Boldfaced letters mean the name of the speaker.
Italicized letters mean what is thought in mind.
Faint letters mean what is happening in the flashback.

Spinning Out of Control

Sakura is having a dream, where she stands in a garden seeing a man and his guardians under a cherry tree,
Sakura What is that?
She sees a panther and then two swirling spirits. She is running in a forest with leaves falling. Subsequently, she sees a human-like being and panther-like creature. Suddenly, she is running in a corrider.
Sakura Where am I?
The panther-like creature breathes a beam.
Sakura Whoa!
She wakes up in the alarm, sitting up in bed grabbing her alarm clock.
Sakura Ungh...
That dream again.

Eli is sawing something sitting in his chair in the living room.
Spinny What are you making? It that a costume for the bazaar?
Eli That's right.
Ruby opens the door and walks in.
Ruby Hey, everyone. So what's going on with you?
Eli Hi, Ruby.
Spinny Where have you been?
Ruby What's the matter? Did'ya miss me, Spinny? [Waves her hand]
Spinny gets mad.
Spinny My name is Spinner, not Spinny.
Ruby Yeah, I know. But Spinny sounds much cuter!
Spinny gets more mad.
Eli The school's holing a bazaar tomorrow. You really should come.
Ruby What for?
Eli There's going to be a huge bake sale. And they also keep a close eye on, Ruby.
Ruby Sounds great! Yeah! Count me in! Spinny baby, we shout go together?
Spinny Mmm... Nngh... [Seems not liking]
Ruby Why not?
Spinny I've got better things to do than eat treats.
Eli chuckles.
Ruby If I'm going; so is he...
Spinny It's a good chance that Keroberos will be nearby. He'll sense me.
Eli Heh heh... Don't worry. I'll take care of that. A simple spell is all that's needed to hide your identity, even for Keroberos. Go easy for him, sweets.
Eli Heh heh heh...
Ruby Huh? [Looking puzzled]
Spinny Hunph! [Blushes]

Next day, a big bazaar is held at Reedington Elementary School. A lot of booths are in the school yard, where a lot of people come to enjoy sweets.
There also are parlers inside the building. Sakura and Madison dressed in a frilly uniform are working as waitresses. Sakura delivers the order to a table.
Sakura Two cupcakes and a lemondade.
Customer Smells great.
Sakura put the cakes and the softdrink on the table. Madison is videotaping Sakura.
Madison It's better than we have to work all day. Can you believe you gotta wear this awful outfits too?
Sakura Huh?
Madison At least the guys also have to wear them.
Sakura Yeah. You didn't see Kero, did you? I made a promise to him to stay behind the school.
Madison How did you manage that? With always delecious treats here.
Sakura I had to take him a whole basket-full of dessert.

In the woods behind the school, Kero is eating the sweets given by Sakura.
Kero Munch munch... This is... the best day... of my entire life!

Sakura walks back in the preparation room, where Eli and Li are working.
Sakura Huh?
Eli One... two... [Counting cup cakes]
Sakura Two more orders of cupcakes, please.
Eli Coming right up! They are really soon to be on plate, aren't they, Sakura.
Li Sure are.
Li Huh? [Looking at Sakura]
Li is watching Sakura walking back in the parlor.
Sakura Huh? [Noticed being watched]
What is it?
Li No, it's nothing.
Getting a little upset, Li pour a soft drink in the cup, until the drink overflows.
Sakura Oh.
Eli chuckles.
Sakrua Li was sure acting strange. [Deleivering the sweets]
Two more orders of... Oh! Julian!
What are you doing here? [To Tori]
Julian Well, we are here for the cookies.
Sakura Homemade.
Tori Hey, make sure you know who made them first, okay?
Sakura Grrr...
Julian So what did you make for the bake sale?
Sakura Hmm? Change your snacks. I'll go get you some for a try.
Sakura runs back to the preparation room. Shortly later, Tori senses some strange aura from the preparation room.
Tori Huh?
Julian What are you looking at?
Toti ...
Julian Hey, what is it?
Tori Uh... nothing. I just thought I... never mind.
In the preparation room, Eli grins.
Eli It seems like Tori senses my presence. I'll have to be more careful. His powers are growing stronger every day.

