are you here?
Meilin Li said my friend needs a little help. I came stay in surprise. Heh.
Sakura Oh, we got so much stuff to tell you. Want to meet after school today? Oh, I mean unless you have to do something else, like helping your friend or something instread.
Meilin Heh ha ha ha ha. You have a lot to crack me up, and I came to help you.
Sakura Huh?
Meilin Yeah, I thought you could use my experties, you know what?
Sakura Mmm-hmm. [Nods]
Meilin Great! So then I'll meet you at the gate after school. See ya!
Sakura Bye!
Meilin hurriedly walks out of the classroom, but she walks back.
Meilin See you later, Li! [Waves hand] Heh heh. Bye.
Madison waves her hand back smiling.

In Sakura's house, Kero is playing videogame.
Kero Ungh, kick, c'mon and don't you go down, great job... get aye aye aye aye...
Cell phone he has placed beside him rings. Kero busy with playing push the cell phone button with his hind leg.
Kero What is the matter? This is imprtant. I'm just about to blast into Sacruny's face. What do you want? Take that!!
Sakura Kero, you're playing the Space Destroyers?
Kero Yeah, I almost get ten thousand. So I can't stop it!
Sakura I just wanted to tell you I'll be home late. You see Meilin is in town. I'm going to hang around after school today.
Kero is still playing.
Kero So Li's girlfriend is back.
Sakura Yeah, just for a day or two. She thought we might need a help.
Kero Grrr dah dah dah... What? We might her help?! You tell me when and we don't need anywayone's help. Especially not from some one like a girl who doesn't have magical powers! Dah! Get the cannon!
Sakura [Sighs] You shouldn't be so hard on her, Kero.
Kero Ahhhh!
Kero got shocked since his game is over at the score 9,999. Sakura sighs in hanging up the phone. At that time, Eli came climbing up the stairs behind her.
Sakura Huh?
Eli Hi, Sakura. I wasn't interrupting your call, was I?
Sakura No, I just finished. What's up?
Eli I was just wondering who was the girl in the class ealier? I haven't seen her before.
Sakura Oh, that's Meilin Rae. Her and Li grew up together. She used to go to school with us. She had to return home because her grandmother was sick when I needed her help.
Eli Really, is that so?
Sakura We all go out to hang out today.
Eli That's good to know.
Sakura What?
Eli Anyway, I hope you have a good time later.
Sakura Thanks. See you, Eli.

After school, meeting up at the gate, Sakura's gang walk down the walk in the park.
Meilin What are you smiling about?
Sakura I'm so happy to see you again, that's all.
Meilin Really, that's it?
Sakura It feels like the whole gang is back together again. It wasn't the same around here without you.
Meilin Yeah, when I think about it, I guess you miss me, too. So, you ended up being the master of all the Clow Cards in the end, didn't you, Sakrua?
Sakura Yeah, heh.
Meilin stops walking and turns to Sakura.
Meilin But Li said some really strangest things are still happening around here.
Sakura Yeah, they are.
Meilin So are you sure you can handle this on your own?
Sakura Uhh, what is that supposed to mean?
Meilin I just mean maybe I can help. I have trained much more than you.
Sakura Meilin, you haven't changed a bit, have you.
The two girls resume walking.
Meilin Why? What?
Madison and Li stand still seeing the two girl walk.
Madison It's nice to have Meilin around again, isn't it.
Li Mmm-hmm. You know what? As much as I hate to admit it. Yeah, I actually missed her when she got back home. Meilin is my really good friend. I just hope she'll know what she's getting herself into.
Madison Well, I remember she took on the Fight Card.
Madison remember the capture of the Fight Card. In the scene Meilin jumps off the steetlamp.
Meilin I'm helping Li now. So you take a hike, girl! [Point to Sakura]
Sakura Heh heh heh heh.
The Fight Card jumped up from the channel, and lands on the fence. The Card leapt to attack in a quick move.
Sakura That was close!
The Fight Card challenges to fight against Meilin instead of Sakura.
Sakura It wants to fight her?
Kero Yeah, let's hope she's as good as she thinks she is.
Meilin Come on, give me your best shot!
Meilin blocks the Fight's attack, and kicks and blows it onto the fence.
Sakura Meilin can fight.
Meiling You obviously can't handle this as I can!
Fight jumps on its feet and restart attacking.
Meilin Want to go again?
In turn, she attacks the Fight Card.

