Boldfaced letters mean the name of the speaker.
Italicized letters mean what is thought in mind.
Faint letters mean what is happening in the flashback.

Liís Calling

Li comes back to his apartment from school when the sky is gold in the sunset.
Li I wonder what's on TV tonight. There's nothing else to do around here. And now that the Final Judgement is over.
I really blew it.

Li recalls the scene when Sakura was recognized as the master of the Cards.
Yue The Final Judgement is over. I, Yue, recognize Sakura as the new master.

Li starts training with his his sword---not exactly a hard practice---rather he's moving desperately.
Li What do I aim of training any more?
Furthermore, he remembers the scene when Sakura's staff had changed its shape, which has a star encircled at the head.
Li So unfair! [Scratching his hair in panic]

He remembers what happened at school after the Final Judgement.
Sakura What else did your mom say last night? Is you family glad that the Cards are safe again?
Li Yeah, I guess.
Sakura Well, what's wrong?
Li Nothing. Now, your're the new master. There's nothing for me to do.
Li walks off in the hall.
Sakura That's not true, Li.

He's holding his own head in distress.
Li It should have been me! I'm the one who's descended from Clow Reed! Uh-ughh!
Li collapses onto the bed on his back.
Li I failed the test. How am I ever going to tell Mother?

He recalls the scene when he confronted Yue in the Final Judgement.
Li and Yue are on the roof of a temple.
Li Uhh!
Yue You may use all of your Cards in possession. Try to defeat me.
Yue shoots hails of crystaline bullets. He tries to block them, but slips on the roof.
Yue It's no use.
Yue continues beating and attacking him with crystalline bullets. Li barely gets back on his feet and holds his sword in the attacking position.
Yue I am surprised. I thought that direct decsendent of Clow Reed would be a more worthy opponent.
Li Time!
He freezes the moment, but Yue disappears from the sight.
Li Huph? Where did he go?
Yue Time is one of the Cards under my protection.
Yue was standing behind Li before he knows it. The magic of the Time Card turns back at Li who gets frozen.
Li Huh?
Yue This is the end.
Li Ahhhhhh!!

Li is lying on his back on the bed in a sad face.
Li I can't believe I let whole my family down.

Next moring, Sakura comes in the classroom when Madison is already at her seat.
Sakura Good morning, Madison.
Madison You made it on time.
Rita Hi, Sakura.
Sakura Are you coming with us tomorrow?
Rita I wish I could. I haven't been to a museum for such a long long tiem. But my piano recital is coming up soon. Now I really cannot afford to skip another rehearsal.
Madison Too bad. Looks like it's just you and me, then.
Sakura I guess so.
Eli The museum, huh?
Sakura Huph?
Oh, hey, Eli.
Eli That sure sounds like fun.
Meanwhile, Li comes in the classroom.
Sakura Yeah, we just want to check new Egyptian mummy exhibit.
Eli Yeah, sure. Count me in.
Noticeing Li walk to his seat angrily, Madison smiles.
Sakura We meet here at school and take the bus over together.
Eli Great, I'm looking forward to it.
Sakura See you then.
The two also hears Li groaning in a angry mood. He sits down.
Sakura Are you OK, Li?
Li Yes.
Sakura The museum's got a new exhibit. Wanna go?
Sakura shows him the leaflet.
Li Huh?
Sakura It's good if you want. You should come with us. We just talked Eli into coming.
Sakura smiles despite that Li's groaning.
Li Yeah, whatever...
Sakura That's great!
Sakura jumps for joy.

In the courtyard... Li is sitting by the pool.
Li Huhh...
He can hear Sakura from behind.
Sakura Do you think Li's been acting kind of strange lately?
Sakura sits on a bench while Madison is walking around in front of her. Li hides himself in reaction.
Madison Uh-huh? And he doesn't look like he doesn't like Eli much. I wonder why. He seems so nice.
Sakura They just need to spend more time to know each other. That's why I invited Li to the museum today.
Madison We'll make them friends in no time.
Sakura Yeah.
S&M Heh heh heh.
Eli walks behind Li who doesn't even know it.
Eli I'm not missing anything, am I?
Li Uhh!
Hey, I wasn't spying on them or anything!
Anyway, you shouldn't sneak up on people.
Li rushes away snatching his bag and cap.
Eli You just gave me an idea. Huhh... [Chuckles]

Li keep running in a steet hysterically.
Li I should just go back home!
When he's running in the middle of the park, Yue floats down in front of him.
Li Y-Yue...
Yue Li Showron. Now that all the Cards has been captured. You feel that all your place in Clow Reed's dynasty is in question.
Li Sakura is the master now.
Yue Yes. But your role in the history of the Clow Cards has been prolonged today as it ever was.
Li What can I do? She's got the Cards.
Yue The fate as many as in her hands now. She'll need your magic more than ever.
Yue folds his wings to turns back in to Julian.
Julian What? What in the world am doing all the way out here? Oh, Li. Do you happen to have anything to eat?