Kero is still eating sweets.
Kero Munch... munch... Chocolate brandy, all my favorite! Uh... uh, yeah...
Uh-oh, someone's coming. [Hears someone humming nearby]
Kero hides in the basket and pull the lid down to close.
Kero Ahh! [Catches his tale unsder the lid]
It was Ruby who walks in the woods holding Spinny in her arms.
Ruby Are you absolutely sure you don't want any treats, Spinny baby? I really don't mind bringing you some, you know.
Spinny I'm not sure.
Ruby Okay, but you don't know what you're missing.
I'm going to try one of everything.
Spinny Okay, so I'm off... [Flies up]
Ruby starts running.
Ruby Okay, see you later! I'll be sure to come back to pick you up when it's all over, okay?
Spinny is looking at her from up a branch of a tree.
Spinny Oh, please...
Meanwhile, Kero is about to get out of the basket in which he has been hiding.
Kero Hmm? Hmm? [Looks around to check]
Spinny is flying in the woords.
Spinny Now I'll find a nice and quite place for now, without being annoyed by disturbances.
Kero jumps out of the basket.
Kero Uhhh! That was so close.
Now, back and pigging-out!
Unexpectedly, Kero and Spinny bumps into each other.
Kero Uhh!
Spinny Keroberos.
Kero What the...?
Spinny This is not good. What if he recognizes me and if he saw me that I'm connected to Eli?
Kero You look like... You must be...
Spinny Looks like he out put Eli's spell at stake after all. If the spell works my ture identity will still remain in secret.
Kero Oh, I get it. You're badly a weary stuffed toy!
Spinny I'm not certainly I'm not!
Kero That's amzing. I din't know they made ones that can talk. Hang on a second. The shape of yours. Huh? Huh?
Kero observes Spinny from all around.
Kero You remind me of someone. A huge head. Those wings. That tail. Of course I know now.
Spinny He's figured it out that...
Kero You're a goblin!
Spinny You have got to be kidding me!
Getting shocked Spinner is frozen and falls onto the ground.
Spinny He has no idea who I am!
Kero landed just behind Spinny.
Kero You are a goblin, aren't you. I knew it. I'm counting my luck! I am Keroberos, but you can call me Kero. I'm really the guardian beast, you know, though. Uh, this is just a temporary looks for me. You should see me in my true form. A lot stud than what I am here. Ha ha ha.
Spinny I can't believe that this creature is supposed by a great guardian beast of the seal. If he doesn't sense anything from me. It looks like Eli's spell works like a charm. I just play along with familiar.
Kero So anyway, what's your name?
Spinny My name?
Maybe I'll tell him a little piece.
It's Spinner.
Kero Spinner? Wow, it's the weirdest name I've ever heard. Dah ha ha ha ha. Spinner... Spinner!
Spinny gets steamy mad, but he keep silent.
Kero Now, Spinner, it's nice to meet you.
Kero extend his right arm for shaking hands.
Spinner Likewise, I'm sure...
Kero Huh? What's the matter?
Spinny Nothing! [Shakes hands]
I suppose it's better to be good friends with him not to be suspicous. Keroberos is no match for me. Eli will be pleased.
Kero I've got an idea.
Spinny Huhh?
Kero We can pig-out on those dissert together!
Spinny Ohh... Sweets? [Sweatdrops]
Kero No need to be shy. They are all ours.
Spinny I'm not supposed to eat too many sweet.
Kero Oh, come on! Dig in!
Kero pushes a plate of chocolate into Spinny's mouth; Spinny sweatdrops.
Kero Now, what else would you like?
Spinny gets soaked with sweat from being sick, when Kero bring more sweets for him.
Kero So you're still working on that one. There, how about this one. Eat, eat. [Pushing the chocolate deeper]
Come on, this is good. Yeah! That one. This one. Don't forget that one. Oh, yeah. Good stuff. Eat it up. Yeah!
Spinny gets sicker and sicker having sweets pushed into his mouth against his will.
Spinny Ooogh... Whooaye...
Kero Oh, you should get back them away! Ha ha ha! What did I tell tell you? Delicious, huh?
Spinny puts his head down.
Kero What's the matter with you? Are you feeling okay?
Spinny I wanna eat more. I wanna eat more. [Mutters]
Kero Are you saying what?
Spinny Hee hee ha ha ha... I wanna eat more! Ha ha ha, I wanna eat more!
Going nuts, Spinny moves his head up and down quickly.
Spinny Ha ha ha... More more more more more!
Kero Hey, Spinner, we ate all out.
Spinny floats hyper happily.
Spinny No one at all!
Kero Hey, wait! Hey!
Spinny obnoxiously flies in the woods as if he got drunk.
Spinny Ugh! Ahh...
Kero Uh-oh.