Madison Meilin can handle herself.
Li Yeah, I guess you're right.
When Sakura's gang walks in front of the penguin slide in the park, Eli lands on the gateway of the shrine.
Sakura Hey, when we get home I'll show you what the Star Cards look like?
Meilin Sounds good.
Furthermore, panther like creature (Spinner) jumps up the gateway. Sakura stops in sensing a strange presence.
Meilin Hey, what's the matter?
Sakura I sense he's here again.
Meilin Who?
Ruby Moon appears on the roof of the shrine.
Sakura I sense Clow Reed's magic.
Li There are some magical powers here!
Sakura Hmm!
Meilin What's going on, Li?
Stone penguins decorated around the sandbox are vibrating.
Li What's that?
Those penguins jumps up and circle around the penguin slide.
Meilin Flying penguins!
The stone penguins fly toward Sakura's gang. They barely dodge, and it explodes when it hits the fence. The stone penguin are after Madison and Li.
Sakura Keep running, guys! Go faster!
Meilin I guess this is what's qualified. It's something strange.
Sakura Uh-huh.
While making a run for it, Madison falls. Penguins are about to catch up with them.
Li Look out!
Madison Uhhh...
Li takes out his sword and incantation card.
Li Element lightning, come to my aid!
The electricity shoots the penguin with explosion.
Li Are you all right, Madison?
Madison Yeah.
Li Element lightning, come to my aid!
The penguins dodge the electricity this time.
Li Darn it!
Instead of fighting back, they fly to Meilin and Sakura.
Li Meilin, Sakura, hey, heads up!
Meilin punches and kicks the flying penguins made of stone. However, her punching the stone penguins hurts Meilin.
Sakura Are you all right?
Meilin Yeah, I'm fine. [Tearful]
Finally, the gigantic penguin slide hovers to prepare the attack.
Meilin I could, but even send a chance against that.
Many stone penguins encircle the penguin slide.
Sakura But where did they come from?
Meilin You have quite a bit, penguins!
Li Darn, if I got only to stop moving!
Sakura We'll never be able to catch all of them. Thay're too fast. And I don't know of my magical powers that's strong enough to freeze time with the Time Card yet.
Meilin Why don't they go back to the north pole all along! I got an idea!
Sakura Huh? What?
Meilin What about the Cards you captured at the skating rink? To wind up froze everybody?
Sakura Right. The Freeze Card!
Sakura takes out the Star key, and enchants the incantation.
Sakura Key of the Star, with powers burning bright. Reveal the staff and shine your light. Release.
Sakura grabs the Star wand.
Sakura I call upon the power of my star. Ancient forces near and far. Freeze Card, tranform all your might, and draw your power from my might. Star Card!
The Freeze Card turns into its visible form as it flies thought the floating penguins. All the pentuins get frozen and stuck on the ground.
Li Watch out! Element lightning!
The penguins, struck by the lightning, explodes.
Meilin Li did it!
Sakura No, we did it! Thanks to your quick thinking.
Li That was nice work there, Sakura.
Meilin widens her eyes with surprise.
Sakura That penguin gotta weigh a ton! Whatever moved it it must be really powerful!
Madison Yeah.
Sakura Hey, Meilin, are you okay?
Meilin turns silent.
Sakura Meilin, you didn't get hurt, did you?
Meilin Huh, oh, no, I'm fine. No worries!
Sakura Oh, that's a relief.