In Eli's mansion, Eli sitting on a chair talks to Spinny.
Eli Evertything is falling into place. I didn't even expect to win her trust so easily.
Spinny Of course, a student in Sakura's class was a briliant idea. You can use the friendship you have etalished with her to your own advantage. But what about the friend Li?
Eli He's been sticking his nose into my business since I got here. He's made it his personal mission to keep an eye on me all the time.
Spinny Is he slowing down your progress? Ruby and I could put a spell on him for you.
Eli stands on his feet from the chair, walking to the fire place.
Eli That won't be necessary, Spinner.
I've been thinking... he could be very useful to me. [Chuckle]

Li walks back home after dark. He checks his cell phone for messages.
Phone You have two new messages.
Yelan Hello, Li.
Li Ughhh!
Yelan It's your mother calling. I received your letter, and I'm glad that the Clow Cards has been sealed once again. Perhaps this is time you're thinking about returning home. I hope you'll call me soon.
The second message is from Sakura.
Sakura Hey, Li. We were looking for you at school today. Just wanted to remind you to bring some money for the bus tomorrow. I'm so gald that Eli and you both are both coming. We'll meet you at school at ten. What? Oh, Kero said just to wants to say hi. See you later.
Li We'll really make a good team. I don't think either about Sakura to capture all the Cards on her own.

Li remembers the day when Sakura sealed the Move Card near the library.
Sakura Return to your power confined. Move Card!
The Card is successfully captured and the book falls in her hand.
Sakura I did it! And I got the book back, too.
She finds herself standing on the unstable bank of water, where she nearly falls into water.
Sakura Whoahhh! Ahhhh!
Li rushes down and catches her hand to rescue, but it's too late. They slide down the bank, barely when Sakura tosses the book to Madison up in the pavement.
Sakura Madison, catch.
Madison catches the book thrown by Sakura at the moment Sakura and Li fall in the water with a splash.
Sakura Ohhh...
Li Now I know I didn't want to study with girls.

Li collases down into bed on the back.
Li And I did help to reveal the Loop Card.

Li remembers the time when Sakura captured the Loop Card in the marathon race.
Li I'm sensing a Clow Card here.
[Says to Meilin] Dangerous fall something tripped to you.
Sakura and Li are looking around to find the Card. Li jumps onto a fence, and took out a lasin board.
Li Force, know my plight, release the light.
Sakura trips and fell, thereby she finds the Loop Card.
Madison Where the line come from? And what is it?
Sakura It's the Clow Card.
it's repeating everything it seams.
Li I got it! It's the Loop Card.
Li concentrates and transforms his enchanted crystal ball into a sword, as Sakura pickes up the key.
Sakura All right!
Sakura and Li slash the edges of space that the Loop Card connects at almost the same time. The Loop Cards reveals its form before falling in Sakura's hand.

Li gets back from his flashback mode.
Li Maybe Yue is right. Maybe I am needed here. I can't leave Reedington now that the new kid Eli is here.

Eli is talking to Li sitting up on a branch of a tree.
Eli Are you hiding something or you get stuck up there?
Li What do you want?
Eli Oh, nothing. Just taking a little walk. I'm looking forward to getting know you and Sakura a lot better. I've got a feeling we're all going to become close friends in the near future. What do you think, Li?
Li Whatever.
Eli You two spent a lot of time together, don't you.
Li What's up to you?
Eli I can see that you come helping her to protect her... or is it something that she has?
Watch your step Li, heh.
Eli chuckles as Li got hypnotized.

Getting back from the flashback mode, Li is still lying in the unlit dark room.
Li I hope my Mom will let me stay. I just don't trust that guy!