Meanwhile, Ruby is in Sakura's class' parler, having cookies sitting next to Tori.
Ruby Isn't it nice that we're all here together? [Leaning on Tori]
Tori Uh, year, right. [Pushes her back way]
Ruby Hey, come on. I know you want deep down.
Julian giggles to see Tori and Ruby.
Sakura Hey, do you want some more cookies? [To Julian]
Julian I'd love some!
Ruby Me too, please!
Sakura Sure!
Sakura walks back to the preparation room; Eli walks out in the parler the same time. But he senses something unexpected.
Eli Hmm? Hey, Spinner!
Spinny is flying in the school for more sweets to eat.
Spinny More sweets! Most of sweets! Sweets. Sweets,
Girl A [Handing candies to little boy] Thank you very much, enjoy.
Spinny finds boxes full of candies.
Spinny There's some. You don't mind if I do!
Spinny dives into one box to another eating up all the sweets inside.
Spinny More, more! [Flies out]
Kero tracking Spinny flies to the boxes Spinny just made a mess.
Kero Uh, bioody, all these candies!
Girl A We better grab some more then.
Girl B Sure, that's a good idea.
The moment the girls turn to the candies boxes, Kero hurriedly hides behind the boxes and flies away.
Girl A Look! They're all gone!
Girl B But these boxes were just full!
Kero floats up to look for Spinny.
Kero Where did that Spinner go?!
Down in the school yard, there's trouble.
Girl C Hey, all candies are gone! We had two bunches of them sitting right here.
Man Did you see the cookies I just bought?
Kero Somehow this is all going to be a mess. I just know one!
Spinny is flying in the corrider obnoxiously.
Spinny I just love dessert so much!
Spinny comes fly in teachers' room.
Spinny There must be some more and some more...
He finds boxes full of cookies.
Spinny Jackpot! For the mother lode!
Spinny jumps in the box and devours the sweets. Kero finds him eating
Kero Ah-ha! Spinner!
Spinny is nibbling a donut.
Kero Uh, I've been looking all over for you.
Spinny Want some? [Give him a donut]
Kero Hmm? Good if I do! [Nealy eats the donut]
Hey, wait a minute! What am I doing?!
Put that down and listen! I want to know where you came from. What are you doing here?! You're going get out of here and the spot we'll get trouble!
Kero tries to pull Spinny up in the air.
Kero Hey!
Spinny is still eating a cookie.
Kero We got to get out of here before somebody comes in.
Mr. Moore [From the corrider] I think I heard somebody here.
Kero Uhhh!
Ugh, come on, Spinner. [Pulls him]
Suddenly, Spinny pulls Kero conversely and flies around the room.
Kero Ohhhh!
Spinny flies fiercely straight to the door. When they're about to crash on the door, Ms. Moore opens it; the two creature swiftly fly by her cheek.
Ms. Moore Did... you see two flying cats? [To another teacher]
Spinny is getting mad since he was disturbed in eating sweets.
Spinny You don't know who you're messing with?!
Spinny breathes a beam, which hit a tree at the corner of the courtyard. The tree creaks before collapsing onto the ground.
Kero He's out of control. He's going to ruin the whole bazaar! Hey, I know!
Kero flis upward.
Sakura What's going on?
Meanwhile, Sakura can hear the trouble happening in the play ground. When Sakura opens the window to check, Kero is flying straight toward her.
Kero We've got trouble!
Sakura Huph!
Kero Problem is a big trouble!
Sakura hurriedly cathces and grabs him.
Kero Uggg...
Sakura runs to take Kero to where no one can see. Madison notices something unsual is going on. Sakura warns Kero at the flight of the stairs.
Sakura I knew you should not right come here.
Kero You just listen to me. You've got to use the Sleep Card, now!
Sakura Sleep?
Kero Yeah, you've got put everyone to sleep now!
Sakura But what for?
Kero There's no time for discussion. Just do it!
Sakura Oh! If you say so...
Sakura takes out the Sleep Card and throw it in the air.
Sakura I call upon the power of my star, ancient forces near and far. Sleep Card, tarnsform all your might, draw your power from my light. Star Card!
The visual form of the Sleep Card flies above the middle of the playground sprinking sleeping powder, then the poeple in the school fall asleep.
Kero All right! Yeah! [Fliies out the window]
Sakura Get back here, Kero!
Spinny is eating a cookie under the table in the playground.
Spinny Yamm yamm... so very yammy!
Kero Oh, no!
Spinny Huh? Get me more sweets! [Breathes beam]
Kero There's no choice!
Kero turns into Keroberos and blocks the beam with his wings.
Spinny Get me more.
Spinny breathes another beam, bur Keroberos fights back by breathing fire.
Keroberos I got to get enough of this!
Kerberos' fire pushes Spinny away in the air, when a gust of wind catches him to let him escape.
Keroberos Hummph... This creature is more interesting than a weird goblin. The Sleep Card doesn't any effect on him. If he does have magical powers why can't I sense anything?
Sakura and Madison run out in the playground to catch Keroberos.
Sakura Keroberos!
Keroberos It's all right. He's gone now.
Sakura It was you, wasn't it! You were the one who ate all those desserts.
Keroberos It wasn't me. It was Spinner.
Sakura Mmmm... What's a Spinner?
Keroberos If you just hang on, I'll show you.
Keroberos draws the sketch of Spinny on the ground.
Keroberos He's got wings like this... and cat's eyes like this... his head is being round. That's him, that's the guy who did it.
Sakura&Madison That looks like... Kero!
Keroberos turns back to Kero.
Kero I was telling it was not me!
Sakura You promises to be nice and quiet so I brought you. And look what you've done!
Kero I did not do it!
Sakura You should at least say you are sorry, you know!
Kero I... Madison, I swear!
Madison is videotaping Kero.
Kero Uhh... It wasn't my fault. Nobody believes me. What a disaster! What a talking heads of Spinner. I need a...
Up from the rooftop Eli is watcing them holding Spinny in his arms.
Eli Hmm... I warned it Spinner. Sweets and spells don't mix.
Spinny is yawing in Eli's arms.
Eli You almost completely do uncover today. For going I have to watch our steps from now on.

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