Meanwhile, Eli is standing on the rooftop of a builing dressed in a robe, holding his staff.
Eli So that girl knows all about the Clow Cards. Hmm, that's very interesting.

Madison Huh? Sound like some one's coming!
Sakura's gang looks all around the big mess they made in the battle.
Sakura Uh-oh.
The four gang make a run hurriedly.
Sakura I think we rust them.
Li [Pants] Yeah.
Sakura I could have sworn we heard foot steps. They sounded so close by. I wonder why they could have gone.
Li Maybe the same person who made the penguins move. Now that I think about it, Sakura. Every time something strange like this happens there aren't any signs of people arouind it all.
Sakura Can someone meke everyone disappear?
Li Only if he's a powerful magician.
Sakura You mean someone like Clow Reed.
Meilin is depressed.
Madison Meilin.
Meilin Hmm?
Madison Sakura and Kero had a feeling that Clow Reed's magic is near by.
Meilin How can that be?
Madison We are not sure.
Sakura We'll figure this out.
Meilin I'm leaving tomorrow.
Sakura Too bad. I sure wish that you could stay a while longer.
Meilin Well, then, I'll just have to make sure I'll come back again soon. Or maybe you guys visit me some time. I would show you around the city.
Sakura Okay!

That night, Li and Meilin are talking on the balcony when Wei is making tea.
Meilin Now it just turned out to be the way you thought it would. I mean with the Clow Cards and everything.
Li No, not really. But it's all right.
Meilin Well, you may not be the master of the Clow Cards, but... I'm proud of you.
Li Really?
Meanwhile, Eli accompanied by the gurdians, swings his staff.
Ruby Why are you interested in the boy?
Eli Hmm. [Chuckles]
Meilin and Li are talking.
Meilin You're lucky.
Li Why?
Meilin Well, because... you're needed.
Li Wh-what do you mean?
Meilin You're a descendent of Clow Reed. Your magic running through in veins. No matter what happens, who the master is always have a role to play in the history of the Clow Cards.
Meilin stretches her arm upward.
Meilin Huph... hmmm... It's the big responsiblity, Li.
Li Uhh... Uh.
On getting back inside, Meilin quickly sips the tea made by Wei.
Meilin Thanks for the tea! [Grabs her bag]
Wei Where are you going?
Meilin To Madison's. I'm sleeping over there tonight.
Li runs after Mailin to the entrance.
Li Meilin, wait! You're needed, too.
Wei Have a good night.
Li Look, I'm sorry I never told you that.
Meilin No, you don't.
Meilin angrily went out for Madison's house.
Li Uh...
When Li's about to chase her, Wei hold him to refrain.
Wei [Shakes head] Let her go. She's stronger than you think.

Next day, at the airport Li and Wei are seeing Meilin off.
Wei Never doubt yourself, Mailin. It's difficult for Li to tell you how much he appreciate your friendship, but he does.
Meilin I know. Hey, Li, don't just stand there, come say good-bye!
Li Hugh... Y-yeah, sure!
Meilin What's wrong? Can't find your tongue?
Li It was kind of fun having you round again. And you really helped us out. You're really bravest there.
Meilin Really? It's about time. Why do you take long to tell me that? I know you got magical powers and all. I got you kickboxing match any day and don't you forget it!
Meilin is so fierce that Li shrinks.
Meilin So see you later.
Li Bye, Mailin.
Meilin Bye, Li. Bye, Wei.
Li and Wei see Meilin gets down the escalator.
Wei Well, this girl is a little spitfire. Wouldn't you say so?
Li Yeah.

Several days later, Sakura and Madison are in the courtyard.
Sakura Meilin sent me a letter.
Madison Me too, I got an e-mail yesterday.
Sakura What did yours say?
Madison Now, she and Li worked everything out.
Sakura Good.
Madison So what did yours say?
Sakura Li told her that even though Meilin did not come from a family with magical powers, she is still a part of the Clow destiny just like the rest of us. You never know who might be the one that makes the difference in the end. You know she really is a good friend.

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