Next day, Sakura's gang go to the museum by train. The museum is in the middle of the city surrounded by tall buildings.
After having seen many exhibits, they are taking a break at a cafe in the museum.
Sakura Boy, it's like I've been walking around this museum all day!
Eli I think we have.
Madison And I got all these photogenes for my social science projects on my mammoth ocassions of films. And I can start editting my film.
Sakura I can't believe it. I still haven't sought for a topic and it's due Monday. Maybe I can do it on strange weather patterns or things.
Eli That reminds me, Li, have you seen anything strange lately?
Li What do you mean?
Eli You know, unusual occurances.
Madison What are you talking about? Li hasn't seen anything strange, have you?
Sakura No, I know I'll sure have it!
Sakura jumps on her feet, thereby Li is upset.
Sakura Why don't we go see the last exibit.
Li Nuhhh... I gotta get home. I'll see you guys later.
Li turns around and starts walking to the elevator.
Sakura No, wait, Li, don't go!
Madison keeps sitting and smiles. Eli chuckles.
When Li presses the button to call the elevator cab, Sakura runs to catch up with him, while Madison and Eli are walking.
Li There's just something about that guy.
Sakura Hey, Li. Why are you in such a hurry?
The elevator door slides open, as Li and Sakura get on. Li on the elevator presses the button to hold on for wating for the other two friends to catch up.
Sakura Come on, guys! Hurry up!
When Madison comes a few feet to the elevator, Eli starts his magic. Then the elevator goes wrong; the door repeats open and close, until Sakura and Li are closed up.
Madison presses the button several times to open the door.
Madison Come on! The door won't open.
Eli Maybe it's broken down. I'll go find someone in charge.
Madison Good idea, Eli.
Eli runs off the place. As you know very well, Eli isn't going to look for someone for help, but is going to find someplace where to use his magic.
Eli Have a nice ride, you two.
Inside the elevator, Li is trying to use the emergency phone, while Sakura is calling on her cell phone.
Li Darn, the phone's dead.
Sakura Mine's not working here, either. What do you think we should do, Li?
Li Let's just wait for help to come. Madison knows we're stuck in here, so she'll sure get some help. Don't worry. They'll be here soon.
Sakura Uh-hmm.
No matter how long they wait, no one comes to help them. Sakura nearly cries from worry, when Li lights with his incantation card.
Li I'm positive that help's on its way. Don't worry, OK?
Sakura Uh-hmm.
Seeing the light, Sakura feels a little releaved.
Sakura It could be worse... at least we're not in the dark.
Suddenly, the light is blown off; the inside has turned pitch dark. That was what Eli did with his magic. He starts another magic as the elevator moves randomly.
Sakura Hear that? We're moving!
At the moment Sakura jumps on her feet in terror, the elevator cab gets slanted; Sakura slides down on the floor. Meanwhile, the wall and the floor disappears where she is sliding to. In reaction, Li tries to catch her, but by only an inch he missed. She falls down the shaft.
Sakura Ahhhhh!!
Li can only look down the shaft hopelessly, until he feels himself as hopeless then he shouts:
Li Sakuuuraaaa!!
At this moment, a bright light shines deep in the elevator shaft. It was Sakura floating on top of the balloon, which is the visible form of the Float Card.
Sakura Li, it's OK. I've transformed the Float Card.
Li Huph!
Sakura You showed me how to use it in the snow once.
Li caresses Sakura in a relief.
Li I remember.
At this time, Eli finishes his magic, as the light of the elevator turns on back to normal and the door opens.
Madison Li, Sakura!
Li steps away from Sakura pretending nothing happened between them.
Sakura Madison!
Madison I'm just so glad you guys are safe.
Sakura Me too. And guess what? I transformed another Clow Card.
Madison All right.
Eli calmly walk back.
Madison [Whispers] You certainly did.
In the time of sunset, Li gets back to his apartment, as his cell phone rings.
Yelan Hello, Li.
Li Huph! Mother!
Yelan Something have happened, haven't it?
Li That's right, mom. And I need to stay here.
Yelan I'm sense that you and Sakura would be sensing a powerful force. Whatever it is, she will need you and your powers by her sides.
Li Ugh?
Yelan I wanted to tell you that I'm very proud of you. Sakura maybe the new master of the Clow Cards, but she couldn't have done it without your help.
Li Huh? So you know I failed the test.
Yelan You did exactly what you were destined to do. Promise me that you will be careful.
Li I promise.
Li hangs up. He walks and slides the door to the balcony open to let the air in.

In Eli's mansion, Eli is talking with his gurdians.
Ruby I knew it. Yue got to have him convinced to stay.
Spinny He'll do everything he can to protect the Clow Cards.
Eli You two should focus on your duties. And let me take care of Li. He may have magical powers but he's still just a boy, besides she needs his help.
Eli chuckles.

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